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Thursday, 21 October 2010 21:45

Porto and Sporting march on

Brilliant Hulk fires Dragons in Turkey, Lions thrash Gent

Europa LeagueFC Porto and Sporting continued their serene march towards the knock-out phase of the Europa League. A goal by Falcao and a brace by Hulk helped Porto to an impressive 3-1 away win at Besiktas, despite ending the match with nine men.

In Lisbon Sporting bagged five goals for the second European match running. Salomao, Liedson twice, Maniche and Postiga all hit the net as Paulo Sergio's team powered past Belgian outfit Gent.

Besiktas 1-3 FC Porto

Porto continued their phenomenal run under coach Andre Villas Boas, making it 13 wins in 14 matches in all competitions this season under the stewardship of the young coach.
In a hostile atmosphere and facing difficult circumstances, this was perhaps Porto’s most impressive performance of 2010/11. Another superb individual display by Hulk was at the heart of the victory, which even had the Besiktas fans applauding after witnessing the Brazilian’s brilliant second goal.
The visitors were under the cosh for much of the first half, and were grateful for some excellent goalkeeping from Helton to keep the Turks at bay. But the Portuguese team were incisive when attacking. Falcao put Porto ahead from a corner and had another goal mysteriously ruled out soon afterwards. When Porto centre-back Maicon was shown a straight red card shortly before the interval, one feared for the Dragons in the second half.
However, the Blue and Whites gave a masterclass in tactical discipline as their 10 men proved far superior than Besiktas’ eleven. Hulk blasted two excellent goals, the second of which was taken with such aplomb that the Besiktas fans applauded the Brazilian forward.
Porto were then reduced to nine men as Fernando picked up a second yellow card, and Bobo hit a late consolation for the hosts in stoppage time.
Porto top Group L with three straight victories and a win in their next match at home to tonight’s opposition will as good as guarantee first place.
[1-0] Falcao, 26
[2-0] Hulk, 59
[3-0] Hulk, 78
[3-1] Bobo, 91

Watch highlights of Porto’s win in Istanbul:


Sporting 5-1 Gent

Sporting continued their bipolar behaviour as regards their wildly contrasting form in the Liga ZON Sagres and the Liga Europa. A convincing performance saw the Lions score five goals in the competition for the second match running.
Diogo Salomao got the ball rolling, producing a neat first-time volley to dispatch Postiga’s cross into the back of the net.
Liedson followed up his goal on the weekend in the Portuguese Cup with further evidence that he is running back into form. The Levezinho scored two fine goals in the 13th and 27th minutes, the first a powerful 25-yarder into the bottom corner, the second an emphatic shot to finish off a flowing move.
In between Gent had pulled a goal back as Sporting’s backup goalkeeper Hildebrand did little to enhance his chances of dislodging Rui Patricio with an awful mistake to gift Stef Wils a goal.
Sporting did not bat an eyelid at the setback. Following Liedson’s second, Maniche latched onto Evaldo’s excellent throughball to make it 4-1 before half time.
The Belgians improved slightly in the second half. Nevertheless, Sporting created enough chances to at least double their lead, but had to be content with just one more goal. The reborn Postiga ran on to a nicely weighted Salomao pass and blasted under the goalkeeper. It was just reward for another good display from the recently recalled Portugal striker.
Sporting are running away with Group C and will hope to transpose the many positives from this display to their League play.
[1-0] Salomao, 6
[2-0] Liedson, 13
[2-1] Wils, 16
[3-1] Liedson, 27
[4-1] Maniche, 37
[5-1] Postiga, 60
by Tom Kundert

Comments (21)
FCP and their victory
21 Saturday, 23 October 2010 22:01
Number 16:
This thursday, Porto won in the way that everyone knows .. but most of portuguese newspapers gave front page to Sporting home victory against a less strong team of weak belgian championship (with all of respect for SCP result and supporters).

Imagine that the FCP feat had been achieved by SLB;
Openings would be entitled to newscasts and front pages everywhere!

This is also why, thanks to certain centralized portuguese journalists, Porto is stronger! Because communication requires them to live in reality and not in the dream and stupidity!

Just look at the signings of Lisbon clubs highlighted in the preseason! They're all superstars, the best there is .. the problem is when they start to play ..

