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Wednesday, 29 February 2012 22:27

Portugal play out goalless draw in Warsaw

Poland 0-0 Portugal

Nani in action against PolandPortugal were left to rue missed opportunities as they were held to a 0-0 draw tonight by Poland at the newly christened National Stadium in Warsaw.

Paulo Bento fielded a strong line-up to start the game, with the only change from the playoff with Bosnia being Almeida as the starter in place of Postiga. On the heels of such a grand performance at the Estadio da Luz, expectations were relatively high and Portugal certainly started more confidently than their hosts.

The Portuguese had their first look at goal with only four minutes on the clock when a long ball out of the defence was flicked on by Meireles into the path of Nani, who let loose a fierce shot on the half volley that was beaten away by Szczesny.

Almeida dragged a shot wide minutes later as Portugal continued to dictate the tempo of the game and look menacing on the attack. Poland were at first unable to string enough passes together to even approach the attacking third of the pitch, but eventually recorded their first shot in the 13th minute when Ludovic Obraniak found some space just outside the penalty area.

Livewire Nani 

As Poland grew into the game, Portugal began to find openings on the counter-attack. Nani in particular became more influential and created a shooting opportunity for himself after feigning a pass to Joao Pereira on the overlap. A minute later, the Manchester United winger showed exquisite skill to beat three defenders and shoot low towards the near post, bringing the best out of Szczesny.

In the 21st minute Bento was forced to bring on Nelson when Fabio Coentrao pulled up with a suspected hamstring pull. Poland continued to press Portugal back into their own half and eventually the visitors created another chance on the counterattack. Nani put Ronaldo through on goal after racing clear down the right, but the Real Madrid man’s shot was parried away by Szczesny.

Poland should have been one up late in the half when Bruno Alves slipped and failed to cut out Nelson’s risky back pass, allowing Ireneusz Jelen a free run on goal. Jelen mercifully wasted the opportunity when he tried to round Patricio, who did extremely well to get a hand to his attempted lob and push it just wide of goal.

Szczesny impresses

In the first minute of stoppage time, Nani returned the favour when he elected to shoot instead of pass to a wide open Almeida at the back post. His shot sped past the post and Poland went into the break grateful for Portugal’s profligacy and goalkeeper Szczesny, who made four crucial saves in the first half.

Poland started the second half on the front foot and Obraniak brought a great save out of Rui Patricio after running right down the centre of the pitch through the Portuguese defence. Portugal struggled to respond to the increased pressure from the Poles and created very little during the opening quarter hour of the second half.

Bento began to make changes and first introduced Postiga and Rolando in place of Almeida and Pepe respectively. Ronaldo, who had a very quiet evening on the left wing, was replaced by Quaresma in the 75th minute.

Nelson Oliveira makes debut

A minute later, Nani’s cross very nearly found Postiga at the edge of the six-yard box, but Szczesny was out to stymie the opportunity and the defence was able to clear the ball to safety. Nelson Oliveira made his international debut in the 80th minute for Nani, providing Bento a minimal opportunity to scrutinize the Benfica striker.

Poland wasted a glorious opportunity to score when Mierzejewski teed up Peszko to shoot from close range, forcing another great save from Rui Patricio. The Sporting keeper then saved Mierzejewski’s effort from outside the box as Poland piled on the pressure in the closing stages.

In the end it was another lacklustre performance from Portugal in terms of finishing. The Seleccao created enough opportunities in the first half to put the game away, but were denied by the outstanding Wojciech Szczęsny and were guilty of being selfish at key moments. Portugal also struggled to bring Cristiano Ronaldo into the game and will certainly need to rectify that situation if they are to have any hope of advancing from Group B at Euro 2012.

Patricio, Joao Pereira, Pepe (Rolando, 66), Bruno Alves, Coentrao (Nelson, 21), Veloso, Moutinho (Manuel Fernandes, HT), Meireles, Nani (Nelson Oliveira, 81), Ronaldo (Quaremsa, 75), Almeida (Postiga, 65)

by Nathan Motz

Comments (26)
portugals next games
26 Thursday, 08 March 2012 01:00
may .26.2012 portugal x macedonia june 2.2012 portugal x turkey
25 Friday, 02 March 2012 13:16
This summer Fernandes should be in the first 11 and Ronaldo should play as a striker while Quaresma on the left wing. Almeida is not a quality striker.

