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Saturday, 26 November 2011 18:47

Javi Garcia heads Benfica to derby victory

Benfica 1-0 Sporting

SportingBenficaBenfica won the Lisbon derby thanks to a first-half Javi Garcia header in an engaging and even game at the Estadio da Luz, which also saw Benfica down to ten men after Oscar Cardozo was sent off.
With Luisao injured in Benfica’s 2-2 draw at Old Trafford it meant Ezequiel Garay was paired with Jardel in the centre-back spot and Oscar Cardozo was selected ahead of Rodrigo.
The first chance of the game came within just six minutes to the head of Ricky van Wolfswinkel who should have done better with Diego Capel’s cross.
Nico Gaitan came close to scoring a wonder goal soon when his long-range volley from a corner struck Rui Patricio’s inside post and, unfortunately for the Argentine, bounced out of harm’s way. Sporting went on the attack again as the game became stretched and Stijn Schaars’ shot went narrowly wide of Artur’s right hand post.
There would be concern for Sporting when Matias Fernandez picked up what looked like a hamstring injury after 27 minutes and had to be replaced by Andre Carrillo.

Crowd erupts

Benfica took the lead on 42 minutes when Javi Garcia headed home the impressive Pablo Aimar’s corner to send the Luz into raptures. Benfica finished an even half 1-0 ahead of their city rivals with the capacity crowd in full voice.
Upon the restart, it was the home side who were on top early on, Oscar Cardozo forcing Rui Patricio into a good save after having beaten two Sporting players in the box.
Sporting though began to force the issue more and the best chance of the game for Sporting came after 59 minutes when some superb Andre Carrillo footwork picked out a cross for Elias. Elias headed strongly but Artur pulled out a top draw save to deny the Brazilian.
The game turned on the 63rd minute when Oscar Cardozo was sent off for his second yellow of the match, the first coming after a scrap with van Wolfswinkel in which both players were booked and the second yellow for dissent. The decision from referee Joao Capela was harsh as other worse instances of dissent went unpunished. The sending off set the pace for the rest of the game.
Sporting almost took advantage straight away when Ricky van Wolfswinkel refused to give up on a loose ball and fed in Elias but the midfielder missed a golden opportunity to bring his side level.

Benfica work hard

Benfica now began to play more defensively hoping to hit Sporting on the counter-attack. Jorge Jesus will be proud of his side’s work ethic after the midweek trip to England that seemed to have no effect on his player’s energy levels.
There were late chances at either end. Patricio saved well to deny Rodrigo wrapping up the points, while Elias will know had he converted his late opportunity he could have salvaged a point for his side. 
In the end it was Benfica who finished the game with the three points and Sporting will look back on to some of their chances they wasted with regret.
Artur, Maxi Pereira, Jardel, Garay, Emerson, Javi Garcia, Witsel, Gaitan (Nolito, 86), Bruno Cesar (Ruben Amorim, 68), Aimar (Rodrigo, 65), Cardozo.
Rui Patricio, Joao Pereira, Onyewu, Polga, Insua (Bojinov, 80), Carrico (Andre Santos, 65), Schaars, Elias, Matias Fernandez (Carrillo, 26), Capel, Wolfswinkel
[1-0] Javi Garcia, 42
by Richard Cole

Comments (33)
33 Friday, 02 December 2011 06:49
After a lot of research it was determined that the 3 dots and grammar errors infuriated people like yourself...

so along with missed capitalization and speling errors we rolled it out on a consistent basis.. to great affect.We have personally locked out the spell checker also so it doesn't dynamically correct, and foil our plot to take over the world.

