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Friday, 12 August 2011 22:01

Gil Vicente 2-2 Benfica

Eagles held by determined Gil in entertaining opener

Benfica made it seven seasons in a row without an opening day victory tonight, after Liga new boys Gil Vicente pegged the Eagles – who had taken a 2-0 lead through Nolito and Saviola – back to a 2-2 draw in Barcelos, thanks to goals from young Hugo Vieira and a wonder strike from familiar foe Laionel (left).

After experimenting with a 4-2-3-1 formation against Trabzonspor, Jorge Jesus reverted to his usual diamond midfield shape, with Javi Garcia holding, Pablo Aimar in his free role, and Nico Gaitan and Nolito on the flanks. Ruben Amorim and Emerson provided support from the full-back positions, with Jara and Saviola furthest forward.

With the Estadio Cidade de Barcelos packed to near-capacity, the game got off to a frenetic start, with both sides pressing high up the pitch and looking to move the ball out wide as quickly as possible. Gil won a corner in the opening minutes, with Benfica returning the favour moments later. The first clear-cut chance fell to Franco Jara, who looked to have timed his run perfectly only to blaze over – the Argentine was called offside, rendering his miss less costly than it might have been.

Moments later, the Eagles were ahead. Ruben Amorim drove forward into space from right-back, and played a raking through ball to Nolito, who sprung the Gil offside trap, hurtled into the area and side-footed beyond Jorge Batista. Gil almost hit back instantly, but Artur managed to divert Luiz Carlos’ curled effort around the post. Indeed, the Brazilian goalkeeper was busy throughout the first half, with Hugo Vieira in particular causing Jardel a fair few problems with his pace and skill. The young midfielder made his name with a fine performance against Porto in the Taca da Liga last season, and was similarly troublesome throughout tonight.

Just as it looked as if Gil were going to draw level, Benfica doubled their lead. Aimar was the architect, dispossessing his marker and feeding Saviola, who played a swift ball for Franco Jara, before meeting his compatriot’s cross and tapping home from close range. The move was executed smoothly and swiftly, and with twenty minutes gone, the Eagles were firmly in control.

But Gil refused to submit, and continued to probe down the right-hand side in particular. Their reward came in the 37th minute when Amorim failed to connect with a clearance, and the ball fell to Vieira. The youngster controlled, set himself, and lashed a fierce shot beyond Artur from an angle. The half-time whistle sounded with the home side on top.

Tactical shift from Jesus 

Benfica emerged for the second half minus Pablo Aimar, with Axel Witsel replacing the Argentine. It was a curious decision from Jorge Jesus – Benfica finished the opening half under pressure, but whilst Javi Garcia might have required some additional support, it would perhaps have been more prudent for the Eagles to push for a third (which would not have been beyond their reach on the evidence of the opening forty-five) before scaling back their offensive efforts. (UPDATE - it has emerged that Aimar suffered a muscle injury during the opening half)

The away side continued to create the better chances – Jara fired inches wide after good work from Saviola and Nolito, whilst Gil captain Sandro blocked a Jardel scissor-kick with his head and had to receive treatment – but Paulo Alves’ men never appeared truly out of it, with Benfica content to let the game enter something of a lull.

For all that the Eagles perhaps ought to have pushed for another goal, they could not have anticipated the manner in which Gil drew level. Laionel – who struck a wonder goal for Academica on the opening day of 2010/11 to deny Benfica all three points – found himself in space outside the penalty area, and the Brazilian curled a delicious effort beyond Artur’s despairing dive. It was a goal of singular quality, and was the cue for a frantic final fifteen minutes.

With the crowd – not to mention Jesus – becoming increasingly irritable, Benfica pushed hard for a winner. Nolito and Perez switched wings neatly, but neither managed to find that killer ball, and it was telling that the best opportunity of the closing stages fell to Gil – Vieira side-footing over from the edge of the area.

