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Sunday, 26 September 2010 22:50

Wasteful Sporting fall further behind leading pack

Sporting 1-1 Nacional

Carlos SaleiroDespite a much improved display Sporting had to content themselves with a point tonight after being held to a 1-1 draw by Nacional at the Alvalade. Saleiro put the Lions ahead, but Danielson struck an equaliser to give the Madeira team a fortuitous point.
Sporting are now lying in mid-table, a full 10 points behind runaway leaders FC Porto, and were overtaken in the standings this weekend by Lisbon rivals Benfica. A paltry five goals scored in six games tells its own story. Once again Paulo Sergio’s side let themselves down with poor finishing.

Inspired Vukcevic

Whereas Nacional, aside from the goal, did not force Rui Patricio into a single save, the hosts created a hatful of chances, most of which were carved out by the superb Vukcevic. As the radio commenter sitting by my side so succinctly put it: “It appears that Vukcevic fell into Asterix and Obelix’s cauldron of magic potion before the match!”
That the Montenegrin is a magnificent footballer, most observers in Portugal already know, but too often he has failed to put his talents to consistent use in a run of games or even throughout the duration of a single game. When it all comes together he is a handful for any defender. Nacional left-back Nuno Pinto will certainly not recall this game fondly as he was run ragged by the winger all match long.
Indeed, despite the disappointing result there were bright spots for Sporting. As well as Vukcevic, on the other wing Diogo Salomao showed a freshness and vibrancy that augurs well for the future, and was unlucky not to mark his debut in league play with a goal when he turned a Vukcevic cross onto the post.
Saleiro, brought on for the misfiring Liedson, produced a spectacular finish (from, of course, another Vukcevic cross) to put Sporting ahead on 63 minutes. Zapater, deputising for the injured Maniche, also slotted in well alongside Andre Santos, who continues to produce performances in the middle of the park of a maturity beyond his years.

Brave Sergio decision

A word of praise should also go to coach Paulo Sergio, who made the brave decision to take off star man Liedson and Yannick Djalo at the interval with the game still goalless. The second-half showings from their replacements Saleiro and Salomao fully vindicated his option.
Before and after the goal Vukcevic twice, Postiga, Djalo, Salomao and Andre Santos had all come close to scoring but were denied by a mixture of wayward shooting, good goalkeeping and plain bad luck.
The home team were made to pay when Danielson took advantage of a naïve attempt by Sporting’s defence to play the offside trap to neatly slide in and volley past Patricio. As the hosts lost their shape in the final minutes Nacional could even have snatched a late winner had they shown more composure with a series of counter-attacks in which they had a numerical advantage.
Sporting must now pick themselves up as they turn their attentions to international competition on Thursday, with a Europa League fixture at home to Levski Sofia. Nacional will be delighted to have arrested a run of three consecutive defeats and will look to use this result as a springboard for mounting a challenge to earn a European place, starting with next week’s home match against Portimonense.
by Tom Kundert
Rui Patricio, Joao Pereira, Daniel Carrico, Nuno Andre Coelho, Evaldo, Vukcevic, Andre Santos (Matias Fernandez, 82), Zapater, Yannick (Diogo Salomao, 46), Postiga, Liedson (Saleiro, 46)
Yellow Cards: Saleiro, Fernandez, Vukcevic

Bracali, Claudemir, Felipe Lopes, Danielson, Nuno Pinto, Luis Alberto, Thiago Gentil (Mihelic, 66), Pecnik (Bruno Amaro, 72), Skolnik, Orlando Sa (Anselmo, 65), Edgar Costa
Yellow Cards:
[1-0] Saleiro, 64
[1-1] Danielson, 80

Comments (14)
14 Tuesday, 28 September 2010 21:05
the only place its between benfica and porto is in your mind....what makes benfica 2nd? what have they done? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTHING.......lol Benfica made eusebio? have you ever read the qoute where a former benfica player from the 60s said "with eusebio we win tri euro cups without him we MIGHT win the league"so seems to me like eusebio made benfica not the other way around... you guys didnt make a damn thing those players where taught how to play by sporting they left because of incompetence in the front office...and WRONG eusebio didnt play for sporting because they wanted him to try out and he didnt whant to thats where your qoute comes from....next time try to include the whole story and not just the parts that fit your arguement....and btw SIMAO WAS NEVER GREAT..... FORCA SL BUENOS AIRES! KEEP CRYING TO THE REFS N LEAGUE ABOUT HOW YOU GET CHEATED LOL
Byran's got a point
13 Tuesday, 28 September 2010 20:52
Porto fans always say they its Porto, Benfica, then Sporting, while Benfica fans its Benfica, Porto, then Sporting. I would even say that Braga fans at this point in time think they progressively getting better then Sporting the past couple of years.

Anyways I've always seen Sporting as my second club after Benfica, so its been sad to see them have so many great squads over the past 10 years and win little with them. Recently it seems that they are getting a bit worse each year. Their fans seem to have turned their backs on the club and it is costing financially and therefore only making things worse.