Besides we're only teasing you.. lighten up already.
Orlando Mac
32 Thursday, 01 December 2011 16:02
Now in a second post I will respond to what you had to say about the game which was absolutely nothing. You will not get the better of me with cheap insults on grammar when you like to utilize the three dots to indicate a pause. This is not acceptable in college writing or any formal writing for that matter. Next time pray for a spell and grammar check when posting online instead of educating yourself.
Nick the SP-ICK
31 Thursday, 01 December 2011 10:37
I hear lots of excuses from a very tight game...
Which most of your Red friends complimented the Green skills and especially Paciencia and his plan..

Fact is that when Jesus was walking on water (not the Benfica floating poop manager).. and was selecting who would win the last round in the Liga..

He saw your comments on PortuGOAL.. and awarded all decisions in Benfica's favour except for the second yellow and he only did that to screw you personally.

As all of us other fans agreed he carried it out.. and clearly tortured you.. we all requested more but turning the other cheek shit got in the way.

When LFV was thinking about cages he was thinking of you.. he thought that NIck the SP-ICK was coming.. he was disappointed when you didn't turn up and burned the section himself in protest.. since he already had the gasoline.. it was a WTF.. situation...

I watched for hours... when I found out the place burned and you were not there.. I too was upset.. what was the point of the cage.

Now we love Sporting fans.. I have actually cheered on Sporting many times.. even got rained on for the last smashing of Juve.. most pleasurable.. so this isn't a club thing.. we only admire you for your personality.

So when you say Benfica fans and their hollier than thou attitude... in your own admission that is true for all fans. Since every team including your own is HOLLIER THAN YOU..

So as Jesus was walking on water and handing out talents. you clearly didn't get the gift of intellect.. the gift of grammar.. capitalization.. paragraph breaks.. and most importantly the ability to get your Benfica step-father off of your ass.

So when you mentioned about the children in your life.. I thought immediately to donate to that cause... I even developed a Marketing Plan..

Making Stupid Kids Smart..

damn we are taking them to Orlando, Florida.. they will have fun.. go to Disney World to relate them to your La La Land.. before we flip the script...and then we will teach them the bare basics of Futebol/Soccer so that they have a clue going forward and can relate to other smart Portuguese fans..

they will walk on coals..

they will perform crazy skills all performed
only on holy territory..

With your viewpoint of everything clearly in this one life you are running out of time.. we have planned manny events... Manny lol..

So you are wasting you time on here Nick ... talking to people with so much time.. with a real life you should not be wasting it.. tick tick.. your clock is running and mine is in the afterlife.

My advice.. don't talk so much as others will smash your clock.. shortening your existence.. take everything you own.. and have more fun.

If I believed the way you did.. I would take..


it would have me smash and grab food from your mouth at will and only feed the worthy.. which you would not qualify.

Survival of the fittest would have me at the ubbermost.. and I am not there.. this world is not about smash and grab.. and even a person like me that could take everything I ever wanted.. would rather follow my FATHER the true master.. and beg for his scraps in the afterlife.

NIck without logic what are you?

I could take anything from most anyone.. evolution would have me at the core.. but I would never do that.

I only defend those that really need it..

I stand up when no one else will..

I have fought other peoples battles physically..

the abused

I have molested their antagonists for retrospect..

I try..

unfortunately that will lead to a death sentence or an extended jail time.. for now.. it has only led to jail time..

I am only being honest.. I don't have to share any of this.

Good people do anything at cost.. the rich and preverted think they can do anything.. F them...

Sorry Nick not comparing you to pediafiles or child molestors. the conversation just went there.

You are just a Sporting fan not in tune with reality.. some would say retarded but not me.. I think you can be educated.

