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Monday, 19 May 2014 20:29

Paulo Bento announces Portugal's 23-man World Cup squad

No place for Ricardo Quaresma, Braga pair Rafa & Éder make it

rafa-silva-20140228.jpgÉdertraining.jpegAfter months of speculation, analysis and opinion, Portugal's 23-man World Cup squad is finally known.

As is so often the case, it's an omission that has caused the major talking point, with Ricardo Quaresma missing the cut. On the other side of the coin, there was joy for Braga pair Rafa (pictured, right) and Éder (pictured, left), who will be representing the Seleção in Brazil.

The full squad hoping to make Portuguese football history this summer is as follows:

Goalkeepers: Beto (Sevilla), Eduardo (Braga), Rui Patrício (Sporting)

Defenders: André Almeida (Benfica), Bruno Alves (Fenerbahçe), Fábio Coentrão (Real Madrid), João Pereira (Valencia), Neto (Zenit), Pepe (Real Madrid), Ricardo Costa (Valencia)

Midfielders: João Moutinho (Monaco), Miguel Veloso (D. Kiev), Raul Meireles (Fenerbahçe), Rúben Amorim (Benfica), William Carvalho (Sporting) 

Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Éder (Braga), Hélder Postiga (Lazio), Hugo Almeida (Besiktas), Nani (Manchester United), Rafa (Braga), Varela (FC Porto), Vieirinha (Wolfsburg) 

Whatever people's opinions on the squad, it is difficult not to get excited as World Cup Betting intensifies and football lovers all over the globe get ready for the big kick-off on 12 June.

Unsurprisingly, the very first question asked Paulo Bento after the names were announced was his reasoning behind the decision not to select Porto winger Quaresma.

"All decisions to leave players out of the squad are tough. The reasons for this decision were technical and tactical," he said, before adding tellingly "the players were chosen for what they could contribute from an attacking and a defensive point of view."

Incredible as it may seem for a footballer so talented, Ricardo Quaresma will end his career having never played for Portugal at a World Cup.

Explaining his midfield options, Bento said: "Of the six midfielders, two can play in the No. 6 position, Miguel Veloso and William Carvalho, while João Moutinho and Raul Meireles have been with us all the way. Rúben Amorim can play in any position across the midfield, as well as right-back, while Rafa can play inside, or as a No. 10 enabling us to invert the midfield triangle."

Braga striker Éder recovered his fitness in the nick of time to squeeze onto the plane. The big number nine was out for over a year with a succession of serious injuries, but ended the season on a high, scoring in successive weeks in the final two matches of the campaign. The whole of Portugal will be hoping he can take that form into the World Cup, especially given the fitness concerns over first-choice striker Hélder Postiga.


- Cristiano Ronaldo and Ricardo Costa become the first two players to represent Portugal in three World Cups

- Paulo Bento's squad is the oldest in Portugal's history at World Cups. In the Seleção's sixth appearance at football's biggest party, the average age of the players making up the squad is 28.3 years.

by Tom Kundert 

Comments (119)
119 Saturday, 31 May 2014 20:00
Really interesting choice from Bento. Giving the young talents a chance to shine. Rafa reminds me of cristiano somehow. Hope he makes a break through. Portugal will have good chances.
Defending Bento
118 Thursday, 29 May 2014 23:08
I see so many posts calling for Bento to be sacked because he left out Quaresma or another favorite player. But we dont know what really happens behind the scenes in the locker room. Bento knows way more then we do on who should be in the squad. He knows who is going to fit with who. Quaresma was obviously not left off for talent.
LOL...I'm not Justin
117 Wednesday, 28 May 2014 21:14
I assure you guys we're not the same person.

I had a big ass post that never got cleared by the admins. Nothing bad written on it, must have been overlooked.


I do agree 100% with Justin...people seemed to have missed the purpose of his comparison and I was simply pointing that out. I was going to elaborate again, but I didn't have the time to re write the whole post, especially to a bunch of people that don't seem to WANT to understand the importance of a player like Q7, not just in soccer, but in any sport.
hey RQ7 r thoughts r same
116 Wednesday, 28 May 2014 18:10
115 Wednesday, 28 May 2014 06:40
World cup whithout Quaresma is nothing for me .How can i watch at Portugal games how ???????? i don t watch anymore.Damn bento why you are so stupid ???? is ridicolous this coach .i want jesualdo ferreira at national team .
Haha whoops
114 Tuesday, 27 May 2014 16:10
I didn't mean to put my name as Jorge I was trying to thank him and for some reason I put his name under my name instead of the subject. I have no reason to create a new identity...come on this is the Internet. None of this effects my life and trying to impress people on here is not very appealing to me. To whoever Jorge is sorry for the negative publicity:-)
Amazing trolling exposed
113 Tuesday, 27 May 2014 11:40
I think we just witnessed Justin outing himself as Jorge. It must be amazing to have all these personalities in just one person. Especially when one of your personalities compliments the other ones "excellent points".

New level of trolling unlocked!
Jorge part 2
112 Monday, 26 May 2014 22:24
With quaresma getting fouled around the box...ronaldo has more chances for free kicks. Moutinho and quaresma have more chances to play in crosses off of set pieces for Bruno, Ronaldo, pepe and Carvalho.

The alternative is we do what we always do and force passes to ronaldo all game, watch postiga run really slow to every ball and watch meireles take shots around the box that go over the goal all game. The people that mention quaresmas statistics with the national team that isn't fair. You can't always compare stats like that you have to observe the game with your eye balls. The player quaresma is today and the way he looked for Porto is way more than enough of a reason to include him over the other guys who bento picked ahead of him.
111 Monday, 26 May 2014 22:17
Thank you for recognizing what I was saying. I don't know how many posts you read of mine on this article but I discussed in detail earlier on the importance of generating fouls for a team like portugal. The bad hype quaresma gets is overblown in my opinion. I know bento doesn't like him and I bet a lot of the Portuguese federation above bento may not like him.

The problem is a country this small that has to punch above their weight class doesn't have the ability to be picky. I mean come on, is nani who hasn't played...varela, vierinha or rafa seriously better than quaresma today may 26th...the answer is no. Do people here honestly think quaresma doesn't know how to get along with these guys...he's known these players for 10 years.

The way portugal plays and the way they historically have missed so many chances to score goals...they need fouls to generate a little more help. Just watch and see and I'm surprised the quaresma haters haven't yet. Portugal will look for ronaldo to do everything himself when they play against a tough defense. That won't work. Having quaresma would create another threat on the field and like I said anything he does that is selfish....its not like he plays defense. We can afford it if quaresma maybe takes a player on and gets the ball taken from him. We can afford a trivela that he does for no reason. The reason why is because he is a threat and the fouls he will get called for him and the respect he has from defenders will make up for it.
NJ USA get the facts straight buddy
110 Monday, 26 May 2014 18:54
Real Madrid is in Spain, the Seleccao is in Portugal. Pretty much the same country pal. Next, Madrid wear a white kit, Portugal's is red. I think that one speaks for itself.

Defensively, Bruno Valves is tall, and Sergio Ramos is also kind of tall. Bam. They're pretty much twins. You getting this all done bud?

Next: Modric starts with an "M", so does Moutinho. Hope I don't have to spell that one out for you.

William Carvalho wears Adidas, so does Xabi Alonso. Mind blown yet?

Finally, Nani has 4 letters in his name. So does Bale. Same person.

There you have it pal. Breakdown for you so you don't have to put the pieces together.

You're welcome.
109 Monday, 26 May 2014 18:24
You seem to be one of very few people here who actually knows what he's talking about. Good on you!

Your Portugal/Real comparison is so on point.

We don't any offensive options really, or viable ones at that.

Many are missing the point of what having a player like Q7 on the field means. This isn't even about comparing him to anybody, it's a straight fact, we have nobody else on this team that would require the attention of the defence like he would (of course other than Ronaldo). Is that really hard for people to recognize. It's not a matter of liking him, it just is what it is.
108 Monday, 26 May 2014 17:55
I'm going to hope that you're not being sarcastic with me right now about me comparing the two teams. However, I have some time and I will try and explain my reasoning.
Assuming portugal lines up like this.

Joao p....pepe....bruno....coentrao

That back four is similar to madrid as two of the players are on Madrid as you know. I think danny carvalal is better than Joao p but both of these guys like making over lapping runs and are energetic. The difference here is Sergio Ramos is a lot better than bruno Alves is especially on the ball and he has speed to keep up with any central forwards. Bruno doesn't have the speed but he's a big guy so he has some positive to his game as well. Overall the back four isn't that much different.

Assuming portugal lines up like this in midfield


This is the biggest difference in the teams obviously. Xabi Alonso is simply better on the ball than Carvalho is right now and has better long range passing. Both of these guys are good tacklers and if Carvalho keeps improving he could close the gap on Alonso. Moutinho would have to be like Modric if I had to compare players
I think modric is a better offensive player but defensively they are similar. Both of these guys are good and truthfully I don't think moutinho is better but I could realistically see him playing for Madrid. I personally think moutinho has that ability to do so. If you remember, moutinho was actually a target for Tottenham, and Manchester United a few years ago before he left Porto. He could have potentially played next to modric at Tottenham. Ok so the last example is meireles and di Maria that comparison isn't even close. Dimaria is one of my favorite players in the world he's fearless and never gets tired. In a perfect world I would have loved to see Bruma play this role for portugal.

Offensively assuming portugal lines up like this


I know bale is better than nani but they both like to take players on. I'm hoping eder can hold up the ball like benzema does and ronaldo is ronaldo.

Listen I know its not a perfect example but I hope you can see the similiarities. I didn't compare portugal to maritimo or nacional. I will stand by my opinion that having quaresma on this team would have been better. If it was between varela, vierinha or quaresma I don't even think its close. Quaresma simply at this stage in his career has more offensive ability and that's what we will need when ronaldo gets isolated and double teamed against good opponents.
107 Monday, 26 May 2014 15:39
Personally i'm saddened by Quaresma not being here. Only reason he was left out because Veirinha, Nani and Varela have imposed themselves under Bento.. If the squad was selected based on form Quaresma would have been selected. Anyways good luck to this squad. Hope they can go far.. please start Eder instead of Postiga or Almeida, they belong in the trash.
106 Monday, 26 May 2014 13:39
Guys, whether or not Quaresma is on the list, we need to look at the facts: we have a great squad.

Goalkeepers: Not a Neuer, but Beto and Patricio are amazing GKs, and Eduardo is very good too. We are lucky to have three GKs who could all play very well.

Defense: Pepe and Coentrao. Alves. Pereira. They have been working together for about 4 years now, its such a good defense. Andre Almeida has had a great season too, so I'd be excited to see him over Pereira.

Midfield: WILLIAM CARVALHO. He is going to be amazing, and Bento only brought Veloso as a sub and respect for all the handwork he's done in qualification. JOAO MOUTINHO PEOPLE. He is such a beast. Amorim is very underated, he won't let us down, and Meireles can still play very well.

Forwards: We don't have Quaresma. We have RONALDO. We have NANI. We have big Almeida, and Eder (who i have heard is very good). Varela is a great sub, don't underestimate him.

Injuries: No one is going to be injured. Real Madrid has done us a great service by resting Ronaldo and Pepe these last few games. Now, with only a few friendlies for then next few weeks, our two super stars will be totally ready to win us a World Cup.

