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Wednesday, 02 March 2011 14:49

Javi Garcia shoots Benfica into Bwin Cup final

Benfica 2-1 Sporting

Benfica versus SportingAnother grandstand finish at the Estadio da Luz saw Benfica score a stoppage time winner for the second match running.

Postiga gave a much-improved Sporting an early lead but Oscar Cardozo scored an equaliser from a thumping header moments after he had seen his penalty brilliantly saved by Rui Patricio.

Benfica's intense pressure eventually paid when Javi Garcia poked into the net from close range, after Roberto had denied Matias Fernandez from a similar chance at the other end two minutes earlier.

Roberto, Maxi Pereira, Luisao, Sidnei, Fabio Coentrao, Javi Garcia, Carlos Martins (Aimar, 66, Felipe Menezes, 77), Salvio, Gaitan (Jara, 66), Saviola, Cardozo
Rui Patricio, Joao Pereira (Abel, 84), Daniel Carrico (Polga, 14) Torsiglieri, Evaldo, Zapater, Andre Santos, Vukcevic (Valdes, 63), Matias Fernandez, Yannick Djalo, Helder Postiga
[0-1] Postiga, 21
[1-1] Cardozo, 34
[2-1] Javi Garcia, 92

Benfica 2-1 Sporting: as it happened

Comments (41)
2 points
41 Sunday, 06 March 2011 00:54
Hi all, firstly let me refer to the Benfica v Sporting match. Just arrived back in cold in London after a few days in Lisbon and as a benfiquista, this is a big match to go to. The atmosphere immense and intense and benfica were deserved winners as sporting played always on the counter-attack although sporting were much improved with Couceiro at the helm, benfica were worthy winners. Stats prove it.

I've also just been reading all the negative comments. Get a grip guys!!! As an early days contributor to Portugoal, I can categorically tell everyone on here the guys do a great job for no payment, only Portuguese football passion. If you don't like what you read, go somewhere else!!! Can't be nice giving up your time and then have people throw it back in your face. Would you be happy if the site was pulled down? Give them a break FFS!!!

Keep up the superb reporting lads.

Viva Benfica - Viva Chelsea.
40 Friday, 04 March 2011 17:16
I get so angry when I see biased people, and Byran your so against Benfica all the time for what?
I dont see why you need to be such a hater or the time.
Benfica were the better side for sure, sporting played the best game for a while but Benfica were a better team for sure!
I aint biased fan, And I saw Sporting had a decent game, but Benfica had more opportunities......
The Liga,
39 Friday, 04 March 2011 01:36
Yes you are correct Benfica are in all 4 competitions, despite falling out of one, they got saved by Lyon in the last minute and ended up falling into the Europa League (a second tier competition as considered by most Benfiquistas and the beginning of the season)..

But you must not forget that the Europa League is the main one, second would be The Liga (witch is played over 30 games), and then a very distant second and third the cups.. Yes they are still victories, but like in England, Spain and Italy not considered important by the Big Clubs, hence the idea of making it obligatory to have a minimum 9 homegrown player on the roster...
38 Thursday, 03 March 2011 22:49
Looks like Benfica will be playing Pacos Ferreira in Coimbra should be a good one.
37 Thursday, 03 March 2011 18:30
Who Gives a Sh!t this was an irrelevant game with two irrelevant teams (and im a sportingista). Benfiquistas especially need to stop acting like they won something important. At the end of the season both teams will have lost in the europa and the league but will most likely make the champions league esp if 2of the 3 teams advance to the next round of europa (whimever they may be). Porto has a good shot at winning the tournament as long as falcao stays healthy. Sporting has cleaned house in terms of front office people but the board and the structure and attitude of the entire club need to be looked at. Say what you will about sporting but we have the school to survive this turmoil. Homegrown talent will always keep sporting in the top 3 even when there are financial difficulties. Sergio had to go. Salomao barely sees the field. Maniche Mendes Polga Torsiglierri Evaldo all need to go ASAP. Sorry bryan but id love too see sporting snatch up pizzi. I also would like to see a pele andre santos combination in midfield. Pele the steel. Santos the finesse. Salomao and Pizzi on the wings. Saleiro and Yannick up front. Carrico Coelho and Perreira on defence. Patricio in goal. I know thats a very young lineup but at this point Pele n Pizzi would be good young portuguese investments. If only there was some competence at sporting.
36 Thursday, 03 March 2011 17:10
you are great Ben dont worry about Bryan/scb comments because they are basically all negative.This is my favorite site and i love it keep up the good work you and your whole team is amazing
Keep Up The Good Work Ben
35 Thursday, 03 March 2011 14:03
Great rebuttle Ben/UK.
Even Bryan/SCB apology is ridiculous.
It's as if if he would have known that it was a Sportinguista writting the commentary he wouldn't have made those comments.
Basically meaning he either wasn't watching the game or is causing/stating arguments for the sake of making them instead of knowing what he's talking about.