As a portista, my thanks to big part of portuguese media!
Honestly, even without Guti, Quaresma and Aurelio I don't see much more portuguese teams winning in Ionus hell playing with 10 more than 45 minutes and with 9 last 15 minutes... but it seems there are people here with lot of moral and experience in CL, like last results speaks for themselves. In European competitions there aren't joao ferreiras, lucilios batista, olegarios etc. doing the job or Ricardo Costa's. And that's here that all theses successfully hooked on corruption falls. That's here than the arrongance and shameful reports gaves place to defeat and silence by some clubs.
Thanks, respect and welcome to reality.
20 Saturday, 23 October 2010 20:31
Thank you dan_scp.
Casanova and Jerrold
Unless you were there, in the buildings and/or had friends there and went through the anguish, I suggest you keep your mouth shut. Maybe you need to go and find videos of that day a watch them. See if you could remember how you felt that day.
Calling someone or anything a "Bin Laden" is inapropriate and vile. I wonder what you guys would say if he would have said the "Hitlers" of ...
Yes you can compare the two since they both want to completely destroy western civilization.

This isn't the place for any type of political discussion or thoughts, but when the president of a club makes statements as those, people should be all over it whether it's their club or not.
As for the Benfica lawyer that made those statements, they should have fined the club, and fine them a hefty sum at that. That's also inexcusable and stupid. You might even be able to stop him from league dealings. I woud welcome either.
i havnt posted on here in a while
19 Saturday, 23 October 2010 03:53
@ Jerrold/ Canada
i find it extremely offensive when some one says that 9/11 was an inside job, i find offensive to the victims families, dont go posting a bogus youtube video of some bogus ultra left liberal college student who thinks the building fell in on its self who dosent have any demolition knowledge at all, sorry to all others who had to read this i know it dosent protain to portuguese football at all i know this isnt the place to write about this stuff i just cant stand people who practically insult 9/11 victims and by nature of there argument defend al-qaeda.
once again sorry for bringing this up i wish i didn't have to.
G Gomes
18 Friday, 22 October 2010 15:08
Bin Laden was a stool pigeon, 911 was an inside job.
Poster #16
17 Friday, 22 October 2010 14:40
I hope so, but remember you're playing in our stadium. I love our fans, they witnessed the fans throw junk at Fernando, they'll do the same when BSK arrive. I love how we can be civil and turn into criminals in a blink of a second. Show us respect and we show you respect, show us contempt and we'll show you the same.

On a side note, I think BSK is actually a great team on the cusp of the CL. Their passing was brilliant. Bnerd Schuster is an excellent coach, he's got those guys playing like the Real Madrid of old, unfortunately BSK isn't finishing and they are getting caught off guard on the counter, which Porto can utilize flawlessly when down to 9 men.

I really want to see Q7 back at the Dragao, I want him to be spectacular, even score a goal. But The Dragaoes win 2 to 1.
16 Friday, 22 October 2010 12:48
Porto couldnt have caught Besiktas in a worse situation. 8 of Besiktas players couldnt play due to injury. They event couldnt fill the 18-men squad. 4 important players could not play. Quaresma, Guti, Ferrari and Aurelio. Goal Keeper was notoriously out of form lately and probably this was his last match in starting 11. Porto Besiktas match on 4 November will be much harder for Porto.
Great results
15 Friday, 22 October 2010 12:14
Those are both great results. A man, and then two men, down and winning in a notoriously difficult pitch for visiting teams. Fantastic esult. But why in heavens name was Falcao's second refused?!

Congrats to Sporting too for dominating their game, brilliant for Portuguese football.
@ E Gomes
14 Friday, 22 October 2010 10:20
you are the bin laden of this message board....
Great week
13 Friday, 22 October 2010 09:36
A great week for Portuguese sides in Europe with 3 out of 4 winning.

I was very proud of Porto's display, especially as that referee seemed intent on trying to help Besiktas as much as he could. I would have preferred to see Besiktas with Quaresma & Guti playing as that would have been a more challenging game.

As for Hulk, if only he was Portuguese! A bit like how everyone here wishes Gareth Bale was English haha.

What this result does prove is just how weak a side/league Quaresma plays in and how people shouldn't overreact to his good performances in the Mickey Mouse Turkish league so far.