Pereira B.Alves Pepe Coentrao
.Meireles Fernandes Moutinho.
.....Nani Ronaldo Quaresma....
Step it up Seleccao...
24 Friday, 02 March 2012 05:32
I agree about the Benfica fan stuff... Who cares if Benfica fans cheer on the nt? Why the hell shouldnt we? Almeida is great in aturkey, but here, hes garbage... Hes a 3rd choice. GIVE OLIVEIRA MORE! Hes a fantastic young striker that has the potential to solve out goal problems, but he replaces nani and ronaldo is subbed too?? Bento, what the hell!? Nani, Ronaldo, and Oliveira would be incredible exciting and full of skill.. now mids. Meireles is a sub, put Manny on. Manny Moutinho, and Veloso. Defence, of course, Coentrao, Pepe, err Alves :/, and Pereira again... We neeeedddd Carvalho, and bring in Jorge! Gk, Patricio is world class.... Overall, bento, get your head strait and put some decency on the field, switch it up. Portugal has the potential to become european winners if you play em right. But sadly, it most likely wont happen with bento...as much as i hate to say it.. queiroz's defence was rock solid. Now sucks. Comon, we can do it in the euros! Get it right bento..
23 Thursday, 01 March 2012 16:23
I think most of us Benfica fans would like to have a Portuguese starter on our team, but besides that point we had 2 call ups from our team, yet Braga who has about 4 Portuguese starters didn't get a single call up, so does that make are subs better than your starters? All you do is complain, quit being a troll and vai pra casa
22 Thursday, 01 March 2012 14:32
I agree with all of you that Almeida should not be starting, but with a little less selfish play he could have scored two goals (all be it tap ins) but its pretty hard to get pissed at a guy who walks away with a brace in the first half. Nani can dribble around all 11 players, but if the ball doesn't go in the back of the net it doesn't really matter. I was not surprised at all that Oliveira got such little playing time, I knew this was going to be the case. Bento knew what he was doing before this game was played why even call a play up if your going to give him less than 10 minutes and play him out of position. You already know what Postiga and Almedia bring to the table the point of friendlies is to experiment. I also agree that Veloso is too slow you can see when he got his yellow that he got completely burned and had no choice but to throw the attacker on his ass. Thought Patricio played a great game, I've never been a big fan of his but his shot stopping is good and he looked confident coming out to catch/punch. Defense still scares the shit outa me, Nelson didn't have a good game all though playing out of his natural position, his sloppy pass should have led to a goal for Poland. Opportunities to score cannot be wasted like in the first half against good teams this defense will not keep a clean sheet and you have to have some cushion
Love these Benfica fans so concerned about the NT
21 Thursday, 01 March 2012 13:13
when they support a team with 0 portuguese in their 11 LOL
Thoughts on the match...
20 Thursday, 01 March 2012 12:42
Difficult to take much from international friendlies..particularly when they come at rediculous times as this, right in the middle of crucial Champs league and league schedules. In the first half we showed our superiourity and should have had at least one goal to show for our dominance...Nani should've clearly passed rather than shoot, and we would've gone in 1-0 up at the break. Things petered out second half as they always do in friendly matches.

Here are some of my conclusions:- Moutinho and Coentrao are untouchables in the first team, we looked much more ordinary with them off the pitch. We still clearly have a problem at centre-forward, Almeida is never going to be prolific, I have more faith in Postiga but he will never score loads either. And unfortunately CR7 always looks like a winger when playing for the seleccao, rather than the striker which he looks like when playing for Madrid! Why wasn't Oliveira given more than 10 minutes to prove himself? And why was he played on the left, rather than at centre-forward where he should be tried out? He should've come on at half-time for Almeida, I think we all agree on that.

On a positive note, Rui Patricio played his best game yet for the seleccao and probably saved us from a defeat in the second half with a few very good saves. I have been hard on him, but perhaps he is improving, and he is definitely a good reflex shot-stopper. However Bruno Alves showed again that he is not much of a replacement for Carvalho, and really lacks pace. Quicker attacks than Poland's will exploit this weakness against us. We have to hope Pepe bails him out with his brilliance! Fernandes did ok when he came on, but Meireles is clearly first choice for the seleccao.

