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Sunday, 15 August 2010 21:34

Last-gasp wonder goal sinks Benfica at the Luz

Benfica 1-2 Academica

Estadio da Luz
Benfica, unbeaten at home all last season, fell to a shock defeat in their 2010/11 opener against Academica. Miguel Fidalgo gave the Estudantes an interval lead, but Addy’s sending off and Jara’s equaliser triggered a furious spell of pressure from the Portuguese champions. 

However, Jorge Costa’s side held out heroically and in stoppage time a brilliant 35-metre Laionel shot flew into the net to stun the 50,000 strong crowd.
Benfica started strongly, with Fabio Coentrao picking up where he left off in South Africa. Academica showed they were not in Lisbon just to defend, however, as Addy kept Roberto on his toes with a dangerous shot on 24 minutes that the goalkeeper saved well.
Two minutes later the visitors took the lead as Miguel Fidalgo got his head to a cross with Benfica’s defence guilty of ball-watching. Up until the break Benfica failed to create any chances as the increasingly restless crowd showed their displeasure, especially with a succession of poor passes from Peixoto and Sidnei.

Addy sees red

Jorge Jesus left Peixoto in the changing room at half time, bringing on new Argentine striker Jara. The game completely changed complexion shortly after the break as young Ghanian left-back, Addy, who had looked solid until that point, lost his head and picked up two yellow cards in a minute and was forced to take an early bath.
Benfica cranked up the pressure and were soon level. Coentrao’s superb cross was turned into the net by Jara, and the goal signalled a cavalry charge towards Pieser’s net. Jara, David Luiz, Amorim, Coentrao and Javi Garcia all came close to putting the hosts ahead.
But there was a wicked twist in the tale to an entertaining game. Lionel picked up the ball just inside the Benfica half, looked up, saw Roberto off his line and hit a sweet 35-metre lob that flew over the Spaniard and into the net via the post to give Academica their third win at the Estadio da Luz in four seasons.

Watch Lionel’s wonder goal:

by Tom Kundert
Roberto, Maxi Pereira (Carlos Martins, 65), Sidnei, David Luiz, Peixoto (Jara, 46), Javi Garcia, Ruben Amorim, Pablo Aimar, Fabio Coentrao, Saviola, Cardozo
Yellow Cards: Peixoto, David Luiz, Aimar, Ruben Amorim, Carlos Martins
Peiser, Pedrinho, Orlando, Berger, David Ady, Diogo Melo, Nuno Coelho, Diogo Gomes, Sougou, Miguel Fidalgo (Laionel, 57), Diogo Valente (Pedro Costa, 57)
Yellow Cards: Sougou, Nuno Coelho, David Ady, Peiser
Red Card: Addy (51)
[0-1] Miguel Fidalgo, 26
[1-1] Jara, 62
[1-2] Laionel, 91
Comments (21)
Terrible opener
21 Monday, 16 August 2010 22:26
I have some good things to say and some bad things to say.

I just love to praise Fabio Coentrao I am so happy that he's a Benfica player and has developed into a great player and I hope he's at Benfica the next couple of years and can see that he will be Benfica's captain in the future.

Today's result isn't 100% on Roberto even though he's has had some criticism in the pre-season. Sidnei's marking Fidalgo's goal was terrible and we know he should of kept his man very disappointed in him. Benfica had so many chances to captialize in the second half. Now from what everyone is talking about is the last goal I got to say Roberto shouldn't of never been out of his net there was no reason to be but it was a great shot even though he was lucky to hit the post and in.

Now i'm not shook on the first game of the season I believe Roberto can turn into a better goalkeeper like c'mon remember when Luisao didn't have a good first year at Benfica then he becomes a great defender for us and repersents Brazil. Now i'm not surprised Portistas are acting cocky already they didn't even impress me with Naval getting a huge favour by the referee but it will be a interesting season see y'all next week.
Let's think
20 Monday, 16 August 2010 19:19
Barcelona lost against a team I can't even remember the name of. And they ended up being Tri Campions. And last year as well that draw was almost this embarassing and dissapointing as well. Nothing is decided!
Really tho?
19 Monday, 16 August 2010 17:53
Come on guys it's only been the first game and we are already deciding on other teams being champions. Please dont make me laugh guys. It's only one game. We still have so many more games to go. You cant dwell on one game or be excited off of one game. For those of you who do play soccer you all should know anything can happen in a season. Let's not be Miss Cleo and start predicting the future.
Changes from last year
18 Monday, 16 August 2010 14:51
I think it's pretty obvious that Benfica will end up having more trouble than last year. I mean, losing Ramires and DiMaria is always going to hurt. This was probably just a hiccup, but i certainly don't expect them to be as good as last year.
Tough One, but lets settle a bit
17 Monday, 16 August 2010 14:01
I'm still a bit shocked.
We didn't lose a game at home last season, and losing one in the first match of the season, is bad.

