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Tuesday, 31 January 2012 12:20

Yannick Djalo signs for Benfica

Striker crosses the Lisbon divide; Amorim loaned to Braga

Yannick DjaloFormer Sporting striker Yannick Djalo has made the short trip across what is often Lisbon’s biggest car park, the segunda circular, and joined city rivals Benfica. The 25-year-old forward has signed a four and a half year contract with the Eagles.

A full Portugal international, Djalo looked set for a big future in the game early in his career, but has stagnated in recent seasons and has not played at all for six months following the collapse of his proposed transfer to Nice.

Benfica coach Jorge Jesus will attempt what several coaches have failed to do thus far, and fully harness Yannick’s undoubted talent. The Guinea-Bissau born player was never able to add consistency to sporadic flashes of brilliance at the Alvalade club. He scored 23 goals in 98 league games for Sporting.

No transfer fee is involved and Yannick started working with his new team-mates at the Seixal training complex this morning.

Ruben Amorim loaned to Braga

Moving out of the Estadio da Luz is midfielder Ruben Amorim. The defensive midfielder was serving an internal suspension at the Luz following a row with coach Jorge Jesus about his lack of playing time.

Amorim publicly apologised for the incident yesterday, and his loan move to Braga until the end of the 2012/13 season was subsequently announced. Somewhat bizarrely, Benfica also disclosed that the contract tying Amorim to the Lisbon club had been extended to 2014.

Amorim, a member of Portugal’s 2010 World Cup squad, joins two other ex Benfica players now plying their trade at the AXA Stadium, goalkeeper Quim and striker Nuno Gomes.

Tom Kundert

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Comments (39)
Bryan-Again you are mixed up and back to old tricks.
39 Sunday, 05 February 2012 18:03
It seems that you still cant tell two people apart. I have posted before that, as an American and a Benfica fan I have no real passion for the NT. "NJ", on the other hand, (at least from what I read and I can remember) continually identifies himself as a proud Portuguese and a supporter of the NT. You keep getting us mixed up or using our statements and opinions to try to discredit each other. You have even accused us of being the same person. Please get it right.

And speaking of getting it right, when Benfica is playing great and dominating and you have nothing to say, no ammunition, nobody to pick on, you go back to your usual tricks. Ripping Benfca as an organization for not developing NT players, tunnel conspiracies, picking on people, making fun of Carlos Martins (who would be at the end of the bench on the current squad, was loaned out for a reason, and will likely never play for the team again) and silly stuff like that. You behaved well for a while, especially while Braga faltered and sputtered, but now look like you have some wind in your sails and are up to your old tricks. Pathetic...
Re: Nathan/Germany
38 Sunday, 05 February 2012 14:10
The issue of Eduardo was a point I brought up in agreement with Orlando Mac's point about how the lack of first team opportunity at Benfica has cost him his place in the seleccao. My point being that regardless of who's playing first team football, Eduardo is still a much better keeper than Patricio and should still be our number one in my opinion. Patricio in goal for the Euros worries me to say the least!

The analogy of the African Nations Cup was a perfect example to illustrate the fact that many players in this tournament, not just goalkeepers, are stars for their national team yet not first team regulars for their European clubs. Lastly, don't be so dismissive of the quality of African football. Don't forget that some of the best players on the planet (Drogba, Essien, Yaya Toure, Eto'o etc etc), playing for some of the top clubs in the world, are from Africa. In World Cup 2010, African teams held their own in matches against European opposition, and the difference in quality is not as great as you seem to believe...
Let me remind everyone that Benfica is supposed to be a Portuguese club.
37 Sunday, 05 February 2012 01:28
If Benfica wants to discriminate against Portuguese youth they shouldnt even be called a Portuguese club. Plain and simple. It's embarrassing. This Yannick move is simply just for Vieira's election campaign nothing more. Some Benfica fans like NJ don't care about developing portuguese youth while others do and see through Vieira's stupid ways. I don't care how much some people like NJ tell me Benfica's responsibility is winning because at the end of the day Benfica is wasting millions of euros on an Academy that they simply never use on the field.
Eduardo, Seleccao?
36 Saturday, 04 February 2012 14:40
I don't know how the Seleccao got brought up in this conversation, but I definitely don't mind adding my two cents about the Portuguese national team ;)

Sadly, Eduardo's form was horrible in Italy, but I have to agree with others that have said that he should be given more playing time than he's received at Benfica. If I were him, I would move on. Ultimately, I don't think him or Patricio is anyone's "dream choice" for keeper of the Seleccao, but right now Patricio has to get the nod because he sees regular playing time.

