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Tuesday, 25 May 2010 08:49

Go-slow Portugal held by Cape Verde

Tiago at risk of missing World Cup

An injured is Tiago comforted by Carlos QueirozPortugal drew 0-0 against Cape Verde last night in the first of three preparation matches ahead of the World Cup. On top of the poor performance, an injury picked up by Tiago could rule the midfielder out of the tournament in South Africa.
The Seleccao never got going against a determined Cape Verde side. A worrying lack of creativity was evident throughout the game, with Portugal reliant on moments of individual inspiration to create openings rather than attacking as a cohesive unit.
Only on two occasions was Cape Verde goalkeeper Fock called into serious action, stopping shots in each half from Nani and Ronaldo.
Nevertheless, Carlos Queiroz can take a few positives from the match. Fabio Coentrao looked comfortable defending and attacking at left-back in only his second full appearance for the national side, while the defence was again unbeaten, extending Eduardo’s run to seven matches without conceding a goal in a Portugal shirt.
As for Tiago, Portugal’s head doctor Henrique Jones explained that the full extent of the injury would only be known on Wednesday. “I’m not optimistic or pessimistic. I’m apprehensive. The seriousness of muscular injuries depends on the amplitude of the tear and the diagnosis can only be known in 48 hours,” said Jones.

Carlos Queiroz, Portugal coach:

“For those who do not understand what a preparation match is all about it’s easy to criticise. The players were coming off the back of some intensive days of training and we could not give the game a faster rhythm. But the team did what I wanted and it was principally a disciplined and organised game.
“We had lots of shots and if we had scored two or three goals it would have better reflected the work we are doing. We’re working hard. It was good to give the opportunity to players who have played less and give rest to others, with the intention of putting our foot on the accelerator next week and preparing for the first game in the World Cup.”
by Tom Kundert
Eduardo, Paulo Ferreira (Miguel, 68), Ricardo Carvalho (Ricardo Costa, 46), Bruno Alves, Fabio Coentrao, Pedro Mendes (Tiago, 58), Miguel Veloso (Raul Meireles, 46), Deco (Danny, 58), Nani, Liedson (Hugo Almeida, 46), Cristiano Ronaldo
Yellow Cards: Pedro Mendes, Nani, Cristiano Ronaldo.
Cape Verde:
Fock, Stopira, Varela, Ricardo, Nando, Marco Soares, Babanco (Heldon, 58), Valter Borges (Vitor Moreno, 68), Dario, Lito, Dady (Semedo, 24 (Jose Luís, 93)
Yellow Cards: Nando

Comments (41)
happy with my country (cape verde)
41 Saturday, 29 May 2010 07:14
I am very happy with my country. some people made there comment and say this and that but it doesn't matter because cape very have there player and Portugal have there player too but almost all the player tat Portugal have is half Cape Verde and half Brazil.i was watching the game and at the end the Portuguese commentary say tat Cape Verde is the winner because even if they don't do nothing but they tie the game with a powerful country....
I am sorry Portugal i don't think that u r national team can go far on the world cup. Carlos Queiroz didn't make a good selection because there are coulple player tat should be there, just like Carlos Martins, Joao Moutinho, Quin, and other. good luck!!!!!!
.... CV......
Bosina ?
40 Thursday, 27 May 2010 20:58
Bosina is ranked #51 & Cape Verde is ranked #117 & we are ranked # 3 ? I am so disgusted right now. I'm really not looking forward to the World Cup with this team right now. I don't even think we will make it out of the group.
39 Wednesday, 26 May 2010 09:31
chill brother This is only a friendly and not the end of the word we all know what they did to Bosnia in play offs same teem.
38 Wednesday, 26 May 2010 09:28
I'm not sure what is worse - the result or Carlos Quieroz trying to defend the performance
have to give them a little time
37 Wednesday, 26 May 2010 05:13
we have to give them time atleast a match to get united and get their confidence it is disgusting to see portugal drew agaist a week side the starting11 was not so gud hope they play well in the next match
one thing about quieroz
36 Wednesday, 26 May 2010 04:42
people love to kill queiroz but i will give the guy one thing , he does have guts , he did not call ricardo quim , petit and players like that after the euro 2008 debacle , he does attempt to do things that are unconverntional at times like start various players out of position , ie duda , pepe , our team has been in a huge transition period and we still qualified out of the group of death in european qualifying , i don't hear any reporters killing ibrahimovic for not being able to get sweden even into the world cup , imagine that would have been ronaldo , when he first put pepe in the trinco role everybody killed queiroz , noone is saying anything now , it took some time for pepe and the team to get used to it , but the growing pains of it may help us in the future against bigger and physical teams , he was looking down the road and it was a bit of genius and it took guts to do , now i think that the team has the potential of kind of playing like france did in 98 and 2000 , a "50 50" type of style where they used to be very physical in the back but then also played beautiful and creative up front with the likes of zidane and henry
friendly against cameroon
35 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 20:54
I wonder if Portugal will play the same way against Cameroon next week. I obviously don't want them to treat it as if it was a world cup final, but I would sleep easier if they scored a goal or 2. Cameroon is a quality side that will attack us much more frequently than cape verde.

This will be the first real test for Coentrao and if he plays well, he should start during the world cup. I also hope that Danny can start as well. He was not amazing yesterday, but he was much more positive than Deco.

In my opinion, Joao Moutinho would be the best replacement for Tiago. He may not have had a great year, but he is used to this group of players.