Well done to Sporting too, it's amazing how they can't play that well in Portugal too, but you have to give them credit for once again doing Portugal proud in Europe despite poor domestic results, unlike some other club in Lisbon.
12 Friday, 22 October 2010 09:26
even without guti and quaresma I found besiktas much stronger than vorskla poltava, olympiakos, hapoel tel-aviv or maybe better than 14th and 16th of french and german league

a little bit more of humility and recognition s'il vous plaît
11 Friday, 22 October 2010 09:20
I'm proud of Sporting and FCPorto performance on Europa League. A bit more of my Porto, anyway. What a tactical discipline in Turkey! They all know what to do in any situation without losing concentration. This is the root to conquer great things and makes all Porto fans proud. I can not stop saying how well did the captain status to Helton and how Hulk looks more mature every game.
About Sporting, I think they really have "two faces", one on Liga and another in Europe. Maybe they feel less pressure to play on Europe.

Porto left the pitch applauded by the opponent fans. This means a lot and hope this will motivate them to keep working well to achieve great victories. I believe very much on this team and staff. So keep it tough!

BTW to number 10 E Gomes, I can understand very well PdC statements, although this could have a strong emotional charge 'cause of some reasons outside of football.
But suspend him? Only Ricardo Costa could find a way like this to do that. If I was UEFA, I would suspend the ref of yesterday... what a null refeering! I follow the spanish league and I do not remember of seeing this ref on most important La Liga matches. The Maicon sent off could be discussed (although the turkish player forced the contact), but the Fernando sent off, the anulled Falcao clean goal and the penalty over Falcao? That's why I understand PdC statements, even against all and less players, Porto prove they are strong against and unlike all anonymous illustrous personages that comes every day on portuguese press trying to believe on the centralized "prophecy" that Porto will drop soon.
Back to "Ben Laden" statements, was not much more serious the statement on benficatv of a portuguese well known lawyer before Porto - Benfica of last year calling to arms all Benfica fans against Porto fans? He said that literally without any football meaning, even the journalist was surprised. I found that much more serious that PdC statements yesterday. Was this guy (lawyer!!) suspended?
Attention when they point the finger to the others.

P.S - Soon we will have a new Falcao disgraceful slogan. "Scores two, but only counts one".
Great Job by the Teams and Stupidity from a President
10 Friday, 22 October 2010 02:59
Great job by Porto and Sporting.
You just knew that Porto was going to bounce back from last season. They have been playing great.

Sportings European campaign seems imossible. I don't care that the competition might not be that good. The fact is that they have been bad in the Liga vs teams that are just as bad.
We'll see if this one yurns their fortunes around.

I am very upset by Pinto da Costa's comments after the match.
- Pinto da Costa manda calar «os Bin Laden do futebol português»
It is in tremendous poor taste in calling anyone the Bin Laden of anything. Bin Laden ordered an attack and killed thousands of innocent people. It's in horrible poor taste, and I would like to think that he will get fined by the FPF, UEFA and FIFA.
9 Friday, 22 October 2010 01:59
congratulations porto besiktas give up 2 easy goals if they get luis fabiano on the winter break besiktas could go all the way..........
Forca porto!!
8 Friday, 22 October 2010 01:23
Porto is gonna win the europa league. And Hulk is a goal machine!! enough said.
Good old Porto
7 Friday, 22 October 2010 00:41
If only Porto were in the Champions League so that Portugal could be well represented... Benfica just seems lost.
Lol @ QOTD
6 Friday, 22 October 2010 00:30
I like Sporting and Porto and I will continue to cheer them on in the Europa League but its funny Postiga thinks his team played in spectacular form because he was virtually 1 on 1 with the keeper in which his shot was partically saved and just trickled in. Dont let this confuse you into thinking he should be on the nt. I do appreciate the win but you cant expect less against a team of that caliber.
5 Thursday, 21 October 2010 23:44
I agree that the groups in Europa are easier but it is impressive that Sporting has the most goals in the tournament with 12 so far. Porto is also doing well with 7 goals and holding on to 6th place.

Its amazing how different Sporting's domestic campaign is vs. the European.
Don't mind SupremoGino
4 Thursday, 21 October 2010 23:28
He's just mad because the "South American Eagles" lost yesterday.
3 Thursday, 21 October 2010 23:10
A win is a win, you shouldn't judge whats easy or not, Sporting did what they had to do, WIN, had they lost , you would've been here bashing them. They were the better team, and they did what better teams do to the lesser teams, beat them.
2 Thursday, 21 October 2010 23:05
is unstoppable
Very Easy
1 Thursday, 21 October 2010 22:20
These opponents are semi-pro teams compared to our league. Hulk with 2 breakaway goals while Porto were a man down. Sporting players in heaps of space to finish their chances. Wouldnt call it impressive just simple. Still waiting on some real competition. Congratulations anyway.

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