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Monday, 10 June 2013 21:27

Paulo Fonseca appointed new Porto coach

Ex Paços de Ferreira tactician signs 2-year contract at Dragão

paulo-fonseca-pinto-da-costa.jpgPaulo Fonseca today signed a two-year deal to become the new coach of FC Porto. The 40 year-old, who made his debut as a top-flight coach only one year ago with Paços de Ferreira, has a €15 million euro release clause written into the contract.

Pen was put to paper live on Porto Canal, in a brief ceremony which involved the presenter of the TV show flanked by Porto president Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa and Fonseca.

After guiding Paços to their highest ever finish (third) and Champions League football, the news Pinto da Costa had chosen Fonseca to succeed Vítor Pereira has circulated for days. Nevertheless, Fonseca cut a remarkably composed figure when speaking as FC Porto coach in front of the cameras for the first time.

“I am enormously proud to be able to represent the national champions, FC Porto. I could not be happier,” said Fonseca, who was briefly on the books at Porto as a player. “To be completely honest, I believe more in Paulo Fonseca the coach, than Paulo Fonseca the player,” he added.

Fonseca made a point of stressing he is “ambitious” and intends to create a “dominant” Porto team.

“I think this is the ideal moment for me to arrive at FC Porto. Here the commitment is always to victory. This club breathes victory. Here we either win or we win and I’m prepared to face this spirit and do everything in my power to continue the run of great victories this club has achieved.”

by Tom Kundert
Comments (26)
Murky waters
26 Tuesday, 18 June 2013 10:10
I'm not sure it's bigger names that Porto needs. Their scouting department has been excellent so it's about finding the right fit.
Porto has missteps in some signings, Iturbe and Kebler come to mind, but every team does. Just go ask Arsenal.
Fonseca is also a bit of an odd choice. Pacos were very negative in their approach, but that had to be due to squad talent. It'sostly odd because he wasn't part of the Porto staff.

I did see that Porto lost money last campaign, as did Sporting. Benficaade a nice profit even after losing out on everything. Still painful to think about.

The money concerns are warranted. If I was a Tripeiro, I would concerned about some of the names that have been mentioned. Anderson has flopped at Man United, due to fitness and injury issues. He only looks good for small portions of matches. Other older stars also being mentioned in possibly returning. Unless its for a celebratory last campaign, I don't get the motivation.
Desperate move?
25 Monday, 17 June 2013 20:49
I don't get this signing. If you had the chance to bring in a proven world class manager for long term stability, I Would understand. But replacing a manager who gave you back to back titles with a manager who has shown promise, but could easily be a one season wonder is a dumb risk that a team like FCP don't need to take, it's a middle of the table team move. Unless the FCP finances are worse than we know. Losing some of the key players and bringing in a cheap coach, maybe a sign of bad financial times, that will soon rear it's head. Another few lost players and no key signings to replace them will be a sure sign that the Bank is knocking on the door. Will be an interesting summer
Thoughts on this great discussion
24 Sunday, 16 June 2013 01:17
Tony, totally agree FCP should make some bigger signings. I think the club clearly has the finances now. They are responsible and I love all the Porkchops they're bringing in this season, but 1 or 2 well known signings should not be out of the question.

Roberto, about Maniche and Costinha, I fear greatly for Pacos. Costinha seems to think he has nothing to prove despite leading his club to relegation. He should take that opportunity to refine his craft. If you've ever seen Maniche as a commentator you'll realize that he's as astute at football tactics as Forrest Gump was at getting ladies.

The other big issue is that these are 2 bigger egos, with one in the role of authority. I foresee some clashes. Costinha is a bit brighter but I don't think he has the rotation or tactical ability to successfully lead yet. Despite that, I want to see the Castanheiros do well in the league and Europe so I'll be pulling for them.

