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Thursday, 30 September 2010 21:33

Bulgarian delight for Portuguese duo

FC Porto win in Sofia, Sporting thrash Levski

FalcaoFC Porto and Sporting stayed on course for success in the Europa League group stage by both clocking up their second win in two matches. Porto beat CSKA Sofia 1-0 in Bulgaria thanks to a Falcao goal.

Sporting turned on the style at the Alvalade as goals from Daniel Carrico, Maniche, Diogo Salomao, Postiga and Matias Fernandez gave the Lions a thumping 5-0 win over Levski Sofia.

CSKA Sofia 0-1 FC Porto

FC Porto continued their impeccable start to the season. A Falcao goal on 16 minutes was enough to give the Dragons a deserved victory and make it eleven straight wins in all competitions in 2010/11.
Coach Andre Villas Boas made four changes to the side that started against Olhanense on Saturday. Maicon, Sapunaru, Souza and Rodriguez came in for Rolando, Fucile, Fernando and Varela.
The personnel may have been different but the performance level was the same, especially in an impressive first half in which Porto could and should have made the game safe. Even before Hulk set up Falcao to open the scoring Porto had nearly broken the deadlock three times, through Hulk (twice) and Moutinho.
Hulk, Falcao and Belluschi were all desperately close to adding to the scoreline before the interval, with the Argentine midfielder crashing a shot against the bar. The hosts at last began to show some threat, albeit muted, in the second half, with Michel and Sheridan twice threatening an equaliser. But the best chances continued to fall to Porto, with Maicon, Souza, Rodriguez and Guarin all peppering the home goal.
FC Porto lead Group L on goal difference from Besiktas, who beat Rapid Vienna 2-1. The joint leaders now play each other in consecutive matches, starting with the match in Istanbul on 21 October.
[0-1] Falcao, 16

Sporting 5-0 Levski Sofia

A crowd of just 15,000 reflected Sporting’s troubled start to 2010/11, but those who turned up were treated to the Lions’ best performance of the season.
Coach Paulo Sergio changed things around, adopting a 4-3-3 formation in which there was no room for Liedson and young winger Diogo Salomao was handed a starting berth.
An even opening phase suggested it would be a tight affair between the struggling Portuguese team and the Bulgarian league leaders. Dembele took advantage of a Polga slip to force Patricio into action in the very first minute. Sporting responded through three Postiga efforts, two of which were close-range headers where the striker will feel he should have done better.
The deadlock was broken on the half-hour mark as Carrico got his head to a corner to put Sporting ahead. The lead was doubled shortly before the interval as Maniche headed in a brilliant Vukcevic cross.
The Montenegrin followed up his stunning individual performance on Sunday with another excellent display, but this time his team-mates matched him, especially in a convincing second-half showing. Diogo Salomao capped a promising full home debut with a fine strike on 53 minutes, turning in a Joao Pereira cross.
Postiga smashed in a spectacular long-range effort on the hour mark and almost repeated the trick moments later but his volley came back off the post. Matias Fernandez got in on the act late on as Sporting took control of Group C, and Paulo Sergio will be hoping the quality shown by his charges will be carried into the Liga ZON Sagres.
[1-0] Daniel Carrico, 30
[2-0] Maniche, 43
[3-0] Diogo Salomao, 53
[4-0] Postiga, 61
[5-0] Matias Fernandez, 79
by Tom Kundert
Comments (27)
trash talking
27 Sunday, 03 October 2010 09:47
I think a lot of people on this site are too biased and talk shite.
Im a benfiquista, but when they play shit they should be rubished and when they play well they should be praised.
Im not too proud to praise sporting or porto when they play well.
and indeed both sporting and porto did play well. yet some of you seem to rubbish porto or benfica etc every chance u get..
there is a point where u just embarres yourselves.
26 Sunday, 03 October 2010 01:49
The biggest teams are always the most hated.
It's good to root for the underdogs.
The fact is that no matter how much Porto has won recently, they can't surpase Benfica's history.
By the way, that's not a mock on Porto. They have been great for Portuguese football, and I'll always root for them outside the league.
I also think that the problem Porto has, is that if Sporting was do start doing anything, they are also by far more well know then Porto.
Everyone has to keep in mind that when Porto is in the Champions League now, shows go into their recent history. Which is great by the way. If Benfica is in the Champions League, everyone looks back at the tremendous history they have. It really doesn't matter that it's spread out from so long ago, that actually adds to the mystique. The same would hold true if Sporting would be able to get back.
Once again, that's not putting Porto down, it's just what it is.