So I wouldn't classify you poorly.. like Djalo you are highly talented but inconsistent..
is this javi garcia talk serious?
30 Wednesday, 30 November 2011 23:44
Are you just speculatiing on how to make the national team worse or is nthis to divert the attention away from onyewu getting fouled in the box yet no one has mentioned that...or the fact that maxi perreira commited 11 fouls himself...11 and not one yellow card. i've watched them break down the game on two different channels and sporting were short changed on multiple occasions. A foul on carrillo who is now injured that was never called. it was a foot stmp that could rival rinaudos straight red against guimaraes. oh and the fire? this is what happens when you cage a bunch of people any type of people who pay for a seat and dont have one. people who need to use the bathroom and want to buy a drink at the cafe. talk about going back into the dark ages i would burn down any place that treated me like an animal. Fact of the matter is a win in november has never won any team a title, and a 1-0 scrape against a hurt sporting team never won anyones respect. you want to talk about the red card to cardozo...not the first time someone has recieved a yellow card from protests. i dont know the rules but im sure it doesnt say "yellow card for protesting unless you already have one then protest all you want". benfica fans and their hollier than thou attitude.
I don't see javi being the type
29 Wednesday, 30 November 2011 14:00
I agree Fresh.
Javi would jump ship to another country without skipping a beat.
And I would be ok with that, as long as Benfica makes their money.
Javi Garcia joining our Seleccao
28 Monday, 28 November 2011 23:48
Do you really think Javi would stay until 2014 just to get a citizenship? I think he wouldn't. If Javi continues to play well I can see Benfica selling him for a good price.

One thing's for sure I wouldn't want him in our Seleccao we have other options for his position. Andre Santos, Veloso these are the type of players that need to step up plus we got players who represented our U-20 team to step up as well.

I believe Spain needs to give Garcia a chance instead of looking just inside Spain.
Andre again very well said..
27 Monday, 28 November 2011 23:10
Like you, I think we are not hitting top gear but winning games when they're tight and especially getting results in important ones whether it be a draw is impressive.

Hats off to JJ for Making Everything Look Hard but still winning.. he has learned some from his past mistakes, he used to blow all the BIG games.. now he is drawing and the Sporting win was big..

NJ as for the stewards being complacent.. I watched for hours.. and they allowed a few seats in a few locations.. to grow.. half they put out but the ones in the worst local.. which to the stewards might have been the best.. since it was near the side.. they allowed to burn and it grew.

They probably feared that some of the more central fires would've smoked the place out.. but where they were wrong was that the outer fire was near major supports.. by allowing it to burn for whatever reason.. they possibly ruined the support of that roof.. considerably. This could cost more.

Anyways as David mentioned.. the treatment of Sporting fans was retarded.. lock them in a cage but do not card people and do your due diligence. Waste money on a cage to upset your neighbours.. to say they are animals.. I have praised LFV for many things in the last year but that was an insult to everyone including his own. It was one of his typical knee jerk reactions that resulted in damage.. I wouldn't be surprised if these dudes just bought some sharess in some seat replacement companies.. both Benfica & Sporting people.. as the whole situation was uncalled for and extremely absurd.. I wouldn't even put past both presidents that they didn't pay someone to do the work.

Think about it.. I watched fire men not put out fires for an hour.. is this a marketing plan to get our league on Euro TV's to inspire curiosity in our league because the passion burns stadiums.. seriously I watched the whole thing.. it was so fake.. it was not funny.

Anyways like NJ.. I would curb stomp any RED.. that acted out of turn.. throwing a golf ball.. beaming someone.. consider yourself lucky you have yet to see me at a game.. because if I was behind any of you.. lighting a seat.. or doing anything retarded.. I would smash you and throw you off the balcony. Of course because of the now cameras I would walk away scot free.

Remember that the next time your butt is in a reds seat... people like me will stomp you.. we will take care of our own.

Also if the Benfica fans want to get back at those Sporting Yobbos who did damage.. they will go to Alvalade in masse and en masse do a demonstration that does nothing wrong.. so whether they all wear white hats.. or sit and stand on mass for 5 minutes.. they should peacefully.. make the Sporting douche bag fans be remembered ( not saying Sporting Fans are Douches.. just specifically talking about those that were criminal in action) we win by being better.. by attaining hirer levels.. only a fool would stoop lower.