Amazingly for all the pounding Benfica fans take on this site, it seems to me that it's mostly us that praise the opponents efforts. All Benfiquistas knew it was going to be a very tough match and actually have praised Sportings effort. By all accounts it might have been Sportings best game.
Postiga did play very well. Djalo on the other hand once again did nothing. Just pace up the side, every once in a while, and bad crosses. When he did have an opportunity to go one on one with the defender, Luisao, he chose to shoot form far. If Sporting thinks that's a good performance, they have even bigger issues.
The biggest problem for Sporting was that Perreira had to stay back instead of helping on offense. He had to hold Nico and Coentrao in check, so that removed a big threat.
That being said Sporting did have opportunities and I was nervous. But let's also admit that the first goal came against the run of play.

I think everyone here enjoys the site. The information posted is always good.
I mentioned on another post that someone went and posted comments with my name/moniker in a different forum/article. That, in my opinion, has to stop. At the very least people should be man enough to stand by comments. If you want to tweak someone, say it. Bryan/SCB has. He may be overboard on some/most of his comments, but he's also made good ones.
I'm sure people will say the same about mine. Then again maybe not.
34 Thursday, 03 March 2011 13:37
bryans just a little bored. i love sporting and they played a decent game but clearly benfica was better and deserved the win. Sportings defending must get better, especially with the balls in the air. much thanks to polga for his work but it's time for him to go back to brazil. This site is amazing and im on it everyday. keep up the good work gents
I do owe you an apology Ben
33 Thursday, 03 March 2011 13:33
But to be completely honest, at the time I thought you were doing the updates for live football commentary for these games. I was misinformed badly and was completely wrong. But if you at it from a stranger's view, how was anyone supposed to know it was a sportinguista doing commentary for yesterday's game? That's probably something that should be mentioned.

If you would like me to take it down I will try and it's really not a problem. I'm sorry I offended you. I know your very passionate about portuguese soccer and your allowed to love Rui Costa. That's not anybody's concern though.
I didn't make the petition to actually remove you from this site. Although the title is completely stupid and I tried my best to change it a month ago but it was a no go. It's one of these sites where once the title is there you can't change it. The only think I could edit was the description. At the end, I do mention that I wanted to apply pressure to stop the bias. That really was my concern. I'm going to try to take it down. Till then I ask everyone to not sign it. Please don't sign it.

I made it to at least to put pressure to remove bias. Although now in a stupid way I realize all it's doing is creating arguments. I'm sorry I targeted towards you though. I'm sure the majority of people would say there's no bias but there are already some people who think there does exist bias. Even Arnauld here. I knew it was a bad decision of mine to do it but after seeing others report issues of bias I felt more motivated to do something. I just took action in the wrong way. Now that I think of it, it would have been easier emailing you guys any concerns I had. Regardless, what I did was entirely stupid.
32 Thursday, 03 March 2011 12:39
You told about David Luiz game vs Fulham, and the penalty in the end. But later he was voted as a best player of the game by goal.com and Sky, for example.