As a Benfiquista, I really don't have bad feelings for Porto, except that they are the team to beat in the last few years. The real hatred comes when playing Sporting.

Many of you might have heard the following before. "My second favorite team is Benfica. My favorite team is whoever beats Sporting."
Re: (Fresh/Canada)
25 Saturday, 02 October 2010 23:32
Then what you are saying is that Porto is the most hated team, because we have been the most succesfull for the last 25 years by FAR!!!!
When 4.1 million (Not the 6 that your president likes to believe hate porto, the 2.6 million Portistas have to make double the noise, Same goes for the 2.1 Million Sportinguistas
24 Saturday, 02 October 2010 03:59
bryan/jamaica I have to agree Benfica is the most loved Portuguese club in Portugal and worldwide but I have to disagree with it also being the most hated. You would be surprised how many supporters Benfica has. They have more supporters than Porto and Sporting combined also every municipality in Portugal has a Casa do Benfica. I understand when there is success there will always be a pack of haters and thats where Portistas and Sportinguistas come into the scene and visca-versa.
Porto Fans cocky....
23 Saturday, 02 October 2010 00:55
(bryan/bermuda) I'm going to have to dissagree with you on Porto fans being cocky, Here where I live, 5 games before the end of last season, there were Benfiquista already celebrating the Championship, On the radio for the final 3 months there was a benfica song by Iran costa played daily, there was a guy who made an eagle out of iron and put it on the back of his truck, he was parading it around weeks before benfica has won. I don't go to watch games at bars, because everytime theres a Porto game, there are always benfiquistas celebrating the other teams chances, last year I seen a guy run across a bar celebrating a goal against Porto.

And not to mention your president making it seem like the League is benfica, and if benfica don't play than there is no league if thats not being cocky than what is. He is even having meetings with the minister of " Administração Interna" because of security reason when they travel to the north of Portugal. There was a Porto suported killed during a roller hockey game also a player was left in a coma. Porto had a bus burned.. And your president comes out and says they are being targeted by violence.

After all of this you still wan't other suporters to like Benfica. To be honest I'm tired of reading articles on the "crying" being done by benficas President, and all their suporters..

Please, just play. and then maybe you'll get some people to actualy stop hating the team..

(Fresh/Canada) That incident wasn't when I was a kid, it was only 7 years ago, I don't have to go that far back to when Porto won something in EUROPE
22 Friday, 01 October 2010 20:39
i agree with u 2000 percent it seems like everyone is vs benfica sporting for some reason have nothing vs porto but hate benfica and like u said when benfica plays sporting its now like playig porto sporting and braga although i dont know many braga fans
my point is benfica is the most loved and hated team in portugal i wish i could ignore it but i cant i hate porto for a reason because i only know one porto fan that isnt arrogant and cocky and suprisingly he is a good football fan the rest which is over a few hundred in bermuda are horrible all they do is talk trash and sporting fans are there sidekick i hat porto becaus ethey are so cocky and want benfica lose no matter what y is everyone hating on us i mean u are suppose to support us in european competitions but instead u are saying we cant win and we ar e trash come on guys grow up like somneone said we must unite because im sure i am reasy to and i was glad porto won adn would have been sad if they lost but its the opposite for porto and sporting fans
MDOT - Ya, Benfica's really helped Portugals Co-efficient.
21 Friday, 01 October 2010 18:13
You're right that Benfica did contribute to Portugal's Co-efficent increasing, for a change, but remember they made it to the quarter finals of the Europa Leauge. Do I have to remind you that Porto also made it to the quater finals last year..... of the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. Porto as usual did more for the Portuguese Co-efficent than any other Portuguese team and this year will be no different.
I agree Manuel/Canada
20 Friday, 01 October 2010 18:06
Like you said you witness it when you were younger that other Portuguese would go against the club that they dislike. I grew up watching Benfica and I had a kid in my class that was a Porto fan and at this time I had nothing against Porto or Sporting he would talk trash anytime he heard Benfica tie or lost and that's when it all starts.

