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Sunday, 19 September 2010 17:40

Cardozo scores brace as Benfica overpower Sporting

Benfica 2-0 Sporting

Oscar CardozoParaguayan striker Oscar Cardozo is the toast of Benfica fans tonight. A brace from the big forward gave the Eagles a well deserved victory over city rivals Sporting at the Estadio da Luz.

Benfica went into the match knowing that even at this early stage of the season, more dropped points would render their attempts to retain their championship crown practically doomed.
Coach Jorge Jesus had promised his side would be improving match on match as his late-comers from the World Cup gradually got up to full fitness. On the evidence of the last two matches, he is as good as his word.
This is noticeably the case with Oscar Cardozo. The often ponderous looking marksman incurred the wrath of his own fans in Tuesday’s Champions League victory over Hapoel, but all was forgiven tonight. Cardozo looked back to his best. He scored twice and could have had at least two more as Sporting’s defence flatly failed to contain him.

Left flank remodelled

Fabio Coentrao was pushed forward into midfield, with Cesar Peixoto taking over at left-back. While lacking the searing pace of Di Maria, Coentrao has a similarly impressive range of dribbling skills and crossing ability as the Argentine, and given the excellent displays tonight by both Coentrao and Peixoto, Jesus may be tempted to stick to this option – giving Benfica a forward momentum more akin to last season’s sensational attacking machine – relegating the more cerebral Gaitan to the substitutes’ bench.
Benfica’s early pressure was rewarded when Cardozo poked in from close range as Sporting failed to deal with a corner. Cardozo had already hit the post early doors, and the hosts bossed the first half with Sporting unable to create any threat for Roberto.
A strangely apathetic Sporting lacked aggression, and it was no surprise that Benfica ‘won’ the yellow card count 6-2, as the home players appeared far more fired up throughout.  
The second half started with another Benfica goal. Cardozo nodded Roberto’s long clearance to Saviola, who neatly returned the pass. Spotting Patricio off his line the Paraguay striker lifted a left-foot finish over the Sporting goalkeeper, who could not keep it out despite getting his fingers to the ball.

Watch Cardozo’s second goal:

The two-goal cushion unshackled Benfica, who began to display some of the rapid attacking movements that made them so exciting to watch last season. Two exhilarating counter-attacks almost ended in goals, but Coentrao was denied by a fantastic Patricio save and Oscar Cardozo headed over when well placed to do better.
Livewire Cardozo also went close on two other occasions. Liedson missed a golden chance to get Sporting back in the game, and Postiga and Maniche both put Roberto to the test with long-range efforts, but a third Benfica goal always looked more likely than a Sporting response.
Both Benfica and Sporting will be hoping FC Porto drop points tomorrow as the final Week Five match sees the Dragons travelling to Madeira to face Nacional.
by Tom Kundert
Roberto, Maxi Pereira, Luisao, David Luiz, Cesar Peixoto, Javi Garcia, Carlos Martins (Jara, 86), Pablo Aimar (Ruben Amorim, 46), Fabio Coentrao, Saviola (Airton, 80), Cardozo
Yellow Cards: Garcia, Maxi, Coentrao, Amorim, Airton, Peixoto
Rui Patricio, Joao Pereira, Daniel Carrico, Nuno Andre Coelho, Evaldo, Maniche, Andre Santos (Saleiro, 73), Valdes, Matias Fernandez (Postiga, 59), Yannick (Vukcevic, 59), Liedson
Yellow Cards: Valdes, Postiga
[1-0] Cardozo, 13
[2-0] Cardozo, 50

Comments (19)
19 Wednesday, 22 September 2010 05:24
I appreciate you love Coentrao .. Josh.

I followed him 1000km to go watch him..

I have full faith in the boy.. 4 years ago.. before prime Benfica attention.. I was always very angry about him being loaned out.. you think I am taking away from the boy.

I am not.. he is a natural left back.. and he is world class at it.. even I on the wing thought his defensive lapses were down to skill the truth is he was out of position because of his coaches and also because people like you.. value that winger that can dance.. a player with that much talent will move to where they are called.

This is my assessment..

Truth is he is not fast enough to blow people away.. he isn't as slick as CR, Nani, or Q.. but his crossing, and passing are miles ahead of all those.

A Left Back has to have defensive abilities and even I at first thought he wouldn't be able to handle the elite at left back..


The kid is a monster defender who makes articulate tackles and has a lot of passion in his defensive play.. he hates to get beat.. and rarely is.. even in the air where he is not the tallest... his competitive streak is high!!!!

I have watched him as a winger for years.. and he isn't as effective.. he is positive but no where near the same level.

I believe at LB because of that extra space on the overlap.. his skills are magnified.. and he is an absolute MONSTER.. attacking as a LB.. he can make the most one dimensional playersto his side look awesome..

