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Wednesday, 01 August 2012 09:34

Benfica break transfer record to bring Salvio back to the Estádio da Luz

SalvioNélson Oliveira, Roderick and David Simão loaned out

Argentine winger Eduardo ‘Toto’ Salvio has become Benfica’s most expensive acquisition of all time, signing a 5-year contract at the Estádio da Luz. Meanwhile, three Benfica youngsters, Nélson Oliveira, Roderick Miranda and David Simão, have been loaned out for the coming season.
Salvio spent a highly successful spell on loan at Benfica in 2010/11. At the end of that season there was much speculation that the Lisbon club would make the move permanent, but Salvio ended up returning to his parent club Atletico Madrid. However, Benfica retained a 20% share in the player, in exchange for 2.5 million euros.
Benfica have now paid a further €11m to secure the 22-year-old, taking the total price of the Argentina international to €13.5m, which is half a million euros more than the previous record transfer fee paid to Barcelona for Simão Sabrosa. Should Salvio emulate Simão, Benfica fans will feel it is money well spent.
“I’m very pleased to be returning to Benfica,” said Salvio upon his arrival at Lisbon’s Portela airport yesterday. The player will take the mandatory medical tests and train with his new team-mates today.


No room for Portuguese trio

While one player arrives, three of Benfica’s exciting prospects have been sent out on loan. Striker Nélson Oliveira and centre-back Roderick Miranda have joined the large Portuguese contingent at newly promoted La Liga club Deportivo La Coruña.
“This is a great opportunity for me,” said Oliveira. “I hope to grow as a player and then return to Benfica. I hope to score as many goals as possible.”
Roderick MirandaAs for Roderick, who also spent last year on loan, where he impressed at Swiss club Servette, the defender admitted he thought he had a chance of remaining in Benfica's senior squad this season.
“I thought I could have stayed, but I’m not disappointed. I realise I have to wait for my chance. This year I can play more regularly at Deportivo. I think I’ll have more opportunities here and can evolve as a player. I’m happy about everything I’ve heard about Deportivo. I hope to have a good year,” said Roderick.
The Spanish club’s two latest acquisitions takes the number of Portuguese players on their books up to seven. As well as the Benfica duo, Zé Castro, Pizzi, Bruno Gama, André Santos and Diogo Salomão will all be striving to help the Galician club consolidate their place in the Spanish top flight.
Another of Benfica’s promising young midfielders, David Simão, will also have to bide his time for a crack at breaking into the first team. Simão impressed on loan at Académica last season, but there is no room for the Portuguese in Jorge Jesus’ squad, and he has agreed to a loan move to Marítimo.
Tom Kundert
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good to be back
19 Friday, 10 August 2012 04:06
...and figting amongst eachother once again.

Orlando...get over it, Nelson Oliveira is all show no go so far....he doesnt deserve to be starting right now. He scored a one goal in Europe and maybe one other in the league cup...so did kardec, right now in my opinion theyre both brutal.

If theres any fuss that should be made about a player not getting a fair shake, its malgerjo... it should be that he's playing up front. By far, hands down, for his age, and the team he played on, he was the most productive player in portugal last year....and were still bitching Nelson Oliveira even though hes failed to live up to expectations so far.
Very well said NJ
18 Sunday, 05 August 2012 19:08
NJ is quite astute and quite observant also.. I am one of the bigger Fernandes detractors.. for exactly the reason he mentions...

for Portugal.. he is usually played as a Defensive Mid.. he is anything but.. he is an offensive midfielder with a bit of bite..

very much like Witsel... as Witsel could never play as a Defensive Mid either.. if that is the move than I am all in favour.. but knowing JJ.. they will sell Javi & Witsel and Fernandes will be our new defensive mid... that is my only concern besides the fact that Fernandes is a bit of a party dude.. and has been known to disrupt some squads because of so. Others who take it professionally don't appreciate his type.

As for this pre-season it is one of the few that I have not really followed... with the Euro/Olympics/going on vacation to Punta Cana I have been too busy to care about who JJ is assembling.. if there was a new manager maybe I would've been peaked.. but with JJ at the helm I know he will make it very easy on me once the season starts.. his errors will be clear to see.