Now we know Benfica has their own Douche society that we need to terminate.. if I was in Portugal they would disappear quicker... the whole laser.. golf ball crap is as douchey as they come.. now I am pretty passionate I sing loud.. I incite people.. but there is a line.

I suggest we continue the passion and end the bollocks.

I hope that all of us on here do so accordingly and snuff out the bad seed of every colour.. may the idiots bleed.

It is our duty as supporters to do so.. smash the bollocks that tries to ruin our game...
i would hate that
26 Monday, 28 November 2011 20:59
dont get me wrong i think Javi is amazing but we are Portugal meaning we should only have our players from our country its bad enough we have Brazilians i dont wont anymore foreigners although javi is great but that would piss me off for god sakes he doesn't even speak Portuguese in the flash interviews yet Ronaldo and Coentrao are speaking Spanish in Spain i really hope this doesn't happen
On a related note
25 Monday, 28 November 2011 20:16
Javi Garcia said he would play for Portugal once he gets dual citizenship if Spain doesn't call him up. And with all the midfield depth Spain has the wont be anytime soon.
World Class
24 Monday, 28 November 2011 18:07
Watching this game may have given me an ulcer. It was a back and forth match between two of Portugal's most storied clubs. From a futebol stand point I was very satisfied with the result and efforts turned in by both clubs. I await the second leg with great anticipation. This was a treamendous Derby clash that lived up to it's expectations.

To the Sporting fans who may have had a chuckle or thought nothing of the fact that a group of their supporters set a blaze to the Luz. You should be ashamed of yourselves and even more upset with those few that will forever represent exactly what you're all about in order to feel what happened was appropriate. This was an action that certainly will not go unpunished, but for your sakes I hope it's a punishment that Benfica supporters find appropriate. For if not the riff raff supporters of my club will certainly be plotting their own justice. Which for all that is beautiful about this game would be difficult to separate ourselves from internationally. I'm pretty sure Madrid fans don't set fire to Barcacelona home and visa versa. Nor, City fans to United's home. Thanks to all those priveldged people from the Alvalade who look down down on people club. You're such a world class club. You should be so very proud for what you've accomplished. Truly not even Porto supporters could dream to reach the levels of class you showed with your actions.

PS. My penalty would ban Sporting fans from the Luz for 10 years in addition to the club having to pay for all the necessary repairs.
23 Sunday, 27 November 2011 23:02
Bento's quote was: "Whatever the result tomorrow nothing will change. I'll still be married and I'll still have two daughters."
Cheers Orlando..
22 Sunday, 27 November 2011 21:39
I also enjoy your posts, and they always provide food for thought! I agree with you too that Benfica can play better than we've done so far this season. As fantastic a start as it's been to the season, we're the last undefeated team left in Europe now, I still think we've been doing just enough in most of the matches to get the results...and we're still waiting for a really amazing performance when everything clicks. When that happens eventually, some team is gonna get a hiding from us, i get the feeling!

But i say again, it's usually the teams that are able to secure results when not at their best that tend to win titles. This has been key to the success of teams such as Porto and Man United in recent years, for example, as well as all the teams coached by Mourinho. It's good to see Benfica have that competitive-ability-to-win-ugly aspect this year, cos it was missing last season...and that could just be the difference for us this year.

Still this is looking like the best Benfica squad since that great 1994 team...and our form since that loss to Braga in the Europa Liga second leg has been sensational. We have scored in every game since that defeat (including all of pre-season) and are undefeated in 7 months now. Things are looking up for sure. My target at the start of the season was to win the Liga and get to the CL quarters...and it remains so. If we can keep this momentum going, it's very possible.
Bento Quote Of the Day
21 Sunday, 27 November 2011 20:57
Guys, i'm very sorry for the offtop, but please anyone tell me where can i find the archive of the "Quotes of the day" on Portugoal.net ?