I often believe it is us who doubt us the most. We're very critical. But let's enjoy the cup. It's in Brazil, we'll be playing 3 amazing teams and we'll have 3 amazing games. I have a strong feeling this year Portugal will win the world cup. We need to cheer loud and be proud of our nation.

Real and Selecao are not the same
105 Sunday, 25 May 2014 20:39
Can you please explain to me how Portugal is like Real. Cristiano always has two players on him with a third leaning his way. The difference between Real and Portugal is Di Maria, Bale, Modric, Alonso, etc...
This group should get out if the group, but I don't think we have the legs to make any damage.
104 Sunday, 25 May 2014 19:37
Quaresma is best/india
For people's,here writing negative,against,bad,foolish,stupidity comments about RICARDO QUARESMA SO LISTEN here whoever has said anything wrong is a MOTHER FUCKERRRRRRRR.Again I m saying that don't say anything Wrong about RICARDO QUARESMA.QUARESMA IS A GOD OF FOOTBALL.
103 Sunday, 25 May 2014 18:45
John USA
Ricardo Quaresma has never done much for the Seleccao Nacional over 38 or so games. I always thought that he and Cristiano would terrorize the defences of our opponents for years, but only Cristiano has come through, and in a big way. Thank God for Nani picking up Quaresma's slack. Let's face it, Quaresma has never fully lived up to his potential. He is a good, but not a great player. I don't fault him for that. It's extremely difficult to be a world class player and he just never quite got there.
voice of reason
102 Sunday, 25 May 2014 16:16
I never said quaresma was better, in fact I said bale was better. I was simply comparing the playing styles that Portugal and real Madrid have. Against stubborn defense Ronaldo struggles for Madrid just like he will for Portugal. The reason why Madrid usually still wins even if Ronaldo is isolated is because they have other players who are willing to take the game into their own hands. I was trying to make a case for quaresma because he will do that...I really hope nani is back in form. Varela and vierinha are not very effective doing that. They just don't have the mental fortitude to do it. Oh yeah as for the other comparisons, robben, ribery etc are better than quaresma I obviously know that. That was just brought up as a reference for attacking players who dibble to much and sometimes don't do much. My intentions are good, I want Portugal to win obviously....I just see a lot of frustration coming from Ronaldo being double teamed and the other 9 guys passing the ball back and forth for 90 minutes. They might get away with it against Ghana or USA but if they advance things will change.
Justin - Just Stop, for God's sake STOP
101 Sunday, 25 May 2014 13:41
Voice of Reason
Really Justin?

Real remind you of Portugal and what you saw yesterday is what is going to happen at the world cup if Quaresma isn't there?

Give your head a shake, or two, or just bang it against the wall. Going by what you said, you are in essence saying that Quaresma is better than Bale...because Bale plays opposite Ronaldo for Real and he was so garbage he couldn't take pressure off...right?

Quaresma could?

I don't even know what to say about some of your comments...really.
Too Many Cry Babies
100 Sunday, 25 May 2014 13:23
Look who cares if quaresma's out, portugal on a good day can take any team. we have a strong squad. To be the best they need to beat the best that's it. Let's just hope they do well, and get some luck to.U all know they have the ability and are capable of doing well.
99 Saturday, 24 May 2014 20:20
The most dangerous Real Madrid has been so far this game has been off of fouls and set pieces. That's what makes or breaks teams sometimes. Portugal plays this same way. Fouls that guys like quaresma will create and varela, vierinha or rafa can't for portugal. Ronaldo will become frustrated and isolated. End of rant.
Real Madrid game today
98 Saturday, 24 May 2014 20:10
If anyone watched the Real Madrid game today they remind me of portugal when they play against a good defense. This is what I was talking about when I say ronaldo gets isolated and doesn't do anything all game. This is why I said they need quaresma on the other side because he will take defenders away from ronaldo and they can switch the field. I'm in no way saying that quaresma is better than bale because he's not by the way. What I'm saying is ronaldo will be double teamed in the World Cup. The only chances ronaldo has had this game has come from free kicks for the most part. Those free kicks came from di Maria fouls or modric fouls( quaresma being dimaria and moutinho being modric. Im not saying quaresma is better than dimaria but the principals remain the same. I'm writing this in the 62nd minute if this game so things could change but this is where I'm coming from. Real Madrid holds most of the possession like portugal does and they don't do anything against stubborn defenses. Germany, USA and Ghana will watch this game and they will see the similarities. Ronaldo is our best player by far and with nobody else doing anything we have no chance.
Bento's picks
97 Saturday, 24 May 2014 13:49
Faroman Canada
Bento has done a great job in picking the squad . All Portugal fans need to quit bitching and get a positive attitude. We will bring the trophy home.

Not All 23 Will Go
96 Saturday, 24 May 2014 08:16
There are major questions as to the fitness of Postiga, Vierinha, Nani, & others. Don't be too surprised if someone gets replaced before the WC. I can't remember the last time that all 23 players Portugal picked for a WC or Euro finals ended up all going to the tournament. Can anyone?
95 Saturday, 24 May 2014 00:53
John/ toronto
Can't wait just got my ticket for June 6 ,portugal vs Mexico. Should be a good test before wc. Mexico are tuff.
Justin / Rochester
94 Saturday, 24 May 2014 00:11
Mario / Guerra
If I were a defender I would worry more about Varela than Quaresma because Varela is a more direct player. If I got caught up field Quaresma would slow down the play by trying to deke a defender giving me time to regain my defensive position. Quaresma has made 35 appearances for Portugal he has scored 3 goals. Varela has scored 4 goals with much less minutes on the field, a couple of those goals were extremely important for Portugal.

Why do you think Quaresma had little success outside of Portugal why do you think he was once voted the worst foreign player in Italy? I'll tell you why, it's because he never really learned how to play football. He doesn't use his teammates to his advantage and to the advantage of the team. He chooses to beat a player one on one when a pass and running into open space to receive the ball is what is required. Yes, once in a while things will work out and he will make a magical play but in the long run he is a burden to the team.

I'm sure that Robben and Ribery would be insulted if I compared Quaresma to them.
Some thoughts
93 Friday, 23 May 2014 11:51
Am no expert but here are a few thoughts:

Goalkeepers: Beto (Sevilla)- Plays at a decent club...done well in UEFA cup but its a second tier competition

Eduardo (Braga)- spent force did terrible in Italy ,

Rui Patrício (Sporting)- good keeper first choice no doubt

Defenders: André Almeida (Benfica)- havent seen him in action
Bruno Alves (Fenerbahçe)- positionally inept good attacking threat at set pieces but surely would have been playing at a bigger club in a decent league if inherited it- cannot be compared to Carvlho who was different class
Fábio Coentrão (Real Madrid)- very skillful one of the best players on the team,
João Pereira (Valencia)- decent pacy can be compared to miguel,
Neto (Zenit)- did not impress me in the camerron game plays in an awful league,
Pepe (Real Madrid)- beast enough said,
Ricardo Costa (Valencia)- never done well in a seleccao shirt

Midfielders: João Moutinho (Monaco)- decent payer tad overated playing in an ordinary team in a ordinary league, Miguel Veloso (D. Kiev)- one of the poor players in the team, Raul Meireles (Fenerbahçe)- spent force, Rúben Amorim (Benfica), William Carvalho (Sporting)- special player from what I have heard although i must admit havent seen much

Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)- Whos he never heard of him :)), Éder (Braga)- heard some good things, Hélder Postiga (Lazio)- plays well for national team, Hugo Almeida (Besiktas)- sweden game did well apart from that ordinary league again, Nani (Manchester United)plays well for national team moyes did not play him much i think hes better than valencia, Rafa (Braga)- seems to be very pacy and tricky may be bit imexperienced, Vieirinha (Wolfsburg) - may becompared him to simao dependable type but not a lot of flair
So many Brazilians on this site!
92 Friday, 23 May 2014 11:30
Neymar's cousin
Copa? Didn't realise PortuGOAL had so many Brazilian fans. Its called MUNDIAL. Real Portuguese the lot of you are.
91 Friday, 23 May 2014 09:40
He should be awar super sub or even starter ahead of quaresma , vererinha and varela should be watchin this on the tv
what a fool is bento not taking quaresma he will suffer for
90 Friday, 23 May 2014 08:01
Quaresma is best/india
They can't win the world cup with these players they have inexperienced players.Ronaldo alone can't do anything and I know that he will fail.Portugal needs quaresma but with the foolish coach bento he spoiled all this.I must say that luiz Felipe scholari should be the coach of Portugal becausee of nice coach8ng of how he has given chances to quaresma to play at national side.
about people who made funny and stupid,idiotic comments on Quaresma.
89 Friday, 23 May 2014 07:52
Cooments like made by like----
1-Navid/Bangladesh...yeah u totaaly mad and foolish and u r also bangladeshi lol first of all watch ur cricket team consists of poor players .The first thing is that u don't deserve to make negative comments of RQ7 lol u fool saying that "he is not fit" lol I want to tell u that QUARESMA is all time great player his game is different from others he makes play easily for whole of the team.How much he do he does himself and at age 30 he is fit and great at Porto and making solo effort goal makess him the best.
88 Friday, 23 May 2014 06:53
yes I'm utterly disappointed. now I'll have to remove Q7 from my ps4 world cup winning team. now no more killer crosses... no more killergoals. CR7 will feel the pressure being our lone man to... do it all.

but I hope that's only in the game.

its all bull crap wat people say of Q7. he's a changed man and he himself admitted to that. he impressed at this years uefa cup with some magic goals and crosses. some of those would win us more fans at the world cup. just look our wingers guys. wouldn't you want someone whose in form out there. vierinha hasn't played much this year and nani? Q7 is our only other world class attacker. and cr7 is not going to be 100% fit at the world cup. another disappointing campaign because of this poor selecting. BENTO OUT!!!
Support the lads!
87 Friday, 23 May 2014 05:16
Frank - Canada
Postiga is a waste of air fare! Man is useless! Nice to see some new faces, a maturing Ronaldo and a good supporting cast ! Go Portugal!
Fall In
86 Friday, 23 May 2014 00:09
MDCViolenes- NY, USA
It's good to see so many people stopping by to post comments. Let's be real and honest with ourselves though-- the Selecçao has been made. Paulo Bento, our manager, will not change. Barring injury, the 23 man roster will not change. So let's chill with the comments on why Quaresma has been dropped for now, why Costa has a spot, that we won't make it out of the group, or that Bento will be sacked come the end of Portugal's run in the Copa.

Look at the tape of Portugal v. Sweden again, both legs. Tell me our men don't all have each others back when crap gets real. Ibra hits two quick goals in that second leg, and the team works it all out to give Cris what he needs for us to lay them out. Simple as.

This team isn't perfect yes, and most if not all of us know that Bento is not perfect. Were I manager, the squad would have another midfielder or two; I'd think about playing a 4-2-3-1 as well in certain situations rather than the usual formation. I put my two cents in below a couple days ago. But we're not managers on his level-- who among us can say what is best for his team right now? Remember that during Quieroz's time, the knock on Portugal was that they were a team of 11 individuals. But that Sweden playoff was proof that we have a team of players that work for each other-- we pull it together when it's time. Same with Euro 2012.

All I'm saying is-- if you're really with the team, if 'a equipa de todos nos' means anything to some of you who still doubt, then you all need to fall in. Otherwise think about wearing some other glory hunter's colours/kit come the World Cup. I'll be in all vermelho e verde (mais branco e azul) come June, hopefully into July. I know most of you will be with me, doubters get with the programme. Our team is stronger than you know.