So besides the highlights.. and reading the tabloids.. I have stayed away.. so I appreciate reading NJ's reports as he is close to the pulse.

My worry is that constantly JJ is looking at offense from every position.. and clearly that is why we have so many defensive lapses. The LB situation is the biggest concern and it really pains me to see Emerson cut lose.. he played almost every match last season out of stubbornness.. and then he was cut.. if JJ believed in him that much he should still be here.. all that last season proved is JJ is a mule.. and even though he knows better he will stick with players under-performing out of spite.

Clearly this is the reason we barely scraped out a championship.. and the reason that even with better squads we won't win another any time soon.

To be clear I have always said that Emerson would be an amazing sub coming off the bench.. his pace and even defensive liabilities would be negated if the other players would be tired. He is a B champ.. not an A.

I am not as big on Garay.. as he cost us half our goals last season... although part of that was covering for Emerson but like NJ I would like him sold.. for some decent cash... the difference is only that NJ thinks scouts read our posts.. so he is a bit more complimentary hoping it result in a big sale.. I still think Vitor is better.. but JJ hates Pork Chops so the chance of that happening are marginalized.

We should get a new young CB as well as a LB & RB.. I would say also another Defnsive Mid.. clearly Martins will not get another crack at LB even though he performed all year.

Again JJ's love for Portuguese players only depends on the limitations set upon him for Euros.. and the Champions League...

F U JJ the Portuguese you bench are better thaan the douches you love...

Martins would've screwed up less than Emerson last year.. as a rookie.. given that the role would be 50/50 yet JJ goes 100 % Emerson than cuts him.

This year is about potential and misery.. they will compete.. and even be top of the league.. but once they play the best.. it will be another failure.. we have a great squad.. but we also have the worst manager.. besides Kinky Flowers.

With this squad.. NJ would win the Liga repeatedly and 1 Champions League... he would be extremely happy especially adding up as many toilet bowl championships as he could..

I would've won few Ligas.. would've won no Taca de Turds ever as I would only play B Team Players.. but I would have two Champions League triumphs.. pick you poison.
Witsel etc etc
17 Sunday, 05 August 2012 12:57
Yeah it does seem ever more likely that Witsel will be going to Madrid, they haven't spent much this season and would therefore have the budget to match his buy-out clause. Likewise we haven't sold much and have spent a fair bit this summer. Of course him playing a blinder the other night when we thumped them, has probably made the move more likely!

He would be a big loss, as he is a fantastic talent, on his way to becoming one of the very best midfielders in world football imo! But Benfica always moves on from losing big players, and as good as Axel is, he is not indispensible...after all we didn't win the league with him in the team last season...so we just have to continue looking forward.

Manuel Fernandes would be a good replacement. Not as multi-talented as Axel of course, but a similar type of player which would be important. Fernandes is also of course, a Benfiquista at heart, and this would be equally important as he wouldn't need any time to settle in. But this is all still speculation, and we musn't give too much insight into this situation until it becomes reality..

I want to mention again that defense remains a concern for us. The left-back situation has been well documented by all of us, but there are other concerns too. I think Garay will stay another season with us, and him and Luisao are a formidable centre-back pairing. But what if one of them gets a long-term injury? Jardel and Miguel Vitor are both decent centre-backs, but against really strong teams in the CL, I'm not too sure. Similarly in goal, if Artur was to get injured, that would leave us with Paulo Lopes or Mika to play in the CL, again that doesn't fill me with confidence.

It seems JJ will continue with his gung-ho attacking approach of out-scoring the opponents. This will work against most Liga teams, but against the stronger ones and in the CL, it remains to be seen if it will be effective. One thing's for sure, it will be exciting and expect lots of goals in matches involving the Aguias!!!
The angst has begun
16 Saturday, 04 August 2012 14:14
Jon, I couldn't agree more. I really think that Fernandes would be a nice replacement, since his biggest knock has always been lapses defensively. Javi is there for support.
All in all Benfiquistas would prefer Axel to stay, for another year.he would be has missed as Ramires was, and really hurt our campaign. By the way, Ramires has gone on and has really produced at Chelsea. Unbelievable work rate and very high skill set.