Jesus was quick to praise his side after the final whistle, but the tactician will surely rue the withdrawal of Aimar, who had carved Gil open at will during the first half. His counterpart Alves was naturally delighted, and after a summer of losing his star players, will have been heartened by the performance his men delivered.

[0-1] Nolito, 7’
[0-2] Saviola, 20’
[1-2] Hugo Vieira, 37’
[2-2] Laionel, 74’

Ben Shave

Comments (52)
Nuno Gomes
52 Wednesday, 17 August 2011 02:46
Matt- Nuno Gomes did not get subbed on in the second half because he started and he entered the second half as well up until the 60th minute or so.
51 Tuesday, 16 August 2011 18:32
That's exactly why I'm keeping up with this game.

Anyone can make statements, but it's only relevant if you can back them up.
Saying Benfica is in debt and they make bad buys, doesn't tell a story.
Last time I checked we got plenty for Ramires, Di Maria, Coentrao. There have been and continue to be others as well.
We've also made plenty of bad purchases.
The fact remains that we are in a position that allows us to do that.

By the way, the papers are only reporting what someone at Braga is saying. Everything is coming from Braga, it's just that they are new at this game. You don't come out and say that there's a 15 mil offer on a 5 mil player. It would make more sense to come out and say a 8-10 mil offer.
But they are new to this so I get the inexperience.
Come to think of it, it was best for Braga to lay down and fight for Europa spots. Letting Paciencia go without a whimper, and pocketing any money earned might be best.
50 Tuesday, 16 August 2011 16:24
I'm not claiming he 's worth anything, those papers are. If you want to argue with someone argue with them.

Btw why you refuse to continue with this game NJ is really amusing. Of course matt/slb had to show up LOL.
If Pizzi is so good...
49 Tuesday, 16 August 2011 15:07
then why was he subbed off at the end of the Braga game when they were desperate to score against Rio Ave? I watched the game and they could barely muster a shot in the final 20 min. Also, where was Nuno Golos? I was waiting for him to make an appearance in the second half but didnt see him... Keep it real-Pizzi is not worth anywhere close to 15 mil... Not even half that as things stand right now, hes a 5 mil player max until he shows us something besides his potential-and BTW-getting subbed out at crunch time in a 0-0 game on the first jornada doesnt show us anything, except that he played ineffectively that day...
There's no way you can win this point.
48 Tuesday, 16 August 2011 13:41
You obviously once again didn't read the full article or my post.
Transfer money is a mere protion of Benfica's revenue.
We, by far, generate the most revenue out of any Portuguese club. Through merchandise alone, we are ranked with the biggest in the world.
The fact remains that we will once again make money in the transfer market, and out of this bunch, it looks as if we will make an additional profit from.

Your football knowledge, or lack of, shines through once again. Transfer fees aren't only established by the player. Position, experience, proven talent and risk come into play.
Silvio was a proven player with European play under his belt. The risk in obtaining him is much less than it would be with Pizzi.
If Pizzi was to show himself well, this season and in Europa, his value would increase. It's just not worth what you say it is, now.
By the way, if Braga continue to move him around or sit him, it will cause his value to remain stagnant, if not drop a bit.

Balboa? What about Suazo?
You could already say the same for Uretta, unless something changes drastically.
I can name a ton of failed transfers.
How many players have Braga let go on a free transfer.
What's the point?
I find myself very fortunate to root for a club that is able to take on some loss, and still be a contender.
Btw NJ what happened the Balboa?
47 Tuesday, 16 August 2011 02:45
That was a great pick up for Benfica...LOL
NJ your too much
46 Tuesday, 16 August 2011 02:41
Excuses excuses.

"First and foremost the amounts that are listed are from Braga themselves. "

That's your assumption and I have no clue how you expect others to expect that as a fact. Nowhere do any of the articles I have provided say that. If Braga sold Silvio to Atletico Madrid for 8 million euros and he's a defenceman they can surely sell Pizzi for +10 if he does well.