Força Portugal. Somos nos.
Paulo bento is a funny guy
85 Thursday, 22 May 2014 21:38
I had my hopes up until Paulo Bento decided to leave some good players out of the squad http://worldcupcollege.com/squads/portugal/ well.. i don't think we are going to be able to do something this tournament.. maybe next time?
@ Steve/Australia
84 Thursday, 22 May 2014 20:33
Hi Steve,you gave some thought against my comment or thought.Well i mentioned that by born i am a Bangladeshi so it is very much tough for me to collect Portuguese football league latest news.You know i follow Portuguese football since 1999 when i was only 9 so i have no doubt about my love for Portuguese football.I always keep a Portugal's flag when Selecao play in big tournament.My comment was a little bit of harsh but i have respect for Jordan because he is a Portuguese football fan. May be he also a Portuguese i just want to know some point from him that's it.And still now my think is that players except Tiago are more effective. Bento could not manage or influence Danny that is Bento's failuer. Brian lara was very crazy cricket player but west- Indian cricket boar manage him and he play for his national team about 20 years and he is a Legend.Why Bento unable to manage Quaresma. Steve may be you are a by born Portuguese so that's why you know a lot of information about Selecao than me.It's natural. May be there are some different between your and my think but on one point we are same that is we are fan of Selecao. Now its time to support Selecao.They are our dream and hero.So we should tell GO AHEAD SELECAO.............. YOU HAVE TO WIN THE WORLD CUP 2014..................... I expect your comment.
Everyone tries to be the calmest fan
83 Thursday, 22 May 2014 20:17
I don't understand some of the "regulars" that come on here and join each other and support each other and pretend to be moderators of comments. What I want you guys to understand is just because some of these comments seem so harsh and direct is because PEOPLE CARE and are UPSET. That's our right is to get pissed off about selections. If we didn't care and criticize this team then we'd be the worst and unknowledgeable fans in the world.

Steve just mentioned that quaresma would sit on the bench and sulk....guess what, that's what the majority of people on this website have the problem with. WHY IS HE ON THE BENCH IN THE FIRST PLACE. Apparently the "regulars" on portugoal must think that a country of only 11 million people can be picky and choosy with who plays in games.

Who do you think strikes more fear in defenders vierinha, rafa, varela or quaresma? Who will create more problems for the opposing team? Who will create something and take a shot on goal? I know that answer. Referees still reward dribblers and call fouls. Its the culture of football, offensive players get the benefit of the doubt...unless they are English referees. We need all the free kicks and set pieces we can get. Why doesn't anyone understand that? Don't you watch portugal and see the passes forced to ronaldo all game and 9 other players passing back and forth to each other and never doing something themselves. It's been like that since ronaldo became the player he is back in 2008. Ever since Ronaldo became the talent he is and recognized so much all the other players on the national team forgot how to do things themselves. Quaresma is an attacking winger just like robben, Ribery, hazard, pedro, neymar and the list goes on. He's not a center back taking chances and dribbling from the defensive third being a super hero.

Portugal doesn't have the players that Spain, Germany, Brazil, Argentina etc have. Our best players have to play to win games. Quaresma is 30 years old and I think he knows how to get along with these guys. Everyone acts like quaresma carries a knife with him to practice and will help the other team score goals because he is the devil.

Last thing I'll say is that all the regulars on here please stop acting like moderators and putting down other peoples harsh opinions. Start watching the game and don't be guidance counselors for the national team. I can't for the life of me understand how anyone thinks varela, nani(currently), vierinha, rafa, postiga etc can be a better player for portugal. Please understand theirs only 11 million people in portugal...we don't have that luxury to be picky. I don't like when people come on here and put down the team and hope they lose either, I'm not condoning that at all. However, when people say their upset with selections they have the right to do that and I think its only normal because we care. Just being calm is ridiculous, this World Cup is every 4 years not every 4 weeks. Forca portugal!
Portugal open practices
82 Thursday, 22 May 2014 19:17
Jaime/NJ. USA
The practices are not being held in Princeton, but instead at the NY Jets facility in Florham Park, NJ. From what I understand, the sessions will be closed to the public. I suspect they chose the Jets facility due to the large indoor field that keeps prying eyes away during drills.
isn't it great?
81 Thursday, 22 May 2014 14:56
Voice of Reason / Canada
How great is it that we, as supporters of the Selecao, get to argue, discuss, complain about, moan about, and trash selections of the manager?

To me it says we have some depth - a lot of other countries don't have these problems. I'm sure some here will say that the choices are because we don't have good players - but these are the same people that can't wait for Portugal to fail so they can pontificate about how much smarter they are than Bento. A lot of these guys were also big supporters of Danny being played in role of #10 - because of his great results at Zenit (in a league that some of them dismissed as garbage).

I have always maintained that the manager is the guy that sees how these guys are training, what their fitness levels are, what their mental state is like - I'll trust Bento (partly because I have no choice, and partly because of how he rallied these guys at the last Euro).

Would my selections be different? Maybe. While I understand why Quaresma was left off the team - there is that part of me that, if I were a manager, I would want a trick or two up my sleeve (if the situation called for it). Quaresma for all his faults, can be a game changer - a late game substitution that could pull out a bit of magic.

But what do I know? I am the guy that would take Danilo on my team for a late game situation where you need to defend a set piece to protect a lead, or score on one to tie a game up. That kid was a beast in the air in the under 20 World Cup...I think as a manager, you have to have a couple of surprise options, guys that COULD change in a game in an instant.

Either way - I will always support this team.

But that's just me - I'm not here to try to prove that I am much smarter than the Manager and that under my guidance we would win it all.
ok navid
80 Thursday, 22 May 2014 14:18
Here's your answer, bud. Eder is Portugal's best CF when healthy, he was injured this season and still looked good when he did play. Anybody here can attest to him being far better than Almeida or Postiga. Nelson oliveira had a good start to the season at rennes but then lost his spot to Ola Toivonen. Unacceptable. He's shown in the past that his attitude isn't the best and cost Portugal dearly when he saw off Ronaldo selfishly against Israel. Tiago retired from the national team, I wish he could be called up but he didn't accept Bento's offer. Do you suggest we kidnap him to Brazil? Adrien Silva is a good player who I'll admit has never gotten a fair chance internationally, although I don't know who would be dropped for him. Amorim had quite a season on Benfica and I have to admit he actually earned the trip. Bruma is a fantastic young talent and should have been here, but in January he suffered a heavy tackle injuring him for the World Cup. For the past 5 months, we've known Bruma could never be here. Vieirinha is a great winger playing in a highly competitive league. He was injured for most of this season, but in the past has looked like a brilliant spark for Portugal. Varela kind of sucks but a good sub is a good sub. I've already given my reasoning on Quaresma's exclusion, so I'm not going to give it again. Danny is a good player but a selfish one who faked injury to leave Portugal last year and had a full practice with Zenit the very next day. If you're not dedicated to qualify, don't expect to show up in Brazil. Bento picked a good team of talent, responsibility, and cohesiveness who can work together as a unit. I'm very confident about them. So yes, I still maintain that there is a lot wrong about everything you suggest.
Limited Options
79 Thursday, 22 May 2014 13:31
Tony, Ca
Until the younger players are ready, this current generation of players is limited in attacking options with the exception of CR7.

A decent attacking generation would not be left with these strikers at our disposal, subpar wingers, and a midfield with very few dynamic options.

Nani, Vierinha, Varela, and Quaresma are poor options, none of them should have a spot but this is a limited generation. Given the situation as much as I dislike this option, I would taken Quaresma over Vieirinha who is a modest player, not sure why the love fest for this player from a few fans.

Maybe Nani will catch a brilliance bug and one of our strikers holds up, that is always possible in a tournament. In reality a top 8 finish is probably the best scenario with this team.

Let's bring on the games, looking to be at the Mexico and Portugal game on June 6. Lets get ready to cheer and enjoy the WC!
78 Thursday, 22 May 2014 10:15
Firstly this is a great squad and personally, I think we can do well

Secondly all I can say is that the silly season has officially started with the volume of strange comments on this post. To the regulars, NJ, Andre, Chris etc. sorry I have not had a chance to read your 'intelligent, informed' comments but I will en-devour to do so at some point and appreciate your efforts.

To the people wishing that the team goes out early so Bento can be fired all I can say is feel proud and support your country.


@Veeetor!!! Toronto Canada

Spot on with some of your comments and you summarised what I had been thinking since this squad was announced. It is not just about the best players but which players play well together and understand each-other games. People forget these players have a short time to bond and get to know eachother and Bento knows these guys better than anyone.


@NAVID/BANGLADESH - Wow, I think you are being extremely harsh and disrespectful to Jordan by accusing him of being a racist. Your comments not only show many inaccuracies but also highlight the clear fact that you have limited knowledge of the Portuguese game.

Here's a breakdown on my thoughts about your comments (spelling mistakes corrected in brackets);

He (Bento) has no right to play - Yes he does. It is his paying job to do so.
Eder - Widely regarded as our best Striker until he got numerous injuries.
Vieirinha - Before he got injured he was one of our best Wingers
Oliveara (Nelson Oliveira) - Has been in poor form and is extremely immature, selfish and over confident about his abilities.
Danny - Faked an injury so he return back to Zenit... enough said
Quaresma - Liability and not a good fit for team morale and chemistry. He'll be on the bench sulking whilst others cheer the team on.
Adrian (Adrien) vs Rúben Amorim - Adrien is a quality player but who would't be sitting in front of William Carvalho. Ruben got the nod because he is incredible consistent, hard working, can come on a get into the game straight away and is versatile and can back up in defence.
Thiago (Tiago) - He has retired, Bento asked him to play.
5 qualityless players - Where has this magic number come from? There are many factors you have not mentioned like team chemistry, personality etc.

My advice to you is, gets your facts straight before you make comments if you want people to take you seriously.

Why the negativity
77 Thursday, 22 May 2014 07:51
Monah/ Dubai
Guys! Just convince me! On what are you basing your negativity????? Especially those who wrote that this squad will win no game!

Guys! Remember how we went to Euro 12! Please stop it! It's just disgusting! You have no reason to start being pessimstic! Everything around, at least for the moment is just positive!

The only concern and the highest risk as many mentioned is Ronaldo's injury! Hope it won't last and hopefully he'll be fit and ready before Germany's match!

I know that we have a lot of quality player left @ home, Josue, Cavaleiro, Andre Gomes, Adrien Silva, Quaresma, Andre Martins...But it's only a set of 23 players! Tell me: how can you include them all! Maybe it's not their right time to bring'em on!

Look at the number of brazilian or the spanish quality players left at home! No one knows the players more than the coaches!

Bento knows more than anyone how to use the chosen 23! He's not ideal! He's not God! But he knows the 23 players more than anyone posting here on this site!

Come on keep your heads high! In the end only one team wins! It doesn't mean that the other 31 teams failed!