I need the Quote, where Paolo Bento tells that in case of defeat from Bosnia he will come back to his family and so on. I just can't remember and can't find it...
Luz on fire
20 Sunday, 27 November 2011 20:24
Sure sporting will be getting a big fine over the fire incident...i'm suprised though that nobody has said anything on how the sporting fans were treated at the luz. (About 1500 seats for 3000+ supporters and on top of that being caged in up in a corner).
I'm Truely Angry
19 Sunday, 27 November 2011 19:54
I also agree with Andre's post.

What is truely sad is that what will come out of this game is total embarassment of Portuguese footbal. The world will see burning stands and not the game that was played.
What is even sadder, instead of having the Presidents of both clubs come out and admonish such behaviour, they instead point fingers and provide excuses.
Oh the fans were treated bad. How come we were all put up top. Did Godinho or Sporting fans actually think they would get good seats? Since when?
Orlando, I understand you being perplexed on why they let it burn, but they were probably just as shocked. You would like to think that procedures are in place.

Listen, Benfica has plenty of crazy fans that will start trouble. But for someone to light the stands on fire, that's premeditated. They knew what they were going to do before the match started.
I'm tired of hearing about passionate fans. These people don't deserve to walk freely among us. When will it become ok for them to attack a fellow pedestrian because he's wearing a opponents jersey? Just a matter of time.
The only way to fix this is doing exactly what Orlando says. We know where you are sitting and you won't be allowed back. If you claim to have sold the tickets, too bad. You are still responsible.
Secondly both Benfica and Sporting should have to play "dark" matches. No fans. Sporting maybe two or three. Let's see how the presidents react when if affects their pocket books. I would go as far as having the next derby blacked out. No fans, no TV. Maybe than the true fans will step up and stop the knuckleheads from doing stupid stuff.
That will never happen because of money.
You just know that the people that go to the opponents home, at a derby, are just going to start trouble. I have no problem going to a Sporting match, but I would never go if they faced Benfica. Why endanger myself. The fact is, the people that do go, are trouble makers. Yes, I'm lumping them together. If they are not, where are the people coming forward and letting the police know who set the fire? Nobody will.
The Portuguese economy is almost at a third world level. But that shouldn't mean that Portuguese should act like animals. It was very sad watching what took place. It was an inexcussable act.
I might sound harsh, but how would you feel if someone came to the building where you work and set it on fire. I'm sure we would all say that would be wrong, no matter how wronged those individuals might have felt.
I'm blabbing and could go on forever. I'm disgusted.
good game for sporting
18 Sunday, 27 November 2011 19:25
sporting had capel and benfica had capela...thats all i have to say. Only maxi perreira can commit 11 fouls and not see a yellow
eating my words
17 Sunday, 27 November 2011 18:10
Unfortunatley I wasnt at the game yesterday to prevent the fire...but yeah pretty ironic... i say that, then next thing you know the luz is literally on fire. If it means Portugal wins a trophy, I guess Ill take. But never Portugal before Benfica.

As far as the game goes, I listened to it on the radio (old school) so its always hard for me to get proper feel for the game cause they say everything so fast and everytime sometime touches the ball, its like they're gonna score. Too much stress listening to the radio, but i had to make do. After watching the highlights though, I think Benfica's chances were better, although sporting might have had a few more, a few of those like the schars chance were from set pieces. And like a few guys said, after a draining game against MU, to fight out a win like that against sporting is brilliant.
Very Good Post Andre
16 Sunday, 27 November 2011 16:02
Very well said.. the team has quite a bit of depth this year.. still some talented lads that could come in just in case we get more injuries so things are looking up.

I am happy with Benfica's results this year...
Even contest
15 Sunday, 27 November 2011 13:23
Was an entertaining derby with lots of drama and was an even contest. I was impressed with Sporting who played really well, even before we had Cardozo sent off, and they deserved a draw really. They were understandably fresher and better prepared for the derby than we were, as we had played a crucial Champions League match in England just a few days before. Pacienca is doing a great job at Sporting, they look solid and competitive and they are right in the mix for the title...it'll become very interesting should they beat Porto in early January.

