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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 23:45

Ronaldo: “We showed great team spirit”

Match reaction to Portugal’s win in Iceland

Ronaldo in action versus IcelandSpeaking after the 3-1 win in Reykjavik, Paulo Bento and his players were evidently satisfied after making it two wins in succession to get their Euro 2012 qualifying campaign back on track.

Paulo Bento, Portugal coach:

“I didn’t manage the wins – the players did. They played two good games, with some differences because the opponents were different. The motivation was the same and the result was fair. Even though we didn’t show as much quality as against Denmark, we could have built a bigger win.
“The main objective was achieved, which was two victories from two games. The less positive aspect is that we conceded two goals from dead ball situations. But also praiseworthy is that the team reacted well to the equalising goal. We bossed the game and won deservedly.
“We are on the path we wanted. In other words, to get to the Norway game with first place at stake. First place doesn’t depend only on us, but the play-off place is in our hands.
(On the difference from previous coaching regime)
“I don’t want to compare players’ performances. Some changes were made because the team is now under a different leader. This team plays with a right-back who had never played for the Seleccao. Moutinho and Carlos Martins had not been playing, we opted for a different centre-back partnership and Raul Meireles is playing as a defensive midfielder rather than a central midfielder.
“Postiga and Ronaldo are scoring again and there are a lot of positive things. The merit for this lies entirely with the players, owing to their ability to turn around a situation that is now more simplified, but is not decided.”

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal captain:

“The team was in good shape, it played very well, because away games are always complicated. We showed a great team spirit. It allows us to breathe a little easier, but we are still in a fight.
“Paulo Bento did not have much time to work with us but he knows the players well, their character and what they’re like, and that makes it easier to deal with the players. I hope he has luck – both him and us so that we can be at the European Championships.
“My goal? It’s not the first time I’ve scored a free-kick. I concentrated, I wanted to put the ball there and luckily it paved the way for the win.”

Joao Moutinho, Portugal midfielder:

“Paulo Bento played an important role in these games. He managed to transmit what he wanted from us. We gave two good performances and we managed two wins, which is the most important thing. We won two difficult games. The squad was always united in our desire to win and to be at the European Championships.”
by Tom Kundert
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13 Tuesday, 26 October 2010 00:26
almeida ronaldo nani

moutinho veloso
coentrao pepe carvalho bosingwa
coentrao linked with man city liverpool ac milan.....
yannick linked with genoa tottenham everton newcastle ....
moutinho linked with barca everton......
varela is a good player can play in a top club
rolando linked with manchester unite ........
beto good goalkeeper needs a starting
carrico our future cb with rolando has potential to be 1 of the best
vitor pele plays in turkey played in inter portsmoth and realv ldolid
1 for the future
these players are going to be something special hope they get big moves to top clubs
Yannick moutinho Nani
fernandes pele
coentrao carrico rolando nelson

YAnnick ROnaldo Nani
ferandes meireles moutinho
Coentrao pepe carvalho bosingwa

current best players on form

Etoo Ronaldo
Hulk Messi Nani
best players on form his year
all is well
12 Thursday, 14 October 2010 13:51
I agree, much to be happy about for sure. Who could be unhappy with Portugal playing attractive and winning football again?

Those miners really seemed composed upon returning to the surface. I was very impressed.

Cristiano Ronnaldo will play better when the attitude surrounding the team is positive like it is now. He knows that the team is full of players who can help him play better and his ambition to win is what it always has been. I foresee that he will contiue to thrive in this system as long as our midfield continues to play well.
all good isn't it?
11 Thursday, 14 October 2010 08:15
Portugal are winning again and the Chilean miners have all been safely rescued, plenty to be happy about!!
10 Thursday, 14 October 2010 00:32
sounds like a good recipe. Just need to wash it down with some nice finish!
9 Wednesday, 13 October 2010 21:06
Hes back in the Portugal shirt, hes scored 2 goals in 2 games under bento, while when Queiroz was in charge he scored 2 goals in 2 years ha!
Portugal played well (not as well but still great). We played with a team spirit which has not been around the team.
8 Wednesday, 13 October 2010 17:48
Ronaldo our true Captian!
He played amazing this is the CR7 thats the best in the world!

I love this website
7 Wednesday, 13 October 2010 14:08
I love this site, in its honor this morning I'm frying some sabola with chouricou, let that marinate for a minute. Then I'm going with an egg easy over... and I'm putting it all in a nice fresh paposeco! Why? Cuz that's I roll.

Yolk touching the chouricou and sabola is like Ronaldo's distribution of the ball to his teamates... MAGIC!

My breath is gonna be fresh all day... I'm just sayin
A clear message
6 Wednesday, 13 October 2010 12:39
I think the players were sending the federation a message. "We won't win as long as Queiroz is in". The players are performing much stronger since Bento, yes they right players are in the right roles but Ronaldo didn't sit on the ground and whine, he actually fought to get up and keep attacking.
I am excited about the future of this team.
Great Job
5 Wednesday, 13 October 2010 11:36
I was worried when the first picked Bento, due to his lack of experience. I think this and past articles have highlighted how he's different, he allows players to be where they belong. He's not trying to fit players in positions that they have no business in playing in. I expect to see that the odd time but QC would have 3 to 4 players playing out of position and it made them look sloppy.

As for Martins, the value he adds is the work horse mentality. He will chase after the ball and shows true passion for wearing the national team shirt. I think that makes a difference to the mentality of the team when you have teammates giving all they have. It seemed under QC the players were not pushing hard, and then it seemed like the rest of the team just gave up.
4 Wednesday, 13 October 2010 09:06
Good for Bento, who nobody was giving a chance. What i knew was that he would bring our natural attacking game back to the seleccao, and that he knew the players inside out. What a contrast to Queiroz, who was so cautious and defensive. By playing Carlos Martins, he's effectively playing 3 midfielders who love to get forward. Although i do think against stronger opposition, Tiago is a probably a safer option. I always thought Moutinho had to be in our first team, he's great at retaining the ball, and is the closest thing we have to a "Xavi" type player. How Queiroz left him out of the squad altogether for South Africa is unbelievable!!! Lets not get ahead of ourselves though, its just 2 wins against not the greatest of opposition, and we have to stop conceding from set-pieces. The match we really have to win is against Norway, but if we play like this then im sure we will.
Paulo Bento
3 Wednesday, 13 October 2010 04:31
Amazing isn't it? at first everyone was angered that Portugal went to go get another 'clown' instead of Aragones or another coach. Now that we got 2 consecutive victories, everyone loves him? talk about faithful fans LOL

back on topic, Paulo Bento has demonstrated that he can unify the team just like in the Scolari era. we will just have to wait and see how he does against Spain and other big teams. As of now, i think he deserves some credit for maintaining this change in style of play from the seleccao.

and seriousely stop with the martins talk.. i heard moutinho and nani didnt play just aswell but no one complains about them...honestly if you think you are so much better, than why arent you the coach or the player?

this isnt biased either, i know he has a bad temper and on occasion just shoots anywhere, but this game he did work hard but many dont see it that way.

all in all, Portugal once again was solid, pepe and carvalho are the best duo at the moment, alves will stay as a sub. i do like pereira but he also has a temper like martins which isn't good, id like to see bosingwa back. FORCA SELECCAO!
Portugal is back with Bento!
2 Wednesday, 13 October 2010 04:19
The whole team has stepped up!
heading in the right path
1 Wednesday, 13 October 2010 03:17
We played well once again and I can not wait to play Norway and Cyprus again.


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