Força Portugal
Too bad we cant have 25 man roster
76 Thursday, 22 May 2014 04:06
Veeetor!!! Toronto Canada
Im sure if Bento could have a couple more guys on the roster he would...mind you Quaresma would not be one of them
This team is not loaded with world class players but more than other teams. Do you think Bento asked Ronaldo who he liked playing with? ofcourse he did
Do you think he asked Alves who he feels good playing beside with? I think so ....I mean Bento has the final word but these guys have a say.
I dont see Merieles playing all 90 as well as I dont think Postiga will play at all or perhaps subbed in late and the juniors are there cause somehow they have shown great talent and more importantly showed their heads are on straight and dont have an ego like the usual suspects that some of youhave mentioned are surprised they are not there.
Nani's inclusion
75 Thursday, 22 May 2014 02:45
Los Angeles USA
I agree with leaving out Queresma who is a liability when things start to get difficult, he is toxic.
But including Nani? Someone who hasnt played much lately and when he does he rarely makes an impact, he isn't WC material.
74 Thursday, 22 May 2014 00:36
Cr7 and pepe will be playing hurt during the world cup that is our biggest concern.
73 Thursday, 22 May 2014 00:33
Love Rafa and Eder... but everyone can predict the starting lineups/subs to come on... Postiga/Nani will start with the same lineup as usual. Should be Rafa and Eder with Ronaldo on the Left wing... but i have a feeling both of the Braga men wont get to play.
the problem
72 Thursday, 22 May 2014 00:12
the only problem i have is the strikers. bento could have picked players with speed even though they might not score. with slow players what can they do.

portugal needs someone that will be aligned with him while attacking. this will create goals. ronaldo cant do everything himself.

its not a bad selection, c how it goes
Shut up with Quaresma
71 Wednesday, 21 May 2014 22:14
All this talk of RQ7 is insane! You would think that we left out Ronaldo. Are you people crazy.

Did you not see what happen to France in the last world cup……with all the in fighting. They left the world cup in shame!!!

Thats why Danny and Quaresma were left off. Bento said during his press conference that he took players, that when things get difficult….they will stand together for the greater cause!!!

What are you watching, youtube highlight or RQ7 games. He is so over rated, never has been, never will be, inverted, sulking, underachiever!!

How come not 1 person mentioned Bebe. He has scored again today. He plays with no one around him, and has managed to score around 12 goals. {With no support}

He is big, fast, can score, create goals for his teammates. He can play the wing, or centre forward, and he behaves himself on the field. If anyone should feel hard dun by is Bebe, not RQ7, who has blown all his chances…..every place he's been.

Bebe will be at Portugal next big tournament!!!

France, understood that you can't win with selfish players, and they left out Nasri, who is so much better them Quaresma.

Not one player on our national team has come to the aid of RQ7……There is a good reason for that. Most of you just don't get it
70 Wednesday, 21 May 2014 21:20
The following was said about Bento on a preview article;

"You know what you're going to get with manager Paulo Bento. Sincere and straightforward to a fault, what he lacks in tactical cuteness he makes up for in clarity. In many ways, he's exactly what you want from an international boss. He keeps it simple, using players in their club positions rather than trying to shoehorn in the best 11 any which way he can."

I for one feel that Vieirinha will start ahead of Nani, if he's fit. He looked lively when given the chance, and Nani has been nonexistent.
With the midfield being so thing, we can expect to see Nani being deployed as a #10. Bento has done this before with horrible results, but we advanced so why not.

It may seem harsh but Quaresma is a "never was". One great season and only forgotten promise after that.
Mule Bento!!!!!
69 Wednesday, 21 May 2014 20:31
Vieirinha and Nani.....LOL what a joke!
Nani did not even play a full game. Vieirinha was a past failure....
Quaresma sitting at home....!!

Time is now that we got decent talent on the Selecao!!!. Bento has a personal vendetta with some players and wont call them up which is hurting us!!!!
What an idiot!!!
68 Wednesday, 21 May 2014 17:24
Ok lads ye are all giving out about quaresma vs nani ,no dought in my mind quaresma is better ,but why is no one mentioned cavaleiro this young lad is amazing he proved that in his one cap against Cameroon ,why o why is he not on the plane to Brazil ,nani mite come good but caveleiero young n fresh n fit this is the guy I'd have as back up super sub, plus I would have brought qr7 ... Portugal tactics pass to Ronaldo o god... What if he gets a knock or injured we need qr7 n cavaleiro in...
A Copa
67 Wednesday, 21 May 2014 17:23
Nelson Oliveira
I cosign to Justin comments re: Quaresma. Danny and Antunes exclusions are no great loss. Our midfield is scary thin.

Bento 's tactics are stale and his selections are conservative. We will not get out of the group and Bento will be sacked after the Cup.
Portugal open practices
66 Wednesday, 21 May 2014 15:09
Nelson from nyc
I am very excited for this team and what it can do. Does anyone know if they will be holding any open practices in the U.S. at Princeton while they are here?
65 Wednesday, 21 May 2014 14:27
Kevin Antunes /Canada
Why is everybody up in arms Ricardo Quaresma has been seen as a cancer is whole career, and a selfish player. He has had all the talent in the world, but wasted it all away. Yes he did play more than Nani this year, but in truth Paulo Bento doesn't trust Quaresma due to past and recent behavour against Nacional. Plus as a coach you need players who mesh well with each others, you don't need a player who causes problems.

On Danny he faked an injury when he got called up to Portugal, then a few days later he played for Zenit in an important game. Paulo Bento took that as a sign of disrespect, and said he doesn't need players who aren't willing to play.
64 Wednesday, 21 May 2014 14:22
Quaresma did not deserve to wear the Portuguese shirt.RQ slows up the play almost all the time with one on ones he literally stops with the ball,wingers need lighting movement not school yard play.Players who show a lack of repect and effort should never make the national team. Nani has been injured all year BUT i think bento made the right choice because Nani can run with the ball unfortunately Nani is quilty of slowing the play too with United...Portugal seems to get more out of NAni i think he is one of those players who are more in tune with there National team then club.Hopefully Nani can make up for missing out on south africa thru injury and light it up!
William Carvalho be massive this summer! he will soak up plently of pressure
João Moutinho is no Rui Costa (Football greatest #10) but i think he is mature enough to make a real impact
Pepe is a beast this year
Raul Meireles should only come off the bench later in the match ONLY!
Eder should start up front
C.R hopefully will be 100% Real Madrid would do favors if he could be subbed of early if leading by a large margin in Lisbon.
Forca Portugal in 2014!
Justin / Rochester
63 Wednesday, 21 May 2014 12:09
Nelson / Canada
Your comment that those critical of RQ7 are raising "stupid questions about attitude" is off the mark. His attitude is the reason he has been unable to establish a long term starting role at the club level.
62 Wednesday, 21 May 2014 09:13
All supporters should turn their anger towards the coach and rather support the team instead even if you don't like it. Rather start a petition wishing them well. At the end of the day it is a team sport.

CR7 and team only need to believe and it is possible. Fear no one. if all else fails get those spanish doctors on baord as Spain has won everything of late.
Antonio and JJ
61 Wednesday, 21 May 2014 08:52
Ok heres the deal when I said what I said I wasnt exactly comparing quaresma to gretsky or kobe and how accomplished they are. What I was trying to say is that good players don't always have to be great people with perfect characters or great teammates. I actually don't know much about gretsky but I do know about Kobe and Rudy gay. Kobe has always been a selfish player and teammates dont like practing with him etc. Even Michael jordan has punched teammates in the face during practice. Zlatan has a history of not getting a long with players during games and practice as well. Once again I am not comparing what these guys have accomplished, I am comparing the characteristics of athletes. Just because quaresma is a little hot headed that does not mean he doesnt deserve the chance play for a country that only has 11 million. We are talking about a player that imposes his ability on defenders and creates a little fear something that only ronaldo can and will do.

Anyways, that really is not my issue I just mentioned other players who are not always perfect with the media or they have their own competitiveness issues. My point is that I am worried about a team like portugal that relies to much on one player. If Ronaldo gets double teamed like he always does against good athletic teams or becomes isolated...who is the other player who will take on someone and create? I guess Nani can do it but he hasnt played in a long time. The germans, americans and ghanaians they all have great athletes and they will frustrate ronaldo and isolate him...just watch and see plus hes not 100%.

What I like about quaresma is the fact that he generates fouls and creates unpredictable moments(sometimes good and sometimes bad.) You guys obviously watch the portugal team, can you honestly tell me that you dont get pissed off when moutinho passes to meireles than he goes back to moutinho then he passes to ruben than they pass back and forth 100 times around the box. Then someone takes a shot and the ball goes 50 yards over the goal. That is portugals past history... no finishing and very little innovative playing. When the ball is in the offensive 3rd of the field around the box, they try and play like spain does. Spain however has a killer instinct and portugal only has one man who has that while spain has 5-6 players.

Someone mentioned something about quaresma slowing the game down on counters and I just dont see that I guess. I watched the europa league games and I saw him contributing on counters. Sure I saw him hold the ball sometimes but honestly most of the time he did something great and he would get fouled a lot. Keep in mind he also has varela and jackson martinez to use...they are not as good as ronaldo and nani would be if he played with them. With quaresma being fouled around the box that opens up free kick opportunities for ronaldo and crosses from set pieces for pepe, bruno, ronaldo etc.

Portugal has to find a way to score and I have seen them to many times pass the ball back and forth over and over and then force a pass to ronaldo who is double teamed. At least quaresma has the mental fortitude to do something himself. Nani does that too but I just dont know how in form he will be and neither does anyone here or BENTO WHO IS THE COACH.

All in all I will be cheering my brains out and I dont care who is on the team as long as they win. It is incredibly frustrating when I watch this team play the way they do. When they force passes to ronaldo and everyone else just passes the ball back and forth and take shots 50 yards over the goal. Maybe this will be the tournament that someone like Rafa breaks out...its a shame that Bruma is injured because I love his game.
60 Wednesday, 21 May 2014 07:38
Mr Jordan you told that my comment was most worst have you ever seen!!!!!!!!!!! Ok i have no problem with ,Hugo Almeida but why Eder can you give this answer???why Varela (FC Porto) and Vieirinha (Wolfsburg) in the team?????Nelson Olivera is a very much good young talent, last year was Dannys best football season,you mentioned about Quaresma. Bento alwayes overlooked Thiago and Adrian.AM I WRONG JORDEN???????????????? So why you think my comment was a worst comment?????? I am a Bangladeshi so thats why i can not manage a lot of Portuguese Football league news but i know Eder scored only 3 goals last season. Bruma will be the next world best winger,Adrian is a effective center midfilder,Thiago is one of the world best (i am not sure about his retierment).I only said that this players are world class and more then effective than Éder (Braga),Varela (FC Porto), Vieirinha (Wolfsburg) and Rúben Amorim (Benfica).I am sorry at my first comment i told about Hugo Almeida that was my mistake but only for that reason my comment covert worst,why??????? Bento is not perfect for Selecao...JORDAN just give the Answer , i am waiting for it.......
will not win a game with this squad
59 Wednesday, 21 May 2014 04:35
This team is a joke and politics have everything to do with the picks. We will lose every game and not hold much possession.
58 Wednesday, 21 May 2014 02:41
Antonio / Oakville
Justin, I'm glad you brought up the example of other sports. I'm a big NBA fan and when the raptors got rid of their superstar Rudy Gay everyone thought they were going to tank the rest of the year. They sold him for nothing and they were 5th worst in the league. Rudy was their big gun he took all the shots because talent wise he was considered head and shoulders above anyone else on the team. The problem is hung on to the ball when he should have passed and took impossible shots because he had that self belief and occasionally hit the shot. He was a superstar on a crappy team but he was no Kobe Bryant or Jordan. As soon as they traded him the Raptors became a team. They shared the ball and had the best record in their conference after the trade. Quaresma is Rudy Gay; a superstar on a crappy team that kills the team because he wants to be the hero but he's no Ronaldo or Messi.
Did you just say Wayne Gretkzy was selfish?
57 Wednesday, 21 May 2014 01:55
The all time leader in assists by like 600 lol. secondly did you just compare Q to Kobe, Jordan and Gretkzy? The biggest difference is that with truly world class players (Q definitely is not one) you can live with the odd erridict and some times negative occurrences. Q has one good season in, lets be honest, a league that is well behind many others and he is now capable of unlocking the elite nations at the WC?...I'd still take Nani's one vs one ability over Q's, horrible year or not.
Ghost of Nani
56 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 22:32
Antonio/ Viseu
How the F%#k does a coach of a national team pick a player who has seen 20 mins of playing time all year over a stud like Queresma?!!!! I hope they loose all 3 games n he's relieved of his pissing of us Portuga'z off . He did that just to prove his authority. Maybe Ronaldo'z metro sexual mag cover is what Bento was thinking bout when he picked the squad. Forza Portugal Euro 16 without douchebag Bento !!!
The exclusion of Quaresma doesn't bother me at all.
55 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 22:32
Mario / Canada
Just because a player is capable of making one or two fancy dekes once in a while does not make him a good player. Quaresma for the most part slows down the game and allows defenders to get back in position by holding on to the ball too long. Unfortunately, Nani has evolved into the same kind of player, however Nani is the more skilled player, so I can understand why he was chosen.