Look at DiMaria.. extremely pacey.. with no moves.. and couldn't pass to save his life.. he turned him into a 25 mil pound sale.. for the NT with CR over time they will be the most dangerous partnership in the world... (get us massive trophies).


Because CR needs space.. and triple rough marking has killed him... with his link up with Coentrao.. he will gain huge space.. Coentrao pass... CR.. shoot.. both exceptional..

It will lead to goals for CR.. and it will lead to amazing passing and options because of Coentrao's crossing and passing abilities.

In a 4-4-2 no one will be able to handle that duo.. and it will rip holes in the best D's in the world.. mark my words.

So when you say I have it wrong.. Josh.. and I appreciate your opinion.. I think you just aren't understanding my reasoning.

Is Coentrao a decent replacement for DiMaria.. sure he is.. he is actually better.. but will not score any goals.

But out of position..

my friend you are wrong..
and if they play him anywhere
else it is out of weakness.

It is their failures that have them contemplating moving him from a position of Mastery.

He is a great passer/crosser, links up well with wingers, has a hard working ability to clear the field, and is astute enough to know where he should be at all times when taking risks and making a tackle.

Personally I think no one is better in the world at LB, and he is only a young pup.
cardozo is great
18 Tuesday, 21 September 2010 14:42
i dont know if you guys saw abola this morning but it says cardozo scored 2 goals in 16 seconds that he had the ball now how many strikers can do that he is not a player who holds the ball and dribbles we all know that he also needs a good midfield around him but the point is he scores goals a lot he is a great finisher when he gets the chance most likely he will finish he got about 4 or 5 shots 1 he hit the post and the other was a close header and 2 were goals that is crazy he barely touched the ball but almost got a hatrick lol cardozo is great forget what the haters say scoring 37 goals last season or 81 goals in 3 season and about 7 games lol he is class i love the haters so all you sportings fans keep hating cause he has now scored 6 goals vs sporting lol
well done cardozo let the haters talk
Orlandomac is wrong about coentrao
17 Tuesday, 21 September 2010 07:50
Orlandomac you are wrong about coentrao, simple as that, again fone peixiti is crap, get a new LB, coentrao is a winger, he is a good aggressive tackler, but he turns and runs backwards to get to an attacker, a defender cant do that it gives away too many meters on the pitch.

There is no good arguement which supports a player playing out of position, none at all. (other than covering gaps in the squad but the wings are a gap on Benficas squad anyway).
16 Tuesday, 21 September 2010 06:16
partizan belgrade - the champion of europe
Huge holes...
15 Tuesday, 21 September 2010 02:05
I am sorry but I disagree with some of you..

sure Coentrao is an adequate replacement on the wing.. but he is no where near world class as a winger.. as a left back he is world class.

If you watched over the last few seasons you would know this. Now I appreciate you gentlemen are thinking positive and are hoping to solve the dilmena our manager/Costa have us in, but it is no where near adquate over a season.

Peixoto should not even be on our reserve squad.. he is too slow.. too weak.. and dives like a pussy.

With the money they spent this off season and recieved we should not be in this predictament.

JJ is to blame for the majority of it.. and his stubborness in his squad selection will continue to haunt this squad.. until he:
A) changes his mind
B) gets fired

I prefer the latter.

Anyone that rates Roberto & Cesar over Quim & Moreira should be analy probed with a rocket launcher.

Then his fascination with PeixeHo..

plays Aim-retarded & Martins at the same time.. when one is too many most of the time.

then he turns down Simao's return..

sends 5 servicable players on loan..

He is fully to blame for the start.. and sooner or later will be sacked mark my words.

As for those that complain about Cardozo I believe you just don't get him.. he is a ball at the feet guy in the grand area.. give him an early ball and it is a waste period.. aces in their places.. sure he misses a few strikes.. name me one striker that scores at over 50% shooting percentage?


He by far is not the worst starting this season Saviola has done much much worse.. and looks half of the time like he doesn't care to run after a pass into an open area. He should've been replaced already.

Gaitan was a bad aquisition.. Jara looks decent but they would have to play with 3 forwards then.. something JJ hasn't been comfortable doing until the last 10 mins.

Hey Benfica won a game and I cheered loudly.. but lets not get carried away.. much work yet to do.. and many issues yet to be resolved.

I don't know which one it is but either Veira or Costa are pocketing huge money in the background for signing these bums that they are loaning out most of them.. definitely some dirty deals going on.. as players like Roberto even my grandmother can tell is shit.. and she is 95ish..

If she didn't have a bad hip she could replace that bum and allow less goals.