Your still talking about Benfica debt and talking about Benfica making profits from transfers. Let's look at their balance for this year;

Look at the transfers they paid

€8m - Witsel
5.5m - enzo perez
5.5 m- Garay and only for 50% of his rights
€5.5m- Bruno Cesar
€2.5m- Emerson
€1m - leo kanu

= 32.5

$$ they made in transfers

€8.6m- Roberto
€30m- Coentrao

= 38.6 mill

Congrats NJ your team made a a small $6.1 million euro profit and if you include Garays remaining 50% rights (another 5.5 m) your looking at a very small 0.6 mill in profits.

Trying to convince anyone that Benfica profits much from this years summer transfer window is a tough task. Your embarrassing yourself. Just stop please.
Still Funny
45 Monday, 15 August 2011 18:29
I love your links.
First and foremost the amounts that are listed are from Braga themselves.

I actually find it funny that even the headline gives it away.
zenit pode oferecer 16 milhões de euros

Pode, does not mean they did.

The abola.pt article is even more sketchy.
Nevermind that they say that Atletico has 100 mil to spend on transfers. They may say that, but the fact remains that their debt is wost than bad, due to them having no way to pay without selling.

A proposta dos espanhóis não é a mais alta - um clube russo acena com 14 milhões -, mas não deixa de ser atractiva para os cofres do SC Braga.

That sentence is hillarious. Eventhough Atl Madrids offer is less, they would take that ahead of the Russian team? LOL!
Braga would take the highest offer, period. It actually underminds the thought of a 14 mil offer to begin with.

Pizzi is rated as a 4.5 mil market value player with upside. That means buyers would be assuming the risk on the upside, hence a 15 mil offer being ludicrus.

Before you go on a Benfica debt rant, let me explain it to you.
Benfica has huge debt, but they are a selling club and make money through transfers. But they are also an International club that earns revenue throughout the world.
Atletico Madrid is not.
Even Porto and Sporting earn as much if not more than Atl Madrid in foreign merchandising. Benfica earns substancially more.
I didn't even mention the Champions League revenue.

Before you go off on how that's false, please go and take a look at the following link


All the figures are from The Deloitte Consulting Firm for after the 09/10 seasons.
You can google the report as well.
NJ did you check the offers from Zenit and Atletico Madrid
44 Monday, 15 August 2011 15:27


ojogo also said the same thing.

Don't stop at the headline
43 Monday, 15 August 2011 13:26
Hey Bryan, I went and read the whole article.
It seems as if Braga has gotten offers for Pizzi from Spanish and Russian clubs. It also seems as if Besiktas is the latest to come in with an offer of 5 mil.
The 16 mil number you have been chirping about, is what Braga is asking for, not what has been offered.

Makes a bit more sense, since teams would be crazy to pay 15 mil for someone that hasn't really accomplished anything. Should Pizzi have a great campaign with Braga, including in European play, then I could see it.
42 Monday, 15 August 2011 04:33
I hope my comments didn't come across as bashing the site. The reason I come here (and post) is because of the level of writing here is great, and ultimately, unbiased. That's the true selling point in my opinion. Other sites like PFut are not.

However, this site needs a forum. As I mentioned before, having to wait in most cases until the next day to read comments is tedious, and ultimately unnecessary. That's not a shot against the staff, but this site will always be more of a headline, and maybe post a comment site. If the post you commented on is not on the front page, that thread dies. That's unfortunate. Also, it would be great to have threads on topics besides the latest news, wouldn't it?

Besides the regulars, there isn't really a sense of community here. It's unfortunate, because although there are still some ridiculous comments, there does seem to be some mutual respect between the fans of the different teams.

As a computer programmer, I know exactly how much work goes into creating and administering a site. However, there comes a point where you have to decide where you want a site like this to go. If you want traffic, then give them a reason to come back, even on a slow news day. Having threads die because people won't go back to them after they aren't on the front page shows how this site, in a lot of respects, is a love 'em and leave 'em kind of thing. That does not bode well for the future. As I said, it's unfortunate because this site should be the definitive source for Portuguese Liga news. The staff deserve to be rewarded for their work. And traffic would do that. Not to mention more ad revenue right?