NAVID/BANGLADESH Bruma had a serious knee injury, Danny has never shown any real desire to play for Portugal.
54 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 22:03
Pedro QR
Paulo6 watch out, Dan DaSilva might want you to "say that to his face" at the next Portugal game. hahahaha.

Anyway, great squad. Pity about Quaresma! Feel bad for him! Nani shouldn't even be on the plane. His selection is a flippen joke!
53 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 21:25
That is probably the worst comment I've ever read. You insult our best striker and it just goes downhill from there.
Its simple
52 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 20:44
If nani doesn't play well, quaresma will sit back in his recliner at home and probably laugh. I've said this so many times already here and I'll say it again. Portugal only attacks through ronaldo for the most part. With ronaldo being questionable because his injuries...we have nobody else who will take things into their own hands.

Football is a team game first and foremost but when you have a team like portugal that mainly goes through one guy that's not good. I don't think I've missed a Portuguese game in years and every time I watch I see the same 100 passes around the box, 50 shots that go over the goal and then somehow ronaldo does something and opens up the game with a moment of brilliance, if ronaldo doesn't do it we get some lucky cross and fill in the blank player gets a foot on the ball and scores.

What quaresma offers can't be measured by all your stupid opinions about attitude which I think is being highly over scrutinized. What quaresma offers is a FEAR factor for defenders and the ability to create himself and draw FOULS around the box. With portugal historically failing to convert chances with their 50 shots that go over the goal or 100 passes on the box. Quaresma offers something different and even if its selfish so what? Do any of you guys watch other sports? Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and plenty more players were selfish.

Do you know what selfish means to me? That means confidence and he wants to do something to win and score. What that means to you guys apparently and bento is you just don't like his character. Guess what...the best players aren't always the nicest guys....this isn't a nice guy contest who gives a f word about that. This team lacks what every other major title contender team has and that is another player who can do things themselves if they have to.

Quaresma gets fouled around box and that opens up free kicks from ronaldo who let's face it that might be the best way he can score now because his injuries. Ronaldo might need free kicks even more than ever now. Look at every team in the world and tell me if they have two great attacking players or just one.

I really hope more than anything in the world that nani can get back to how he was 2 years ago because if he can't portugal won't score simple as that. At the end of the day I think a lot of you including bento need to think less with your hearts and use your eye balls. Who cares if quaresma isn't always the most stable(which like I said I think is blown out of proportion). He played in the Europa league against the biggest club teams and all he did is command fear from defenders and get fouled all over the field...something varela, vierinha and nani probably won't do.
my 11
51 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 20:42




50 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 20:38
I think Bento is tottely mad man.This is a world cup squade, this is not fun....... He has no right to play with peoples love. Éder (Braga),Hugo Almeida (Besiktas),Varela (FC Porto), Vieirinha (Wolfsburg) is very much poor player.they have no quality to play for portugal national team.If i have power i sacked Bento today.When Bento took the job 4 years ago i told to my friends this man is not perfect for selecao. And now he just prove it he is a mad and nonsence.Why not Oliveara,Danny,Bruma and Quaresma. Portuguese people have to protect it very badly i know this is not possible but we cant go with this team.I think Adrian is more perfect than Rúben Amorim.One more think is Thiago retaired from national team???????? If anybody know it please informed me.May be we will able to go quater final but this is true this team can not overcome for semi only for this 5 qualityless players.By the way best of luck SELECAO.
The Curious Case of Danny
49 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 20:15
Although it's not the direction I would've taken, I can understand why Quaresma was overlooked. At the end of the day, Bento is more concerned about team chemistry on and off the pitch than individual skill. Plus, if there's one position where we'll continually produce, it's on the wing. Nani may be out of match form, but Varela and Vierinha are good cover.

What we DO lack is goals. If Cristiano is marked the way we think he will be, who else will contribute? That brings me to my main point:

Why not Danny?

Coming off the best club season of his career, how can we afford not to select a proven goalscorer? As a false 9, he’d provide some added creativity and flair to free up Cristiano as well… It boggles the mind. Bento is freakishly stubborn with squad selection. Who cares about past antics?

I have faith in this squad (Bento’s stern attitude seems to pay off in short tournaments), but if we fail to produce goals, fingers will be pointed…
48 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 20:01
Ryan - I also think it's silly to say that you're only "truly" Portuguese if you support all Portuguese players. Frankly, if a guy is an idiot or a bad person or just generally unlikeable, it doesn't matter to me if he's Portuguese or some other nationality - if the cricism is deserved, you aren't excused just because you're Portuguese.

And in the case of Quaresma he's had more than enough chances over the years to repair his image and he's blown them all. I do wish him success of course, but he's disappointed too many times in his career.
Bento will suffer for his decision in WC
47 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 19:52
I was hoping this time Quaresma will be in the squad. He was in a great form with Porto. But when the final 23 was announced, I was surprised to see that how Bento did not pick this great talent. I have not seen Vieirinha playing for Wolfsburg that much, but have watched many Porto games where both Quaresma and Varela were playing together. Honestly speaking Quaresma was far better player than Varela this season. He should have been picked over Varela. Inclusion of Quaresma could have made the squad more threatening in attack. This selection will put extra burden on Ronaldo. The squad does not have a good striker except Ronaldo. It won’t be possible to go very far with this one man strategy. Bento has made a big mistake in the squad selection.
Whereas the strikers are concerned , Postiga and Hugo Almeida both are useless. I want Bento to start with Eder.

My starting XI:

GK: Beto

Def: Coentrao, Alves, Pepe, Almeida

Mid: William Carvalho, Moutinho, Veloso

Att: Ronaldo, Nani, Eder

Whatever the squad is, I will cheer for my team. All the very best to Cristiano and the entire Seleção for World Cup 2014.

Força Portugal
46 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 19:51
The number or yellows or reds honestly doesn't even matter that much. Just think of the stupidity he's shown the world over the years like when he was at Besiktas. If he were to get subbed off or to even just ride the bench in Brazil, who knows what could happen. The last thing you want is a guy who isn't (and has never been) a team player spoiling the mood around the team.

@Besiktas - The Portuguese winger reportedly exposed his genitals to a woman working at the club’s training facilities and then urinated on the team’s outfitter and equipment handler. His next incident was almost more outrageous than the last one. After being told he would be withdrawn by Besiktas’ manager Carlos Carvalhal in the dressing room at half-time in the Europa League tie versus Athletic Bilbao, he launched a stinging attack on his manager. He proceeded to lose his cool, throwing water bottles around the changing room, infuriated at the manager’s decision. Then came the verbals. Quaresma was alleged to have said to Carvalhal ” I brought you here, you just think of yourself. If I was not here, you would not be here. You cannot remove me from the match because you’re nothing."

I think Portugal will be better off without him.
Some Thoughts
45 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 19:37
This is the last run for a lot of these guys, and Bento is going to go with them. It's not only players ages, but there's also a lot of mileage in those legs.
There's no real surprises except for Rafa, I'll come back to him.

Goalies: Patricio is the clear #1, and Beto was going to go after the Europa win. I would have liked for Lopes to get the nod over Eduardo for the experience.

Defense: As expected with Almeida being the only possible question mark, but he can fill in at either fullback position. For me, it was a shame that Fonte didn't get the call up. He played very well for a good Southhampton club. Neto has been lackluster and Costa brings nothing special.

Midfield: Like some, I too feel we're a bit thin there. No matter how tired and worn out they may look, Bento will go with the expected threesome. Meirelles is past it and Veloso is a body. Moutinho as expected will be counted on and will need to be more active with this bunch. Carvalho was a necessary pick due to his season, and Amorim allows for versatility. I don't understand the Rafa pick. He played for a poor Braga squad that had a hard time scoring. He's the best option at a #10? Not good.

Forwards: There's a bunch, but quality is lacking. Nani hasn't featured for a long time now. The layoff will not do him good. Vieirinha, Eder and Postiga are coming off an injury. Almeida can look good, but not often enough. Varela has shown to be nothing more than a sub. We will need Cristiano to come up big, and unfortunately our opponents will know that and concentrate solely on him. Nobody else threatens them.
As for Quaresma, he hasn't played well for seasons. He comes back to Porto and they actually lose more games with than without him. Yes he brings creativity, but there really isn't anything there. Please keep in mind that some guys aren't cut out for the bench, because they sulk. Quaresma could have been very good off the bench, but he hasn't shown the mental capability for it. Klingsman left Eddie Johnson off the US squad for those same reasons.
Some facts;
Porto scored 49 of their 94 (all competitions) goals after Quaresma signed. But they also let in 33 of their 49 allowed goals. Team player? Tactics? All I'm saying is that if we were counting on Quaresma it goes to show the lack of quality in this squad.

Manager: Bento doesn't seem to be flexible on his approach no matter who the opponent, so a 4-3-3 will be it. Not expecting much.

Everyone will be cheering, but I temper my expectations. We have a good shot at getting out of the group, but Ghana will not be easy, and the US will work. For those who scream about lack of a proper striker, Germany will most likely go with a false 9.
I just don't see this Portuguese squad having enough weapons to scare an opponent. Cristiano will have two on him and a third will slide towards him as well. It should open up lanes and space, but who exactly is a threat to score. Coentrao might be our 2nd best offensive weapon.
Already purchased my new away jersey although I still prefer the black Euros kit.
Forca Portugal
44 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 19:05
Mike Fetz/Canada
might as well start with Quaresma like everyone else.

I am a big Quaresma fan but always had a doubt he would make the team. for many reasons his career has not reached potential. some coaches to blame and some for himself.

It is crazy to think Ronaldo and Quaresma coming out of sporting with same talent and where they are now. Speaks to Ronaldo's best quality HARD WORK, never satified.