Anyway, good luck to your team vs Liverpool. The chances are bigger, than we expect, I'm sure.
31 Thursday, 03 March 2011 11:55
I would like to thank Tom, Ben, Andy, and everyone else who gives us this fantastic website. I go on Portuguese soccer websites like abola as well, but I am not yet fluent in the language. Portugoal.net is an excellent source of unbiased news of Portuguese soccer. While I admire the passion of my fellow Portuguese from around the globe, the rude and childish comments are really annoying. Even if I don't agree with every comment, I respect them.
what bias?
30 Thursday, 03 March 2011 11:36
I didn't see the game so won't comment on that, but I think it is foolish to say that there is any bias on this site towards any of the 3 grandes, whether from Tom, Ben or whoever.

Bryan does seem to produce more scathing comments about SLB then even us Portistas. Someone should give him some ketchup to have with that chip on his shoulder!
Running out of options
29 Thursday, 03 March 2011 11:20
Some of these haters are running out of options. Benfica are still in the running for 4 of 4 cups. Only team in Portugal that is in that position. The hardest will be the Liga since Porto need to lose only TWO games on their own. So if we keep our keep pace up, its not impossible to still get it but it is the one out of our control. All the other cups are in our control and we are doing amazing on all fronts. I can't wait to see how this season ends and I'm very proud of how Benfica have preformed over the past several months.
28 Thursday, 03 March 2011 10:54
Wow truly pathetic - U should be thanking Ben Shave for all his excellent work covering Portuguese football not showing such childish and remarkable arrogance .

This petition u have start is so low and sad. I hope u are the one who never writes on this site again.

I follow Ben on twitter and read his blogs etc and I for one would like to thank him for all his efforts.
As the kids like to say....
27 Thursday, 03 March 2011 10:08
... BryanSCB just got pwned by Ben Shave!
Hey Mateus...
26 Thursday, 03 March 2011 10:05
... had you actually read the article you would see it was published by the IFFHS and not 'made' by A Bola....

had it been created by A Bola, I have no doubt in mind that they would have liste Benfica #1... A Bola and Record are notorious for being 'red' publications
25 Thursday, 03 March 2011 09:58
I'm a Watford fan, and my Portuguese team is Olhanense. Why do you think every opinion is part of a wider conspiracy?

People like you make me angry and amused at the same time. Do you think that myself, Tom, Andy, Marco, Sean and the other people that write for the site do this because we earn a truckload of cash? We do it because we love football in Portugal, and enjoy sharing our interests and opinions with other people who enjoy it as well.

And yeah I'm English, so what? For your information, I can read, write and speak Portuguese - not fluently, but I take the time and make the effort to learn, because I feel that it's the least I can do, given that the country has given me so much in terms of football, good times, whatever...nationality has nothing to do with it.

And how wrong must your readings be, if you thought that Tom (a Sportinguista, something he admits on this website) was biased against Sporting? As the guys on ESPN are fond of saying, come on man. And for the record, if you look at MY Twitter timeline I praise Sporting throughout for their improved performance.

If you want to continue this, feel free to email the website and Tom will forward it to me. But I think you owe me an apology, in all honesty.
Benfica v Sporting commentary
24 Thursday, 03 March 2011 07:39
The minute by minute report was done by me. I'm a Sporting fan. But I'm foremost a fan of Portuguese football and call it how I see it.

Love the passion on the comments. Keep it clean.

Tom Kundert
(Site manager)
RE: The Voice of an Idiot
23 Thursday, 03 March 2011 02:56
Benfica has won 18 straight and deserve whatever credit they're being given. As for the "actual rankings" you are referencing, Its a complete joke! I don't know who is stupider. You for referencing it or A Bola for making it. Probably A Bola.