JJ should be comparing notes with Queiroz.. on a long permanent vacation.
To Little too late...
14 Monday, 20 September 2010 23:46
Not manny people expected benfica to loose at home, especially all the complaining about the refs, evidence was Coentrao pushes a Sporting player and gets no card, and then he gives one to Hélder Postiga for a lesser foul. Peixoto strugles at deffence, and is Liedson was at his best, all those coughed up balls by Roberto would have been in the net.. I don't know, but this team is far from last years form.
13 Monday, 20 September 2010 21:53
Cardozo's best game this season by a mile!
12 Monday, 20 September 2010 19:08
Fabio Coentrao was excellent in the "Di Maria" role. He is a fantastic wingback, but I think Peixoto won't be too bad at left back. Coentrao has loads of energy and I think he is more than capable of tracking back and helping Peixoto defend.

I also think that Ruben Amorim should start over Matins in the right side, not only because he is more similar to Ramires when it comes to tracking back, but also because he seems to work better with Aimar . Martins is more of an impact player who can be subbed in the second half to add some more attacking options, but he shouldn't start with Aimar.

my starting 11 for Benfica


All three of our keepers are mediocre, but Roberto will likely start.

Forca Benfica!!!!!!!
11 Monday, 20 September 2010 13:30
We just need to keep improving on this.
Coentrao moving back to his natural position of left wing, seems to be a nevessary evil.
Remeber that Gaitan mostly played in the middle of the field in Brazil. We could see him there as a sub for Martins and/or Aimar.

I'm actually of the belief that Peixoto will be fine at left back. We might be losing something going forward, due to his pace, but I would prefer to solidify that backline. They have been getting a pass on their bad play do far this season.

I also agree that we should have seen Kardec, and even Jara earlier.

Lets not drop points vs Maritimo. They have been awful, and we don't need to make their year.

Although Schalke has been bad so far in the Bundes, we know they won't be easy.
some positives
10 Monday, 20 September 2010 08:46
A better display from Benfica, though there are still concerns on Roberto. Sporting played terribly, their midfield has no muscle.
JJ should have taken Cardozo off around 65min, he looked very tired, so im a little concerned on our attcking options other than Oscar & Saviola. Kardec needs game time
The referee was better but the linesman was shocking , bad calls for sporting mostly on the offside but some for us.

need a good result at Schalke
Coentrao on the wing!
9 Monday, 20 September 2010 08:02
It is like i said before and people tell me im wrong, no im right, benfica are at their best when Coentrao is on the wing, fine that leaves Peixoto at left back, too bad get a better left back if your not happy with him, Coentrao is a winger and Benfica need him there this year.

Simple as that.
8 Monday, 20 September 2010 02:04
Benfica are slowly improving to last years form....players used at the WC are almost back to full fitness....and the team is starting to gel and look the champions they are. All is not lost, still lots of campeonato left. Forca SLB!!!
7 Monday, 20 September 2010 00:05
Amazing how the officiating was better this week after talk of Carlsberg Cup boycotting and having fans not attend away games. Very interesting....im sure when we play Porto and Braga things will change.
Cardozo Is Overrated
6 Sunday, 19 September 2010 23:01
Cardozo is actually a very mediocre striker. Watch any Benfica game, and he scuffs about 75% of his chances. The thing is, Benfica's build up play/midfield is so good that he gets over 10 clear chances nearly every game. I think Makakula would have been a smarter choice for Benfica as he is much more clinical and has a much more imposing physique.
Viva Benfica
5 Sunday, 19 September 2010 22:56
The Benfica from last season is slowly coming back...Each and every game we improve and no doubt this was our best performance of the season to date...We could've easily scored another two or three if we had a little bit more luck, but the 2-0 scoreline will do just fine...Also the two players, Roberto and Cardozo, were getting a lot of heat from the Benfiquista's early on in the season, but they are really coming into their own...Roberto grows in confidence each game and hopefully we don't see no more "frangos" for the rest of the season and CarGolo is starting to find his scoring touch again...He could've easily added another two to his name if weren't for the post or his misplaced header...Lastly bold move for "JJ" to start Coentrao as a winger ...His just as solid as playing as a winger as he does left-back...If he keeps Coentrao out on the wing then we yet again have a problem at left-back because C.Peixoto is not Benfica material
Great win
4 Sunday, 19 September 2010 22:14
Defense was much better this time, but we still got alot of work to do. Now look forward to Maritimo! SLB!
well done
3 Sunday, 19 September 2010 22:12
could be more goals today, now let's hope that Nacional win the corrupted pigs tomorrow

we are back to win the league title again!!!
2 Sunday, 19 September 2010 21:20
Campeao dos tuneis!
well Benfica won
1 Sunday, 19 September 2010 21:11
brace by Cardoza

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