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Saturday, 23 April 2011 17:28

Bwin Cup final: Benfica make it three in a row!

Benfica 2-1 Pacos de Ferreira

Benfica beat Pacos de Ferreira 2-1 in an exciting Bwin Cup final in Coimbra tonight. Jara and Javi Garcia gave the Eagles a 2-0 interval lead, with Luisao putting through his own goal early in the second period to set up a nervy last half hour.

Benfica were grateful to man-of-the-match Moreira
. The goalkeeper - third in the pecking order behind Roberto and Julio Cesar - saved a penalty when the score was 1-0 and made a series of vital blocks in the second half to preserve the lead. The Lisbon claim the trophy for the third successive year.

Pacos de Ferreira v Benfica Bwin Cup final preview

Moreira, Maxi Pereira, Luisao, Jardel, Fabio Coentrao, Javi Garcia, Carlos Martins (Cesar Peixoto, 61), Pablo Aimar (Felipe Menezes, 91), Franco Jara, Saviola (Airton, 68), Cardozo
Pacos de Ferreira:
Cassio, Baiano, Ozeia, Javier Cohene, Maykon, Andre Leao (Filipe Anunciação, 78), David Simao (Nelson Oliveira, 75), Leonel Olímpio, Pizzi, Manuel Jose (Caetano, 70), Mario Rondon
[1-0] Franco Jara, 17
[2-0] Javi Garcia, 42
[2-1] Luisao, 50 (o.g.)

As it happened:

Comments (19)
Happy Easter All!!!
19 Monday, 25 April 2011 03:19
I agree with all the points being made..

Mdot I agree with all your points yes Cardozo & Saviola have been half of what they were last year.. I kind of get the feeling like Luis.. Cardozo wanted out for grander pay days and when they didn't let him go for some Johnny come late-lies (Di Maria & Ramires).. he got his shorts in a bunch.

We've seen it before many times.. but it is not fair for a club to sell if they don't get decent market value.. now after his performance this year I doubt he will get sold.. so I hope he snaps out of it for next season.. as we need his goals.

NJ you always make some excellent points as well.. and I agree with the majority of what you have to say.. although I agree that Roberto is a great shot stopper like Ricardo the ability to deal with crosses is not a skill that is acquired in the latter half of a career, at least I haven't seen it so far. So although I applaud you for your sentiments.. I think he should be kept on a short leash.

Also if JJ wins Europa he does throw a big sock in my mouth... and will prove me wrong. Nothing more than I would like than to be proven wrong in this case... and he can still do it.. this dog might be walkin on only 3 legs but it is still walking.

Adam you too make some great points..

Anyways gentlemen...

Happy Easter
Orlando Mac
18 Monday, 25 April 2011 03:16
I could have not wrote it better myself. You say it like it is.
Like you said i was born into red as my father was as his father as well.
17 Monday, 25 April 2011 03:14
Efficient doesn't always lead to success.
Many will say that Sporting was "efficient" in keeping a squad together and bringing in former star players.

For all of Poryo's "efficiency" they took to big a step back when they sold Lucho, Lissandro and Sissoko.

I for one don't have any problem with Benfica's debt or overspending. Just win baby.
The fact is that in the world of football you have to spend in order to make money.
Benfica might be a selling club, like all Portuguese clubs, but they are a "world club".
As long as they win money will come in.

I just hope that Braga doesn't slip back down like Sampdoria and Fiorentina in Italy. Some clubs just aren't equiped to be title contenders every year. Whether its owners/presidents pocketing money or bad decisions.
I have no problem being picked on
16 Sunday, 24 April 2011 18:41
when the constructive arguments are made. Jersey man, your right. Quim has little production. The fact still remains that Braga potentially have two great goalies for the price of 0.

I really don't understand why Benfica fans get all upset at Orlando. He just wants his club to be more efficient like Porto and Braga.
JJ is good. Not great.
15 Sunday, 24 April 2011 17:15
It's really that simple. He is a relatively smart manager and has Benfica playing beautifully but he has made some bad decisions. Over paying for a frango keeper is one of them and in the past...playing David Luiz as a left back cost him a 5 - 0 loss to Liverpool as well as Porto.