1. (1.) Inter (ITA), 304,0
2. (2.) Barcelona (ESP), 301,0
3. (4.) Real Madrid (ESP), 261,0
4. (3.) Bayern (ALE), 260,0
5. (6.) Internacional (BRA), 238,0
6. (9.) Manchester United (ING), 233,0
7. (6.) Estudiantes (ARG), 229,0
8. (5.) Liverpool (ING), 228,0
9. (8.) FC Porto (POR) 219,5
10. (11.) Chelsea (ING), 218
36. (48) Benfica (POR), 173
50. (50) Sporting (POR), 160,5
66. (69) SC Braga (POR), 147
181. (175) Marítimo (POR), 91,5
365. (345) Vitória de Guimarães (POR), 62,5

I really don't how many of the teams listed are in the top ten. Bayern just got beat up at home to a better Dortmund club. With Internacional, Estudantes, and Liverpool mentioned this has to be a joke! My apoligies to most for the long comment. I'm just trying to make a point.
To All You Dumb ass'
22 Thursday, 03 March 2011 02:38
Did any of you actually see the game. I saw the repeat, on Benfica tv, how about that goal they took away from Cardozo. See in a throw in there is no offside, so he wasn't offside, he did not interfere with Patricio, so way was the goal taken back. Also Patricio interfered with Salvio he didn't get the ball but he did trip Salvio, if the goalie does not touch the ball he can not interfere with the player but he did and once again no penalty. The ref must be a porto man. So all you dumb ass anti Benfica guys keep your big mouths closed.

To Bryan Yannick didn't do anything i didn't know he was on the field thats how quiet he was. Sportings best player was Postiga. Bryan i'am convinced you do not know a single thing about Portugese soccer or just soccer in general.

not enough
21 Thursday, 03 March 2011 01:17
If we Benfica go on to win this cup its not enough, the fact is we are still 8 points behind Porto and realistically theres not enough competition in the Portuguese league for Porto to drop so many points. We will pay the price in the end for selling our top players.
I know right Arnauld.
20 Thursday, 03 March 2011 00:42
Arnauld what do you expect from Ben Shave? An englishman who worships Rui Costa.


This is why I started a petition to fight against this crap. Please sign it if you are against the Benfica bias. I don't mind Ben Shave reporting the news. I just want him far away from live football commentary. Here's my petition:


If I was a sporting fan I would be pissed off with these updates. Rob let's not exaggerate Yannick had a great chance and Postiga could have scored three goals today not one. For the first 60 mins of the game Postiga was everywhere. Add the nonexistent penalty Benfica missed, mixed with two awful dives in the Sporting box it's hard to take Benfica's form seriously. Lack of efficiency killed Sporting. Point blank here. Some Sporting players were exceptional; Santos, Patricio, Postiga, Pereira. Those are sporting top quality players. To me Postiga should captain Sporting.

Benfica's form although some Benfica fans won't admit it is declining. These last two games were at home and Benfica ended up winning in the final minutes. I'm hoping Braga could capitalize on Benfica's opening gaps when they attack. I think Sporting are a great team and no disrespect because I love Sporting but... Sporting can't counter attack efficiently like Braga. If Braga loses on sunday I will admit to everyone Benfica is the Glorioso. It'll be an interesting game.
Good Derby
19 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 23:58
I was surprised Jesus went with nearly the same line-up from Sunday, but it was a smart move because he, like some Benfiquista's, knew that Sporting would bring it. Either team could've won today because both had their moments in the game, but I think Benfica were a tad bit more efficient. Anyways great derby and I hope to see Benfica win its third straight League Cup title on April 23.

Forca Benfica
18 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 23:38
Both team are overrated and playing on a beer "no one cares" cup mid final.

Look at the last ranking of the actual best teams in world:

Ouch! It hurts! (And also most hurt to the people working at A Bola newspaper, official bulletin to a red club)
Bias reporting yes - for Sporting!
17 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 23:34
I watched the game and after reading through the minute by minute I agree it is biased... to SPORTING. Benfica scored two, missed penalty, hit crossbar, had deflected shots just wide, forced Patricio into saves. Apart from the Matias save at the end and Santos shot what did Roberto have to do? Sporting put up a decent fight but let's face it, Benfica are in a different class. A more accurate scoreline would have been 5-2.
Great Win
16 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 23:29
Big win. Any win vs Sporting is a a great win.
I agree with you Bryan. I thought Sporting had plenty of good quality opportunities. Sporting was much better in the second half, and when they went forward, I was more than a little nervous.
That being said, Sportings goal came against the run of play. Benfica definately went after the game and went forward with purpose. I still feel that we were the better team tonight, but I expected that. Especially after seeing JJ's lineup. I was a bit surprised, but I'm glad we are going after everything.
Yes the league title looks out of reach, but lets grab what we can.

