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Thursday, 21 February 2013 23:09

As Panteras eye leap to Primeira LigaJoao_Loureiro_thumb_7_.jpg

Loureiro believes a 'giant step' taken

Boavista president João Loureiro says the club are seeking compensation, in terms of their football status and their finances, following the decision to uphold their appeal against relegation back in 2008. 

On Thursday, reports started to circle regarding the Porto club's possible return to the top flight next season after a Court of Appeal in Lisbon ruled that the decision to demote them was not legitimate. 

Yesterday, Loureiro spoke to the media at a press conference at the Estádio do Bessa and, though optimistic, spoke of the club needing to remain patient. 

"It was a historic decision, which succeeds others taken. It was a giant step in relation to what we hope and want. It is a highly favourable decision {but}...we will be patient, responsible, serene and discrete. "

Since their expulsion from the Primeira Liga in 2008, Boavista have slipped to the third tier of Portuguese football and could potentially make a huge compensation claim for lost earnings over the past five seasons. Loureiro did not talk specifics, but mentioned the club seeking recompense.

"We just want to be compensated in regard to sport and patrimony for those mistakes", Loureiro added.

Legal experts appear divided over whether the club can realistically return to the top flight straightaway, and it remains to be seen exactly how the Portuguese League for Professional Football (LPFP) now manage the situation.

Golden Whistle scandal

It is likely there will be further twists in the tale for the black-and-whites, who won their one and only Portuguese league title in 2001.

The club's success subsequently turned sour, however, as they were embroiled in allegations of referee intimidation in 2003–04 before being demoted to the Portuguese second division in 2008 following the 'Apito Dourado' ('Golden Whistle') corruption investigation.

The following year they were relegated to the Portuguese third tier, where they have stayed since, battling with financial problems.

Currently, Os Axadrezados lie 9th in the Second Division (North) and are managed by one of their 2001 Championship-winning side, Petit, who took over the reins early in the season at the Bessa.

Although Petit has attracted other big names back to the club, such as former Seleção defender Nuno Frechaut, Boavista have struggled to impose themselves at the top end of the table.

After the excitement and rekindled hope of this week's events, Boavista must turn their attention back to matters on the pitch this Sunday when they travel to 5th-placed Ribeirão.

by Stephen Gillett

Comments (15)
Boavista Situation
15 Sunday, 24 February 2013 14:21
This situation involving Boavista has seemed to catch Fifa's attention. FIFA apparently won't do anything as long as Boavista doesn't move, but if Boavista are let back up Fifa will get involved and Portugal, both Clubs and National team may be suspended or banned from international competition(champs league, World Cup, etc)

So this situation involving Boavista could prove quite costly to Portugal
Liga getting stronger
14 Sunday, 24 February 2013 06:21
Great news that Boavista will be finally coming back to the Premeira. I hope the league administrators can work something out and the team can come back straight away If it is indeed proven that they should not have been relegated. Unlike most I do not agree that they should be made to sit in the Liga de honra until they are ready to compete at a higher stage as that is just unfair and in any case if they did perform poorly and got relegated then they would be in the liga de Honra which is where they would have been anyways.

I am strongly against Boavista taking the place of another team. This is extremely unfair because a team has prepared its season around the current rules and then they are changed mid way through. I really don't know how to go about resolving the delema. Perhaps they could play next season with an extra team and relegate 3 teams instead of 2. I know this may be a logistic nightmare as it would involve mid week games being played to catch up on the extra games but they seem to be doing it in the liga de Honra so why not.

In any case I'm really excited to see our best supported and ex championship winning clubs all back in the top flight (Benfica, Porto, Sporting, Braga, Guimaraes, Boavista and Belenenses). This is also hopefully going to make our mid table teams more stronger and subsequently more competitive in Europe and maintain our high co-efficient position. If Santa Clara from the Acores and perhaps Farense (not likely for a while) from the Algarve region (so the estadio Algarve can be used, sorry Olhanense fans) can get in, then the league will have teams from every corner of Portugal.

Finally I really hope Boavista management can learn from teams like Braga and Pacos and live within their means, finances and budget. Hopefully they can pick up some good loans, cheap buys and experienced players and put together a team capable of staying in the Liga whilst laying their foundations and ensuring the viability of the club. It is going to be tough but it is not unrealistic.

Good luck.
Corruption is everywhere...
13 Saturday, 23 February 2013 14:23
It doesn't make it right, but corruption is everywhere.

Boavista should not be allowed to take anyone's spot for promotion. Let them earned it.
Just take a look at Estoril and how they are handling themselves. Even if the two promoted squads fail miserably, they at least earned the right to cash on on some tv and extra attendance money. It would help the clubs grow, even if they go back down.

Then again, corruption is everywhere so president might just might fill his own pockets.
@Ze/Lisboa and comments on the issue
12 Saturday, 23 February 2013 12:18
Zé: what does that "slightly with Benfica" mean? Don't tell me you think Sporting are at ninth because eight clubs are corrupt? Against Porto there's proof, but to bring up other names without anything to substantiate is not correct.