In any case, keep up the good writing guys. Unbiased coverage these days is rare, with great writing even more so. This site has it.
I'm not going to waste any my time talking to semi-finalists
41 Sunday, 14 August 2011 23:31
I too am in favour of an identity system
40 Sunday, 14 August 2011 23:27
I'm tried of being ganged up on by one person trying to be three. When's matt/slb coming in? LOLZ
Thank you Ben..
39 Sunday, 14 August 2011 22:13
I don't think we as a group ever thank you folks enough for the effort.. especially the amount of works that it takes to keep this rolling so smoothly.

But to a certain extent I take their gripes as a form of love.. because they truly think you are the best and are looking to improve PortuGoal.

We do all love the writing.. the analysis.. and the fairness that you as a team extoll.

Thank you again...
You're a good man Orlando
38 Sunday, 14 August 2011 21:52
Much appreciated.

Voice not sure if I was clear enough in that last post..
37 Sunday, 14 August 2011 21:13
Thank you in return for appreciating my post as I did yours thanking me.. it was very gracious of you.

Thank you Voice!!!
36 Sunday, 14 August 2011 21:10
I take things on a post by post basis so it is not like I hate my detractors.. I personally think we disagree on some and agree on others.

I do try to help the majority of times but what I write about can be viewed harshly at times.

I think the way I write ruffles a few feathers.. I used to write for a living without all those dot dot dots.. and am more grammatically correct.. but this is meant to be for fun.. so I don't spend as much time proof reading or keeping to a word count. You have to pay me to do that...lol

Anyways to be well read by many you have to inspire some emotion one way or another... either you are liked or disliked.. on here I tend to be heavy with it.. so most either love me or hate me no like or dislike.

Truth is there was a forum on Portugoal but it wasn't presented or marketed properly so nobody really knew about it and it was a wasteland.. here is the address with the 404 :


No fault to Tom and Co. they do a wonderful job and is why the majority of us tune in here for our news and commentary.

I also like the majority of posters and learn quite a bit from them so put up with the rest.. like Danny suggested (him and I almost never agree I will add) best is just to ignore the trolls.

As for Mdot I do recognize him from Pfut and he is very in tune with them.. probably why I don't frequent their much.. the few that admin the place.. are like a clique and you have to lick to stick. I disagreed a few times in a friendly way and it became a tame back and forth with some deleting posts and editing some to make it look like he was correct. They have a friendly fascist regime and most of the time you are great going there.. but at others they will pull a power trip on you for nothing. I suggest reading there and not much else.. too many politics.

Here with Tom's crew it is different.. they allow a little more and are not fascist in any way. Although the moderated posting has more to do with spamming.. and the truly offensive... I tend to agree with their system more.

Sure it creates more heat at times but it allows for adults to resolve their issues.. and when they get out of line it is not posted.. so they learn in a softer manner. I only wish they would delete the offending comments and still post.. but understand the logic of not manipulating posts, something pfut should learn from.

I too am a firm believer that we need a more forum set-up style as it caters better to the format.. but that brings huge headaches.

Having run a few forums myself.. spamming can be a huge pain and hard to keep up with (wasted resources).. also the focus and vision of the site can be distorted.. from the users in cliques and also when you appoint moderators some tend to turn into little dictators and it creates a power struggle and a pain for the team running as well as for the users.

The one benefit is the secure login.. which into itself creates problems as hacks are released and accounts hijacked.. but it stops the majority of issues with identities.

Personally I have only ever used two names.. orlandomac and Orlando Mac with a space and the only reason for that is that when I signed up to the aforementioned Portgoal forum it locked me out of posting as orlandomac.

I too would be in favour of an identity system because I think the hi jinks from others who claim others to change names is where the problem lies.. they think some others have so they begin too.

I have also seen total forums hijacked and everything lost.. so the whole dilemma is not that easy.