Lastly, a certain Paulo/Australia mocked the point I made yesterday about the stupid timing of these friendlies and the big risk of injuries to players. Well...25 minutes in and Coentrao limps off injured, I can only imagine what Mourinho thought of that! Thankfully the injury doesn't look serious. Just before half-time, Moutinho suffers a terrible tackle and for a few seconds looks like he will also have to come off the pitch injured...i can imagine what all Porto fans watching must have been feeling for a few moments....again it wasn't too bad and sure Moutinho will be fine. But this proves again how this was a dumb time to have an international friendly and luckily no players who will feature in the classico tomorrow were injured. Great, now for the real fireworks to begin!!!
19 Thursday, 01 March 2012 12:14
I said I didn't watch it, so asked for explanation of contradicting posts.
I did get to see highlights last night, and I do admit that hey sometimes say lies. Lol. But I did see Almeida all alone out in front of goal fr ap on several occasions. Where was the pass?
I think the biggest reason that Postiga looks better in people's eyes, is his work rate. Almeida is a traditional physical striker, while Postiga needs to run all over the place. That's not a knock on either.
As I thought Oliveira didn't get to show anything.

What I meant by same old crap, is that we are back to accomplishing nothing in these friendliest. I for one never get too worked up about them, since I expect certain things to be worked on. Maybe go on all out attacks and see how we react to counters. Play everyone back and see how we cover for each other. That sort of thing. What I found a problem was with this game was that we played it straight and for the win, and yet came out empty. Please don't go on about how Bento has won everything since taking over. His hire was a wake up call to the players, and we still struggled at times.


Meireles is having a horrible season at Chelsea. It could hurt the Seleccao as well.
Oliveira and Fernandes are not gong to get any work with supposed starters.
No backup center backs.
Bench is very thin and no new blood on it.

The best thing I saw yesterday was a pathetic Dutch defense. Nani is going to eat alive the left back, and hopefully provide that much needed last touch. The Dutch looked slow and deliberate, which should play to our advantage.
18 Thursday, 01 March 2012 11:50
Scolari ? in Chorzow 2:1 Poland winner - Portugal and renvange 2:2 2007r
Let's admit
17 Thursday, 01 March 2012 08:41
We're not going to win any trophies not with this team and coach. We have no depth what so ever in nearly every area.
Get rid of Patricio?
16 Thursday, 01 March 2012 08:33
Wow sh*t comments from Sam Harris... Patricio saved Portugal yet again last night!

Portugal should not play Veleso, too fat and slow. Fernandes should start alongside world class Moutinho. Period.
Postiga is class compared to Almerda, thats right Almerda!
he misses chances, planted offside, cant even head the damn ball at 6ft+ so whats the point? seriously get off the pitch. Instead of calling Nelson as a LB option why not try Bosingwa, Nelson ran into so much trouble last night and almost cost us the game. Portugal never EVER perform against lower ranked teams, too awkward to play against... so WTF are we "warming" up and "preparing" against Poland???? We've got GERMANY & HOLLAND in our group, we should be playing Europes elite! Paulo Bento is too afraid to try anything new... bring back Scolari!
Some of you need to re watch the game
15 Thursday, 01 March 2012 04:26
I don't know what some of you were watching with these comments?

"Almeida is TOTAL GARBAGE! NEVER wanna see him for Portugal again. He totally failed his opportunity. Postiga is CLEARLY pure class for Portugal and plays amazing for us."

LOL What the hell is this crap? Almedia should have had a hat trick before half time if Nani and Ronaldo didnt go for goal. I understand why they went for the shot and having that selfish attitude is good in some ways but not when Hugo is just waiting for a simple pass for a tap in.

"The game really turned up when Oliveira came in for Nani."

No...just no. Nelson barley even got a touch of the ball. In fact he had ZERO impact on the run of play when he came on.

Over all it was a game dominated by Portugal just lacking the finishing touch. I thought that the only players to have a bad game were Nelson and Meireles. Nelson I cant really blame because he came on pretty unexpectedly for Fabio. Raul just wasn't on in this match. I would have liked to have seen him come off for Fernandes. I agree with most on here in the thinking of Nelson O. to start just to see what he can do with Nani and CR7 feeding him the ball...well it wasn't going to happen in this match due to the fact they looked over Hugo.

It felt like I was watching Benfica the past 2 weeks. All the possession in the world but nothing to show for it. I have supreme confidence in this team though. We looked damn good, all that was missing was the goal.