I think Quresma should of went for the following
-no sure thing at winger, and he deserved as much as nani
-if Ronaldo is injured he does have the talent to change games
-always thought he would be best of bench when defenses already tired

why I though he wouldn't go
-temper - they did it to zidane, if people know how to get under his skin, i promise you they will. anything goes at the world cup
-doesnt always play to teams tactics when not centered to him, and this is a problem because Ronaldo is the center and deserves to be.

other views
-beto is hot right now...like porto in 2004 ride those players in good form coming of success
-felt bad for antunes, he has been great when called upon and did help team get here
-william carvahlo needs to start. Miereles and veloso can split halves at other Defensive midfield position. Let moutinho push up and create for forwards.
- Rafa seems very interesting in the Attacking central midfielder role
- Let Eder start friendlies and see what he has. we know was postiga and almeida are
- I like vierinha crosses and play when he was called upon and think he should start

Cant wait for the tournament and just remember people look at Portugal's history. We are in the best 15 year span of Portuguese Football, Our parents and grandparents were not lucky enough to have a team at every tournament and cheer them on

43 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 18:24
Torrey Medeiros/ MA, USA
Primeiro- Força Portugal
Segundo- Quaresma should be on that squad heading to Brazil. No matter how bad of form nani is in he would make the team and start but porra Quaresma played great for Porto and his attitude has changed. Despite his rampage he went on because he was getting hacked and elbowed all game and racially abused because he is a cigano/gypsy but u can tell he matured and gained lot of confidence back and his love for the sport came back. PB has no reason why he shouldn't be their. In the Euro 2012 did Quaresma do anything wrong to bring the team down? No. He didn't play but still traveled with the team. Every game for Porto Quaresma came to play he worked hard every game an was always one of the few who cared. I'm a portista and they had bad season but without Quaresma fodas they would have been even worse I feel like at some points he was the heart of the team. I feel like it would have been a positive change for te team even if he came in for nani as a substitute or even started. Nani played like shit for Manu and hopefully gets his confidence back for World Cup. I wish him the best and every player an coach the best and hopefully they make it deep and to the finals. Quaresma deserves to be their.
Terceiro- defense is solid. Joao, Pepe, Bruno, and Fabio. I like that he chosen Ricardo Costa from experience and Andre Almeida because he played great defense defensive mid for Benfica and must have lots of confidence. Our medio will be solid. Fernando and Lima would have been worth chasing too. I think Tiago and Danny should be on squad from experience and they could help out but differences with PB stopped that. But varela won't play much, he will come on like he did in the Euros. I just think the missing link is Quaresma not being their because the way he has been playing that would have been a huge impact for Portugal. Without a doubt.
Starting 11
Rui Patricio
Joao, Pepe, Bruno, Fabio,
Moutinho, meirles, carvalho
Nani Eder Ronaldo


Rui Patricio
Joao, Pepe, Bruno, Fabio
Joao moutinho, meirles, carvalho
Veirinha, postiga, Ronaldo

No matter what. Boa Sorte Portugal !
Contigo até o fim
Quaresma vs. Nani
42 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 17:58
I don't get this argument. I'd have taken both of them to Brazil. Even though Nani probably doesn't deserve it.

There's a lot of bias comments here..it's like a personal vendetta against RQ because of attitude problems?

C.Ronaldo is an exceptional talent. Captain, role model? Not so much. He's had his fair share of anger problems in the past, to judge one but not the other is pure hypocrisy.

You can say Quaresma's career was wasted.. but since his return to Porto we hadn't seen him this good since his first stint with the club.

How he doesn't qualify at bare minimum a substitute is completely absurd. Varela is a one trick pony who lacks all the creative traits you'd find in a player like Quaresma period.
41 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 17:29
Ryan/United States
Once again I ask the question, how many cards has Quaresma received when playing for Portugal? 1. 1 meaningless yellow card in 2008 Euro Qualifications. 1 in 35 matches people. So all saying that he is a "meltdown" waiting to happen haven't seen him play for PORTUGAL. Porto, is another story. But, what games did he have these meltdowns? Am I blind? Against Nacional? When a player racially abused him? Against Benfica whom he hates with a passion? I don't see the big deal there. He hasn't had a track history of destroying the locker room for Portugal or being a "diva" under Paulo Bento's watch.

Obviously, it's about the best team, not the best players. Bento believes this is the best team when all together heading to Brazil. And that's fine, but those same people who complain about Nani not "showing" are the same ones who don't want Quaresma, who brings creativity to the National Team and in the final third, will most likely be on here bashing players and overreacting after the 1st friendly match.

If your truly portuguese you cheer for every portuguese player and wish them the most success. You don't bash them. You don't wish them bad luck. Support them. I've never seen so much hate but so much love for one player (Quaresma). But, hey guess that's how the ball rolls for some, you either hate them or love them.
40 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 17:15
I have to admit that I was initially hoping to see Quaresma in the squad mainly because of the wildcard nature of his selection and the surprise potential he would bring to the squad. But having thought a bit more about this, I agree with those who care concerned about his discipline and temper. The wildcard status is a blessing and a curse, great if he can weave past defenders and bicycle kick in a wonder goal, not so great if he gets red carded for a crude tackle and gets sent off. For that reason alone I don't think he merits a selection. Vieirinha and Nani don't really merit a selection either, but they have at least shown glimpses of potential for the NT in the past, without the ego and discipline issues that Quaresma brings. Very glad to see Eder's on the team as well, even if we have no idea how good he will actually be.
Lol at some people commenting...FORCA PORTUGAL
39 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 17:07
Lol, at the end of the day we all know this current Portuguese team lacks the quality of squads gone by, who else we got upfront then the ones he picked for Portugal...Bebe? Lol, slightly surprised Quaresma was left out cause he has been on form compared to most of the other wingers in the 23 man squad. But Paulo Bento wants players that sweat blood and tears for the national team, he might not see Quaresma as that man that fits the bill. We all know this Portugal squad is not the best compared to previous Portugal teams, but this squad has a team spirit, plus the best player currently in the world Cristiano. We reached the semi's of euro 2012 with practically the same squad, and with luck in this world cup who knows.
The spine is simply Pepe, Coentrao, Moutinho and Cristiano..They are the keys for our team, everyone else that plays have to work like they have never worked before. Nani has not played much this season but we know what he can do for Portugal. Ruben Amorim has had a decent season at Benfica, he be good inclusion for the squad. While William Carvalho even though young, might be in consideration for a starting place at the world cup.
To be honest chasing Fernando for FC Porto to play for Portugal might have been a decent idea, but tbh with out lack of strikers, Benfica striker Lima might have been a good shout to play for Portugal in the world cup, quality, but o well lol.
I think if we are going to do anything at this world cup we need to something similar that mr simeone has done with Atletico's team, turn average players to world beaters, and I can see that in this Portugal team with Paulo Bento.

Obviously I would love us to win the world cup, but I will defiantly be happy with a deep run in this tournament, got to be realistic at the end of the day but who knows
How quickly you all forget about Quaresma..
38 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 15:09
The GO, DEF and MID are pretty much all as I expected. Happy to see a dynamic, versatile player like Rafa Silva make it into the squad. I have a feeling his performances in the precup friendlies will get him a bigger role at the world cup.

Now, as for Quaresma. Let me begin by saying in terms of talent and form he deserves a spot more than any other winger who's not a reigning Balon d'Or winner. However, this is Ricardo Quaresma we're talking about. Yes, that Ricardo Quaresma. Never forget that. If Portugal is down a goal late in the game, they are in need of a goal, not a sending off. Quaresma is equally likely to contribute one or the other. He is a liability. He lacks discipline. A player with his attitude is a potential detriment to team morale. Vieirinha and Varela despite lacking form, have contributed fairly consistently to Seleccao in the past. Nani has had a disastrous season, but yet no other winger has ever had as effective chemistry with Ronaldo as Nani. Our team centres around Ronaldo, not Quaresma. Bento did his best to ensure that all players included are in it for the interests of the country, not a player who can score a beautiful trivela then get sent off for a fist fight moments later. I feel very good about this squad. It's not perfect but it's certainly the best it can be. Forca Portugal!
Nani vs Quaresma
37 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 14:11
Nelson / Toronto
Playing for Portugal:
Nani: 14 goals / 72 games = 19%
Quaresma: 3 goals / 35 games = 8%

Talk to me all you want about form but the fact is Quaresma was playing like shit in the Middle East until January and all of a sudden turned things around when he got his confidence back at Porto. Nani has been injured and hasn't been given a serious run of games to get his form back with ManU. When he's on his game he's proven by firm statistics to be the bigger goal threat of the two. On this Portugal side he will be given the opportunity to play and re affirm his form.

And to the idiot that claimed racism on Quaresma's exclusion last time I checked Nan, eder, varela, and carvalho are all black and they made the team so the racism argument is very weak.

Also saying that Quaresma has the same characteristics as CR7 is a joke. I see Quaresma and nani having the same characteristics and Nani while out of form currently has done a lot more with his career for club and country than Quaresma and is 4 years younger!

Get behind the team and back up your statements with facts.

Why the outrage?
36 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 13:29
Chris (Canada)
Ok, we all get frustrated by PB, but the guy always ends up getting something for his troubles. He resurrected our near failed Euro 2012 qualifications, then took a team no one expected to even get past the groups to the semi-finals (literally almost to the final), and has now qualified us for the WC.

Do I disagree with some of the selections? Yes. But he was never going to make everyone happy. Let me share some thoughts on the key argument points:

1. Nani vs Quaresma:
I am a recognized FCP fan, and even I have to agree with this selection. Quaresma has only ever been amazing in one team; Porto. And despite what many people say, he had a decent season on a bad club. That means he was able to have some flashy moments and goals but the end result didn't reflect this. Nani has played on 3 teams and been amazing: Sporting, ManU and the Seleccao. Sure, he had an off season, but for the Seleccao he comes up at important times, like that game winner against Luxembourg in the Qualifiers. Skill for skill, they are almost equal, but Nani integrates better into the team. I actually would like to see Rafa get minutes with Nani as the starting wingers in the friendlies.

2. Short at Left-back
I tend to agree that Antunes should have made the trip as well. He is a very good back-up to Coentrao. I don't like Andre Almeida, as I find him to be very streaky, but he did play some very important minutes to an all-conquering Benfica this year. The other thing to remember is that Miguel Veloso can slot in at left back and do well. He is one of the best if not the best left-footed crosser on our team.

3. The non-contributors
I never liked Danny. The day he pretended to be a dog and peed on the flagpost after scoring a goal against Porto showed me what a classless infant he was. He has never contributed anything for the Seleccao and actually faked an injury to go back and play for mother Russia (Zenit). I am glad he is not there. He is a world-class talent, but he will never give the Seleccao his best. Next, Manuel Fernandes. Great player, but if he and the coach don't get along, it is what it is. The reality is that the coach's job is not simply picking the best player in each position. He must select the squad he feels has the best chemistry. Those who will carry out his orders on the field and give their best. If Fernandes and Danny cannot be counted on to do this, they should not make the team.

Aside from this, I would have liked to see either Adrien or Josue make the team over Ruben Amorim, but I understand that Bento likes Amorim's utility and he is unlikely to change his midfield set-up.

Forca Portugal.
35 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 12:45
Ryan/United States
Surprised with some picks by Bento, but first the clear debate here is why Quaresma should or should not be selected. Let's look at pure facts for a moment.