Anyways there is pros and cons for every system.. but the truth is a forum set-up would require more admin work than writing and I am not sure that is what anyone wants..

If they had a larger trusted staff.. than it would be possible.. but that into itself creates problems and requires money to do properly.

Find them good quality advertisers and maybe it can be a reality they can email here: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

If not we might have to wait till a better solution than Joomla is found all of which require much higher technical abilities to run properly. If you have such a solution and want to put your time in where you mouth is then email them to Tom, then again that unto itself can cause other issues.

Anyways in the end I want to commend Tom and his team for all the work and why this still is the best site for English Portuguese Futebol coverage.

Most of you won't know the amount of work that goes on in the background to keep this all running smoothly.

For the mean time I suggest some great posters like Mdot not take things so personally, ignore those that really bother them in the same thread. That into itself will bother them more when they have directly commented towards you.

Cheers Gentlemen!!
Just a gnat
35 Sunday, 14 August 2011 21:08
Mdot, don't let Bryan get to you. I admit that he used to get to me, but he no longer does.
You have to remind yourself that Bryan isn't a Braga fan. He's a Benfica Hater, and that's it. I'm not even sure that he's a football fan. His comments a idiotic.
He said that Quim was a great signing for Braga, after he hadn't played a second for them. We also had to hear how Braga had great finishers. The latest that's hillarious, was Braga being offered 16 mil for Pizzi. If the offer amount wasn't funny enough, Braga not taking it is even funnier.
Bryan is a sound bite/headline/highlight type of fan, if I could call him a fan. He never reads the full article or watch the full match.
If he has, it must be new to him, since he should be more knowledgeable just by doing that.

Thank you for bringing up the "Golden Whistle". I don't hear any Benfica fans harping on that one. While Juve and others in Italy were sent down, Porto gets a 12 point deduction. Hillarious.

I actually agree with the FA not sending Porto down, and possibly crippling the league. The "Big 3" have always gotten the breaks. It stinks for others, but it takes years/history to gain that so-called advantage. It takes place in all of the leagues.
Good one
34 Sunday, 14 August 2011 20:53
Whistles are silver not gold LOLZ
33 Sunday, 14 August 2011 20:09
yes we might have tunnels...but unfortunately we don't have golden whistles.
32 Sunday, 14 August 2011 15:24
Well I completely disagree with Bryan, Benfica did not deserve to lose and I think anyone who's watched the game will agree that it was a classic game of two halves.
Benfica dominated the first half and were more efficient and scored two pretty good goals, conceding that goal late on the first half was a big blow though and gave Gil Vicente confidence.
In fairness, in the second half, Witsel actually played pretty well and the commentators agreed that Benfica were defending better (at this point I was having problems streaming but the sound was ok, I ended watching it on RTP Internacional) and were much better tactically.
What I think happened was over-confidence once again, and instead of really pressing for the third goal Benfica got caught by a wonder goal and then never recovered, but after that Gil just completely abdicated attacking and concentrated on defending for their lives, which they did very well.
It is important to mention though, and bear in mind, especially for those doomsayers, that had Jara scored that goal in the second half and make 1-3 it would have been a very different game, it was an incredible miss!
Of such moments are football made, and careers made and lost. Jara, like Kardec before him, has had plenty of opportunities and never made full use of them: not good enough.
31 Sunday, 14 August 2011 15:22
HAHAHA Best post I've ever read on here. Thank you ForcaSLB29 for that. But even if fake accepts that offer nothing would come out of it if you win because he will probably go now to create the 145894 username on this site : (
LOL forcaslb
30 Sunday, 14 August 2011 15:07
Benfica should only have 0 points at this moment. Gil Vicente was robbed alreadly . Why would I make a ridiculous bet like that when Benfica have an unfair advantage in the tunnels? The tunnels are Benfica's home court.
29 Sunday, 14 August 2011 14:49
Since your so confident on Braga doing better than Benfica this year... a little friendly wager. Braga does better than Benfica...ill never post on this site again. (not that Im a regular compared to some) Benfica does better than Braga..you ll never post about Benfica again...come on what do you have to lose right. Benfica wont finish higher than 5th according to you!
28 Sunday, 14 August 2011 14:38
Thanks buddy. I agree that a forum system would be great. Just look at Pfutebol, you have fans from the various clubs and they get along (most of the time lol). Planet Benfica has the same system and it works great.