I hope something turns around for them, i.e. a good run in Europa or one of the cups. I don't want to see Portugal with just two big clubs, I've always liked that we had the big 3 + the odd mid table team that gives them a run for their money (the moment Braga).
is that all you have mannyscp
12 Tuesday, 28 September 2010 19:26
come on all you talk about is our south americans cant you talk about our football jesus come up with something new i have a few things sporting are a disgrace 2nd u cant hold on to ur best players o yea i forgot about varela u guys are dumb for letting him go and 3rd well sporting ar ethe 3rd best team in portugal porto fans will consider there selves first benfica second and sporting third while benfica will do the opposite oif course with benfica first porto 2 and sporting 3 either way its always between benfica aand porto lol
a manny
11 Tuesday, 28 September 2010 19:16
did u ever see the interview where eusebio said he was too good for sporting and he was better then all of their players and he wanted quality around him lol so u had him and we made him great u had simao we made simao great u had queresma porto made him great u had ronaldo man united made him great same with nani moutinho is overrated and left sporting because he knows sporting is trash and porto is way better
10 Tuesday, 28 September 2010 14:02
at least moutinho and veloso are portuguese and from the alcochete....maybe benfica should just move its club to south america possibly buenos aires or sao paulo? You whant to talk about players wanting to leave? How about luisao? Cardozo? Luiz? How about your BF simao turning down the chance to comeback to his second team? lol and we shall see how overrated moutinho and veloso are.
keep coming 4 every year then lol
9 Tuesday, 28 September 2010 13:43
then keep coming 4 it doesnt bother me what you guys have 18 leagues while benfica slkowly but surely will go from 32 to 33 to 34 while wait sporting will be at 18 18 18 lol congrats i know ur miserable not all of u can be benfica fans lol
Funny mannyscp
8 Tuesday, 28 September 2010 04:50
It didn't really matter that Moutinho and Veloso left Sporting you know why because there overated. Moutinho might of been captain for Sporting but it's disgusting for a "promising" talent to miss the World Cup. Moutinho was desperate for success so he goes to Sporting's other rivals FCP and slaps your club right in the face that's how much he respect your club. Talk about Veloso! Paulo Bento didn't even like his attitude because he is such of a embarrassment he can't defend or tackle right and the only time he gets praises is when he shoots at the net and from dead-ball situations. Veloso or Moutinho never made a big impact for Sporting where Di Maria and Ramires did for Benfica.
7 Tuesday, 28 September 2010 02:32
oh yeah and those 2 arent even products of benfica....but well let that slide lol the truth is benfica didnt have any players on the nt that they produced
6 Monday, 27 September 2010 23:45
and what has benfica done the last 10 years? NOTHING what has benfica contributed to the national team? NOTHING Ronaldo Figo Eusebio the three greatest Portuguese players of all time came from where??? SPORTING (eusebio came from sporting club of lourenco marques which was a subsidiary of scp) along with countless others including your boys miguel and simao....You should thank god everyday of your life that sportings upper management is as bad as its school is excellent(imagine p. da costa at sporting you wouldnt stand a chance)....and please when you say a midfield of javi garcia aimar carlos martins and gaitin is "great" you expose your biased ignorance....and you mention sporting selling moutinho and veloso? did benfica not sell Di Maria and Ramires? LOL and you can bet they are going to sell luiz and coentrao in january or def this summer....id rather come in 4th with mostly homegrown or portuguese players than win with 1 portuguese on the field (you can keep your fraudulant title)...

p.s. guimaraes had more players on the NT @ the world cup (b alves, duda, and pedro mendes) than benfica (coentrao, r.amorim) LOLOL
sporting always have future
5 Monday, 27 September 2010 20:58
sporting have been having the future for years where are they now moutinho gone veloso gone ronaldo been gone nani gona lol djalo leaving and they will keep selling their youts all of which didnt win the league with sporting congrats sporting and they have no strike force u have the occasional goal from saleiro WOW liedson is finished postiga well he is postiga lol pongolle was garbage and cant make it anywhere and they have some oldies like pedro mendes maniche all of which are going nowhere compare benficas squad to sporting yes they have more portuegese but yes wuith more portuegese they came fourth last year i wish benfica wold get more pudagee talent but its not happening
David luiz and fabio coentrao is better then there whole back line carlos martins aimar javi garcia gaitan that is a great midfield while sporting sold their best midfielder and atttack even though benfica have been lacking we any one of our strikers can go on form like cardozo saviola jara and if u want youth we still have miguel vitor out on loan urreta who i hope we bring back jara is also young kardec who has a real future ahead of him roderick our 18 year old center back nelson oliveira so yea sporrting has had the better futre for the past ten years and 10 years later what has been happening thank u
Sporting is a young team
4 Monday, 27 September 2010 19:25
They will obviously make mistakes. However, Sporting's portuguese prospects for the future are better than Benfica's or Porto's. Andre Santos and Diogo Salomao are amazing.

P.S if this was Benfica the fans would be treatening the league. That's what crybabys do.
Sporting still in crisis
3 Monday, 27 September 2010 15:15
Sporting still in crisis they wanna fire their coach already they have no believe jorge jesus lost 3 games already we havent brought ou tthe white flags lol
What a goal
2 Monday, 27 September 2010 14:03
Amazing goal from Saleiro.
Vukcevic & Obelix
1 Monday, 27 September 2010 13:13
If Vukcevic got more as Asterix and less as Obelix may be he can play like that every week!

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