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Sunday, 06 November 2011 20:54

Braga 1-1 Benfica

An evening to remember at the Quarry

Benfica and Braga played out a memorable 1-1 draw at the Quarry this evening, but goals from Lima and Rodrigo were only part of the story. Floodlight trouble, refereeing controversy, amicable post-match interaction…this game had it all. 

With Elderson suspended and Imorou unfit, Leonardo Jardim shifted Paulo Vinicius over to left back, and Douglao made his first Liga start alongside Ewerton at the heart of the Braga defence. Nuno Gomes started on the bench against his former club. Jorge Jesus made three changes from the 1-1 draw with Basel on Wednesday: Javi Garcia returned from injury, Ruben Amorim replaced Bruno Cesar in a move designed to neuter Braga’s attacking threat on the flanks, and Cardozo came in for Rodrigo. The Eagles lined up in their 4-2-3-1 ‘European’ formation.

After a typically feisty opening, Benfica settled the quicker, and denied the home side possession well for a time. However, Braga worked their way into the contest, and had the first opening on goal: a loose pass from Gaitan was seized upon by Lima, and the Brazilian forced a low save from his former teammate Artur.

Moments later, Gaitan found himself in space on the left wing, and delivered a precise ball in for Ruben Amorim, but the midfielder’s shot was charged down by Ewerton. The resulting corner was met by Javi Garcia at the near post, but the Spaniard failed to divert his header on target.

That trio of chances represented the clearest opportunities for either side, as the first half unfolded in a cagey, tense manner, with the midfield areas particularly congested. The flow of the game was not aided by three extended interruptions following the failure of one set of floodlights. This resulted in over thirty minutes of first half injury time.

Unsurprisingly given the length of the interruptions, the injury time was fairly short on goalmouth action. But just after the thirty-three minute mark, Braga took the lead in a fashion that befitted the controversy that defined the match. A Leanrdo Salino cross struck Emerson on the arm and Pedro Proenca pointed to the spot, but replays indicated that the decision was a harsh one: the Benfica left back was turning away from the ball, and his arm was not outstretched. Undistracted by the vociferous protests, Lima stepped and fired almost straight down the middle, beating Artur who had dove to his right. Moments later Proenca blew for half time, almost eighty minutes after he had started the match.

The second half was mercifully devoid of any further interruptions, and both sides set about their respective tasks with full commitment. Having taken the lead, Braga attempted to smother their opponents’ attacking forays, with Hugo Viana in particular an all-action presence in the heart of the midfield.

However, their efforts were cancelled out with seventeen minutes remaining, when Rodrigo (who had replaced Gaitan at the interval) levelled the scores with his second goal in as many matches. Salino failed to clear with his header, and the Spaniard arrived late into the box, shot, and the ball took a wicked deflection off the unfortunate Douglao and beyond Quim.

It was undoubtedly a fortuitous equaliser, but that mattered little to the jubilant away supporters, who roared their side on in pursuit of a winner. However, the final stages were gritty, fiercely contested and lacking in goalmouth action. Referee Pedro Proenca issued a total of seven cautions, and both sides were a little fortunate to reach the final whistle with a full complement of players.

The exception to the stalemate arrived moments before the full time whistle, and once again Rodrigo was the central protagonist, controlling a long ball with impressive ease but dragging his shot across the face of goal.

The draw leaves Benfica level on points with Porto heading into the international break, whilst Braga are five back from the leaders in 5th.

[1-0] Lima 45’
[1-1] Rodrigo 73’

Braga: Quim; Baiano (Salino 22’), Douglao, Ewerton, Paulo Vinicius; Djamal, Hugo Viana; Alan, Mossoro (Merida 78’), Helder Barbosa (Paulo Cesar 75); Lima.

Benfica: Artur; Maxi Pereira, Luisao, Garay, Emerson; Javi Garcia, Witsel; Ruben Amorim (Bruno Cesar 84’), Aimar (Nolito 74’), Gaitan (Rodrigo 46’); Cardozo.