I don't want the guys running this site thinking it's a jab at them. I'm always interested on their take on the Portuguese stories.
Here's the problem Mdot
27 Sunday, 14 August 2011 13:47
Sporting and Braga may have tied yes but Benfica deserved to lose. One of Benfica's goals was offside. The tunnels saved Benfica. I'm not joking either. Even Benfica fans themselves claimed Benfica didn't deserve to tie.
Orlando Mac
26 Sunday, 14 August 2011 03:58
Thanks very much for the links - very very much appreciated.

Seriously - we don't see eye to eye on much, but I have to pass along sincere thanks for the links. In the end, we are all fans and I appreciate you passing along links to those of us who really want to watch the games.

I'm sure we will disagree on plenty in the upcoming months - but today, I have to tip my cap to you and thank you for sharing.
I'll tell you what this site needs...
25 Sunday, 14 August 2011 03:27
This site needs a proper forum. Having an interesting discussion die just because it's not on the 1st page is kind of disappointing. I think this site is the best that I've found that covers the Portuguese Liga. But like I said, it needs a proper forum. Until then, it'll be hard to create a real sense of community, and come to think of it, it would be a great way to keep trolls out and the one hit wonders from posting some garbage, only to never come back. That and the fact that threads should update instantly, instead of whenever the admins find the time to read and post them.

Still, the writers here are great and make this site stand out compared to the others. Keep up the good work guys. I just hope my suggestions are heard.

And yeah, it's the 1st game. Relax guys.
24 Sunday, 14 August 2011 02:33
So all we have to do is make fun of benfica to keep you away mdot? LOL Thanks for the info ill be sure to follow through. BTW Thank you so much for your all knowing soccer mind and thank you for teaching us about the game while you came here it was so nice of you. Really thank you from the bottom of my heart. Maybe just maybe one day well all know as much as you.
Haters Gonna Hate
23 Sunday, 14 August 2011 02:12
Mdot don't be sorry for anything my dude. You speak the truth! This website is like Jose Mourinho, fantastic! lol. The only thing thats bad about it is like you said, the trolls. I mean we have a dude creating so many names and having conversations with his own self lol. Just do what I do from now on, ignore those trolls and don't even bother giving them the time of day. It's a shame their can't be one Portuguese website out there where their isn't one single troll, but the sad fact is that we have morons in this world who don't no any better then just to hate, hate, and hate.

Anyways enough of those negative losers. Hey Portugoal how about writing an awesome article on our huge win over Argentina tonight!!! We are in the semis of the U-20 WC!!!
22 Sunday, 14 August 2011 02:02
is already butt hurt and the season just started cmon now!
Dumb comments
21 Saturday, 13 August 2011 21:12
So for all the retarded comments coming from Sporting and Braga fans, looks like Benfica's 2-2 tie is a better result then Braga's 0-0, and Sportings 1-1 at home. It's the first game of a the f'n season. As for the morons talking like the season is over based on these games they obviously know ZERO about this sport. Benfica tied at home two season ago on their opener and won the dam league.

I feel bad for the guys hosting this site, I don't know what it is but this site just attracts the dumbest trolls compared to other Portuguese fans sites. Sorry for being an ass but this is why I haven't been coming to this site as often.
Eagles are plucked
20 Saturday, 13 August 2011 20:31
Not even with the offside call can they beat Gil.Benfas need help please refs keep them close to FC PORTO so they dont lose intrest so early in the season.
19 Saturday, 13 August 2011 19:43
I'm not sure it's allowed, but you can go to the following link for highlights.