leandro damiao/bernard
23 Friday, 14 June 2013 21:11
Richard UK
Agreed Tony, good shout, bernard is an awesome prospect, porto should move for him now. He could definitely be the new and future hulk, he has pace, skill and has an eye for goal. With him and leandro damiao together they could form a similar lethal partnership as hulk and falcao did. Even if they cost more than usual then porto could still sell them on and make at least 50% profit in the future, its worth a punt. Its good to see porto getting young local talent in, but as you said, the champions league could be one step too far straight away. We need brazilian flair upfront, to put the fear into large european clubs when they come to the dragao andd inflict fast brazilian flair against european defences. Very pleased with the diego reyes signing, he is the mexican version of sergio ramos, doesn't mess about, goes straight in. Hector herrera is the mexican version of moutinho but more of box to box midfielder.
Costinha and maniche
22 Thursday, 13 June 2013 15:46
Is anyone else as excited as I am about costinha and machine returning to portuguese football as head coach and assistant coach of pacos de Ferreira? I'm not sure how successful they will be but it will be cool to see them in the lime light again.
Steve Beige
21 Wednesday, 12 June 2013 21:15
He just can't post anything without mentioning BENFICA can he?...he cares more about the Glorioso or at least gives more attention to them, than he does his own club. Yeah I know, that's just the way it is right, Benfica gets all the attention no matter what! Even from fans of our biggest rivals lol. Thankfully some Porto fans like Chris Canada are decent and intelligent and don't resort to this childish hate mail...
@ Chris
20 Wednesday, 12 June 2013 20:24
LOL on the Robert Pires!! Man I loved watching him play, he was very much underrated as his "countryman" Thierry Henry got all the credit.

Good luck to Paulo Fonseca. I am very curious to see what style Porto will play without Moutinho and James.
Leandro damiao
19 Wednesday, 12 June 2013 19:35
Tony / USA
I agree with you RIchard, I think Leandro could be a great fit at Porto should Jackson leave. For a while his price tag was too high for my liking but it seems we might be able to get a decent deal for him now. Porto really should start investing in some bigger names with great potential instead of playing it safe all the time and sticking with the cheaper signings. Maybe then we could have more success in the Champions League. Another exampe would be for us to get Bernard from Brazil, bigger signings bring more risk but greater potential for reward.
Speaking of $$ and coaches
18 Wednesday, 12 June 2013 17:39
Chris (Canada)
Some reports out of the UK are saying that the football Director at Arsenal has told Arsene that he has money to burn and that he can go after big money signings.

Now, knowing all about Mr. Wenger's formula, I am going to predict that he buys 3-4 players. Let's say 4 to be comfortable.

Of these 4, exactly 2 will be French, 1 will be Spanish and 1 will be German. That's right folks. Arsene's coaching philosophy is as transparent as a brown bag holding a greasy croissant.

Of the 2 French players he will select, some of my guesses are: Etienne Capoue out of Toulouse, Maxime Gondalon from Lyon or Loic Remy from QPR.

Of the one Spaniard: Either David Villa or Victor Valdes in Barca.

Of the Germans: Reus from Dortmund or Rene Adler from Leverkeusen.

No Portuguese, as usual. Keep up the good work Arsene! We snuck one in when you weren't looking (Robert Pires).

17 Wednesday, 12 June 2013 17:11
Chris (Canada)
We're not totally disagreeing. You make very valid points about AVB's team, but you are also neglecting the fact that AVB had much more at his disposal than VP has had. PdC invested virtually nothing into VP's roster and the man still got excellent results. This is why I think VP deserves as much plaudits as AVB.

AVB is a good coach but many people prefer him instinctively because he is a good snake-charmer. VP is more abrasive in comparison. I wish VP the best and will always have good memories of him. I think he has earned the respect of all tripeiros.

As for your Rolando comment, I don't think he was ever at that level of elite in Europe. he was good, but he also had the likes of Bruno Alves and Maicon backing him up. His attitude though is said to be pretty poor, so I have little sympathy. If he can find his form again, I would be glad to see it.

NJ, thanks for the comments. I think with LFV, the profits at Benfica will continue to elevate. However, and I mean no offense, I think retaining JJ is 2 steps back. I could be wrong, and he might find the right recipe, since he gets wins, but he seems to not be a "crunch-time" coach at all. If SLB had a coach with that kind of nerve, than in my opinion, they would have a real Champions League contender this year and last year.

seems like i knew it
16 Wednesday, 12 June 2013 16:30
Am loving this..can't wait him to prove critics wrong...
To the pathetic Benficacas....
15 Wednesday, 12 June 2013 14:06
Steve/New Beige
Good God. Still blaming PDC and refs, coaches, etc for why your team can't win championships? I guess that's why you can't do any better than 2nd place and why your crap coach got a contract extension!
@Chris (Canada)
14 Tuesday, 11 June 2013 22:41
It almost seems as if you are choosing to misread my comments. I did not even say VP failed in his results, i said he failed in building on the team that AVB made and if you dont see that AVB's team was alot better than Pereiras then your nuts.

