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Sunday, 13 February 2011 08:49

Sporting pegged back in the Algarve

Olhanense 2-2 Sporting

Helder PostigaA Helder Postiga brace seemed to have put Sporting on course for a much needed win at Olhao last night, but two goals in three minutes from Ismaily and Daniel Carrico (in his own net) kept Olhanense’s unbeaten home record intact and earned the Algarve outfit a deserved point.

Sporting travel to Glasgow Rangers on Thursday as the Europa League resumes, and under-pressure coach Paulo Sergio would have been hoping for a confidence-boosting performance ahead of the trip to Scotland. He did not get it.
The performance exemplified Sporting’s wretched season, with sporadic moments of good passing football largely rendered futile by calamitous defending and long spells in which the opposition dictated play.

Fine header

The visitors took the lead on 27 minutes as a neat move between Joao Pereira and Helder Postiga enabled the latter to get behind the Olhanense defence, and when his cross deflected high into the air, Postiga reacted well to plant a firm header into the net from a tight angle.

The hosts came back strongly and Djalmir and Ismaily were both within a whisker of equalising shortly before the break. Olhanense continued to enjoy the upper hand in the second half, with Sporting adopting a counter-attacking game plan.

And when Helder Postiga, upon being released by substitute Matias Fernandez, fired confidently past Ricardo Batista shortly after the hour, it appeared Sporting would be returning to Lisbon with the three points.


But Olhanense have made their Jose Arcanjo Stadium a fortress this season, and an intense spell of pressure brought instant rewards. On 65 minutes Ismaily reduced the deficit, punishing hesitant defending from Sporting, then a swift attack down the right flank ended with Sporting captain Daniel Carrico turning a cross into his own net.
Emotions were running high as both teams looked for the winner. Paulo Sergio was sent to the stands for protesting too vehemently and Adilson then managed the notable achievement of getting himself sent off one minute after coming on as a substitute for an x-rated challenge on Torsiglieri.
As if Sporting did not have enough to worry about, left-backs Grimi (injured) and Evaldo (suspended) will definitely miss next week’s Lisbon derby against Benfica, while midfield playmaker Valdes is also doubtful after going off injured in the first half.

Olhanense in Europe?

Olhanense, on the other hand, can be proud on their Liga ZON Sagres efforts this season. The club with one of the lowest budgets in the top flight are assured of survival in the upper echelon of Portuguese football long before the end of the campaign. Indeed, lying just two points off fifth place, Dauto Faquira’s charges can legitimately dream of snatching a European berth.

[0-1] Postiga, 27
[0-2] Postiga, 62
[1-2] Ismaily, 64
[2-2] Daniel Carrico, 66 (own goal)
by Tom Kundert
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Comments (15)
15 Monday, 14 February 2011 18:35
You are only taking the negaive from Sporting's result, but you are forgetting what a big point that was for Olhanense, but then again, it shows how many teams are cared about in Portugal. About 5. You really should support you're local team........
Benfica behind Sporting
14 Monday, 14 February 2011 17:16
Rankings of the last decade

A Lot Work To Do
13 Monday, 14 February 2011 05:15
jon, thank you for your analysis, I don't know how this became a "I hate/I defend Benfica" post. It's getting silly and driving the site down.

As for Sporting there is a ton of work to do. I may always despise the club, but I know their importance to Portugal and the league. I hope that they can embrace their history and get it together.
Finances could get better for them in a hurry. I like the idea of them opening an academy in China. In could bring in earnings and influence if handled right.
Sportings Europa League form has also been better than their league form.

Let me also say, league standings don't matter when it comes to the Lisbon derby. I expect nothing less than a tough match come next weekend.

As Olhanense being able to expand on their fan base and support, they have a long way to go. It may take a few years in the Superliga for it to take hold.
Guimaraes fans are really passionate and Braga fans aren't far behind.
hey MDOT
12 Monday, 14 February 2011 03:34
You know what's funnier bryan/scb is always talking about benfica having no future talent yet on another article he was saying he wants to see nelson oliveira and D Simao lol shows how muce knows about football because they are 2 Benfica players hahahaha Forca Benfica and yes he will be back on the porto bandwagon next season because Braga will probably not make Europa lol
RE Mdot/SupremoGino
11 Monday, 14 February 2011 03:31
We all your the same person.

First off, Braga will make the Uefa cup next year.

Secondly, Braga has more prospects then Benfica does for the national team. You should have already realized that by now. More and BETTER prospects as well. Who do you guys have? David Simao? Pizzi > David Simao.

Don't get me started on your pitiful academy that hasn't contributed anything to the Seleccao in recent years. Braga's academy has in Tiago Mendes and Eduardo. What have Benfica produced? Nelson? LOLZ! Shame. What a waste of money.