Since January 2014,

Quaresma - 24 games - 9 goals - 1643 minutes
Vieirinha - 6 games - 0 goals - 154 minutes
Nani - 3 games - 0 goals - 134 minutes

Clearly it was Quaresma's actions that didn't get him to the world cup. Because the form he was in and the amount he played well exceeded both of the previous two players. Even Varela has been pure garbage this season for Porto. Boggles my mind how he's made it.

As someone said, fitness will be key heading to the World Cup. Nani and Vieirinha haven't played a full game since September. They've been great in a Portuguese shirt, but the exclusion of Quaresma will be key this summer. We'll lack that creativity in the final 3rd.

I love Eder and Rafa getting called up. Now USE them Bento! Don't let them rot away at this tournament on the bench. Rafa could be huge in Brazil. Eder could make a huge impact as well.

Portugal looks good on paper right now. But, this week and next week, key players MUST get fit. Nani, Vieirinha, Eder and Postiga are integral to the squad and need to get into top shape. Good thing we have 3 warm-ups before the World Cup starts, because those players need to get into football shape as well.

My starting XI..

Pereira, Alves, Pepe, Coentrao
Meireles, Moutinho
Rafa, Eder, Ronaldo
Over reaction on RQ
34 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 12:19
Bento said it best on the Nani v. RQ debate. Nani while not play this season has still featured in the national team and was a key part in us qualifying. So he has proven himself to earn his trip to Brazil.

RQ had not played for almost a year, not even on a proper team to train on for over a year. Had been out of the national team picture for a long time. He joins Porto a few months back, for all the hype, he's had a weak season where he scored an impressive 5 goals in our liga...... yet he managed to throw several fits at his own club and got himself suspended several times due to his hot head. He has little respect for the teams he faces, doesn't work well with his own club, and always seems like he's looking for trouble. Do guys cheering RQ really want Portugal to have that walking liability on the team.

While I'm not a fan of the fact that Nani hasn't played much this season and he is low on my list, I would rank RQ lower. At least Nani has played on this WC squad several times and gets along well with CR and the system they are playing.

We have the talent to push any team around but we need to be at our best. Ronaldo going to the tournament with an on going injury is the main worry. Like any team we'll need a little luck. I'm just hoping to get a win against Germany to shut up all these people talking as if Germany is guaranteed 1st place.
33 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 11:24
John /NYC
Selecting Nani over Quaresma is ridiculous !!!!!!
32 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 09:56
Monah/ Dubai
Stop moaning! This is amazing!

My only concern is the left back sub! Coentrao is always our first option but lately he's frequently subject to injuries...Just wanted Antunes instead of Costa!

I used to be Quaresma fan#1, but he along with Manuel Fernandes have proven that they never play for Portugal... They just don't care! So keep'em home!

So happy to see Eder and Rafa Silva on the list!

Come on let's do it!

Bento's selection
31 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 09:39
Selecting Nani over Quaresma is ridiculous no matter how much you try to defend Nani's inclusion into the World Cup squad. This is coming from a Man United fan who had the pleasure (not) of watching our team collapse this season with Nani literally offering nothing over the span of 1 month except for one beautiful goal in a meaningless group stage game in the Champions League. Nani should indeed be on his knees now thanking God for this miraculous opportunity that has been given him as he surely didn't deserve the call-up. On the other hand a small part inside me is happy to see him called up since we all felt sorry for him and for Portugal when he got injured just before the tournament started in 2010, he surely would have done wonders back then, but not THIS Nani, not by a long shot.

That being said, I would have to say that Quaresma the better of two mediocre players to be honest. Yes Quaresma is playing better football but it's not exactly outstanding world class football; let's not get too carried away as if Quaresma was gonna secure us a top 4 finish this summer cause he won't and against any well organized defense he wouldn't do anything, we all know that. Perhaps Bento opted for Nani simply because he's used to him and nothing more which could be plausible because that's exactly what he said regarding choosing Raul Merireles claiming "they were with us from the very beginning" which isn't much of a good alibi but it seems to make sense according to him.

As for the other inclusions they were pretty trivial to me, my only concern is Cristiano Ronaldo, he's having yet another amazing season but his fitness has regressed heavily in the last month. I wouldn't mind it at all if he doesn't play the CL final just as long as we ensure he is 100% fit to play in the world cup. We are not a one man team but he is by far the best and most effective player on the planet at the moment let alone the Portuguese team.

Moreover, moving on to those who now want to see Portugal out from the group stages just because RQ wasn't chosen, you disgust me and I don't even want to argue with you on that subject. At the end of the day football is the epitome of unpredictable sports; who knows, maybe Nani will deliver one of his best performances since the dark ages, maybe we will beat Germany, maybe we will top the group and who knows just maybe this summer might be good to all us Portugal fans.
my supprise is going to antunes & andre gomes
30 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 09:35
halane mohamed/somalia
force portugal, but i am amasing for the selection,what will happen, if fabio contrao injured who will replace? and my second question is why andre gomes miss the wc, he is very creative boyand he is the only can understand moutinho and ronaldo,pento plz don't start with postiga he is not player at all plz look for an other alternative for his possition...force CR7.
29 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 08:54
Roger Gomes
How can a coach select a player like Nani who has not played in months, who is out of form, with no fitness, over a player like Quaresma, who is in great form & a much better player than Nani! Quaresma has similar characteristics as Cristiano Ronaldo...Paulo Bento says that he can get Nani's fitness levels in a space of a month which is total nonsense...It will take months to get Nani back on form. The decision to me is some what Racial...many times Quaresma is known as the Gypsey...I'll say no more! With regards to Portugal progressing I don't see them making it through the group phase. Very disappointed in Bento's selection for the National Team! Helder Postiga also not on form!
28 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 07:48
Omg! Where is Quaresma people ??? Bento sucks ,just another stupid coach like others who don t trust in RQ7. I said that Quaresma will be in squad i will watch at Portugoal games at world cup .Now i want Ghana beat Portugoal and go by the second place in group! My life is bad now that i don t see the most awesome player in the world at world cup.In 2006 in germany not,in 2010 not ,in 2008 Quaresma scored against Czech Republic,but Portugoal need him ,the coach put other player in squad.In 2012 Quaresma was in squad but he don t play any minute .F*** Bento I love Portugoal from 14 years ,but now it s sad.My favorite player don t go to world cup.I hate this stupid coach is a loser .Varela and nani are very bad .Portugoal atack must be form by nani,ronaldo and quaresma.only this can win the world cup.I hope that Quaresma will be the best at Porto and qualifing to the grups stage in champions league .
27 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 06:57
It was mostly the expected squad from Bento, although good to see that he can still make a few surprises (Rafa, Andre Almeida, Vierinha), perhaps he's not as predictable as we thought!

I think Almeida is a good pick due to his versatility (can play either full back role or as a DM). He really came on strong in the latter stages of this season and will be full of confidence after Benfica's majestic season. I haven't seen much of Rafa to be honest, but good to see we have a proper number 10 in the squad, although I would've preferred Danny for his experience. I also would've preferred Quaresma over Vierinha. We all know Cigano never fulfilled his potential, but he's a still better player than Vierinha from what I've seen so far of the latter.

I'm fine with Costa and Neto as the CB back ups. Many were calling for the inclusion of Fonte just because of one season playing for a mid-table English club, but both the aforementioned have CL experience for strong teams and Costa has played at 2 World Cups already.

As for our attack, it's good to see Bento has gone with an attacking squad, effectively 8 attacking players in the squad. It's clear to see that we lack a class number 9 in the squad, so Bento looks to have gone as attacking as possible to compensate. People have been very hard on Postiga, but although he's never really done it at club level, he's never let the Selecao down and I can see him getting some goals in Brasil. Eder hasn't scored yet for the Selecao and until he does he can't just walk into the first team. He should definitely start some of these friendlies though to see what he can bring to the table.

Nani hasn't had a season, but as others have pointed out there's benefits to this too, he will be fresh at least. I still think he has the talent to make an impression at this tournament. Of course though we need CR7 to be at his best if we are really going to make a deep run in this tournament. Team spirit and togetherness is key (and Bento is good at instilling this) but Cristiano gives that extra quality to raise the level substantially and hopefully he will this summer.
portugal wk14
26 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 06:57
I hope portugal will get far but the problem is when i check up the players in the portugal selection the only goalgetter is cr7. The others max 5goals, ok queresma had some problems but he scored... Danny the same.. Why Nani? Postiga? The squad got players that had injurys and did not play a full season. Look to germany belgium players that are young and give everything. Will see what happens but portugal need to work hard on refresging their squad. Grtz
Player numbers
25 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 06:25
What might be the player numbers for World Cup?
i disagree
24 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 06:20
Although i do think Antunes should be going to brazil, i see why Bento chose Almeida. He can play at either full back spot and as a DM. He is also different from many of our full backs as he is not very attacking and is much more solid of a defender than the others. I think this could be key if we want to attack near the end of the game and we want 3 in the back.
Poor selection
23 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 05:52
Daniel/South Africa
Firstly, my only real concern lies within the midfield. It's obvious that Nani over Quaresma is the worst decision ever. Regardless of Quaresma's attitude he is a better footballer than Nani and has been playing top league football for the last few months which Nani hasn't. Also I don't see the versatility that Bento is going for. Yes these are quality midfielders but I do not see this as a midfield that is able to control a game against the top teams in the world. Lastly, did Bento ever consider approaching Tiago to join this squad one last time? It amazes me that the captain of arguably one of the best teams in Europe this year has not even been considered to be part of this squad regardless of any "personal" reasons! Seems to me that Bento would rather sacrifice the chances Portugal has of winning the WC than swallow his pride and select some of the "less disciplined" players.
Don't agree with the selections, but Forca!
22 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 05:43
Fabinho Caravela/Canada
Let me start off by stating that Portugal is my country and i will support it valiantly at the tournament no matter what. But Bento is as far right wing as somebody can get, no thinking outside the box let alone common sense. Three strikers? For what? Because Postiga is not 100% fit because of his injury? THEN DON'T BRING HIM. He doesn't have a right to be on the squad just because he was here 'all along'. What a logical fallacy. As for Nani, somebody please correct me if i am wrong, but i believe he's the first player to make the national team after missing out on the full season leading up to a World Cup. Absolutely preposterous. Not only did he make the national team, but he is going to start! Not only is he going to start, but he is going to start over somebody in the prime of his career that has actually played GOOD football this season and earned his spot on the national team. What an utter slap in the face to Quaresma. This was his last chance and he made it count. The manager didn't.
21 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 05:08
MDCViolenes- NY, USA
No surprises here… We all pretty much knew what coach was going to do with the final squad. Who makes the starting 11 is another thing. Five midfielders seems a bit light to me though, I would have liked to see another creative type like Josué in the squad. Who will unlock defences if Moutinho picks up a knock or gets into foul trouble? Don't tell me Amorim right now-- he's a solid player, but just because he can play across the midfield doesn't mean he's that guy. Hopefully Rafa can pick up that slack if necessary, but he's still green. We'll see though. Whoever is out there has my full support.