As for Benfica, I knew the CL league match this week would take a lot out of us...but yet again they have displayed the signs of a team that will win titles...in other words, still getting the 3 points even when not playing at our best. This unbeaten run of ours could go on for a long time still! We are managing to do everything we couldn't last season...grind out results and defend well. Last season it was literally either win or lose every match...what a contrast this season..we are able to grind out wins or secure draws in tough away matches....again a real sign of potential champions.

Our defence was great again and defended like Lions (excuse the pun!) after going a man-down. Jardel gave an accomplished performance last night. In the space of a few days, our 2 back-up centre-backs both gave great performances in huge matches to make up for the absence of the captain Luisao at the back. Add to that the fact that Artur is looking increasingly outstanding as the season progresses (he definitely won us 2 points last night with a few top-class saves) and even Emerson is improving...and we now have a solid defence to back up JJ's natural inclination to attack. Things are all fitting into place nicely.

Lastly I saw that Barcelona suffered a shock defeat to Getafe last night, meaning we are now the only remaining club that is involved in European competition that remains undefeated in all competitions this season!! We have scored at least one goal in all 23 matches we've played in all competitions this season, which is very impressive. If we can beat Otelul now to win our CL group, it will have been an almost perfect first half of the season!! JJ and the boys are making everything look comfortable so far, to the joy of (most of) our fans...
John if you were smart...
14 Sunday, 27 November 2011 13:07
You would see my first two comments were posted before and at the beginning of the game...

My post game post also happened while there was a couple of seats burning and then I proceeded to watch as the stewards held people back and allowed the fire to burn.. until it was raging.. it is a disgrace.. and for sure part of the roof, beams, and girders will need to be replaced as heat warps metal and makes it unsafe.

Sure some idiot Sporting fans started the fire.. but the police, stewards and fire brigade letting it burn was the most retarded thing I ever saw and I watched all of it, live.

Like anyone else on here I am entitled to my own opinion.. the last person that told me to shut-up was in hockey.. they got carried out.

So after you check your watch and see how asinine your comments were stop being a lemming and look at the game from multiple perspectives.
Great win, Sporting fans went too far
13 Sunday, 27 November 2011 11:24
Great win for Benfica... very atmospheric game these type of games are, yes passion is good and Portuguese fans have great passion, but Sporting fans just went too far by burning that sector they were in, in the stadium. Thought golf balls were getting too far but now this come on, like i said its good to have passion in the stadium but not to do things like that..
Best Sporting team for a long time
12 Sunday, 27 November 2011 10:53
That is the best Sporting team I have seen for a very long time. They all fight for eachother and have a great team spirit. Godinho Lopes has done a great job so far despite his controversal beggining. Forgive my ignorance as I have not watched many of Sportings games but they played fantastic. They are only going to get better and Paciencia is a genious and has works wonders with this team in such a short space of time.

Sporting fans what do you think about Djalo and Postiga? I think it was right to let them go but I'm not sure why they sold them for such a low price. Surely loaning them out and letting them play and subsequently their price increasing or their form coming back and leading up to a return would have been better? I mean Djalo was being courted by some premier league clubs at one point?

I agree with the notion to bring back Wilson Eduardo and I think he will be there soon enough as it is clear that Van Wolvswinkle will be bought by a premier league team. Although he missed a good chance early he is strong powerfull and tall. He also has a great never say die attitude and trys really hard like when he retrieved that ball for Elias shot.

As a Benfica fan i'm happy we won I think that Sporting deserved a draw and they are going to get better. Its upsetting that those people were shining lasers on the Sporting players faces.

Going back to Benfica, how good is this team and how far can they go this season.I think ever since Rui Costa got involved with the running of the club that things have been looking up.

