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Sunday, 15 August 2010 00:12

Late Hulk strike gives Porto victory

Pacos youngsters shoot down Sporting; Setubal surprise Maritimo

A HHulkulk penalty seven minutes from full time gave FC Porto victory at Naval, while Sporting were made to pay for missing a series of chances as a vibrant Pacos de Ferreira team sent them to an opening day defeat.
In Madeira a classic smash and grab win gave Vitora de Setubal all three points against Maritimo.

Naval 0-1 FC Porto

A drab first half ended goalless with Porto showing none of the spark that had given them such an exhilarating victory against Benfica in last week’s Super Cup. In the first 45 minutes a solid-looking Naval showed exactly why they had won 7 out of 8 pre-season games.
It was a different story in the second half as Porto, pushed forward by the irrepressible Hulk, sprung into life and created chance after chance. The powerful Brazilian forward came close on several occasions with cannonball efforts from distance and also perfectly teed up substitute Guarin, who ballooned over when it seemed easier to score.
Rolando and Belluschi also came close as Porto cranked up the pressure, yet Naval should have snatched a shock lead late on as Previtali was clean through, but he hesitated and allowed Alvaro Pereira to make a superb last-ditch tackle.
Shortly afterwards Jonathas handled in the box and Hulk smashed in the resulting penalty to give Porto a deserved three points.
Goal: Hulk, 83 (pen)

Pacos de Ferreira 1-0 Sporting

Mario RondonSporting will be kicking themselves for missing a series of glaring chances as their season got off the worst possible start with defeat at Pacos de Ferreira.
The Lions dominated the first half. Postiga hit the bar and forced Cassio into a sharp save, while Polga and Liedson both missed excellent headed opportunities, and the Levezinho brought another good save out of the home goalkeeper.
Nevertheless, the visitors did not have it all their own way as Pacos’ exciting young forward line of Caetano and Mario Rondon (pictured), ably assisted by another impressive youth player David Simao and the experienced Manuel Jose in midfield created several problems for Sporting’s rearguard. Only a timely headed clearance from Polga prevented the hosts going into the break one goal up, after fine wing play from Caetano.
The second half saw Pacos grow in confidence, especially after a well constructed goal gave them the lead on the hour mark. A series of quick passes on the right flank worked the ball out to Manuel Jose, whose cross was neatly knocked into the net by Rondon. The young Venezuelan striker then forced Patricio into a fine save, and the Sporting goalkeeper did well to keep out a Jose rocket as Pacos enjoyed a purple patch.
As Sporting pushed for a late equaliser Saleiro and Polga both missed gilt-edged chances to grab a draw.
Goal: Rondon, 60

Martimo 0-1 Vitoria Setubal

After winning four successive Europa League matches Maritimo fell to defeat in their first Liga ZON Sagres match of the season. The islanders dominated most of the match but could not find a way through Setubal’s defence.
Jailson scored the all important goal shortly before the hour, latching onto a Neca pass, dribbling past a couple of defenders and firing into the net.
by Tom Kundert
Comments (12)
a danny dumb ass
12 Tuesday, 17 August 2010 00:53
this ant ur buisness lol and he isnt from jamaica becaus ethe first time he used my name he said he apologizes and he made a mistake lol u probably felt really smart saying what you said secondly there is only 65 thousand people in bermuda only 15 thousand are portugese of people that even know about this site is very little because there are very little teens are children that live here theyre are other bryans in bermuda none of which are porto fans i know this because out of the 15 thousand portueges about 5 thousand are women so thats not included so lets say 10 thousand portuegse men im take a majority guess becaus ei go to diffrent football bars and notice the huge diffrence in benfica sporting and porto fans benfica probably have about 7 tthousand here sporting about 2 and porto 1 there are very little porto fans here and very little young porto fans and most bryans here is spelot with an I not a Y i know the majortiy of porto fans here because there are very little and most of cousre are over 30 because they are all immigrants that come from azores to help better their lives fortunatley my parents stayed here and i am bermudian but i fully support being portugese want to know more facts dumb ass this wasnt ur buisness anyway stick to ur buisness ya i dont know why u are trying to start drama
@bryan benfiquista
11 Tuesday, 17 August 2010 00:15
Hey kid you ever think that maybe just maybe that your not the only one with the name BRYAN IN BERMUDA. We all know the bryan from jamiaca is porto fan and how do you know where or where he is not from , who gives a crap.