Defending a coach is one thing (and VP does deserve respect for his results in portugal) however blindly doing it when i think i was just pointing out the obvious is another.

Notice how these players dropped out of form when VP came around? Great coaches know how to get the best out of all of their players. Rolando was one of the best CB in the portuguese league and he was the leader of Portos defensive line for a few years then all of a sudden under AVB he drops off as a few players did. Im not saying this isnt Rolandos fault because it is. What i am saying is domestically pereira was good, in most other regards he was average and thats why he lost his job. Simple really.
Great Link
13 Tuesday, 11 June 2013 22:23
Chris, that is a great article, and I fully agree with it.
Porto has had a tremendous run for the last ten years. Averaging close to 30 million in profit for the last ten years in incredible. My Benfica averaged about 10 mil a year in transfer profit in the last ten years combined. Yes, we had some in the red years.

I hope that Porto can continue on this run. It's good for Portuguese futebol. I just hope that Benfica always finishes ahead of the Tripeiros
Leandro damiao
12 Tuesday, 11 June 2013 21:55
Lots of changes at fc porto for sure. If Jackson Martinez was to leave fc porto due to some crazy bid this would leave us in trouble to find a suitable replacement. I know after Falcao left we were linked to brazilian striker leandro damiao, who in my opinion would be a perfect signing. As he as gone off the boil recently due to injury he still has a good goals return. I think he could do a similar job to super mario jardel in terms of goals in the league and I think we should pay more money than normal if we need a replacement. He proved quality in the olympics and i think pinto costa should consider him now before who moves to other european clubs
An article for the trolls named Sergio and Xavier
11 Tuesday, 11 June 2013 18:31
Chris (Canada)
Enjoy reading.

Paços de Ferreira end of the season
10 Tuesday, 11 June 2013 17:00
While I guess we now know why Paços de Ferreira were so easily beaten by Porto the last game of the season, giving Porto the title.

I have to give it to PDC for knowing how to manipulate Liga Sagres, officials, coaches, players, and even ball boys.
no worries
9 Tuesday, 11 June 2013 16:10
As long as puppetmaster PDC is still able to "influence" Conselhos de Arbitragem, Disciplina, other teams (especially those friendly northern teams), etc., even their assistant groundskeeper could win a couple of trophies.
8 Tuesday, 11 June 2013 14:48
Believe it or not, I too wish Fonseca the best. Porto has become a fixture in European success, which the Primeira Liga & Portugal need to continue.

I wonder if this hiring has as much to due with "Sujinho's" failings as anything else. Yes VP won the league and was impressive doing it. But I think that we can all agree that his European performance was lacking.
I always looked at him as a "roll the ball out there, and let them play" type of manager but that may be harsh. He was able to win after Hulk and Falcon moved on.
PdC has seen a lot of managers work, especially in the training ground. Maybe he saw things or maybe didn't see things he thought he should have. I also find it telling that major players at Porto, Moutinho for example, didn't come out and say that VP deserved an extension.
VP does deserve credit for what he's accomplished, but apparently PdC didn't think as much as others might have.

As for Fonseca, there will be a feeling out period. The loss of Moutinho, James and very possibly others (Fernando) is really going to gut the squad. PdC has been great in finding replacements, so we'll see.

I will add that I'm sad for Pacos. Their squad has been gutted, so it will be a tough road in the next campaign, never mind CL qualifiers.
Hence Portugal needing Sporting to be strong. Although that news front just gets uglier. Also, we need to hope that Braga doesn't slide, performance and talent wise.
Responses to Raffy and others
7 Tuesday, 11 June 2013 12:43
Chris (Canada)
First off Raffy, saying VP failed is one of the most ludicrous things I've ever heard. He went 2 for 2 in the Primeira Liga, and while his first year in the CL was a disaster, he showed that he could improve on things this year by at least making the knockout stage.