I have a soft spot for Boavista (how awesome would it be to have a team with Jaime Pacheco and Petit as coaches? Our league's divers are in need of someone to break their shins, haha!) and I admit I'd be happy to see them back, but it's very sad to see that a club that did wrong may see the decision overturned only due to the ineptitude of the jurists involved in the investigation.
11 Saturday, 23 February 2013 01:20
both of those corrupt northerners should have been relegated. Os corruptos have their favourite patsys back. Look out Braga and Sporting, Porto have another B team to play with!
@Ze Lisboa
10 Saturday, 23 February 2013 00:30
Lol. Way to have faith in your team. So if Sporting finish lower than they do now you blame other teams? The blame lays solely on your adminstration my friend. Hopefully SCP elects a Pres with a vision towards the future next month.

I think SCP will be back to winning ways next season. Our liga certainly needs it.
My thoughts on Boavista
9 Friday, 22 February 2013 22:34
I like most other people would love to see Boavista back. A Porto derby would be fantastic plus they will bring with them history into our first division as the only 2 other clubs to win a title besides the big 3 will be back with Belenenses taking 2nd division by storm this year.

However it does bring into question who misses out for Boavista to come back? Although its not entirely fair i would like to see Boavista take the place of whoever comes 2nd in the liga de honra. Too be honest no other team besides Belenenses thats at the top of the table stand out. Again not fair but chances are whoever comes 2nd would just be relegated again anyway and you cant relegate an extra team from first division that would be even more unfair.

Even when they are back though the damage has already been done to Boavista they are stuggling in what is almost park football, they are struggling with money and will have to get a completely new squad. Too be honest i think Boavista will have more of a Setubal look to them rather than even be half of what the Boavista of old were.

However whether its purely for their history or nostalgia or for that terrific stadium to not be wasted im happy to see Boavista back. (If it even happens)
8 Friday, 22 February 2013 20:28
I am with you NJ, those kits are iconic, i loved them! Everything about Boavista was so strong, from their kit, their coach, their panther statue, even there rough and tumble style was something dreaded by opposition.

I would love to see them again as well but as NJ said, they dont belong (atm) in the top flight, they need to get it together where they are or liga de honra.

Belenenses and Arouca have had wonderful seasons, they are the teams that deserve promotion.

Get this all cleared up Boavista, take whatever compensation is coming and build the team for the future, prove it in the liga de honra and we might see them in 2014!
7 Friday, 22 February 2013 20:23
As Panteras will rise again. Watch out FCP!
6 Friday, 22 February 2013 19:58
great more corrupted teams coming back and gunna make my sporting finish even lower in the league. just goes to show how the portuguese league is the stupidest run league in all of europe. they send boavista to the lower leagues and now their allowing them back. not to mention the corruption that goes with porto and maybe slightly benfica. the portuguese portuguese league is ran by clowns i tell you, CLOWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great news, but lets be smart
5 Friday, 22 February 2013 13:33
Chris, I'm not sure why you would catch flack for saying what you did. You're right.
Let's say its true and they're allowed back in the SuperLiga. Lets even say that they get a huge cash settlement (they should if wrongly accused). If those two things happen, why would a direct jump into the SuoerLiga make any sence. They are currently sitting 9th in an outer reaches league in Portugal. Do people expect them to be competitive right away? If so, what does that say about our league?

They should get their financial gains, but please let them start in the Liga de Honra. It would be much smarter for all parties concerned.

Let me add that, like most, I think this is great news. I would love to see those kits, once again, become relevant.
4 Friday, 22 February 2013 13:08
As Chris said, its hard to see a way how they can allow Boavista back into the top flight at the expense of whoever comes 2nd in the Segunda. They can't move the goalposts mid season and say that 3 teams will get relegated. Perhaps they could make the Primeira a 17 team league for next season with 3 getting relegated, and then continuing with a 16 team league?

There is also the question of compensation. As mentioned in the article, Boavista have little in the way of finances, and would definitely struggle if they were in the top flight. Where would the compensation come from? The FPF? The clubs?

It would be great to see Boavista back. They were a great side 10-15 years ago. If managed properly they could probably be a club quite similar to Braga.
3 Friday, 22 February 2013 09:32
If this is indeed true and Boavista are allowed back into the top flight, it would be great news for our Liga. Boavista's title win in 2001 was incredible and they also put on a good show in europe for quite a few years around that time, as I recall they were merely minutes away from reaching the UEFA cup final in 2003.

If they could build a strong team again, it would only be good news for our Liga and possibly we could have a big 5 at some point in the near future. Also Porto, as the second city of Portugal, should have 2 clubs representing it in the top flight and a derby played every season. Let's see what materialises with this story first though, because nothing seems too clear just yet...
2 Friday, 22 February 2013 05:06
Incredible news. I hope this is true; they used to be a proper football club.
Great news if true
1 Friday, 22 February 2013 03:34
Some of you may hate on me for saying this, but the liga is not the same without Boavista. I was sad to see them relegated, and though I never passed judgment, they were up against some serious allegations.

However, this would only be fair if one of the B teams gets 2nd place, as taking another team's spot in promotion would not be fair. I loved seeing the checkered boys playing in that beauty of a stadium and would be happy to have them back.

They have been punished anyways, even the Juventus' of the world have gotten their chances to move back up. I know I'll catch flack, but I don't care.


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