And since its in style here would be my next starting 11





14 Thursday, 01 March 2012 03:47
Guys, Portugal would have won this game were it not for Nani's selfishness. Almeida should have been on the receiving end of two passes for easy goals were it not for pure selfish play. Almeida was in the perfect position to receive the passes and had he been giving the shots, he would have most likely scored on both occasions and you would all not be complaining about "Portugal's striker problem" and Almeida would have been hero of the game. I still prefer to have Ronaldo on the wing, but he needs to work himself into the game more and the team need to find ways to feed him the ball.
13 Thursday, 01 March 2012 03:31
Postiga is not "all of a sudden" great bro! Regardless of his indifferent and up and down club career, he HAS been great for Portugal in qualification since Bento took charge! Don't forget, Postiga scored 5 goals in 8 qualifiers for Portugal second only behind Ronaldo in scoring who got 7 goals in 8 qualifiers! Postiga might be average in club, but for the national team he has been in great form and its his quality his attributes as a footballer that make him important for our team! Don't go talking about "same crap happens" because that point is unfounded! In Bento's time Postiga and Ronaldo have been clicking and firing every game and we've always won our games by two goals in all of the qualifying wins. The only poor result was the game when we missed our whole back four and Rolando had a nightmare show, and because of the Queiroz debacle we dropped early points in the first two games which forced us to essentially have to win all our remaining games, which we did, up until the defense injury crises, and Rolando's horror show almost single handedly lost the game for us! So don't even think about talking about "same old crap about starters not getting into the game", cause that point is unfounded! With Bento our team has been great and Postiga Ronaldo and Nani have all performed very well and we've been scoring lots of goals! Yes today Ronaldo did not have as much influence on the game as he normally does or should have, BUT that is because of the donkey idiot of a striker called Hugo Almeida. Ronaldo needs a strike partner who is skilled, who has touch, technique, can dribble the ball, and can pass the ball to assist him as well and not only score. ALL Ronaldo's strike partners for club are those complete strikers who are not DEADWEIGHT USELESS BIG IDIOTS like Almeida who only can score if you put it on a plate for him right in front goal to tap/head in. The strikers he plays well with are complete players who are versatile enough to not only be a target reference point when he is out wide, but also those who can drop deep draw a defender or two, and then slip in a great pass to assist Ronaldo when he overlaps into the box etc. The simple reason Ronaldo was not as in the game today or did not score, as he HAS been doing for the past 8 qualifiers in which I REPEAT he scored 7 goals, is because Postiga was not playing alongside him! You cannot say as well that we can't score unless Ronaldo does. If you look back at the qualifiers, Nani actually opened the scoring on a number of occasions, and also Postiga actually scored a number of first goals as well, and very key important goals! I'm not saying Postiga is a top class striker, but he is good for Portugal and FARRRR better than Almeida. Postiga has good ball control, can swivel away from defenders, can dribble, he can pass, he is very mobile (while not very fast) but he still has decent speed, makes good runs, is a decent finisher etc. His only real weakness is his lack of physicality, but altogether he fully makes up for that in the many other qualities he brings to our game! All I'm saying is that you shouldn't go talking as if Bento's whole era has been crap and his players can't get into the game, and how we can't score etc etc, because that is CLEARLY NOT the case! You're being unfair. Bento has been doing a great job, For goodness sakes the man won EVERY game in qualification besides the very last one which I already said Rolando's stupidity almost single handedly caused. This team is a very good team. But the striking position is key for finishing plays and the amount of threat in the final 3rd of the field! Regardless of Nani (who did play very well) not passing the ball to Almeida on that one occasion, Almeida did not do ANYTHING to actually create a goal scoring chance for himself or for ANY other player on the field! For a striker that means your utter RUBBISH! I hope that this was his last chance/audition and now i hope he is perennially the 3rd choice DEAD LAST option out of all our 3 strikers. I myself would have liked to see Nelson Oliveira play with Ronaldo and Nani because I think that Nelson has the potential to be an even better striker for us than Postiga. Because basically Nelson is the complete package! He has everything. All the attributes I earlier listed as Postiga's strong points, Nelson can do as well, AND he is strong and has greater physical presence, and he is very fast! I suppose Bento just gave more opportunity to Almeida rather than Oliveira because he's older been around longer etc. But even in the short space of time Nelson Oliveira looked very lively and dangerous any time he got the ball! Unlike almeida, he LOOKED for the ball and any time he got it, you could see something good happening. He has that air of great strikers that whenever they get the ball, you feel he can do something and score, or create a scoring chance for his team! In the overall picture Bento's reign has been good and is going good! This was just a friendly after all. As long as Bento realizes that Nelson Oliveira is better than Almeida and probably on a par if not better than Postiga, and in the upcoming two friendlies selects Nelson AND this time gives him a proper 45 minutes or a full game, I will be happy! I have alot of belief in this team and the players we have! I am happy with Postiga and Nelson Oliveira and I believe with those two we are a completely strong team that can beat anybody!
12 Thursday, 01 March 2012 02:50
Nani had some amazing chances and adds great value but if he doesn't know the basics of passing to an open player for a clear goal, he should have gotten subbed off earilier for his greed/stupidity.