Somebody brought up the African Cup of Nations and how many of the goalkeepers are not regular starters for their clubs, but need I remind you that competition is a little bit more intense in UEFA than it is in the CAF? European teams are on an entirely different level than most African teams, and first team football is an essential for any position. I've watched quite a bit of the ACN myself, and I have to say that the quality of goalkeeping for many of the African teams has been tremendously poor. Eduardo is a decent keeper and was great in the world cup/qualifying. Now, he has to play first team football with his club, and until he does, he can't make any claims to be starter for Portugal.

I also agree with Orlando Mac and others who say that it is entirely up to Yannick if he succeeds or not with Benfica. Others have said that it's all about JJ and whether he can get the most out of him, but in truth, Yannick needs to put on his shooting boots and find the back of the net with some consistency. Nobody can do that for him.
35 Saturday, 04 February 2012 01:47
just thought i'd remind anyone who cares, i want portuguese players in the team as much as anyone, but there a few people calling for nelson oliveira to play more often because of what he did in the u-20 world cup and at pacos last season. but another player we loaned to pacos this season, melgarejo, he's paraguayan has scored a good few more goals than nelson oliveira did there last season, yet he's not been mention mentioned at all...
34 Friday, 03 February 2012 21:24
completely agree i feel like the club is realizing we need to keep a good squad in order to be a force again gaitan can go i really dont mind if he does but as long as we keep javi and witsel i think we should be ok if aimar goes i wouldnt mind too much either i feel like we have great back ups for him i dont think we will see nolito go so.on the wings we still have nolito djalo bruno cesar enzo perez so keeping our squad is very important and we need to keep rodrigo honestly i think if we do well in CL this season and basically keep the same squad for next season we can have another good run in Europa.See what is diffrent about Porto i think falcao was really really important so once he left we noticed the difference. With Benficas teams this season im sure cardozo wont leave as for wingers we have good back ups so we wont feel too much of an effect if gaitan or Aimar leaves. FORCA BENFICA
last words...
33 Friday, 03 February 2012 18:31
Just further to my point about Eduardo and the seleccao...here's a very good example: the African Cup of Nations is currently taking place. Some of these goalkeepers playing for their countries are not first choice keepers for their European clubs, yet that doesn't affect their performances at a major international tournament. I don't see why it should be any different for Eduardo! Eduardo has looked his usual calm and confident self in the Cup games he's been given, and Im sure it would be the same for the seleccao.

Lastly i don't share some of the notions I've read recently that all our big players...Garay, Axel, Javi etc...will be sold in the summer. Gaitan will go because of the huge money that will be ofered for him, but not neccesarilly these others. There is a real growing feeling that Benfica are a rising force in Europe again, and indeed this season we have been one of the in-form teams in all of Europe. Add to that the great profits we have made on just 4 players in the last 18 months (almost 100 million euros), plus the Champs League revenue..and we are in better shape financially too. No club came even close to signing any of our big players this January window...and (Gaitan aside) this may continue...I hope so!
What I'm trying to say
32 Friday, 03 February 2012 17:01
I understand all the loan and free transfers. As a coach, I understand that depth is imperative. What I disagree on the team is the lack of squad rotaion. If Eduardo and D'jalo are only gonna be subs in case someone gets hurt, when will they get the game time needed to 1, keep form and 2, (I might be thinking selfishly about my national team) pick up a national team call up and 3, in D'jalo's case, earn the experience needed to coheisivly play with others. Training is not enough to learn how to play with others under pressure. This was personally my biggest fault as a player was playing with the team under the pressure of a game. I didn't learn to be a good team player from training but with actually getting game time.
31 Friday, 03 February 2012 16:32
NJ beat me to the punch but in short:

Vitor, had a couple of good games and a couple of bad games showing me he has the potential to be a good CB for us as he continues to develop and train with the main squad. He’s in no way at the same level as Garay and Luisao.