JJ also doesn't know how to rotate a squad and keep his subs happy. He has his 11 players he likes and that's it. This isn't a videogame. He has to learn to utilize his subs.
How Soon We Forget
14 Sunday, 24 April 2011 16:50
First, thank you torpiano,uk.
Happy Easter Everyone.

It's amazing, but I remember not too long ago Quim being much maligned by the Benfica faithful.
In League Play:
We only gave up 20 goals in last seasons campaign, but Quim was rarely tested.
I was at last season matchday 3 when we absolutely killed Setubal 8-1. We were winning 8-0 and Quim let in an absolutely gimme in the final play of the game.
Now, I happened to like Quim, and thought he was judged harshly.
This season we've let in 26 goals so far, but our defense hasn't been nearly as good. From Luis having his mind abroad, to Sidney's failures, to Maxi missing time. Our offense also isn't nearly has potent as last season, which has led to less possession time and more defending. I believe that Roberto has faced a great deal more shots than Quim did last season.
Yes, Roberto has let in his share of "frangos", but he's only 26 and hopefully he'll settle in. Remember that he's also made some incredible stops that amazingly have gone unoticed and without praise. Yes, he also cost much too much, but all I care about is him settling in and being solid. Nobody could tell me that that won't be possible.

Bryan, I hate to get on you, but you keep mentioning how Quim was such a great pick up for Braga. How they were so grateful to nab him for nothing. Like Benfica once again missed out. Really? What exactly has Quim done for Braga? Has he become a goalies coach? I know that he's injured, but that means that he's done nothing, zilch, zero. I'm sure Paciencia isn't happy with his production.

As for Moreira, he is what he is, a backup. I actually have liked what I've seen out of Julio Cesar.

I hear a lot from Porto fans in regards to Beto. Like he's even supposed to start for the Seleccao and how great he is. Really? Why isn't he starting for Porto? He might be good, but please don't tell me that we don't have better options. I like to think that AVB is selecting his best players, no?
Also if he is that good, at age 28 he should have been demanding to go elsewhere, in order to get first team play. It always worries me when a player is willing to sit when they could be playing. Just a thought.

Orlando, I too was fooled by Quique. He's a guy that looks the part but really isn't very good. He's the type of guy that will interview well, but will always underachieve. His team selection was beyond poor, and tactically not much better.
His Europa League win last season had very little to do with his tactics. Ateltico was able to win the Europa League in only winning 3 matches, THREE matches. And that includes their Champions League matches in which their 3 draws and 3 losses allowed them to finish 3rd in the group and drop to Europa (he wasn't the manager for all the matches). I would normally praise a team for that kind of resiliency, but Atletico was an attacking club and not very good defenssively. They basically got by in drawing away.
He loved Reyes, just like JJ loves Peixoto, when clearly there was a better option in Di Maria.
I would like to think that a better option than Peixoto will come in before next season. Unfortunately, it looks like he'll be counted on replacing Coentrao.

I also have gotten frustrated with JJ's tactics and formations at times. It's almost as if he's outsmarted himself. Sometimes the best options are the simplest to make. I don't think that he's going anywhere next season, unless Paciencia could be had. But I do think that he'll be gone if Benica starts the year off like they did this season.

I'm thrilled with the pressure that is put on Benfica year after year. Mediocrity isn't allowed and excellence is expected. We will finish 2nd and with an all important Champions League spot in hand. Silverware is expected and let me just add that the season can still become highly successful with an Europa League win.
13 Sunday, 24 April 2011 14:33
... it's pretty much the only trophy Benfica will be winning this year.

Ah well, happy easter everyone.
Congrats to the Benfica fans
12 Sunday, 24 April 2011 12:38
You won and deserve this won. The performance Benfica gave is not encouraging though. If I were a Benfica fan, I'd be worried for Thursday.

Orlando is spot on. Moreira saved Benfica. There's no way anyone can argue Roberto is a good keeper. He makes a frango every two games. This frango was the best one too.