Ben Shave

Comments (21)
NJ Jardim and JJ are both morons
21 Tuesday, 08 November 2011 15:58
Im glad your not denying unlike some of these clowns that JJ was conservative at Braga. Benfica was literrally looking (with the line-up they presented ) like they were playing for the draw. I dont understand how some of these Benfica fans claim that Braga only knows how to "defend"...thats stupid. Braga were giving Benfica problems all the time.

Jardim should have played Nuno Gomes in the second half... but he decided to pull a "Jorge Jesus " and decided to pull back too.
Bryan, I agreed with you
20 Tuesday, 08 November 2011 14:58
Bryan, did you see how I agreed with you in regards to Benfica winning easily over Braga if JJ just played a more attacking lineup.
Amorin was/is worthless, if Maxi is healthy.
Don't back out now. You said that JJ was an idiot for going for the draw, and it played into Braga's hands.
I agree. If Nolito or Cesar started ahead of Amorin we would be all alone in first place.

Bryan, why so few showed up for the match. You should have given more tickets to Benfica. You would have at least made more money, which teh club needs.
19 Tuesday, 08 November 2011 14:27
why in the world would I let these bunch racist supporting, semi-finalist loser Benfica fans bother me? Nah man. Dont forget Im literrally in charge of a large Anti-Benfica page and we're all laughing at how dumb some of these Benfica fans are.
Hey fake(matt/slb), How am I Quaresma ???
18 Tuesday, 08 November 2011 14:19
I hate Quaresma ! lol your dumb man.
Quaresma10 = BryanSCB
17 Tuesday, 08 November 2011 14:13
Figures you would pick the name of a clown like Ricardo Q as an new fake alias for your comments. How fitting. Here is a suggestion: Use your real name!
You people frame Alan but Javi Garcia is no saint
16 Tuesday, 08 November 2011 12:11
Javi Garcia is a barbarian on the field. Anyone who acts like that is capable of saying garbage. Look at Matterrazi. Supporting racism eh? real classy. You people should be ashamed
Alan's Comments
15 Tuesday, 08 November 2011 03:16
Bryan- Lets look at this very carefully.

1. Last season Alan has his theatrics( whether it's was a foul or not what he did was wrong and should have got a very heavy fine and big game suspension. It was disgraceful and it is jokes like him that make Portugal look bad, not teams having few Portuguese players) against Javi Garcia. Garcia called his crap last season and Alan was not very happy. If Alan can pull that crap on the field he can certainly pull even more crap off of it.

2. If Javi Garcia did say anything why did Alan wait until today to reveal these comments and not yesterday after the game. What, did Alan forget that Javi said such terrible things.

3. As to whether Braga deserving a win. Well a Braga player who has played for both teams, Quim, said what was true. He obviously did not come out and say Braga did not deserve a win because that is the team he is playing for, but considering that he did not say that they deserved to win either. He just stated what was fact- he did not have to much work to do.

4. A former Braga player and hero, Artur, knows what hoes on inside Braga very well and he comes out and says that when Benfica play in Braga out of this world things happen(lights three times went out, which could only benefit Braga a counter attacking team)

5. If you recall the harsh penalty call on Emerson, which gifted Braga a chance going into the second half. Also before this penalty in the first half a bigger penalty claim went in Benfica's favour which was not called. You know what I am refferring to, but let me refresh your memory - Luisao being brought down in Braga's box on a corner kick.