I think we should be looking to win the Champions league and not just making the latter stages. I think apart from Real, Barcelona and Bayern Munich we could give a good account of ourselves against any of the other teams. Now that we will win the group who knows how far we can go and with a bit of luck it might not sound so far fetched.

In regards to the liga sagres Benfica must now be favourites not just because they are in the lead but because they have already played Porto and Braga away. The other team have not yet played eachother and subsequently have not yet taken points off eachother.

I can't remember a year when all the teams have been so close. Even though Benfica is so good this year all the other top 4 teams are within touching distance. It could be the best year yet for the Liga

BTW I watched some of the Nacional and Maritimo game and to be honest Nacional looked the better team and were unlucky not to win. Out of all the team outside the top 5 Benfica, Sporting, Porto, Braga, Guimaraes, I think Beira Mar has looked the best.

What do you guys think?
Where were you ForcaSLB29
11 Sunday, 27 November 2011 04:19
No one will ever burm the Luz down under my watch. Who cares about the national when I have my Benfica....24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 a year. Porto, Sporting, and the Nacional who cares...there is only one team that maters in Portugal....Benfica

You remember that post, what were you on a bathroom break, headed home early from your shift; hahahaha. How come you didnt prevent the fire. Just after game finishes fire set by Sporting fans (disgusting). but I thought you would never let that happen under your watch. lol.

Hey bud word of wisdom like your clube, like your sports, love your family ya know wife, kids, siblings. Geesh after reading the nonsensical statements by some people its like you people live and die with your clube.

Its like the old addage goes the club wants your Money, and yourr Support, but not your input. Just a game folks dont let it ruin your weekend
Second half he did well...
10 Sunday, 27 November 2011 03:46
To start the game he gave away too much space and Sporting failed to capitalize on 3 clear attempts..

Somewhat to be expected for a guy who hasn't played all season and iss thrown to the Lions.. literally.

We were very lucky today that Sporting didn't capitalize on their chances, and credit to the squad for defending so well when down to 10 men. Was that one of the softest reds I've seen in a long time.. seriously player smacks the ground and gets a second yellow.. not to mention when Andre Santos later should've been booked.. by this Refs account instead he turned and gave it to nother Sporting player...? Why are Classicos always upstaged by the Refs.. he was doing fine until that.

Anyways Paciencia has had very little time with this squad and they will get better.. the next match in Alvalade should be much more interesting.. as Sporting will be stronger.

Fortunately for Benfica even with the Floater.. "Making Everything Look Hard" TM this team is still good enough to win.

Hats off to Emerson who had a really good game today.. many good defensive efforts even Heavy D had a good game, eventually scoring the winner.

After the shenanigans by Benfica I wonder what the return will be.. this tit for tat crap is petty.. caging Sporting fans was stupid.. and only made things worse.. now you have a bunch of burnt seats not to mention the roof sits on metal beams that might have been weakened by the fire. Stewards were holding people back from the area instead of putting out the fire.

Stupid really people over there need something to talk about.. letting that shit happen.. then the laser tools.. right classless bunch that should've been thrown into the flames. I was embarassed to be a Reds supporter today. Now we can look forward to more bollocks in the return match.

Just watch the game.. and cheer you bunch of losers.

Why is it so hard for the Portuguese to reinvent a system that has been effective for so long in England (almost two decades).. hey that is a perfectly round wheel on your car why don't we make a square one?

It is not rocket science.. id card everyone.. need a card to get a seat.. have cameras recording the fans.. police at their door.. after the game. Rocket science really.

Yet we have to put up with golf balls, lasers, busting or burning chairs.. REALLY...
Great Win
9 Sunday, 27 November 2011 03:28
First the game.
These are always tough. They usually turn into gut wrenching games, and this one was no different. I thought that Sporting played very well, and just lacked the final touches to equalize. They were a bit to rushed. You can actually say that Benfica had two of the better chances in the game while being down a man.
Cardozo has to be smarter. These matches are usually chippy and physical, so he has to adapt.
I too was surprised to see Jardel in the lineup, and it actually makes wonder what took place in training. Miguel had been JJ's first choice off the bench. Let me add that Jardel wasn't a problem.
Artur almost had a couple of huge gaffes, and luckly it didn't hurt/kill us.