In the first goal, it was really close, but if you are able to watch it frame by frame, Nolito was in. It's hard to see the ball being released from the side view, but I thought that he was in. That being said, watching it in real time I thought he was off as well. Remember that when it's close, it's supposed to go to the offense, not defense as people expect.

If you want to watch Benfica matches, you can go to
They provide several different links on match days.

kronic160 I agree with your point. Players not only should have held, they should have netted another.
Some good sites.. ADTHE has been bad for awhile..
18 Saturday, 13 August 2011 19:42

Are just a few of my fourites.. I never miss a game.. sometimes you have to bounce around till you get the best quality stream and steady.. but hey you get what you pay for.

Before that I used use satellite but those all went downhill after free2air options dried up without having to pay big money.. funny how the crooks now charge as much as the legit people....lol

Anyways hope that helps.
the leauge lol
17 Saturday, 13 August 2011 19:02
i told you this season will be the toughest and must unppredictable yet dont be surpise with a new top 5 and top 3 teams
Paul D
16 Saturday, 13 August 2011 18:49
@ Paul D try VipBox.Tv .....HAHAHA I agree Bryan they got every single call and still couldn't beat a newly promoted side. Terrible.
I agree
15 Saturday, 13 August 2011 18:11
The problem is JJ and his poor decision making abilities. Then again, I may be biased since I despise his attitude and cockiness. But still, one game is not to be taken as an indication of how the season will go for Benfica. There is no way Benfica will finish 3rd or lower. Let's be realistic here. I fully expect them to be title challengers this season, because Porto is not going undefeated again.
Benfica's start
14 Saturday, 13 August 2011 17:45
People need to remember that this is only the first game of the season. Yes, Benfica played very poorly and I have to admit Nolito was slightly offside on the first goal but it was a tough call to make and Gil Vicente deserved the three points.
Bryan thank you for manning up.. I appreciate it.
13 Saturday, 13 August 2011 16:48
It is classy of you to mention.

Didn't get a good look at the goal.. the initial replay I looked at did look offside.

Like I said all credit to Gil Vicente they had a wonderful game, and deserved the result if not more.

I am sure the players on the Euro stage will magically improve since they all want to get an offer to play for big bucks elsewhere, so I hope that won't be a problem because that will hurt Portugal..

We need those points.. to ensure we stay ahead of other leagues and can pass France.
29 to go
12 Saturday, 13 August 2011 15:37
giving up 2 its to start the season isn't bad considering how many games are left. Good game Gil brought their A game which is the norm with the small teams.

Last time I checked up 2-0 I didn't recall seeing JJ subbing himself into the game to lose it. The players on the field have played soccer way to long to not know how to defend a 2-0 game. If it was 0-0 sure blame the coach on his selection but up 2-0? put the fault on the players.
Show's Over Folks
11 Saturday, 13 August 2011 15:00
That's it for their season. Porto will win tomorrow and never look back. Benfica should just consider themselves lucky that Portugal's got the 3rd Champs League spot back.
Online games
10 Saturday, 13 August 2011 13:48
I usually watch the games online with a link from atdhenet but last week with the Supercup game and yesterday with Benfica, the games were not on. Looking at today's lineup I see English and French games yet no Portuguese games listed. Does anyone have a good link to watch Liga games?
9 Saturday, 13 August 2011 13:02
The sky is falling, the sky is falling. We have started badly since '04, so please do not compare to last season.
It was never going to be easy vs Gil Vicente, a squad that outdrew plenty of Superliga clubs last year. All credit to them playing a wonderful match. They had great intensity and left it all on the field. Paulo Alves did a wonderful job. Laionel's strike was also fantastic.