As for our left back, I'm really upset that Jose Angel was dismissed. Roma has loaned him out to Real Sociedad with an option to purchase. He's only valued around 4 mil and fits our playing style. He does well going forward and defends better than what we have. He's also still very young.
I don't mind turning Melgarejo into a left back, but throwing him into the wolves, even in league play, just might be disastrous. Call me crazy, but most if not all of the goals given up this preseason came from the right. Let's just say that opponents are not stupid and know our weak points. Even Luisinho hasn't really done anything to settle the nerves.
I know I'm beating a dead horse, but Emerson had one stinking year at a new club. New tactics, training, club, country. Call me crazy, but throwing him to the scrap heap was stupid.

As for cente backs,we're all good unless Garay leaves. Proven center backs are in demand, and he should sell at a high price now or later.

Nico is still here...
The return of Manuel Fernandes
15 Friday, 03 August 2012 19:08
The word on the street is that Real Madrid are on the verge of signing Axel Witsel. I'm a huge fan of Witsel's so I'm hoping that he can stay for another year. However, if he does depart, we'll have a massive hole in our midfield. We currently only have 3 holding/box-to-box midfielders: Javi, Matic, and Witsel. If Witsel leaves, we'll have to get a great player to replace him, and according to the italian website, "calciomercato", Manuel Fernandes is Benfica's number one target if Witsel leaves.

I personally think that he'd be a perfect replacement, but Liverpool are also supposedly after Fernandes. Apart from a box-to-box midfielder, we're also in dire need of a left back, a back-up right back, and another center back since Jardel will likely be sold and Vitor's always injured.

At left back, we currently have Luisinho and Melgarejo. Apart from his mistake against Juve, Luisinho has really impressed me, so I think that he could be a solid back up at the very least. However, JJ seems to be hell-bent on making Melgarejo the starting left back, and that worries me. Offensively, he's got pace and skill, but he's a massive liability defensively.

If I were JJ, I'd want a decent left back like Jose Angel to compete with Luisinho. Melgarejo is a disaster waiting to happen. He'll be a great winger/second striker, not a left back.
full backs
14 Friday, 03 August 2012 15:21
I see a few concerned that benfica dont have intention to buy full backs - I totally agree we need improvement there.

Just thinking of how many opponents we face rely on the flanks to create goals - top of mind being Porto with Hulk & James.
Nelson Oliveira Hype
13 Friday, 03 August 2012 06:29
I hope this guys turns it around and becomes a first class striker but he has shown very little. Personally I think he is overrated with no final ball and poor decision making. If he was that good Benfica would have kept him or some big time club would have purchased him. For now, this is a good move for him to step up and no more excuses about not getting playing time -- a player needs to make plays and perform.
Simao was the real record signing.
12 Thursday, 02 August 2012 22:22
You cannot really compare this transfer to that of the Simao. They are eleven years apart and Simao was bought during time when transfer fees were relatively low, far lower than those of the inflated market of today. That being said 13.5m is a huge number but 13m in 2001 is huge.
Left Back
11 Thursday, 02 August 2012 20:45
Jorge Jesus has stated several times they are still looking for options at left back and Viera has stated otherwise saying he really has no intention in spending money on full backs and actually forced Jorge Jesus to make Joao Cabellaro the back up right back. So don't expect anyone coming in for both left and right back
10 Thursday, 02 August 2012 18:06
Salvio is a good player and most importantly is a player that really wants to play for SLB, having stated that publicly last season. He had a good spell with us 2 seasons back, where he was particularly good in the Europa league campaign, scoring some crucial goals. If he can repeat that in the CL this season, we will all be happy! He linked up well with Maxi down the right flank, and has an eye for goal and could suppourt Cardozo better than Gaitan has done.

But I agree with some of the posters. Firstly it was a lot of money spent on him. Surely offering a player in the deal (we have so many fringe players who could've been offerered as makeweights - Djalo, Sidnei or Jara just to name 3) would've brought the price down. Secondly, how many wingers have we got now? Surely this means Gaitan has to be sold now. We have spent quite a bit this summer, without making any big sales yet. Or perhaps the coffers are doing better than we thought? Somehow I doubt it, and I am still fully expecting a big sale in the next few weeks. We all hope it won't be Witsel. Garay seems to want to stay, and if he does it would be great for us.