As for the fans, it's inexcusable. The laser is just pure stupidity. I can't even imagine why someone would think throwing a golf ball at professional athlete is acceptable. Actually throwing a golf ball or anything else for that matter at anyone.

I don't know if anyone got hurt, but I hope not. Well maybe I would be happier if whoever started the fire in the stands would have burned their arms badly. How do you put people's lives at risk? It makes Portugal seem like a third world country. Pathetic and sad display.
Tight Game!
8 Sunday, 27 November 2011 03:24
It was a good game overall, really tight between both sides, they both really wanted to win and in the end Benfica made the most of their chance with Javi Garcia's goal which ultimately decided it. I thought Sporting started off really well and looked comfortable and seemed to be in control in the game, they had the ball alot passed it around although seemed to lack that final cutting edge. At the end of the day, Sporting can only blame themselves for switching off poor defending on that Javi header. Elias REALLY should have scored at least one of the two GREAT chances he had, especially the open goal one. That was a dissapointment. After Benfica got that goal they got back more momentum and took more control of the game, then after the red card Sporting had been given the edge but they really didn't seem urgent enough with the ball. They needed to be more incisive in midfield and attack. But anyway at the end of the day it was a tight fought game, and like I said Benfica took their chance, and thats what matters in football! Sporting can be reasonably proud of how they played and can use this as a stepping stone to improve their team more and push on in the league. There many more games to be played so anything can happen still. - Random side note - relating to Sporting's lack of a cutting edge up front, WILSON EDUARDO is a good young forward, I like him alot, he's quick and sharp and a good finisher, Sporting should look at bringing him back as soon as possible, because to me he is better than all the current forwards/wingers they have.
Hard fought derby
7 Sunday, 27 November 2011 02:02
SLB looked a step slower than SCP for much of the game. The ManU match appeared to have taken a lot out of them but they managed to get the win today. SCP was well rested and really put up a fight. They probably should have won.

I understand OMac's frustration but Jardel has more experience and showed his worth today. SLB deserves a weeks rest after two great games this week.

Forca SLB!
6 Sunday, 27 November 2011 01:28
benfica fans saying benfica fans should get banned but are overlooking at what the sporting fans done to us i can understand fighting and name calling shit golfballs to although it shouldnt be part of the game but setting the stadium on fire that took it to far lets see what everyone has to say about it
disgrace to football this deserves a very serious punsihment
5 Saturday, 26 November 2011 23:56
shut up
4 Saturday, 26 November 2011 23:54
WHO CARES we won damn so much negativity on such a positive day theirs more important things like those animals setting a part of the stadium on fire Damn every time i come on this site u are negative SHUT THE HELL UP damn it
3 Saturday, 26 November 2011 23:52
Orlandomac, I too was very disappointed to see Jardel's name on the team sheet, but in my opinion, heas the man of the match. Both he and Garay were the reasons we won this game.
Amateur League
2 Saturday, 26 November 2011 21:40
Those douche bags with the lasers should be banned for life.. same as the golf ball gang..

it isn't rocket science.. to buy a ticket you need a supporters card.. so each seat is marked with an identity.. then with cameras taping the stands.. the police can show up to the persons door later..arrest them and ban them for life. Taking away their supporters card.

I would burn the red shirt off of those douches personally. It is classless.
JJ Anti-Portuguese....
1 Saturday, 26 November 2011 19:42
Jardel.. starts... REALLY...

Vitor gets the bench..

another big game master genuis plan.. fortunately this team is good enough to win even with JJ at the helm...

"Making Everything Look Hard" TM

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