Let me by saying that I don't think that Braga could have ever sold Eduardo to Benfica, even if we offered 5 mil and up.

With that out of the way, Roberto wasn't having a bad game, until the last goal. Even though he was off his line, the shot was incredible. I know that Roberto will need time to adjust to teamates and surroundings. The problem is that he cost 8.5 mil and he's geting hammered, which will make it substancially harder. He has to remain the starter for the time being.

We really missed Luisao. It seems as if Sidney hasn't really improved from last season. He's was ball watching, like he did vs Liverpool last season, again, and it cost us a goal. I understood him backing off, on the winning goal, since he didn't want to get beat.
Please don't ask for Airton to start just yet. Garcia had great chemistry with the back four last season. Lets see how things go with Luisao back in there. Airton showed plenty of mistakes vs Porto.
As for the midfield, what can you say. I still think that Aimar is better off without Martins with him. Martins crowds the midfield, instead of pushing wide. I know that he's Portuguese and strikes a wonder strike, that always seems to not go in, every now an dthen, but that's about it. We need a wide player, and unfortunately Gaitan plays just like Martins, since he also pinches in. That's going to be a problem all year.
I would prefer that Jara start and Jesus goes with a 4-3-3. Coentrao has proven more than worthy in the back, and maybe he could work well with Jara or Saviola, up the flank. Keep Garcia as a holding mid and pair Aimar with either Gaitan and Martins, hope that one of the pairings works out.
Keep in mind that whoever comes in on a transfer will need time to adjust, which is also, not good.
Cardozo and Saviola shoudl be fine, especially with Gaitan creating space with his runs. Cardoz almost got to a deflection off the goalie in extra time, which would have given us the lead. He shoudl have slid for it. With the abundance of forwards, I wouldn't be surprised if he was sold.
We have quality, but lets hope that we could replace all the goals.

Wow, this one is going to take a while to accept. Veru rough start.

For all the Porto fans, they should settle down. They struggled plenty vs Naval, like they normally do. Last time I checked, this was week one.
Deja Vu
16 Monday, 16 August 2010 11:43
Why cant Benfica ever build on momentum? After being by far the best team in Portugal last season, and arguably one of the best in Europe, we all hoped the confidence and momentum gained would push us even further. Instead it seems like they're not being able to handle the pressure of being on top. When was the last time we had 2 succesful seasons in a row? The last time we were champions (2005), we ended up having a dismal defence of the title the following season. I know its only one game into the season, but there's a danger the same will happen this year, because this team cant defend to save its life. Sidnei is very weak at the back, this became very obvious to me in the quarter final second leg at Anfield last season when he was hopeless, and with Luisao out injured, he's going to have a run in the first team for a while. Roberto just doesnt look to have any confidence in goal, and Julio Cesar is looking the better option at the moment. What a massive mistake not signing Eduardo (we could've got him for just 3 million!!!). We gonna have to hope Cardozo and Saviola quickly regain last season's form, because it looks to me like Benfica will have to outscore opponents this season, because its hard to see where the clean-sheets will come from! I think we've got 2 weeks left of the window to get 2 more much needed players: a dependable centre-back (how about Manuel Da Costa from West Ham, we could probably even get him on loan!) and another wide midfielder (Guardado would be a good replacement for Di Maria). I hope Jesus will get these reinforcements because we dont want Porto getting a big early lead in the table. Forca!!!
congrats to Academica
15 Monday, 16 August 2010 09:27
Well done to Jorge Costa and his team.

I didn't see the Pacos-Sporting game but both Naval and Academica have both impressed me on the opening weekend and we could be in for a more competitive championship this year. I don't think we'll see the winner get 70+ points this season.

As for Benfica, the last time they won back-to-back titles was between 1982-1984. It takes a really great side to be able to accomplish that, never mind win 4 in a row or 5 in a row like Porto have done in recent years.

It's only the first week of the season but Benfica are going to have to show a big improvement and tackle the resposibility of the Champions League distraction and trying to fight for the title at the same time. Then we'll see just how good this Benfica side really is.

During those dominant Porto periods of success they lost key players too but managed to replace them with hungry new players and still defend their titles.