We have so many prospects and they are all having good years as well. Yazalde, Pizzi, Helder Barbosa, Silvio, Tiago Pinto, Ukra, Dani, Anibal Capela and the list is too long to mention. Benfica's prospects are horrible. What Martins, Ruben Amorim? Both of them suck. Don't get me started on Moreira... WOW
lol bryan/scb
10 Monday, 14 February 2011 03:29
Its sad that you switched in the first place and you consider yourselve a hardcore fan trust me your not I don't care what happens I will support benfica till I die I got a tattoo of benficas emblem when I was 14 because I knew that they would be forever the team that I love but you are a fake fan you switched from porto to braga because you thought braga was on the rise but your not even a braga fan your a anti benfiquista and I bet your not even sad that porto beat braga you will be for porto next season trust me because you are not a DIE hard fan you are a FAKE
lol no name Braga fan
9 Sunday, 13 February 2011 22:37
You don't have to worry about this clown since he'll be back on the Porto bandwagon by next year when Braga doesn't even make it to Europa.

Answer me this how many national team players from Braga are on Portuguese starting 11? I know Benfica have 2 and they also have the most National team players from U20 national team from Portugal, so it continues to be the big 3 that continue to produce usable talent for the national team, not just rejects.
I know nothing about about football?
8 Sunday, 13 February 2011 19:46
It wasn't automatic because portuguese league was in 9th before Braga made it through. Thanks to Braga the league is in 6th meaning 2nd goes automatic... but it depends how all of us do in the Uefa. I'm not going back to Porto. I respect Porto and Sporting more than I respect Benfica, the Anti- Portuguese South American Eagles.
it isnt automatic
7 Sunday, 13 February 2011 17:38
Lol it isn't automatic don't you remember braga playing cetic and sevillha
you dont get it
6 Sunday, 13 February 2011 17:30
Sporting winning makes it harder for Braga to come 3 don't you realize that. I don't like sporting but I respect them I respect every team unlike you you are a hater I hate porto with a passion but I respect them because they are a great team but my point is if sporting wins you are for sure not coming 3 but your problem is that you are a anti benfiquista like I have said many times you know nothing about football you just know how to hate go back to your real team Porto they will be in the CL next year
I'm every team but Anti- Benfica.
5 Sunday, 13 February 2011 17:17
If you haven't noticed I really appreciate Sporting party because Sporting is Portugal's team. If there isn't a part of you that doesn't like Sporting you aren't Portuguese. In other words, Sporting winning helps the national team.

Benfica is the anti- portuguese team. Even Braga and Porto have more portuguese players in their starting 11 then Benfica. Not only that but Benfica embarrass Portugal in Europe. Why any patriotic portuguese person would support Benfica I don't know.

It would make sense that I want Sporting to beat Benfica because I hate Benfica and love Sporting. Why do I hate Benfica? However, when Sporting plays Braga I will want Braga to win.

P.S Benfica is only in the CL next year because of braga's performance. Braga made the league 6th in the world. In other words, if it wasn't for Braga, second place wouldn't be an automatic qualification for the CL.
4 Sunday, 13 February 2011 16:51
Wouldn't you hope that benfica beats sporting so braga can try to catch up to sporting?if If I was a braga fan that's what I would want but at the same time if sporting beats benfica that's good for Porto o yea I forgot u are a portista
Europa League
3 Sunday, 13 February 2011 16:44
It would be great if Sporting did well in the Europa League, but with their form of late, it's highly unlikely. There has been some bright spots this season like Andre Santos, Rui Patricio, Valdes and Salomao, but they aren't even close to Porto and Benfica in terms of quality.

In defense, Evaldo and especially Polga are disastrous at times. Carrico and Pereira are good players, but Sporting can't just rely on 2 good defenders. Also, what happened to Nuno Andre Coelho? He was pretty impressive at the beginning of the season.

The midfield is their strength, but they definitely miss Moutinho. Pedro Mendes, Andre Santos, and Valdes are all good players. Maniche is nowhere near the player he was 5-6 years ago. Matias Fernandez is a talented player, but injuries and inconsistency have not helped his development.

The weakest part of Sporting in my opinion is the attack. Liedson is a Sporting legend and he was always a consistent goal scorer so he is a massive loss. Postiga isn't bad at all, but he needs to be more consistent. Vukcevic is way too selfish and takes way too much time on the ball. Djalo is quick, but he has poor ball control and a terrible first touch.
Maniche was at fault on the first olhanense goal
2 Sunday, 13 February 2011 14:52
Sporting really need to clear out the garbage. Starting with Paulo Sergio, Vukcevic, Maniche, Polga, Evaldo. Hopefully Sporting can beat Benfica next week.
Algarve support
1 Sunday, 13 February 2011 14:04
I can't think of a time where this region has had a good team they can cheer for. I think Olhanesnse can have a fan base the same, if not bigger then the likes of Braga or Guimaraes since the south of the country is the least represented in the Liga. The thing I wonder is how long they can keep this up since they still have Braga, Benfica, and Porto that are going to pay them a visit. Either way I wish them luck since a good Algarve team will help boost the quality of our Liga.

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