Both Nelson and Rodrigo have looked amazing for their respective national squads. They both were given equal chances early on and unfortunately Nelson didn’t do much while Rodrigo was out of this world. So it’s fair that he got a nod for a few more mins. Then on Nelson’s next chance he does nothing and Rodrigo is subbed on in the last 10mins and wins us the game. Nelson shows great promise but Rodrigo has earned his place ahead of him. This is a club that looks to win not just play Portuguese players and lose matches.

As for Eduardo, not only do I think he shouldn’t start, he shouldn’t even get these cup games. He’s not our player and has no option for us to purchase him. He was a back up in case Artur flopped but he’s been amazing. Our cup games should go to Mika so that at least we are developing our talent, not an Italian club’s talent. As for the comment the JJ is scared of Eduardo’s success, the guy had one good season in the Portuguese liga. Artur had a good season in both the Portuguese liga and Europa for Braga. So he by far had a better track record to start and has lived up to his hype at our club.
Not so clear cut, in my opinion
30 Friday, 03 February 2012 13:28
Orlando, I have to disagree on a couple of fronts.

Miguel looked great in ONE match this preseason. He was ok in the others, and I clearly remember him look bad in a match that he actually scored in. To say he was better than Garay is foolish. Also, if you recall he got injured and was out for a while, opening the door for Jardel.
Due to the collapse of big time defenses this season, I see Garay getting sold for a tidy profit in the summer. Miguel will then have plenty of opportunity to show well and get first team play.

Nelson had a great U20 and, in my opinion was the most valuable player for Portugal. He scored 4 goals, and the 2 penalties actually enhance his stature in my opinion. It showed great confidence in stepping up and taking them. Maybe more important were the total of minutes he played.
But Rodrigo was no slouch, with 3 goals of his own for a very talented squad. Rodrigo also came into this season as a much more seasoned player than Nelson.

You can say all you want about Genoas defense, but Eduardo was awful last season. Everything we screamed about Roberto, Italians were doing the same about Eduardo.
I still think that he's a tremendous keeper, but coming off a season like he had you couldn't hand him the starting nod. He would of also have gotten more games this season if we hadn't been knocked out of the Taca.
All that being said, although I'm against anyone starting who hasn't played, it will be a tough decision for Bento. Maybe, unfortunately he will go with Patricio.

I know that it always seems as if Portuguese sit at Benfica. But the fact of the matter is that who ever brings in the dollars usually plays first. I think that Nico, Javi and Garay will be gone, and even Axel might get sold. But if people settle in, I could see Enzo and Nolito and Matic stepping into the starting lineup. Will that be a disservice? Not if we win.
Re: Eduardo
29 Friday, 03 February 2012 12:17
Yes Orlando I agree with you on how frustrating the situation is with Eduardo. At the start of the season i thought he should've definitely been our first choice keeper, JJ stuck with Artur instead and I thought at the time it was a mistake. But speaking now, it is obvious that Artur deserves to be first choice, no question...I would say his class saves have probably earned us a good 5 or 6 extra points in the Liga.

The problem with this situation is that the seleccao could suffer as a result, because an inferiour keeper Patricio will likely get the nod for the Euros. In some ways I wished Eduardo would've moved to another club this January to force his way back into the seleccao first team. It didn't happen, and hopefully Bento will realise the obvious: that he is head and shoulders the best Portuguese guarda, and is good enough to be first choice for the seleccao even though he isn't first choice at Benfica. Let's hope!!!
Bryan.. it is obvious..
28 Thursday, 02 February 2012 23:45
How many Portuguese start at Benfica.. then check talent levels and squad usage f the many talented Portuguese Nationals in the squad.