I don't think people enjoy the rivalries anymore it's just pure hatred, i'm from a city that if Benfica plays Sporting or Porto it always seems like Benfica vs Sporting & Porto. Both who support the green stripe or blue stripe is against the solid red.
its true
19 Friday, 01 October 2010 17:35
theres no doubting that EL is the loser league compared to CL. as for porto and sporting these results are expected and they should be coming through. as for benfica braga, im not impressed. i hold nothing agianst braga. there new comers to eurpean football and it will probably be a few years before they can find some consistency. benfica on the other hand is a joke. porto has gone to the CL like 7 years in a row before this year and each year they made it out of the group stage. within the last 10 years or so whenever benfica or sporting is in the CL there results are terrible. they make portuguese football look bad. FCP has a class about them when they play in european leagues which benfica cant seem to find. sporting have been solid so far but its EL, although it is where they belong.and like someone stated previouslly, this is just one year and things will be ack in natural order. FCP will be in the CL again and benfica will be in EL
To all SLB Suporters
18 Friday, 01 October 2010 17:19
Don't take it to heart when people come on here and bash benfica. It's only the circle of being a sports fan...

Years ago when Porto was at their prime on the European Leagues, I had the pleasure of watching a Benfiquista go out and buy a Inter Milan jerssey to go and watch a FC Porto vs Inter match, up tothat point I had nothing against any benfica fan, as a matter of fact I used to like the team when I was a little boy, ever since that incident I only wan't them to win when playing outside of Portugal because it's good for our ranking. But playing for the Portuguese league I like to see them loose, just so I can see the look on this guys face.

And one more thing, I work with a guy that claps everytime Porto suffers a goal, be it for the league or representing Portugal in the Europa League.

If you read the Portuguese papers online you will see all the negative comments that show up on the Porto articles and most of them are made by Benfiquistas..
Forca Sporting
17 Friday, 01 October 2010 16:28
What an impressive performance from Sporting. Great goal by Helder Postiga. That one reminded me of his goal against Belgium during qualification for Euro 2008. I'm happy to see this Salomao kid doing well too, although I thought he was going to be a striker, not a winger. I hope they and Porto keep it up because Braga and Benfica are really struggling right now. Braga was really unlucky though, watch some highlights and you'll see that it could've been much different for them.
16 Friday, 01 October 2010 14:07
Congratulations to Porto and Sporting.
Porto has been playing great so far this season. With Micael getting back to game form, they will really be tough and could go far in all competitions.
As for Sporting, lets see if these results translate to Liga competition. I still say that they don't have a squad good enough to compete on multiple fronts.

I may be Benfiquista by I'm afraid that Benfica might also not have enough for all fronts. That being said, I know that Schalke has started badly, but you can't deny their talent. It was only a matter of time when they would gel.

Braga didn't improve on last years squad, and the loss of Eduardo is huge. We'll see if they can bounce back.

Obviously the Champions League is a better and tougher competition. Even the lesser squads tend to go out and give it their all since the financial rewards can be great.
Although Europa League has great teams, the fact is that the so called "Big Teams" routinely roll out inferior squads. Just like Benfica last season, those "Big Teams" would rather concentrate on winning their leagues. They all want to get back to the Champions League.

I'm still shocked in how Atletico was able to win it last season. Europa saved their miserable season.
Portuguese teams
15 Friday, 01 October 2010 13:53
I agree with Dan/USA since I clearly remember the vast majority of Porto fans coming on here and talking trash about Europa. Anyways, I feel that its a great tournament and there are some great teams in it so I'm glad that some people on here are turning around now and talking like its the real deal. I just find it funny that it's the same people trashing it.

As for Benfica they've had only one loss away to a respectable side. They will still come out of the groups and put on a good show. I remember last year people on here were going on about how Benfica was down when they had one bad away game. Benfica then went on to beat the likes of Marseille and Everton (7-0 agg). They beat Liverpool at home and had 1 bad game that cost them the semi's. At the end of the day, it was Benfica last year that helped Portugal's coefficient.
yea dan/usa
14 Friday, 01 October 2010 13:22
even in EL (loser league) your club lost with european-super power olympiakos 5-1 and the giants aek athens 1-0
pay attention not to drop here this year :)

I don't find any special the porto and sporting results, they did what should be done and both teams have the quality and experience to go further

at least some teams in loser league looks more competitive than hapoels and schalkes (juventus, liverpool, leverkusen, man city, psv, atletico madrid...)
Re: Dan
13 Friday, 01 October 2010 13:15
You're right the Europa League isn't anything special, in fact I've come across a few football fans who can't even remember who won it last season let alone 2 seasons ago.

It is a competition for mainly second-rate European sides and it feels a bit humbling as a Porto fan to see us involved, as it is for Liverpool and Juventus fans.

But the difference is we know this is just a one-off blip and NORMAL SERVICE WILL RESUME next season when we are back in our true place - the Champions League.