We'll probably never deviate from our 4-3-3 as well, and in that case I would hope to see a mid triangle of Moutinho, Meireles, and Carvalho at the trinco. Not crazy about Raul either as he's lost more than a few steps and doesn't pitch in with the goals too much anymore. But he's a calming, familiar presence, and who else is gonna do it? Bothers me a bit that there isn't another, better centre mid in the squad. Someone that can still help break up oppo offensive play, possess the ball, and still help with scoring. I loved the way we looked against Cameroon overall. But against better teams I hope we don't see our centre backs hoofing the ball up to the forwards like we saw in the qualifiers at times. I think our midfield is paramount, which is why I started with them-- no qualms about the back line whatsoever. Hopefully we'll keep the ball on the floor more and have the centre mids working it out, whether wide or getting it through the middle in the final third.

As for up top, I'd like to see Éder have a go at striker (like his positioning the most), and Ivan should be on this team if Postiga isn't able to contribute. It's a toss up between Varela and Nani on the wing opposite Ron. Nani has not been good this year yes, but as a United supporter there wasn't much to be happy about with any of the players this season. As a team we were poor most of the time across the board, Moyes or Giggs it didn't matter that much. Nani can still play, Bento brought him along because he knows that and trusts him. I have faith he'll know what to do on this team if he starts. With all that said, get your Almeida camisas out because Hugo will be at the 9 spot if Postiga can't get fit. Don't know why I even bothered typing out Éder above. This is coach we're talking about.

Enough ranting-- this will be my last post going off about anything before we head down to Brasil. I love our Seleccao, and I'm beyond ready to see us get to work! Prayers go out for Cris' health, as well as the rest of our men. Hope he and the Blancos do well this weekend in Lisboa and make it out safely. I'll admit I'm a little bummed about our group too-- as a born Yank of both Portuguese and African ancestry parts of the group could be rough to get loud for. Força Portugal though-- somas nos. Let's take it all!!
Question Regarding Substitutions
20 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 04:30
Does anyone know the answer to this.

We all know that between now & the first game if a player that is part of the 23 gets injured or is deemed unfit, that he can be replaced. We've all seen this happen over the years. My question is this:
Does a replacement have to come from the initial 30 names submitted or can it be someone who wasn't on any list?
big omission
19 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 03:11
I dont think this team is filled with enough big talents to avoid a player like quaresma.ok..its over.all the best portugal team..iam waiting for the match against u.s.a. still remember the match against them in wc 2002.we lost but what a fabulous display was that from figo and friends...i can still read the words in a banner that an american lifted in the gallery.that was 'figo who'...we should teach them what figo's countrymen can do..long 12 years...what a beautiful game is football...viva portugal....
18 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 02:57
Nelson / Toronto
I was on the fence about Quaresma being on the team. He can produce some amazing pieces of skill that can unlock a game but he can just as easily snap and get a red card. A couple of years ago when Nani was named ManU's player of the season he showed the same level of skill and a better work rate than Quaresma has ever shown. Now as far as I can tell Nani hasn't lost his talent or desire to play he's lost his confidence. By Bento choosing Nani over Quaresma it's a big vote of confidence for Nani and knowing that he doesn't have a Quaresma waiting on the bench to replace him the first time he messes up a cross I think will help build back his confidence the next 3 friendlies are going to be key to get him back to his best.

I think Nani is the key to this team. If he can take advantage of the triple teams coming at CR7 then we're in for a great run.

17 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 02:28
Michael Sousa
I like all the players on the team. However, Portugal is going to be playing in menaus and traveling one of the most of all teams. how many games has Nani, vierienha and eder play 90 minutes in the last 3 months. These guys are not in shape to play consistent 90 every 3 games, There is a difference in being in shape then being in soccer shape, Especially in the climate they are going to be playing in. I'm worried
I hope you know what your doing Bento
16 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 01:50
Let me start by saying I will be supporting this squad no matter who is in the jerseys. But I disagree with some of Bentos decisions.

Gk: Why not have Lopes over Eduardo simply for the experience? Lopes is the future and should of got the nod over an aging Eduardo who is practically done.

Def: I do not like Neto but that's not something will quibble over. Not having a back up left back specialist is something I will quibble over. Antunes should of been on the plane. God forbid anything happens to Coentrao who is not known as an iron man. Bento just made Coentrao vital when he didn't have to.

Mid: I don't have too many issues here. I would of dropped Amorim for Antunes. Glad Carvalho is here. He should start! Silva from sporting should be in the squad but Bento clearly hates him. Oh well.

Fwd: This is where Bento really screwed up in my opinion. Varela over Quaresma is just plain dumb. Porto had multiple idiots at Coach this year and they even knew to start Quaresma over Varela. I don't get the Rafa selection either mainly based on Bentos reasoning. He said Rafa could play the 10 role or out wide which is exactly what Danny could do at a much higher level. Baffling.

Once again, I will bleed Red and Green this summer even though I live in the USA, but I am feeling pessimistic. Maybe it's the Portuguese in me. Haha.
few comments
15 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 00:56
@chris... andre almeida is comfortable at left back and has played there for benfica almost as many times as he has at right back. I would definitely prefer him to Costa at left back.

@arnaldo... Costa plays for valencia not atletico.

@mike... I think you are doing a disservice to amorim. I feel he provides genuine cover in central midfield. Of course he is not world class but he has performed more than capably in that position this season. The fact that he has played right back before is an added bonus but I don't think that's why he made the squad.
Pleased with Bento's picks
14 Tuesday, 20 May 2014 00:15
Quaresma's omission is certainly going to generate a lot of criticism, but I feel Bento made the right decision in leaving him out. Quaresma is undoubtedly talented, but he is still too selfish, immature, and inconsistent to represent the Seleccao.

Neither Ricardo Costa nor Luis Neto give me much confidence, but they've been Bento's preferred back-ups to Pepe and Bruno Alves throughout the qualifiers, so their inclusion was not surprising.

Bento deserves a great deal of credit for choosing Braga's Rafa. He could be a fantastic super-sub off the bench.

I am also hoping that Eder gets a chance to prove his worth in one of the pre-tournament friendlies. When fit, he's a far more effective striker than Postiga and Almeida.
Ok picks
13 Monday, 19 May 2014 23:39
John , Canada
I'm ok with postiga, but dear lord why Hugo . That sucks !!!!
Postiga and Almeida
12 Monday, 19 May 2014 23:14
Those who are slagging off Postiga and Almeida should realize that Postiga has been effective as a striker for Portugal and if not for Almeidas in the Sweden game we would not be in the world cup
11 Monday, 19 May 2014 23:12
George NJ/USA
I was Quaresma's biggest supported. I was thrilled that he appeared to have turned his life/career around...but then he lost his cool on the pitch and that pretty much sealed his fate.

The bottom line was that PB just couldn't trust him.
Have to trust Bento
10 Monday, 19 May 2014 23:06
Chris (USA)
but i would of liked to of seen Antunes over Andre Almeida. Being a Benfiquista i'm proud to see him on the NT, but we've doubled up on the same player. Ruben Amorim is essentially the same as A Almedia. He can play RB, CM and DM. If Coentrao were to go down then we're left with R Costa at LB. No one wants to see that. Antunes is not much of a drop off from Coentrao. With William, Moutinho, Veloso, Meireles and Amorim, we have 5 for the midfield. Why do we need A Almedia? Coentrao has also battled injuries all year.

also, Vierinha is terrible. I know Bento likes him bc he'll do what Bento asks of him tactically, he just wont provide anything individually. We have Varela for that.

Anyway, FORCA
Another tournament with Postiga and H Almeida?
9 Monday, 19 May 2014 22:57
Please say it aint so. I can even live with Costa since Atletico had a great seasson, but the other two? And what has Nani done in the last year to deserve a spot?
8 Monday, 19 May 2014 22:49
It's a little sad quaresma didn't make it but he never was a part of qualifying for the worldcup and has never played good for us and nani maybe hasn't played a lot of soccer but he has natural talent and should be way fresher then all the other teams players same goes for vierinha eder and postiga the core of this team is like a family and has been deep into tournaments over last 10years we have a chance good defense Ronaldo and one more person to step up maybe nani in a contract year and William Carvalho should be a big part of the team ..fora portugal
Portugal Ole
7 Monday, 19 May 2014 22:38
GK: No complaints about the three goalkeepers.
DEF: A.Almeida is a bit of a surprise, but if Silvio never got injured then he would no doubt be part of this squad. The only defender who doesn't belong is Retardo Costa. I never liked him and never will, Jose Fonte should be here.
MID: The only change I would make here is take out R.Amorim and put Adrien Silva or even Daniel Carrico. It's shame to know that neither one of them has a single cap.
FOR: The big talking point is no doubt the forward line. No one seems to care about H.Almeida and H.Postiga especially this season with H.Postiga! I guess the only reason why his here is because three of his four total goals he scored all season were against Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. I didn't see anything from Vierinha or even Nani this season. The fact that Nani missed nearly the entire season is included and not Quaresma is just laughable. Rafa as well doesn't belong, still a little bit too young. Eder has a similar story as Nani, but Eder is a striker and when you see a good Portuguese striker who's healthy you just have to call him up. Lastly, I think Edinho should've been included since his currently the most inform Portuguese striker.

With that said here's the lineup I would like to see Portugal play with in Brazil…
Rui Patricio
Joao Moutinho-M.Veloso
6 Monday, 19 May 2014 22:34
mike. lourinha
Suprised that I actually agree with bento on this one. Definetly like the inclusion of rafa. Love that bento thinks he can give the option to "invert the triangle"... I think starting william carvalho is a must but scared bento will stick to mid trio of mountiho, merieles and veloso. Don't think merieles has the legs anymore. Also would love to see eder get starts to prove his worth as postiga's fitness/form/quality is a question mark. Wouldn't be suprised he drops out before than due to injury. Like to see one more youngester like ivan or andre gomes in squad. Don't worry everyone ruben amorin is a sub and is there to cover for right back!!
RE: Paulo6 (the Portuguese Pony)
5 Monday, 19 May 2014 22:23
Dan DaSilva/ United States
Paulo6, you do know that I am Jewish.

Secondly, I am something other than an insurance salesman, construction worker, or fish market employee. One of those three are sure to be your occupation.

Have a nice life!
can someone tell me about rafa
4 Monday, 19 May 2014 22:05
havent seen him in action....read somewhere that he didnt play too well against cameroon.......is he likely to have any impact if he gets a chance?
Forca portugal
3 Monday, 19 May 2014 22:01
I'd like to add that not bringing quaresma is a joke nani hasn't touched the ball all year n varela will b the sub to come on when quaresma on his day is the best in his position big mistake very creative player will b missed and my supper sub caveleiero left out another bi big mistake this guy will be big very big great little player we saw that against Cameroon ... For a portugal but Ricardo quaresma would b on my 11 never mind team same with manuel fernandes but anyways bento always gets his way ...Josea another good midfield ...
2 Monday, 19 May 2014 21:29
I like the choices. Paulo Bento and squad have my full backing/support... If Portugal do not yet have a team medical Doctor I think "Dan Mueller DaSilva" would be a excellent choice with his allstar wrestling background...
Great Squad
1 Monday, 19 May 2014 21:20
This is a great squad, all players gives Bento many options. I just hope Bento starts Eder in a friendy game. I think we can get out of the group stage, in comparing the euro 2012 group, Denmark is similar to USA strong and organized, Netherlands is similar to Ghana, great forwards but defense not that great. If Portugal plays the same as in Euro 2012, with strong defense and playing our game (counter attack) we will go very far in this tournament. We just need luck on our side this time around.

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