Take Miguel Vitor he has played better than Garay in pre-season.. better in Europe.. but I can understand the use of Garay.. and he performs well.. but Garay went down.. you would think Vitor would start.. after playing so well in the position in defence in the CL.. yet Jardel got the starts.. Vitor didn't even get one.

Now I love Rodrigo and before he got a start here I complained about him not being included in the squad.. yet he was run out and Nelson Oliveira who had more goals than him than him in the U20 rarely if ever got a start.

Eduardo.. who had a poor year in the worst league in the world with the worst defence on the content was made to be a scapegoat last year..

In the last World Cup he was as good as or better than any GK on the planet.. I thought he was the best in the tournament and qualifying.. the only reason we qualified was because of his excellence.. yet Artur who is also great gets almost every minute..

This is after Eduardo on loan at Braga during JJ's reign.. made him look so bad .. JJ won't take a risk at once again looking foolish.. but if you look at the 4 games Eduardo has played he barely has given up a goal with less than Benfica's best squad around him.

It is not rocket science.. if the player is as good as than they should get the nod..

Hey I love Artur but Eduardo should get more than 4 games.. damn the Brazilian Chicken started all Cup games and even played in Europe.. last year.. and he sucked. Roberto the Spanish Frango was our starter... now a quality keeper like Eduardo doesn't ever play?

Anyways the point is it is an open book still for Djalo.. and really Djalo is the one that needs to do some work.. he is on a free so he already is a win.. if he wants to excel.. then he better get to work.

Mateus not all of us have smoked ourselves stupid.. but it does explain a lot as of your cognitive mirroring.
Maritimo1-2 Braga
27 Thursday, 02 February 2012 18:34
Just wondering when the Braga game from Monday will be posted.
Overreaction, both ways?
26 Thursday, 02 February 2012 13:08
Just in case people have forgotten, Benfica is a huge club where winning is imperative.
Winning allows us to bring in money through tourneys, exposure, merchandising, and sell players at a profit. We're still a "selling club".
If Djalo is capable to help us win and or become a key commodity, he will play. People have said how Coentrao forced his way into the lineup, and even Nolito and Rodrigo have to some extent. If good enough, Djalo could do the same.

I for one think that people tend to overreact when they see a speeding Portuguese running up the wing. Just because we've had some recent success in cultivating that talent, it doesn't mean they're all going to stars.
More thoughts
25 Thursday, 02 February 2012 12:27
Djalo is a good addition to the squad considering he is free, is used to playing in the Portuguese Liga, and will offer us something we been lacking slightly this season: pace from wide areas. However he is surely not going to be anything more than an impact substitute from the bench for the rest of this season. Competition for places is already so hot at the club, that any newcomer to the squad is way down the pecking order, at least to start off with. But it's good to have something different in the squad, and if he really is fit to play already, i would bring him off the bench at some point against Maritimo in the cup this weekend, so as to integrate him into the team as soon as possible.

I am a little concerned though that we didn't purchase a back-up right back, with Amorim leaving. This means if something should happen to Maxi we'd have to play an inexperienced Almeida at right back. Perhaps Miguel Vitor is an alternative for right back too? Im actually happy Capdevila has stayed, because he's a very experienced player who can cover for Emerson. I see he is registered now for the Champions League which is good for us. And I see Enzo Perez has remained too after all..he is WAY down the pecking order now after all that went on, and even more so with Djalo having joined. But he's a big talent and perhaps next season could be his time, once Gaitan leaves. Overall things are looking good for us, and we certainly have the strongest squad in Portugal...
Aniki Djalol
24 Thursday, 02 February 2012 07:10
I think that not even Jesus will be able to make this player became half as good as Di Maria, I hope that happens if just to piss zborbing supporters off but I just can't see it.Has for Amorim bye bye and don't come back, this was a long time coming.
23 Wednesday, 01 February 2012 22:33
i think yannick could do something decent here. did anybody see francisco cruz earlier saying that yannick was a staunch Benfiquista when he went to sporting? along with him being portuguese, i love having players at the club who actually supported the team at some stage in their life, he should give everything he can, i reckon
Orlando is right Jorge does not like Portuguese
22 Wednesday, 01 February 2012 16:33
It's pretty obvious.