6. Lastly, if Braga dominated everything why did they not have any clear open play chance of scoring. Yes they shot more times than Benfica, but they were mostly from outside the box in harmless positions. Benfica may had less shots, but the opportunities were better. For example, Cardozo's header that just went wide, Rodrigo's goal and Rodrigo' chance at the end that could have stole all three points( I named the three greatest chances of the game after reviewing all chances created by both teams. Interesting those MAJOR chances were all Benfica.
- Also if your going to say that Braga dominated in terms of ball control then Benfica would still beat Braga( Benfica 52 percent possession)

Bryan instead of trying to tick people off, watch the game, comment on what actually happenned and ignore what some idiot players like Alan say. I am not saying that all Braga players are no good because all are good players and most good people, but Alan is not one those good people and deserves no respect from opponents nor fans nor Braga fans. He has great talent but he disgraces a nice club like Braga. So instead of backing up dumb crap he does, critisize him.

Hopefully Alan is taught a very good lesson by all opposing teams, especially by Porto, sporting and benfica. Hopefully they make him look like a fool on and off the pitch so he can learn. Such talent wasted by stupidity. What a pity.
ther eis no proof of what javi did
14 Tuesday, 08 November 2011 00:18
http://abola.pt/nnh/ver.aspx?id=297408 javi might get a fine but alan might get in trouble too

and i love arturs comment isnt it funny how lights going ff onyl happened when benfica was playing good
and i love how bryan/scb thinks its a penalty yet if benfica got a penalty it would be cheating yea thats why no one take su serious
should i believe alan the same guy who grabbed his face when javi hit him in his chest i think not
Bryan, quit while u r ahead....
13 Monday, 07 November 2011 23:57
JJ already said that Amorim started so that Benfica could challenge Braga out wide and shut down their supposed stregth-their wing players... I personally didnt agree with the decision, but so be it. Benfica playing for a tie? Come on bro- they went to the Dragao to attack when they played Porto-why would they play conservative @ Braga? Makes no sense... Wait till you come to Lisbon and get the down home country whoopin' you deserve! Dont make excuses... PS Hugo Viana is a clown, a crybaby, and an embarrassment to your team in general.
12 Monday, 07 November 2011 23:10
"Quem simula no campo e capaz de a fazar fora" Javi Garcia on Alan. I could go on for days about the game, a troll, and Braga, but this says it all.

Good luck to Portugal against Bosnia, but the one I cant wait for is Benfica Sporting!
11 Monday, 07 November 2011 21:01
Lol Why is every benfica fan cracking jokes about braga paying their electric bill and that its a "vergonha"? Is that what happened last year when Porto clinched the league title at the Luz last year? Oh no must be the jealousy and hatred that Benfica lost at home to Porto and let them win the league title on their pitch, and being a bunch of sore loosers, now thats a "vergonha". Its embarrasing benfica's coach blamed the draw on the lights lolol. Surprised they didnt say Braga were favored because half the team is "pretos" just go ask Javi Garcia (for his racist comments which by the way makes me sick, very sick). Suck it up Benfiquistas if the penalty call was reversed you wouldnt be saying a thing and take the draw and zip it you were lucky to leave with a draw. And for BryanSCB dont let these Benfica bullies bully you around you have a right to bash benfica after they talk crap about every team because benfica is so perfect (PATHETIC) they are no better and one of the most inperfect teams i have seen and inconsistent also.
Short term memories
10 Monday, 07 November 2011 19:47
Comments on electricians made me laugh...seems there are some ppl here with short term memories concerning lighting at the stadiums.
9 Monday, 07 November 2011 18:31
I actually agree with you Bryan, JJ failed us in this one.
The lineup definately suggested that a draw would be good enough. Playing Amorin to stop supposed deadly wingers, is laughable. Braga is a defensive squad, that hasn't scored much. The 4-2-3-1 lineup would have deal with Braga's counter with ease.
I agree, Bryan, Benfica should have won going away with the right lineup.