Mac and Jose
11 Sunday, 24 April 2011 11:59
Both you guys make some good points. I agree that too many people come on here to bash Benfica yet outside of Porto they are still the best team this season. I know the league cup isn't the biggest cup and in the group stages you see the B team from the big 3. Once you get to the knockout stages vs. the likes of Sporting and Braga, you play full squads because its a matter of pride.

Anyways, JJ has made some mistakes but he's also made some amazing moves for us and I can only agree that the past two years has been the best Benfica has done in some time. As any fan I just want them to continue to improve. I like the youth talent we have and I think next year we'll continue to be a competitive team.

I would put more of the blame on Cardozo this season. We should have sold him in the summer because he has been a massive flop for us this season. He went from the top goal scorer to a dud this year. He was a little B in the summer about leaving and now he's not putting any effort in. When one of the supposed leaders of the team doesn't give 110% that effects the team.
10 Sunday, 24 April 2011 09:40
Congratulations & Happy Easter to everyone.
Is that a Wood-Bridge?
9 Sunday, 24 April 2011 05:52
Jose you are entitled to your own opinion as I am entitled to mine.

For every point you made about JJ I have 10 to 20 that prove he has underachieved.. and was forced to play those that you say he developed.

Moreira is not the next God-send I never said that.. as Nuno Gomes isn't.. actually if you read back to the beginning of the season I said that a Portuguese Frango is better than two imported ones.. and I would challenge you that Moreira is the best of the 3.

Over the last couple of years he has been demoted by GK's all worse than him excluding Quim who was better. Moretto, Cesar, and Roberto are all worse. Roberto can stop a shot but put up a cross and you have a goal every time.

As for bringing on Peixoto I would've brought Airton on first solidified the middle and stopped the flow then moved Peixoto into the high middle or on the wing where he would hurt us less.

You probably haven't noticed but Benfica plays with too many players that drive forward normally with 2 strikers, 2 wingers, 2 attacking mids, and two fullbacks that also run up. So when you lose one winger it is not that big of a deal.
Being too offensive has exacerbated the Frango problem at the back and turned an amazing defence last year into a weak one this.

Bringing on Airton would've sufficed.. and I did say JJ was short-manned he could've played Peixoto in many other positions but the WORST PLACE TO PUT A DEFENSIVE LIABILITY IS IN DEFENCE.

As for the 2 Bwin Porta-Potties, and the underachieved Liga title that we should've ran away with the same way Porto did this year, clearly you are impressed.

As for the last decade of poor Benfica results it is clearly what is still hampering the club. Poor Chairmen hire poor Managers, crap + crap = crap... it is not a new equation but if you are used to brutal managers a bad one is an improvement. JJ is better than Kinky.

You blame me but it is fans like you that drive this mediocrity. Fans like you have brought this great club down.

The REAL FANS that were born into the Reds deserve better, because we have seen better and expect more.

Hey you can make left turns all day when the sign says you can't.. but don't blame the cop when he gives you a ticket.
If you can't read the signs along the way it is your ignorance and judgement that got you the fine.

Learn to read the signs.
8 Sunday, 24 April 2011 04:56
Congrats to Benfica on winning the BWIN Cup. I did not get to watch the match, but from what I've heard from some of friends and family, it seemed to be an entertaining match. I was surprised to hear Moreira get the nod, but he obviously earned his place in the match and deserved to celebrate.
7 Sunday, 24 April 2011 01:04
Benfica's players were definitely tired, especially in the second half. Even indefatigable Coentrao looked exhausted. Moreira isn't an excellent keeper, but I think that he definitely deserved the man of the match award.

Like Roberto, Moreira is a decent shot-stopper, but he also has a lot of trouble with corners and crosses. Luisao has been fantastic this season, but he too wasn't at his best today. Maxi looked great in the opening minutes, but he faded away as the game progressed. Fabio Coentrao wasn't bad, but he wasn't great. Jardel again proved that he is better than Sidnei. In my opinion, he was our best defender.

Aimar was great in the first half, but he was awful in the second. Martins worked hard, but it wasn't his night. Jara also got worse and worse as the game progressed. Cardozo and Saviola also had terrible games, especially Cardozo. I am not his biggest fan, but I don't think that the fans should treat him so poorly. Without Cardozo's many goals over the last few seasons, where would we be.