Djalo is one more portuguese player that will be rotting on Benfica's bench or sidelines. I personally believe Djalo was brought simply for Vieira to win the elections nothing more. Vieira has a habit of being corrupt like PDC (e.g choosing refs for games,
21 Wednesday, 01 February 2012 11:12
Does this mean he will be on fifa 12 for benffica?
Haters gonna hate...
20 Wednesday, 01 February 2012 10:36
He's Portuguese and we need more Portuguese players in the top teams like Benfica, Sporting, Porto etc.. There's too much foreign players in our league. Whether he gets time to play or not its up to JJ, if he sees that Yannick is giving 100% in the training ground then he'll give him a chance, if not Yannick will be the one who has blame himself. Yannick was for free so why not? He's a brilliant player who needs someone like JJ to develop his talent even further and i hope he gives his best because we need more young Portuguese talent in our NT. I'm actually happy that he joined Benfica because he's Portuguese and i'm fed up of Benfica buying foreign players. Nelson Oliveira shows alot of promise and with Yannick in Benfica JJ might change his mind about giving opportunaties to our portuguese youngsters. Lets see what happens...
Paranoid OMac
19 Wednesday, 01 February 2012 02:36
Come on man. You are such a JJ hater! He has brought stability back to our club and you still bash him. For you to think JJ has a vendetta against Portuguese players is absurd. Lay off the weed dude.
18 Wednesday, 01 February 2012 00:55
I'd like to challenge the accuracy of this report. The biggest parking lot in Lisbon is IC19, give it a try on early weekday and on the subject matter. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some really interesting comments but i still can't get my head around it. I mean seriously!!?
Forgot to mention ...
17 Tuesday, 31 January 2012 21:53
I have a feelingif he does not get the Eduardo treatment.. he might play.. but maybe he gets moved... to FB to create overlaps with Gaitan & Nolito.. just an educated guess.. with JJ's past track record...
16 Tuesday, 31 January 2012 19:31
All those players were free or on loan. With Eduardo (on loan) we got a good back. With Capdevilla (free transfer) if he were to fit into the squad great if not turn around and sell him for a profit and the same can go for Yannick. Its a win win for Benfica.
Bit pieces
15 Tuesday, 31 January 2012 19:27
Djalo and Adu have never been big players, just potential.
Capdevilla could very well be passed it over the long haul.
Eduardo was necessary back up to Artur.

Since he was free, I could care less if Djalo sits. If he shows something, fine. If not, ok.
i disagree
14 Tuesday, 31 January 2012 19:24
i disagree with some comments i think Djalo will bring pace to the team in the second half of games.and is a winger who can do well with Nolito and gaitan or bruno cesar might get their chance at AM so i dont think it was that bad of a deal plus it was free so there really is no negative in this to me
13 Tuesday, 31 January 2012 19:22
He actually didn't leave Sporting for free, they got paid for the transfer, just that the French side didn't have there papers in order so fifa didn't allow them to keep Yannick. So in the end he was a player with to team. The French side wanted there money back but Sporting said no that they did there due diligence and they would keep the money. In the end the French side got screwed.
RE Mario SCP and great signing
12 Tuesday, 31 January 2012 18:49
Mario you're wrong. Capdevilla was a free transfer. Eduardo is on loan and I believe we're just picking up his pay (which means no transfer fee). Yannick came free of charge. This is great business. I think its always good to have great depth in a squad. The season is long and we're only at the half way point. Theres no way to foresee what injuries the squad will have and its always good to cycle the players to keep them fresh.
This was a Good Signing?
11 Tuesday, 31 January 2012 18:32
This was on a free.. so it is a good deal period.

Just like getting Nani when he is acting up...

not trying to compare the two but Nani needed lots of help at times.

Djalo like everyone said, has a lot of talent and speed to burn.. the rest of the issues presented can be taught if the player wants to learn.

I thought if any Paciencia would be able to get some consistency out of him unfortunately it never happened.