As for the racist remarks, we'll see how it plays out. If true he should be suspended indefinately. You just can't have that kind of thing in the game, in this day and age.
Javi has denied making any racist comments, although Dlamal has backed Alan. For me, if anyone wished death upon my kids, I just might punch him in the face right there and then.
It's incredible how many "racism" outcries have taken place lately. They should all be investigated, and dealt with.
Of course Bryan is right in front of it, and convicts before knowing all the facts.
Javi Garcia is a racist
8 Monday, 07 November 2011 16:10

I love Alan's comment

"Sempre que o Benfica joga aqui tenta encontrar desculpas. O SC Braga foi melhor durante o jogo, todos viram isso. "

Because he's right.Benfica played shitty and were lucky that their only shot on target was a goal. Benfica even started the game looking for a tie. Why else did Ruben Amorim start ahead of Nolito? As far as the racist comments by Javi... real classy... no wonder the Anti-Benfica nation is huge.
Good result for Benfica
7 Monday, 07 November 2011 13:01
With Porto having dropped points it would've been nice to get the win, but this will be one of the toughest fixtures of the liga season for us, so to get a point is pretty good.

I have to say this though, Braga are as boring as they come, any match involving them will not be exciting and free-flowing. Their emphasis is always to stop teams playing their game...getting an opportunity, taking it and then defending, defending, defending, to the end. This is how they got to the Europa League final, hats off to them it was a big achievement..but it was not great to watch, and the truth is that they made the Europa final a boring spectacle to watch with their defensive style of play (you can't say it was Porto, who were huge entertainers all of last season).

Anyway i think this break now comes at a good time for Benfica who haven't been in the best of form lately (even though we're still unbeaten). Hopefully this rest will rejuvenate the players in time for the big derby, which should be huge!!!
Re: Bryan
6 Monday, 07 November 2011 04:06
I'm with Dam. Spend some cash on a electrician! Vergunha!
5 Monday, 07 November 2011 00:50
so your saying thats a penalty? yes braga played better and yet you still don't deny that the penalty wa sin bragas favor..

this law is retarded so many times will you see a penalty like this, the player turns around with arms close to his body and he ball hits him, so its a penalty? in that case i should start shooting more at players and not at the goal. FIFA once again ruins the game...

not suprised though i knew since porto tied, Benfica would not win at Braga.

Kudos to Braga though, the lights stopped Benfica's tempo and were able to control the game. God i love this Leag-- er i won't even call it that.

Forca SLB contra 14 sempre jogamos!
Disappointed is not a strong enough word
4 Monday, 07 November 2011 00:03
First and foremost Braga did play a very good match. They were well organized and threatened.
But, to say tha Braga were better and deserved to win, is a bit overblown. Sorry Bryan.
Although I do feel that the draw was a fair result.

After saying that, there is no way that was a penalty on Emerson. The ball struck his upper arm while it a flush against his torso. It didn't hit an outstreched arm.
The penalty call was more than a harsh call.

As for Benfica;
Amorin? Really?
To deal with Braga's wide threats? Really?
The same Braga that has scored a total of 12 league goals going into the match?
The same Braga whose defense is its bread and butter?
Maybe the FPF had everything to do with Amorin's start. Maybe Bento called and asked JJ to justify his selection.

Why wait so long on Nolito and/or Cesar?
No reason to rest anyone, going into a break.

On a side note, did Braga forget to pay it's lighting bill?
Result and Porto
3 Sunday, 06 November 2011 23:37
For the better team it seems Braga needed abit of help didnt they Bryan, funny when Benfica gets penalties you make a big deal, when Braga gets a dud one its fine you make it so easy to not take you seriously.

Enjoy 5th place you deserve it :)

I wanted Porto to drop to 2nd because their frustrating me at the moment in europe however it seems like they are staying first for a few weeks, while my beloved Maritimo are in 4th :)
lights out
2 Sunday, 06 November 2011 22:07
If Braga want to be a top team they need a better electrician!!
The score was harsh never mind the penalty
1 Sunday, 06 November 2011 21:24
Braga clearly were the better team in this game and played better than Benfica. Braga should have won but unfortunately the better team sometimes doesnt win.

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