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Thursday, 12 August 2010 08:35

The lowdown on new Manchester United capture Bebe

Fairytale move for “last of the street footballers”

FBeberom an upbringing in a children’s home and on the streets to one of the greatest football stages in the world. In terms of football fairytales it does not get much better than this.

So who is Manchester United’s latest Portuguese signing, Bebe?

Tiago Manuel Dias Correia is the son of Cape Verdean parents, like Nani. And just like the Portugal and Manchester United star, Bebe, as he has been known ever since his older brother called him that rather than his name in the cot, was brought up in a ramshackle dormitory town on the outskirts of Lisbon.
Born in Cacem, some of his early childhood was spent in the Casa do Gaiato de Santo Antão do Tojal in nearby Loures, a charitable institution for children whose parents are unable to provide for their offspring. It was while playing for Loures junior team that he was spotted by Estrela da Amadora.
Joining a club that was recently in the top flight did not signal the end of Bebe’s difficulties. Just two years ago he represented Portugal in the Homeless World Cup. But after being promoted to the first team, Bebe needed just one season (26 matches, 4 goals) to catch the attention of Portugal’s bigger clubs. He signed for Vitoria Guimaraes.

It was during pre-season that Bebe began to hit the headlines. Five goals in six games and a string of man-of-the-match displays marked down the forward as one to watch in the upcoming season. Yet it was still a huge surprise to see Manchester United splash out a reported 10 million euros for a player who has only played in the Portuguese third tier.
Jorge Paixao, the current manager of Mafra was Bebe’s coach at Estrela da Amadora and says his tough upbringing is the secret behind his rare abilities. “He’s a player who is the fruit of street football,” Paixao told Portuguese radio station Antena 1. “Nowadays players are schooled in the clubs, but he has none of this.
“He’s an old-school player. He learned to play in the street and has that natural creativity, an irreverence, and that makes all the difference. He improvises very well, because he has quality, and he has a set of characteristics that are difficult to find in a single footballer: he’s tall, he’s good in the air, he’s technically gifted and he’s very fast.”
The poor kid from Cacem will now have the chance to showcase those skills at Old Trafford where 70,000 fans could soon be singing his name to complete the fairytale. Who’s Wayne Rooney? Who’s Berbatov? Who’s Giggs? Bebe is the man.
Name: Tiago Manuel Dias Correia - “BEBÉ”
Nationality: Portuguese
Date of birth: 12/07/1990
Position: Attacking midfielder / forward
Height: 1.90 metres
Weight: 75 kg
Comments (16)
16 Sunday, 15 August 2010 18:00
great to see my cousin signing for manchester
Striker Solution
15 Thursday, 12 August 2010 21:33
"he’s tall, he’s good in the air, he’s technically gifted and he’s very fast.”

maybe Portugal has found it's best striker since Nuno Gomes....
Avoid Sporting Academy, LOL
14 Thursday, 12 August 2010 19:32
"Guess the only chance of having a striker is to avoid the Sporting Academy"
LOL, A+ Jerrod.

In CQ defence:
Queroiz only noticed Bebe in this year's pre-season. He was not on his radar before the WC. Bebe was in 3rd division and working in an orphanage during WC qualifying!!!!!

I wish Bebe all the best, Portugal needs a striker. 6'2 and fast, oh baby!!!! But let's be realistic, he has a long way to go and will be hard to break out from reserves given Rooney, Berba, Chicharito, Owen, Machada. And yes, I think it is quite possible ManU spent 10 milliion for a guy they plan on playing in reserves and limited action. ManU develops young players slowly regardless of size of contract they were bought for.
Have your cake and eat it to.
13 Thursday, 12 August 2010 19:29
Given the number of forwards and strikers already at Manchester United, perhaps Guimarães could work out a loan deal. They make a tidy profit and get the player for a year to develop.
12 Thursday, 12 August 2010 18:35
I hope Vitoria G does something positive with the money and actually go out and buy some decent players. However I fear this money will just diapear into the executives pockets. On a sidenote, Did anyone notice the Estoril de Praia has two Americans in their starting eleven. I think its time to buy a new jersey!
Some Possible Hope for the Future
11 Thursday, 12 August 2010 16:30
This player came out of no where .... he does not play for the national youth teams and it would be great to get him on the national youth teams in the future.

Portugal needs a young player with attacking capabilities to break through as quite frankly there are very few young players that really look like they may be something. Our youth ranks is full of over-hyped players who became nothing (e.g. Gama, Vez Te, endless rolls of players who have done nothing).

This is a high risk but high reward scenario ... this guy shows some promise and skills that get you excited but time will tell. We badly need a few prospects to get excited about and I hope this is the attacker Portugal has been waiting for since 1966.
Video Of All His Pre Season Highlights
10 Thursday, 12 August 2010 15:52
Really Promising Stuff
What the hell...
9 Thursday, 12 August 2010 15:41
Please read carefully. CQ recommended this young fellow to sir alex of man utd. Man utd just don't sign anyone, so for them to sign him, he must be good. I love how our NT coach CQ recommends him but doesn't think about picking him up on the team for WC2010. Another idiot move. I hope they fir him this week!!! I would like to see some of our youth like bebe come thru to the 1st team.
Found Some Footage Of His Pre Season Goals
8 Thursday, 12 August 2010 15:24
They have footage of two of Bebe's five preseason goals on goal.com. They are both pretty brilliant. First one, a nice spin in the box to lose his man and finish neatly. The second, a great long distance shot. He looks like a really powerful striker with really quick feet. This guy might just be a hit at Old Trafford.
7 Thursday, 12 August 2010 15:08
i hope you become the next best thing portugal needs a striker who can score hopefully they play you at manchester united .we will be expecting you at the national team
A lot of Hype
6 Thursday, 12 August 2010 15:03
I hope Bebe succeeds at MUFC. SAF will be very important to his progress as both a player and a man. I'm just wondering how the hell did the clubs come to negotiate that transfer fee. Estrela must be kicking themselves for this one. If anyone has any video of him please post the link.
5 Thursday, 12 August 2010 14:20
Guess the only chance of having a striker is to avoid the Sporting academy and be in the streets. We'll need to have a striker in the coming years. Actually we need one right now. In fact since '66.

Great fairtale story for sure. Hope he delivers, then again Sir Alex normally knows what bhe does and he is excellent at making a decent player very good.
4 Thursday, 12 August 2010 13:00
To think he could be playing for the 2012 Euro cup after playing the homeless cup!!! With him and Nani gelling and Carvalho and Pepe sharing space there should be some of the mind reading advantages that Spain get.
3 Thursday, 12 August 2010 12:23
thanks once again sir alex,for your future thinking.and i hope yall other wanna be premier lge coaches are learning,from the greatest of all.i read mr.telly savalas,oh sorry terry venables.saying chelsea will peep united to the crown.joke you are,thats why you failed as england manager,and on club coaching.advice stick to your day job,as elvis impersonator.
2 Thursday, 12 August 2010 10:07
Simply a great "rags to riches" story. I hope that he can develop further and get on the Portuguese national team. He has great size and quickeness (reportedly) for an attacking midfielder / forward.

Supposedly, Carlos Queiroz recommended Bebe to Sir Alex Ferguson after seeing him play this summer. Heck, Queiroz may make some questionable football decisions as a manager, but he has a great eye for spotting and developing young talent. Just read his wiki page - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_Queiroz
1 Thursday, 12 August 2010 09:20
Welcome aboard young man, SAF as usual will remain a shrewd manager who keeps United performing at the highest level without splashing huge sums of dimes. Weldone boss, United for life

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