I was surprised by Sportings play, although I expected them to go all out. Please don't take this as a back handed comment, but Sporting might have had their best performance in a loss.
Oh, I almost forgot. I thought that Djalo was kept in check. He looked better than he actually was. He had a great run at the defense, but pulled up for a horrible shot. Hence me saying he's doesn't have much to offer but pace.
Perreira was also kept in check because of Coentrao.

The Glorioso shines in Lisboa today.
Let me also say, great job by the overwhelming crowd.
Spot on Bryan
15 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 23:23
Bias is exactly right but what else would you expect from Benfiquista dot net. To prove the bias immediately after game ended where this site likes to show highlights of goals and highlights they completely left out the save Patricio made on Cardozo penalty. Last 25 mins of this game could of gone either way to either team. Yes Benfica was winning side but more deserving. ?????? Rare chances by Sporting give me a break.
14 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 23:20
first of all lets get this clear that game vs fulham where he gave away the penalty he was named MAN OF THE MATCH AND VS UNITED HE WAS MAN OF the match everyone at Benfica is overated to you and just to let you know being overated doesnt make you start back to back starts for Brazil o and just to update you on the IFFHS rankings Braga 66 sporting 50 Benfica 48 and porto 8 just wanted you to know that.
Now to get to football Benfica dominated the game again even when sporting scored i was still confident but we didnt play great we seemed very tired .Cardozo in my opinion should never take a penalty again but nice goal i believe thats his 9 vs sporting in his career i thought aiamar would have changed the game but he got injured all in all its another final not a big final but a chance to win another trophy and it still wont be easy.im just really proud of Benfica for making it another win and there was so many anti benfiquistas at a bar that i was at today i loved celebrating that Javi Garcia goal but really i hope Sporting come out of this slump now i may be a benfiquista but it hurts me seeing sporting being so poor good luck to them on their next game Lastly Benfica is the only team in portugal to win every single national cup LEAGUE,TACA DE PORTUGAL,TACA DA LIGA,AND SUPERTACA.
Congrats to the Eagles
13 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 22:53
Can you please stop some of the biased updating? It's getting a little ridiculous. "Rare chance for Sporting" WTF? Sporting had brilliant chances to score. I watched the whole game and your not fooling anybody except the people who didn't watch the game. You can tell looking at these updates it's "all about Benfica". Even though Benfica dominated it's not like Sporting didn't do anything. Postiga especially forced great plays and Yannick many great runs.

Benfica obviously had a hard time today winning let's be honest here. In some respect, if Matias scored, Benfica would have probably lost. Salvio and Coentrao with FAIL dives. LOLz! Coentrao made one of the worst dives I've ever seen in my life.

Game of the week is Braga- Benfica and I'm watching... I'm so EXCITED!
I was pleasantly surprised
12 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 22:52
to see the likes of saviola, gaitan, and cardozo all starting. I am still kind of iffy on Roberto as he seems to be caught out of position way too often, but he makes some sick reaction saves to compensate, as he did in the closing minutes tonight to preserve the win. I just hope JJ takes it easy on these guys in practice, as we have a big game at Braga this Sunday. We need a fully rested, energized, and most importantly, a focused team thats not looking ahead to the UEFA's and PS-G...
On a side note, I cannot believe no one was expelled from that game, the way the referee was handing out yellow cards. Some were well deserved, others laughable... But hey, that's the Liga Zon Sagres for you...
Easy Now
11 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 20:44
Easy Bryan. I also watched that game vs Fulham and Luis was outstanding. He once again made the mental mistake with his aggressiveness and gave up a penalty.
That being said, the penalty was missed so he didn't cost them anything.
Although he is still learning, he's far from overrated. Center Backs usually get better as they mature, and hopefully that will happen with Luis as well.
To give an example Terry (Chelsea) and Fredinand (Man United) are now overrated. They've both been bad and cost their respective teams. Terry has been exposed, but Ferdinand still has Vidic covering for a lot of his mistakes.
Will Luis over exuberance cost Chelsea at times. Yes. But he will learn from it with proper coaching. What he is, is definately NOT overrated.
David Luiz
10 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 20:37
He was fantastic yesterday. He is definitely better as a centerback than he is at left back. I was surprised when I saw how easily he muscled Rooney off the ball throughout the game. He will definitely develop into a world class defender.