As proved by the Schalke result, Benfica are probably better suited to Europa League company based on their form in recent seasons apart from last season, where admittedly they were very good, but like Porto having a bad season, that was just a one-off and normal service is resuming.
sporting and porto
12 Friday, 01 October 2010 12:59
why are u guys hatin gu beat levski or whatever wow thats hard we lost to a good german teamwho is playing bad but have quality players but of course whenerver benfica lose everyone hates when we win evveryone is quite thats why i no longer support sporting or porto in european competiitions because benfica fans support you but u guys love to watch us lose typical sportingistas and portistas
11 Friday, 01 October 2010 12:56
having a nice time in what you called a weak competition last year lol when benfica did good last season in europa league you said it was easy well guess what dumby ur team is thre now
EL=Loser League?
10 Friday, 01 October 2010 12:37
Some of you Portuguese fans are a joke...When Benfica gets a good result in Europe no one opens their mouth, but the second they get a bad result all the lukers (especially you Oliver) come out and talk all this shit...BTW wasn't the Europe League considerd a loser league for teams like SLB according to some Portista's last season?...Well I'll love to know if you still consider the EL a loser league Portista's...Anyways now to some real talk...Thank you Porto and Sporting for representing Portugal well after those disappointing losts suffered by SLB and SCB in the CL...I seriously think Porto can go as far and win this loser league as some Portista's like to say
nice job
9 Friday, 01 October 2010 12:26
Nice job to sporting and porto. Maybe this will be the start to sporting playing a little better than they have so far this season, which they need to keep doing. Porto played good but should have been more than one goal. But just because benfica lost doesn't mean a thing., bulgarian soccer teams are alot weaker than a german team with a roster such as schalke. Besides its the champions league compared to europa league. At this point last year benfica beat everton 5 to 0. good luck regardless
nice results
8 Friday, 01 October 2010 10:03
So far so so good for Porto & Sporting.

I won't be having a dig at Benfica or Braga on this occasion, I think we've seen enough of them this week already!

I didn't see the Sporting game but what a result!

Porto looked in control for most of their game but I think we could of played a lot better, a similar performance to the one in Genk although that was a better result.

It's good though that we can still win away from home in Europe despite not playing our best - unlike some other teams - sorry I couldn't resist!! ;o)

Benfica had a tougher game, I know, but without some banter this place would be a lot more boring!
7 Friday, 01 October 2010 08:50
At least Sporting and Porto are trying to keep Portugal's UEFA coefficient high. Wish I could say the same of Benfica and Braga.
postiga looked great
6 Friday, 01 October 2010 02:56
i'd love to see portugal start two strikers up front like i've said many times and if postiga could get consistent i'd love to see him upfront as a second striker along with almeida , as long as they both got back on defense always... and the salomao kid is def a future superstar
porto and sporting making portugal proud
5 Friday, 01 October 2010 02:51
Congrats to porto and sporting on their victories,their both gonna go far in the europa leauge, benfica should be taking notes on how to win games like them.
Portugal needed this
4 Friday, 01 October 2010 01:40
Mateus Medeiros
Congrats to Sporting and Porto even though it hurts saying it.
3 Thursday, 30 September 2010 23:13
Both teams did well this night. I'm impressed about Sporting, they look like a renewed team, sounds good for portuguese football. I'm starting to like very much that kid, Diogo Salomão.

About Porto, completely dominant and could have done more goals. Porto looks very balanced with several options in all positions. Good thing about Souza, finally someone than can "fight" with Fernando for the lineup. Next match in Turkey against Quaresma's, Guti's and Schuter's Besiktas will be a good exam for this Porto.

Oliver, sorry mate, but I'm starting to question myself if you aren't a Benfica fan. Look at your posts everywhere.
2 Thursday, 30 September 2010 22:01
Sporting were very impressive, especially in the much more open second half.

Simon Vukcevic was excellent yet again. Maniche and Zapater did a great job winning possesion and controlling the midfield. Matias Fernandez was everywherein the final third and deserved his goal.

Diogo Salomao was quiet in the first half, but in the second, he was on fire. He was lightning quick with the ball at his feet and he scored a great goal.

Helder Postiga is an extremely inconsistent player, but in his better games, he can be very impressive and he was great today.

Congratulations to Porto as well

It's great to see the portuguese teams doing well in Europe.
Good results for Portugal
1 Thursday, 30 September 2010 21:59
After an embarrassing display from Benfica we needed this. Braga is undergoing a new process in a league they are not familiar too but Benfica... The "Glorioso Benfica" failed miserably.

There's a new saying emerging in Portugal

"Glorioso, Glorioso, Nos tuneis es furioso!"

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