Believe me we all know who you are because TU es doentes com o Benfica. Sorry to lay into you but this is like the 3rd or 4th time your pissin and moanin about this other bryan; get over it young fella
bryan from jamaica
10 Monday, 16 August 2010 23:19
why are you using my name u arent from bermuda or jamaica i am from bermuda thats why i use that name can portugoal please make a login system because people are going to think i am a porto fan (thank god im not)
benfiquista till death dont ever forget that bryan from bermuda is a benfiquista till death
A win is a win is a win
9 Monday, 16 August 2010 17:14
I find it funny that people still say that teams Porto or whoever get calls.
I'm benfiquista, but I realize that the "Big Three" always get calls. It's the way it's always been and will always be. We should all know that by now.
Even Braga got a bunch of calls vs Guimaraes last season. that one was pure robbery.

I may dislike Porto and hate Sporting, but I also realize that for the betterment of the league, we need those three to be competitive and win in Europe.
Braga could take Sportings place, but they don't have the history. Unfortunately they also chose to sell instead of improve.

As for this match, it was clear that Porto struggled. In the end the better team won. Hulk could have a great year, if he is able to stay wide and make runs. I still think that he disapears in big games, but we'll see.
As for Benfica, the loss is going to be hard, mostly due to the fact that we didn't lose once at home last season. Roberto will also continue to get killed, although he has to start. Jesus better straighten out the midfield. We also found out what would happen if we sold Luis or Luisao. Sidney is not ready.
Sporting on the other hand, is going to have its hands full all season.
8 Sunday, 15 August 2010 14:44
I missed this. Benfiquistas finding any medium to complain about a Porto win. When I hear and see grown men in red shirts crying I know that soccer is being played in Portugal.
7 Sunday, 15 August 2010 13:28
Hey (bryan from bermuda) you're wrong saying hulk is a waste of space, hulk is porto's best player without him they are in trouble, opposing teams are scared to defend him and he's a major threat to many on attack, the more he plays the better it is for porto
6 Sunday, 15 August 2010 12:56
These benfiquistas makes me laught. It wasn't Benfica that had more than 10 penalties last season made by Maria and Cai-mar for "Penalty" Cardozo?

The ref call for penalty was CORRECT. Jonathas stopped the ball with the arm. The only incorrect decision was the yellow card, because the Naval player didn't cut any dangerous play or pass.
Btw, lovers of "good refereeing" (means Porto losing), what about the agression of the same Jonathas to Joao Moutinho at 74 minute? It was also PdC bribing?
Come on, last weekend they proved that's completly impossible to send off or point a penalty against the red team. This is the truly same old story guys.
I'm a porto fan and I'll admit it
5 Sunday, 15 August 2010 12:23
Porto did get the game thrown in their face by the ref yesterday. That handball was unintentional. I'm also disappointed in Villas Boas decision to continue to let Hulk play. Hulk is a waste of space and I would enjoy watching Ukra instead.

Sporting didn't play bad even though they lost. Sporting need Nuno Coelho and Carrico at the back instead of Polga. Polga can't defend anything.

On a side note: David Simao and Caetano are excellent wingers
Disappointing Start
4 Sunday, 15 August 2010 11:45
Porto were not that exciting yesterday. I agree with the others on here, that penalty was questionable and it should have ended as a draw.

I'm more disappointed in Sporting, they had a great start to the game but got dominated in the second half. I honestly thought they were going to lose by 2 to 3 goals.

I guess the positive is Braga's start. I know it was a win over a weaker team but those were some great goals.
3 Sunday, 15 August 2010 10:53
Keep bribing those refs pinto, we might be lucky enough to get half the amount of penalties benfica got last year ;)
2 Sunday, 15 August 2010 09:24
Weak call by the referee in favour of Porto and Sporting continues to disappoint.
1 Sunday, 15 August 2010 09:14
new season, same story - porto getting favours from refs and sporting disappointing. it's like we never left.

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