Jello is on his last legs here to achieve the big stage so he either gets it or doesn't.

Fact is he is a Portuguese National.. and hasn't been playing well.. under JJ that would normally mean that as a talented Pork he would get no starts but since he has been failing he most likely will get some time off of the bench as a sub out of position.

JJ's track record is to avoid talented Portuguese and only play them to fail.. he also likes a project when it comes to a failure.. so Djalo I think will get a chance.. but not much of one.. in the end Benfica will get more than a free and it will be well worth it.

Djalo coming off of the bench could prove beneficial to add some goals to a low scoring game that we are leading.. so I like the deal in that respect.. also I have a feeling they are just trying to shore up Gaitan's spot because he will be gone for good if not now in the summer.

JJ since Paciencia failed might make it his mission to make Djalo succeed so that he looks like such a great boss where others have failed.

Unlike Forca, NJ and Andre I think Benfica has to play their best players.. and the fact is that the Portuguese that LFV has bought are as good as if not better than players that have started ahead of them.

Amorim for example when he was playing well in the AM & Wingers role a few years ago.. never got much playing time.. but did enough to make the National Team.. this year early when he was playing poorly he got a lot of good looks.. out of position as a FB. Par for the course.. just like Peixoto who sucked and got more time because of it.

Which brings us to Coentrao who was forced upon JJ.. he outplayed DiMaria in preseason and was 3rd string behind DiMaria & Peixoto.. it wasn't until Peixoto went down with an injury did Coentrao make the line-up and this only happened because he was a monster off of the bench. So JJ played him out of position at LB expecting him to fail.. the rest is history and that was a great partnership that would've never happened under JJ is not by accident.

It also helped that Queiroz on National TV called out JJ and told him that Coentrao should play as a LB.. the plan for failure happily exploded in JJ's face.

Nolito is the same.. his skill demands more but JJ trying his best to put a 45 on his campaign... fortunately Nolito is much greater than JJ and when on the field.. is besides Cardozo our best player.. followed by Artur & Luisao.

So we will either see the Eduardo Show where JJ will hold Djalo on the bench never to play him where he can excel.. or we will see the genius JJ that will overplay him out of position so that he can gain some praise from half results.

I personally think Djalo has lots of talent, I watched him score two great goals against the douches of Juve this summer.. but I think he needs to prove his way on as a back-up... played in cup games and as injury calls. From there he might gain that form that would instill greatness in him..

In the end it is a free and in a few years he can still be sold.. for a huge profit.

So it is a great deal.. whether he will amount to anything.. I highly doubt..
Another Freddy Adu?
10 Tuesday, 31 January 2012 17:12
We have seen Benfica do this before. Signing a young player who has a truck full of potential..... and keeping him to rot on the bench. I agree as a sportinguista that Benfica is a very good squad with great dept, but why buy big players they dint need. Was Eduardo so important? Was Capdevilla so important? Will Yannik D'jalo even get playing time? After all that is what he needs to grow as a player. Maybe Nice would have been the best place for him to go.
interesting signing
9 Tuesday, 31 January 2012 16:46
Like many of the previous posters, I believe that Yannick Djalo has plenty of potential, but it worries me that he hasn't really progressed at all since his first year in the senior team. He still plays like a very raw 18 year old. Incredible speed, athleticism, and the odd wonder goal, but it terms of the technical aspects of his game/touch, vision, decision making and consistency, he still leaves much to be desired.

Unless JJ can get Yannick Djalo to consistently be at his best, I could see him as an excellent impact sub. Even though, I have never been a big fan of his, I haven't given up on him yet. Hopefully he'll be a great signing.
average player
8 Tuesday, 31 January 2012 16:14
This player has been a complete flop in his career. Another Quaresma. So much potential, but so little end product.