That being said, Benfica had no business losing this match. The players and manager have once again forgotten that a game vs Benfica is a huge match for any club in the league and the effort will be intesified. It's always been that way for the "Big Three".
I didn't mind the starting lineup, and the 2-0 lead proved more than capable. I do have to ask; I know that Amorin failed to clear the ball, but although it was almost a point blank shot, would we be screaming against Roberto if he was in goal. Artur actually dove/dropped away from ball, which went right by his hands. Could have made the stop, in my opinion.
I too scratched my head at Aimar coming off, but later found out that he was injured. I do admit that I was surprised about Axel coming in. I would have prefered to see Nico step inside and Enzo come in or even Cesar come in. Axel would have mad sense if either Jara or Saviola were to also come off.
I actually understand Nico coming off. He just frustrates me to no end. Instead of sending the ball in with players in the box, he first has to try to make a move or two, so defenses can actually set up. Cross the ball in, please. I thought that he had a bad game. The only problem is that once we were even, we could have used him on the field. Enzo also did not impress when he came on. Witsel was lost in the mix as well.
Jara missed on too many opportunities. All of a sudden, missing out on Cardozo's goals, should he leave, is worriesome.
I wanted and was expecting a clean sheet. Crazy enough, I thought the defense didn't play bad, Although Amorin botched the clearence. I also thought that Nolito played well. For all the complaints about him being a hog, he sent the ball in time after time. He also got back on defense.

I'm absolutely disapointed and I'm worried about Aimar's health. I didn't expect a knock this early. We will have to play much better in league play, and it goes without saying vs Twente.

I feel silly even giving him any thought, but Bryan, I didn;t hear anyone complain about refs. I just hear talk of disapointement from Benfica, and credit to Gil Vicente. When Braga is out of everything earlier than later, these Barcelos fans just might outdraw you guys.
8 Saturday, 13 August 2011 09:33
vivo o gloriosos
7 Saturday, 13 August 2011 02:19
The problem is JJ. He says he has a much better team than last year and I admit thats true. However, he starts this campaign off just like he did last year but this time to a newly promoted team which makes it even more disgraceful. I hope benfica opens theyre eyes and do what they were already suppose to do last year...FIRE JJ !
Disappointing but too early
6 Saturday, 13 August 2011 00:21
I didn't see the game but its clearly not the expected result. I'm glad to see all of the SLB haters are still out there commenting. Its too early to tell how the season is going to play out.
Ok Orlando I admit I was foolish
5 Saturday, 13 August 2011 00:10
But you know what I mean. Sorry about that but it's true. Benfica was severely lucky. Hugo Vieira was class tonight. Unbelievable performance.

Benfica better get their act together against Twente because that was a terrible performance. LOL!
It was expected...
4 Friday, 12 August 2011 23:44
I am not that upset JJ is on form and this was all expected. I was actually hoping for the loss.

I did say JJ is a poor judge of talent and even with a heavily stacked squad he still manages to pick the wrong players all over the pitch.

Also you can see that the players really don't give it all for him. He puppets on the sidelines.. not having confidence in them.. and they return the favour with a lack of effort.

Full credit to Gil Vicente who played better than them the majority of the match, and played with intensity.

Bryan as usual you are very classy..

I hope they can string a couple of bad results together so that we can finally get rid of him.

The slogan for the man:

JJ.. making everything look hard.. the old fashioned way by incompetence.

Maybe 3rd place will be kind in the end...lol
Bunch of headless chickens
3 Friday, 12 August 2011 23:29
HAHAHAHA!!!!!! benfica are terrible, their not gonna win anything this year benfica is a joke! Congrats to gil vicente their from my familys home town barcelos, very proud moment for us. anyway.. its gonna be like last season my porto are gonna be the champs again and benfica are gonna be the jokers of portugal.
2 Friday, 12 August 2011 22:28
The first Benfica goal was offside. Gil Vicente beat Benfica today 2-1 but the tunnels equalized 2-2.
benfica stronger than last season?
1 Friday, 12 August 2011 22:21
As I said before this will be jesus' last season at benfica. I will be surprised if he makes it to christmas. This benfica team isn't any better than last season not that benfica had a good team last season. I can hear the referee cries already.

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