Defence is still a big concern. JJ seems yet again to be only focused on attack and unconcerned with our defensive fragility. It looks like he is going to persist with Melgarejo at left back. I really hope this doesn't mean he is going to abandon buying a new left-back, because if so we will be very short in that position, just as we were last season. Melgarejo is clearly best coming forward with that immense pace of his...why waste him at left back? It's such an attack-minded squad we have already, JJ must obviously get a new left-back in who can DEFEND...this is what we need most now!

Few more points: Orlando, as ever you are giving up on everything before the season has even started. Have some faith amigo! Did you not see the Real Madrid match? Yes it was a friendly, yes it was mostly Real's fringe players...but it was still a team coached by Mourinho. And to score 5 goals shows the awesome attacking potential this squad has. We just have to get the balance in defense right and we could do great things this coming season.

Lastly, to all those lamenting about Oliveira leaving, I say this: it's really the best thing that could happen, for him and the club (and the seleccao). He will get more playing time at Deportivo which will enable him to mature. Let's face it, there is NO WAY that he could be ahead of Cardozo in our first team. Cardozo has been top-scorer for the club for 5 straight seasons now. And the reality is Oliveira's strike rate has been very poor considering he's a striker...just look them up on wikipedia...his goals to games ratio is very low for everyone except the Seleccao under-20s. He was not going to see a lot of first team action this season, so it really is best he goes on loan...period!

Anyway we have an exciting looking squad, but it is very large at this moment...expect some departures in the coming weeks. If we can just get in a left back who can defend well...i think we would have a good squad able to compete on 3 fronts...
Bryan/SCB = Troll
9 Thursday, 02 August 2012 15:47
So far Benfica has signed the following

European players:
Paulo Lopes (Portuguese)
Luisinho (Portuguese)
Ola John (Dutch)
Hugo Vieira (Portuguese)

Djaniny (Cape Verde)

South American:
Salvio (Argentinean)
Michel (Brazilian)

So 2 of the 7 new signings are south American. So congrats on making yourself look like a clown once again.
South American Eagles
8 Thursday, 02 August 2012 13:39
If I were Nelson Oliveira I would sign with a rival team and would have not renewed my contract. The only thing he did was waste his time because Benfica have no interest in offering opportunities... good opportunities for young domestic talent. In 7 years, Nelson Oliveira will become the next Fabio Paim and we can all blame Benfica and Jorge Jesus for this. Wasted talent.
Head scratchers
7 Thursday, 02 August 2012 12:18
Orlando, I like to have continuity but I have to agree with you on this season. This is a make or break campaign for JJ. Benfica has to win the league title and get past the group stages of the CL. And yes, the Taca does mean something and a run there should expected, unlike last season. Our squad has the depth necessary, to compete on all fronts.

I've never complained about JJ's hysterics on the sideline. AVB does the same and nobody cares. What I didn't like was him going after Ola Jon at the end of the Juve match. Yes it might have been him that lost his marker but it was Luisinho that lost the ball in the first place. JJ should have waited until they got to the locker room to admonish him and dig into there heads nothing is won until the final whistle.
Ola Jon has come out and said that he has much more defensive responsibility here than he ever did a Twente.

We have once again let in a goal that came from the right. It seems as if every goal we've given up this preseason has come from the right.
Since its been brought up, we also have nothing to backup Maxi. Wass had a very good year out on loan last season, yet he was sold for a small profit.

Salvio only makes sense if Nico was already gone or departure was set. Even if Salvio does well, couldn't we've gotten the same from players already here?
The hierarchy at Benfica has really shown improvement in obtaining players, but this one worries me. It seems has if a lot of fans were screaming for Salvio to come and Emerson to go. Both moves could prove to be futile.
Overpaid for Salvio
6 Thursday, 02 August 2012 05:28
Like Gaitan Salvio is a one dimensional player that only moves forward.. never sees the defensive side of the ball and is the type of liability that JJ likes to have in his squad to lose important games.

You could already tell by the purchases this year that Nolito their second best player last season (even though most of it was spent on the bench).. will once again be riding the pines on the bench.. watching a bunch of losers cost us more games.