I would just like to see Bosingwa start more often. He is one of the best rightbacks in the world so it's a shame to see him warming the bench all the time.

The game today will be very difficult for Benfica. Sporting has been terrible this season, but they will definitely not go down without a fight. However, Benfica should be able to make it to the finals and win another trophy. We don't have much of a chance of catching up to Porto in the liga, but we are still contenders in both Tacas and of course the Europa League.
Thanks E Gomes
9 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 20:35
It's guaranteed to be a 5 star match. Braga needs the practice against a solid team ( Benfica) to be confident when facing another solid team (liverpool).
David Luiz is still overrated
8 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 20:11
He had one good game but Matt I noticed how you didn't mention the game two weeks ago where David Luiz cost Chelsea the game by making a penalty near the end of the game. That definitely raised question for Chelsea fans.
Congrats to Bryan and Luis
7 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 19:06
Gongrats bryan/SCB. I'm officially jealous.

Matt I watched that match and Luis was fantastic. Let me add that Ramires also played really well.
I'm a Man United fan in the EPL, and it killed me to watch it. I was thrilled for Luis, and yes he should have been sent off with a second yellow, and I also love Ramires play. Luis brought a lot of energy to the club and if Ancelotti has any brains, he won't sit Drogba anymore. I really think that this win saved his job. If Chelsea had lost they would have been 5th, but now they're 4th and could easily pass City.
The fact was that Man united wasn't good enough. Rooney, Nani and Fletcher were bad, and others were just plain.
Interesting Call ups by JJ
6 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 18:30
Not having Jardel and Airton hurts us, as both would definitely be playing big minutes in a game like this. I dont think Saviola or Gaitan will play either. Agree with E Gomes, would love to see Nuno out there, it kills me to see him languish on the bench. Im looking for Roderick Miranda to possibly step up and get some minutes, and i really like his physical style of play.
On a side note, did anyone else see Luiz play brilliantly for Chelsea against Man U last night? The goal was just gravy, but his defensive performance and physical play were outstanding! Plus, he held his ground and knocked both Rooney and Chicharito on their respective a#%es!! Very satisfying, especially in light of the jokers and haters on this very website who said he wouldn't make it, wasn't worth the price, etc. Ramires had a good game too, but DL was outstanding!!
I'm in luck
5 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 17:46
I'm going to the braga- benfica match. LOLz.
Derby Always Tough
4 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 16:36
Sporting will be playing for their lives. They have been embarased all season, and a win here would be very satisfying. They would not only defeat their hated rivals, but they would also stay alive for Silverware in a miserable season.
That being said, I would like to think that Benfica could pull this out, especially since we're home. In looking at JJ's squad selection, I could see him going for it again late, due to all of the strikers he's bringing.
For nostalgic reasons. I would love to see Nuno Gomes take the field before it's all said and done. Especially if we are winning.
It will be harddd
3 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 16:32
As Mdot and SLBTILLDEATH said it will be a tough for Benfica today..This game wont be a push over, and Im expecting a Sporting side that really wants to win..
2 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 15:50
This will not be an easy game even with benfica at home i dont expect for Benfica to roll over sporting i agree with Mdot it will be close.This is one of sportings most important games of the season because they can make it to a final so theuy will give everything.I also hear that Jorge Jesus will be switching up the team because we have Braga coming up so that in my opinion will give sporting a better chance of coming out with a win i defniatley want to see Gaitan start and not Fernandes i know he needs to get playing time but thi9s is important even if this is a small cup its still a trophy and today is a derby so im taking it seriously
Expect a close game
1 Wednesday, 02 March 2011 15:26
I would agree that Benfica are likely to win but they are resting some players and therefore I think this can be a closer game then expected.

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