Overall we did good but we should have come away with a win.
11 Thursday, 01 March 2012 02:25
Two easy tap in goals were missed in the first half due to bad decisions. Biggest was Ronaldo's decision to shoot while Almedia was wide open in front of goal. It was a good save by the keeper but a simple cross and tap in would have given Portugal the lead and a probable victory. As usual Portugal dominate possesion in games and fail to finish. A better opponent such the ones Portugal will face in the summer will make them pay for missed chances such as this. Portugal need to finish their chances when they get them because that's what the top countries do. If Portugal can score when they're supposed to, like early in this game when they were dominating Poland they can beat anyone! Let's hope they figure it out before they take on Germany in June.
Lost my post as well..
10 Thursday, 01 March 2012 01:06
This was very bad match from Portugal. Paulo Bento could use this one as a reference as to why he shouldn't be coaching our national team. He is total sh*t and the players should take credit for the good results in the past, not him.

Based on this match:


Almeida - He is slower than a turtle plus he never tracks back. He scored a lovely header against Korea in the WC but he's not scoring consistantly and fails to link up with teammates.

Nani - He is a brilliant player with a ton of skill who could make the difference in a game.. could have played part in two goals but put his personal glory ahead of the team again.

Miguel Veloso - Tidy passing but lacks pace and will be over run by top quality opponents as mentioned.

Bruno Alves - If Almeida's a turtle, this guy's a snail. Gets forward on corner kicks but cannot track back to save his life.

Paulo Bento - All his substitutes were awful.. not literally the players themselves but how it affected the formation. Combining Fernandes and Moutinho would have improved the attack in the 2nd half. He subs CR and Nani before giving Oliveira a shot.. it restricted us from really seeing what he has to offer. The same with Nelson who was forced in Left back when hes a natural right footed player.

Pros -

Joao Moutinho - Absolute work-a-holic. All over the pitch applying pressure and retrieving the ball. Good vision. Vital player who springs most of the attacks through midfield.

Coentrao - Pretty sharp on defence and decent interchanges with CR, unfortunate to lose him early on.

Patricio - Made some big saves and bailed us out on more than one occasion, though I think Eduardo has better control.

The main thing is that this was suppose to be a chance where we could give opportunites and see how players would fit in. The main three that I was looking forward to see: Nelson, Fernandes, and Oliveira were screwed by Bento who broke up the formation.
9 Thursday, 01 March 2012 00:53
Took this from watching the game:

1) No trust in strikers- Their were at least two or three occassions where the winger broke into teh box and a slight pass to Almeida would have made for a tap in goal. I think it's clear their is little confidence there

2)Subs were puzzling- While Nelson for Coentrao made sense. I would have liked to see Fernandes actually be out their with Moutinho perhaps in place of Meireles. Almeida for Postiga made little difference and Oliveira should have played in the central stiker role not on the wing for Nani. He barely got a touch on the ball there.

3) If either Pepe or Bruno Alves go down injured this team is screwed. As soon as Pepe was subbed off for Rolando the Polish team began to dominate play and could have easily beaten us, as Rolando was beaten plenty of times. Ricardo Costa is not a legitimate option either, they should beg for Carvalho back.

4) On the positive end, I thought Nani played very well but lacked finishing while Ronaldo caused the Polish D a problem as usual. Patricio did very well and looks confident out there.

5) The team lacks depth and I figure this will be the undoing of this club unless some players step up their play big time in the next few months.
little learned
8 Thursday, 01 March 2012 00:33
Overall, this was a very typical friendly. Portugal played well in the first half, but in the second, they really took their foot of the gas.