Secondly, I'm not sure what you expect of coaches. Of course they will want to mold their own team. And the decisions he made ended up being pretty shrewd. Has anyone seen Alvaro Pereira lately? What about Guarin? And Rolando? It's no coincidence these guys have accomplished nothing after leaving Porto.

They are all excellent players, but in the cases of Rolando and Pereira, VP made the right calls due to their crap attitudes. VP is gone, and I will always be a fan for what he has done for us. He has brought us 2 titles closer to the Benfica magic number of 32, and he did it in style this year, and with virtually no bench.

I think Fonseca has a good shot at success, though as some others on here have stated, I think his lack of European experience will be problematic. Also concerning is his inexperience in playing an extended schedule, such as Porto often play (Liga + Europe+ cup matches). It will be interesting to see his formations and rotations.

It is said he prefers a 4-3-3 (surprise, surprise), but he often makes his team switch to a 4-4-2 in possession, so it is essentially a flexible formation with players drifting into different positions.

Hopefully Porto also pick up a few more players. With the $$ they've made, they can afford another good midfielder, striker and defender. We need a RB to challenge Danilo, and I'd actually like us to buy Andre Martins from Sporting since he rarely plays. Also, picking up Bruno Gama from Depor should be cheap since they've now dropped.

Finally, it's time to bring Toze up from the B team. Andre Castro and Tiago Rodrigues will be expected to fill in for Moutinho now that he's gone, but Toze is quite impressive and I think he will make a mark on this team.

Good luck to Fonseca and thanks VP!

6 Tuesday, 11 June 2013 10:41
While Fonseca did fantastic with getting Paços into the CL, this will be a whole different scenario at Porto and it is indeed a risky appointment. Personally I think they would have done better with sticking with VP, who had a clear winning formula, in the Liga at least... in Europe he was a disaster and this is what cost him an extension. However Fonseca has zero european experience, so it's doubtful that he will immediately improve on VP's euro record.

Also at Paços, Fonseca played mostly a defensively solid counter-attacking game. Clearly Porto play a different way and like to take the initiative and dominate poessession in the games they play. So clearly he will have to change or Porto will have to change their style. Either way it's a risk. Most of all I think they will miss Moutinho hugely...I can't think of any other midfielder (apart from the Barça midfielders) they could sign who could have the same influence. And if they also lose Fernando, which is very possible, it'd be even worse, the whole backbone of the team would be gone. A lot of changes ahead for the club...
5 Tuesday, 11 June 2013 01:06
Excited at the change, but for him to be successful in my eyes, he needs to win the Liga and do very well in the Champions League.

VP lost once in two years and won the Liga twice. His downfall was the performance in the Champions League over the last two years.

Either way, it's big shoes to fill and a lot of expectations from Porto fans for him to live up to. We will see, and I wish him nothing but the best!
sorry to all real managers.
4 Tuesday, 11 June 2013 00:43
ab usa/portista
Fonseca is no better than Vitor. It is just a matter of time. Pinto makes all the decisions. Maybe that is why AVB left
High Expectations!
3 Tuesday, 11 June 2013 00:24
Steve/New Beige
Wishing you the best. We are not Benfica.......winning 1 title in 4 yrs will not get you a juicy contract extension. Lets see if we can make a deep run in the Champion's League. We have good luck with young, hungry, and intelligent coaches
2 Monday, 10 June 2013 23:09
I know its a risk getting someone like Fonseca in, however he brings his own style of coaching to the club which worked really well for pacos. I am actually really excited to see what he does with his squad now, when vitor pereira came in he tried to put his own mark on the team and it failed. Defour and Mangala did not fit in well (the latter was fantastic in the 2nd half of this year though). Pereira also upset alot of AVB's players, he just wanted to make his own team and while it still kept winning it hardly built on AVB's success at all.
Im hoping with the big changes which have already happened Fonseca can get a great team behind him, im just really excited to see where Porto can go from here.
Paulo Fonseca
1 Monday, 10 June 2013 23:00
Can't wait to see him coaching FC Porto!!!

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