Also as per script Portuguese players are not welcome on JJ's squads so it is great that some promising upstarts are going elsewhere to continually prove JJ's lack of genius.

Considering Nelson is a great play maker and can play out wide right.. overspending on another piece of southern trash was the better move instead of having him set up Goaldozer & Hot Rod.

Nothing has changed.. Making Everything Look Difficult 3.0 is in full effect and Porto will be glad to be gifted another title..

I wouldn't be surprised if PDC was giving JJ some extra cash to stay at Benfica.. not to throw games.. just to stay where he is.. as it certifies that his squad will never be out managed.. and that they are guaranteed trophies with JJ in charge of the reds.

Prediction we don't win anything worthwhile this year.. maybe a Taca de Turd to please the dense fans.. business as usual.

Shame considering the amount of talent that would play and win for Benfica.
We need wing backs
5 Thursday, 02 August 2012 05:24
How about a LB or a back up for Maxi? Maxi is a stud and if he goes down we are f'ed. I like Salvio but like the other commenters have questioned, Is this signing really needed?
JJ proved me right once again!!!
4 Wednesday, 01 August 2012 16:33
Yea I was the one very critical of Nelson before th euro saying he had no business being there, since he couldnt get a spot in is owm team. lot of you thaught i was crazy. But only blind benfica fans drinking to much team kool aid couldnt see the facts and the truth.
But I am glad that Benfica biggest chearleader even do he makes u drink the coolaid still knows what is best for benfica and nelson isnt it at this time.
Nelson cresce e aparece e se conseguires alguma coisa em espanha depois falamos.
I wish u nothing but the best.
Great signing but something has to give
3 Wednesday, 01 August 2012 14:07
It’s outstanding to have Salvio back, he was an amazing player for us that season and I look forward to seeing him as a long term part of our squad. However this does create an issue on the wings for us with Nolito, Bruno, Nico, Enzo, Ola John, Yannick, and now Salvio all on the wings. Melgarejo looks set to stay on the team as a LB but there are several rumors flying on several targets as LB signings, so several of these guys are not guaranteed a spot.

As for Nelson, originally it seemed like Cardozo would be sold but now that he’s staying Nelson would have been rotating with Rodrigo for mins and would have likely not had many quality opportunities to play. I’m glad Benfica extended his contract, gave him a pay increase, and put him at a club in La Liga that will give him playing time. Hopefully next season he will come back to Benfica on fire like Martins and Fabio did for us after their loan spells. Still disappointing to see him gone for the season but I understand this one.
Is Salvio really needed?
2 Wednesday, 01 August 2012 13:13
I liked Salvio when he was here a couple years ago, but I definitely think that we overpaid for a player we don't even need. He'll likely start on the right wing, but we already have Gaitan, Cesar, Ola John, Enzo Perez, Hugo Vieira, Yannick Djalo can all play there.
Some thoughts
1 Wednesday, 01 August 2012 13:05
Since I've been critical of Salvio plenty, let me praise him a bit. He's still a young quality player that has already played well at Benfica. He's also versatile and could play anywhere across the middle as an attacking player.
I just think that we overpaid for a player that wasn't wanted by Atletico Madrid and is coming off a bad injury. If Nico stays, it further muddys the water in the midfield.
Will Nico slide to the middle and become our attacking mid? That would cut into Bruno's time which would also hamper Nolito's time, etc... JJ has some work to do should Nico stay.
The important thing is making sure Axel stays, although a 30 mil offer won't be turned down.

I'm glad Nelson is going out on loan. He's joining a newly promoted side that should allow him plenty of time, he just wasn't going to see at Benfica.
Roderick joining him is also a good move. He still needs to mature, and playing time will allow him to do so. By all accounts he did have a good year at Servette.
Simao was never going to see the field in this squad. Better out on loan to a 1st division side, that could advance in Europa, than the B Squad.

Let me add that we still need a left-back. I would have been more excited if Jose Angel (Roma) would have come for substantially less.
Throwing Emerson to the scrap heap, could come back and really hurt us. I know he became the fans and clubs scapegoat, but why not carry him through training since we had nobody else. It just didn't make any sense, and it's proving to be a horrible organizational move.

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