I was really upset to see that Oliveira was only given the last 10 minutes in the game . Almeida again proved that he should never start again for Portugal. He could have had a goal or 2 if Nani was less selfish, but his overall play was quite poor. Postiga may not be the greatest striker in the world, but he is much better than Almeida at pressing the defense and linking up with Ronaldo and Nani.

The midfield trio of Moutinho, Meireles, and Veloso again played pretty well, but I still think that there is a lack of defensive tenacity in this trio. All three of these players are calm, highly technical passers, and while they do pass the ball beautifully, neither of them are that great defensively. That's why I'd like to see Manny Fernandes play against Germany and Holland.

Unless Nelson Oliveira gets more playing time with Benfica, there is no way that he'll be a starter for the seleccao this summer. However, he should definitively be part of the squad.

I also hope that Bento comes to his senses and picks Hugo Viana and Paulo Jorge. They are excellent players who will add more depth to the midfield and defense respectively.

My 23 players for this summer:

Strikers: Helder Postiga, Nelson Oliveira
Left Wing: Ronaldo, Varela
Right Wing: Nani, Quaresma
Starting Midfield: Moutinho, Meireles, Veloso.
Midfield Bench: Fernandes, Viana, Andre Santos
Fullbacks: Coentrao, Pereira, Nelson, Silvio
Centerbacks: Pepe, Alves, Paulo Jorge, Rolando
Keepers: Patricio, Eduardo, Beto
7 Thursday, 01 March 2012 00:00
Ok I didn't get to watch it, but by reading this article Nani played great. Yes he was selfish but still played great. So how did we get better when he went off and Oliveira came on? Fatigue?
Almeida has his issues, but Postiga is great all of a sudden.
I would have preferred to have seen Oliveira play with CR7 and Nani. It's a friendly.

What worries me about this one was that we played our supposed starters and the same crap happens. CR7 can't get into the game, and we can't score unless he does.

Bento accomplished nothing with this match. Then again maybe he now realizes that he needs to do more than just roll the ball out there.
Anyone have Bento's phone number ???
6 Wednesday, 29 February 2012 23:55
Veloso, Nani, and Fernandes impressed me...Patricio played well. Back 4 scares me...but is what we have. Almeida should be last option as striker.

11 should be.

Striker- CR (just give him the freedom to roam). Sub Postiga or the young one Nelson. We've all seen the same garbage; it's time to change it up already.

Midfield- Nani, with Coentrao (said it before he's not a back anymore with club) to support CR. Then Miguel, Manny, and Raul...(Joao good replacement or sub).

Def- Nelson, Alves, Pepe, Pereira

GK- Patricio

What do you all think?
poland vs portugal
5 Wednesday, 29 February 2012 23:48
great first half at list two goals for pt the team played very well this is a friendly game trying out players at the same time i was watching england x netherlands very boring game very slow at list portugal and poland was very fast game denmark lost germany lost iam happy with the tie lets keep the faith guys
4 Wednesday, 29 February 2012 23:09
Wrote a damn essay venting on the previous article before this, so I'll keep it brief here. Almeida is TOTAL GARBAGE! NEVER wanna see him for Portugal again. He totally failed his opportunity. Postiga is CLEARLY pure class for Portugal and plays amazing for us. Postiga is a skilled player waaay better than Almeida. Then Nelson Oliveira deserved way more playing time and even in his brief opportunity he still looked better and more skillful and dangerous than the hopeless almeida. Nelson obviously has the skill and he definitely should be our other main striker along with Postiga! Due to Nelson's short brief time, pecking order of strikers is 1. Helder Postiga. 2. Nelson Oliveira. They are both class and with them playing I will feel happy! I hope Bento realizes this as well!
3 Wednesday, 29 February 2012 22:58
You are correct, Oliveira should have been on from the start to see what he has at this level.
2 Wednesday, 29 February 2012 22:45
In the last major tournament (2010 FIFA World Cup) Portugal only managed to score vs North Korea.

They miss (and have done for many years now) a top class goalscorer.

Nélson Oliveira should have been given 45 minutes.

Follow the Chef on Twitter: @champ_ian
Nelson Oliveira FOR PRESIDENT
1 Wednesday, 29 February 2012 22:40
The game really turned up when Oliveira came in for Nani. I'm thinking we should get rid of Patricio for Eduardo too. I hope all the Benfica fans realise how ridiculous they sound when reading this after watching that game.

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