Pacos played very well and it was clear that they wanted to win this more than Benfica. David Simao and Andre Leao were very impressive. Hopefully we can bring Simao back to Benfica for next season.
Orlando Mac
6 Saturday, 23 April 2011 22:57
Talk about being over harsh on JJ. Moreira has proven in the past for several seasons that he's not the best keeper. He'll have 1 good game and then blow it on the next. So its been proven we haven't missed out on anything.

Also last time I checked we're missing two of our wingers, so when Carlos got injured who the hell do you expect to come on? Peixoto isn't the best but he did a good job on the left and Fabio knows how to play on the wing so it was a smart move to bring him up. Players are drained and have tired legs so I'm not shocked how they slowed down in the second.

In the two seasons at Benfica JJ has increased the cash to the club and won 3 titles and is on the way to get us to a UEFA final. Would you prefer the previous two years before JJ where we had 1 title, embarrassing results in UEFA, no shot at winning titles league titles, and spent a tone of cash with little return. Also before JJ came on, Di Maria, David Luiz, and Fabio didn't get any playing time. Without JJ these players would still be in loan limbo.

Every time I come on here all I see you do is cry about how bad Benfica are, even last year you were all over JJ. You make fun of Benfica fans that are happy about the club winning titles. Your the type of fan that the club doesn't need, you just nag and nag. How about this, wait till the club wins the CL one day and you can jump on the bandwagon then, until then go back to your cave you troll and let the real fans enjoy the club at it's highs and lows.
cup of tea please
5 Saturday, 23 April 2011 22:53
well at least benfica have this little cup and are lucky porto didnt care about it. i wish we did because instead of winning the treble we could have been the 1st portuguese team to win the quadruple but hey we can't monopolize it all.
Fun match!
4 Saturday, 23 April 2011 22:41
Can't complain about getting the League Cup again. As it stands Benfica currently keeps dominating this tourny. Good job all around. JJ has been a great coach and just got us another title and hopefully we'll get the Europa title too.
3 Saturday, 23 April 2011 22:40
Yes, it's a "Coffee" Cup, but Silverware just the same.
Some people thought that they shouldn't have celebrated, but that's silly. If anything, we should be humbled and realize how hard it is to nab trophies.
For all the disapointment, in truth, we've had a wonderful season that might actually still get better.
Congratulations to the "Gloriozo".
Much harder than it should've been...
2 Saturday, 23 April 2011 22:26
Moreira came off the bench like the others JJ has discarded to be one of the best.. and saved us...

We still had the game in hand although clearly the players were disheartened and clearly were playing poorly.. after the Porto match and then JJ again with the mastermind.. moves.. in the second half made things worse.

I know he was limited today but sliding Peixoto to LB almost lost us the game (he was out of position and beat repeatedly).

If Pacos would've taken half a viagra they would've smoked a couple past us. In the end it was more the ineptness of Pacos that preserved the victory, winning by default.

Braga must be licking their lips in anticipation. This Benfica side is very beatable, they lack passion and teamwork something Braga has in spades, not to mention they have lots of Paciencia.

Then add the injuries and it could be a nightmare scenario. Salvio, Gaitan are already down, Martins & Aimar also went down today. Although I think Aimar was just hamming it up and should be fine.. Martins might be a question mark for the next game.

Jara clearly having started very few full matches this season started strong but by half time was gassed.

Saviola & Cardozo were both garbage today.. and the poor play resonated throughout the squad very few players had a decent game except for Moreira, and a few average other performers.

Anyways now some easy pleased Benfiquistas can pound their chest and say we're champions.. but like the players today who didn't celebrate at all.. I too think the Bwin Porta-Pottie is not worth a woohoo..

But hey JJ has brought us further "wisdom and International prestige" with this victory. His fourth Trophy in 15 years or so, and his 3rd with Benfica's hefty price tag.. so where should we start the parade route.. ?
Good result
1 Saturday, 23 April 2011 22:21
Given the tired legs and everything that's happened over the past week, I'm happy to get our 3rd back to back league cup. You could tell the team took the foot off the gas in the second half. Hopefully they saved some juice to get another 2-0 over Braga this week.

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