SupremoGino - don't make me laugh, Benfica were never a CL candidate in the first place.
14 Monday, 16 August 2010 09:02
Ups they lost? Not the referee's fault?
I said sometime ago that Benfica without the best player of last season (Ramires) would be different. That's why they're running everywhere to capture a new complete and consistent defensive midfielder right now.
By the way... once again, proven that's so hard to give a red card for the red team. David Luiz gave with his elbow on Sougou on ref's beards... and nothing. The same old story.
Lets NOT get carried away...
13 Monday, 16 August 2010 08:47
Ok, so we lost our opening game of the season and didn't play as well as we showed last year but it's NOT the end of the season guys!

If you remember last year we started off with a pretty poor draw at home and still went on to win the title. So we're only one point worst off than we were last year.

It was a tough opening weekend where all the big teams looked nervous apart from maybe Braga who seem to have less pressure on them, which is great and allows them to play some nice open football.

Lets face it, Sporting were unlucky as were Benfica and Porto only managed to win with a very dubious penalty decision so nothing has been decided yet boys!

Here's to a great season...
Just terrible!
12 Monday, 16 August 2010 03:40
What the hell happened? Why didn't Luisao start? Sidnei was horrible and played a huge part in both goals. JJ needs to take a long look at this one or this is going to be a long season.
Thats awsome!!!
11 Monday, 16 August 2010 03:38
hahahaha!!!! benfica lost,they suck, lets face it porto are the best and their gonna be the champions!!! benfica can't even beat academica that's horrible,their going nowhere!!
10 Monday, 16 August 2010 03:28
congrats to porto on winning the championship this year. I know its the first game, but I saw this in preseason and in this game. Doesn't seem its going to change. We are already behind in the table.
bem feito
9 Monday, 16 August 2010 02:55
hahahahaha i hate benfica
what a lousy game...
8 Monday, 16 August 2010 01:18
1st off... Coentrao was UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Benfica's best player this yr I am predicting!!! Now lets get started on this Roberto idiot. Why wes pent 8 million dollars is BEYOND me. He cost us the game. No idea why he was off his line so much!!! If i was a fan there i would have gone onto the field and HIT HIM!!!! He sucks and we need to get another GK or just use Julio Cesar from now on!!!! And i am surprised with Jorge Jesus as well. Starting Peixoto over Carlos Martins. what about airton too????? Poor decisions on his side; i am surporised and shocked I am saying it but its true. Peixoto is too old to be a winger. Especially when we have 2 DE type like wingers in Coentrao an Maxi. The next game better see Cesar in goal and some new players in the line-up. I also think Aimar wasnt that good today either. Sit him out next game and put Jara there who did alright. I hope Gaitan lives up to his price tag and performs like DiMaria. I am off to cry now see you all tomorrow. Lets go Benfica!!!
Poor Benfica
7 Monday, 16 August 2010 00:01
It's good to see Jorge Costa still whopping benfica even after retirement.
Long year
6 Sunday, 15 August 2010 23:19
If benfica don't find someone to complement Coentrao they should get ready for a long season. They need another flair player. Someone else who can change a game. If your best player is your Left Back that's usually a problem.
5 Sunday, 15 August 2010 22:46
4 Sunday, 15 August 2010 22:31
Give me a shovel i'm going to dig a mass grave... bye bye cardozo peixoto Marc Zoro Luís Filipe Jorge Ribeiro Balboa Freddy Adu................
Agree with Supremo
3 Sunday, 15 August 2010 22:15
What a stunningly poor display. I thought we could have recovered from selling Di Maria, but losing Ramires as well is devastating. Our only attacks came through Coentrao (who was great). The marking was terrible on the 1st goal and despite the constant pressure, we didn't come close to getting a 2nd.

I won't fault Roberto for the 2nd goal. Even had he been stuck on his line that would have been nearly impossible to defend...just a ridiculously struck ball.
Ah Benfica : (
2 Sunday, 15 August 2010 22:06
Wow what a frustrating game...We had a great crowd, majority of possession, created decent chances, and were up a man for 40 minutes, but still we don't come out on top...Who knew losing Di Maria and Ramires would effect us that bad...I really hope Gaitan returns and we get another winger because if we go all season with the likes of Peixoto and Amorim out on the wings then we are due for failure...There weren't too much good things to take out of today's game besides Coentrao...He was great all night, it's just a shame the rest of his teammates weren't...Also Roberto was having a fine game until the last goal of the game...I don't know why he was off his line, but I'm not going to put too much blame on him because our defence weren't closing in the attack...Now we got a tough test away to Nacional next weekend...Things are just going great for Benfica at the moment
1 Sunday, 15 August 2010 21:49
Benfica is going nowhere. They let Academica strike on a last minute fast break even with 1 man down. Coentrao was the only bright spot when he schooled the defender to set up Jara. How bad is Roberto? Should have thought twice about selling players. We're suppose to be a CL contender.

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