But as its free it will be low risk, so I guess Benfica can sell him to Besiktas, or another graveyard for Portuguese 'talent' in the future for a profit.
Yannick Djalo
7 Tuesday, 31 January 2012 15:14
If Jorge Jesus can change Di Maria, Fabio Coentrao who were all selfish players, he can make Yannick into a star!!
Amorim will be serving coffee on the bench
6 Tuesday, 31 January 2012 15:09
He's not better than Custodio or Viana. He's not good enough for Braga so I really don't understand why he is in Braga.
5 Tuesday, 31 January 2012 14:40
I agree with most of the posts on here. Yannick definitely puts forth 100% in terms of energy, but unfortunately he never really lived up to expectations at Sporting.

I have to admit, I don't completely understand what Jorge Jesus is doing... I don't think Yannick is up to scratch when it comes to Benfica's current starting squad (which I admit is very good at the moment.) I doubt he will be starting, but who knows. JJ is a really good coach, and he has a knack for making unusual/unexpected signings and getting them to work well with the rest of the team.

I think Yannick is good, but I can't say that I am sorry to see him go from SCP. But good luck to him in the future.

Forca Domingos,
Forca Sporting
djalo perspective
4 Tuesday, 31 January 2012 14:07
Lets be honest here, he easily gets pushed off the ball, has a poor touch and control, and average shots and rarely a header. But he does bring the pace and speed/acceleration that would vastly increase our counter attack. Question is what would he play?

if were using two forwards, he still shouldn't start ahead of rodrigo or nelson oliveira(assuming cardozo is the other starter) or if were using one forward, i cant see him play as a winger since he easily loses the ball in close battles.

Personally i don't think this signing was necessary since we already have quality forwards, but it was a free deal afterall. If he doesnt produce we can sell him after.
3 Tuesday, 31 January 2012 13:36
This is a tough one for me since I've hammered Djalo on how he just isn't very good. Raw with a ton of pace, but really has nothing else. No talent in getting by defenses except speed and gets pushed off the ball easily.
When I heard Portuguese praise him it reminds me of Brits going crazy over Walcott and/or Young. Guys that impress every once in a while and are lacking more often than not.
We'll see.

Amorin punched his own ticket out of town. I do find it interesting that we extended his deal. It would lead me to believe we are making money on the loan and there's some kind of buy out. If so, good piece of business for a player that had become a problem.

The Capdevilla situation is interesting. He wants and needs to play desperately in order to be on Spains Euro squad. If we don't get what we want for him, we just might have a highly motivated player on our hands. All the Emerson haters just might get their wish. Let me add, if he stays, Capdevilla will need spot rests.

The Perez thing is a mess. His agent has lied repeatily and there was clear involvement from clubs.
I know it will cost us, but I think we shouls stick to our guns on this one. He's not big enough to cause a riff in the dressing room.

People have forgotten about Wass has Maxis backup. He's doing well on loan.
Decent signing
2 Tuesday, 31 January 2012 13:10
I have never been a big fan of Djalo, and he has always been quite inconsistent, despite having a lot of raw talent. However he will add something to our squad, which I have felt (aside from Nolito) has been lacking all season-long: pace and power from wide areas. We have been a little too reliant on Maxi and Emerson attacking from full-back positions, and Djalo will definitely provide some pace and directness on the flanks. He could make a useful impact substitute for us in second halves of matches when opposition defences begin to tire, and could probably fit best into the 4-2-3-1 formation. Also he's Portuguese so this may help to satisfy all these pro-Portuguese player posters (a group I don't belong to...football is an "international" sport nowadays, that's just the reality folks, accept it!).

As for Amorim, that's a good move for him and will give him the first-team football he craves. He was never really gonna be a regular player for Benfica. However we have one day to find a back-up right back for Maxi now, and I hope we do as we are quite short in that position. Almeida is still too inexperienced. Also i wonder if after all the controversy this season surrounding these 2 players...whether both Capdevila and Enzo Perez will remain with us for the remainder of the season? It seems that way at the moment, but you just never know on transfer deadline day...and in the hours leading up to midnight tonight, everything could change!
1 Tuesday, 31 January 2012 12:47
Still can't believe this guy has left Sporting for free. Poor business on their part and if he doesn't work out for us we can sell him on the cheap and still make a profit.

The guy never worked well with his team but man did he ever have some good speed. You can't question his potential so it will be interesting to see if he can finally do something.

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