The 0-0 result was dissapointing, but it was only a friendly a couple weeks before the world cup so nobody wants to get hurt. Our defense will be tested against cameroon so I will be pleased with at least a clean sheet and a goal or 2.
too defensive
34 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 20:41
i hate that we only play one striker liedson cant do anything alone he needs someone else who can sitr right behind him simao would have changed that game but i was very happy with nani and coentrao who played with real passion and were the 2 best players carlos martins also would have been better then deco in my opinion but carlos quieroz didnt call him and ruben amorim should have been called before ferriera but i agree miguel should start we attacked the whole game but no clear cut chances i wonder to myself what does the coach do during training to make them play so horrible it seems like theres no passion for the jerseyraul mierieles onc again dissapointed me if we play like this vs ivory coast idk if we will win they really need to work on scoring because our defence is good i hate the coach and cant wait till hes gone because the football we play is horrible i fell alseep for a few minutes watching the game seriously and they should be booed to let them know we want more passion this team is a disgrace seems like they care more bout their clubs then countries and quieroz said the players did what he told them to do plyus ronaldo says we will be better in the world cup well we need to change that now because we have no chance right now playing this way step it up portugal miguel veloso was horrible and im still shocked joao moutinho wasnt called up he deserved to be there way more then raul mierles i hope things can change but i doubt it
Disappointing Game
33 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 20:26
Paulo Ferreira was absolutely awful. He looked so shaky at the back. Deco was equally as bad, wasting possession in the stupidest manner constantly. Miguel Veloso (I'm a big fan) should not be played as an attacking midfielder. I thought Pedro Mendes, Coentrao, and Nani were great. It sounds like most of you don't understand Mendes' position. He's not gonna being making runs all over the pitch. He's a holding midfielder who also acts as a deep lying playmaker from time to time, and he has great positioning. If he were larger, he would easily start over Pepe.

The rest of the team were pretty decent. Looks like they were taking it slow as they should. The only thing that worried me was their passing game. It looks so disjointed, with every player second guessing their man before they pass. This is a result of Queiroz not having a set lineup yet (and its three weeks before the cup). His tactics are also pretty bad as the midfield's transition from defence to offence is incoherent and the attackers look too static with no one making any runs in and around the box. Everyone is just teeing up for shots and crosses.
Open your eyes
32 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 19:15
Let me point out who played with passion today.

Ronaldo, Nani, Fabio Coentrao, Hugo Almeida, Tiago, Miguel, Danny.

I want to see these players in a starting role next match.

I think Deco, Raul Meireles and the defence played decent. Except for Ferreira who got schooled by a CAPE VERDE player.

Who played like sh*t? Pedro Mendes, Miguel Veloso
Mendes isnt attack minded whatsoever. He sits like a dead leaf in midfield. Tiago can hold the DM just as good as Mendes as well as Attack and keep the game flowing.

Miguel Veloso played awful.. set up Coentrao a few times but trapped himself and constantly lost the ball.

This isnt time for the team to gel. We have 2 matches for f'ing sakes. CQ must take the positives from this match and carry them over to the next.

------------------------Tiago(Pepe's Sub)-------------------
-------------------------Hugo Almeida---------------------------

Liedson isnt suited. He's only 5 ft 9''. Ronaldo should always take the right. If Nani cant handle the left then Simao starts. If decided to split Danny/Deco between halfs. Then use Raul Meireles.
Deco and Paulo Ferreira = USELESS
31 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 19:05
Two simple points deco is finished and Paulo Ferreira is and has always been rubbish, did anyone notice how many passes of Deco never reached the intended player. He is useless how these two muppets got selected is beyond me. last night was a disgrace I ain't buying the junk Queiroz is saying
Patience people
30 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 18:31
I would prefer 0-1 to Cape Verde to make the couch yell out and the players to wake up! Better lose or draw now and not in world cup. We are on time to correct bad things and I still believe in Queiroz and in his boys.

Please, don't pressure Cristiano Ronaldo to take the team on his back. To me he's one of the 24. Same player as Zé Castro or Daniel Fernandes. Everybody must work hard and together to achive the objectives!
Vamos Portugal!!!
I don't know guys
29 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 17:44
Intensive training?! Why are these guys being put through intensive training? All of them have been doing this all season long.
In my opinion, they need to be doing small group drills to help them become more familiar with each other. I feel very bad for Tiago. I hope he recovers.
28 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 17:41
Many comments here mention there is time for change, as is the opinion with our coach. How many years have the core of this team been playing together? All through qualifying we have had basically the same team... And we're still saying there is time to gel, time to learn how to play as a cohesive unit. Please, let us open our eyes, this team has had years together and CQ has never been able to produce a cohesive unit of players. We have the talent and capability to do well and cause an upset or two, but definately not if we continuue to play in the same manner as over the last 2 years. When last did any of you witness Portugal play a truly inspiring game? What i do hope though is that come the world cup the big stage will bring out the best in our team and the fortunes of our team will change. By the way, talking about time and how long we have for preparations, brazil arrives here in South Africa in less than 48 hours.
Starting line-up
27 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 17:35
First off, replace Tiago with Moutinho.

Starting line-up should be:


Center fwd doesn't matter. Both Almeida and Liedson suck. Better off with Ronaldo there, moving Danny to right wing and inserting Deco or Moutinho in the advance midfield role.
Don't despair just yet guys.....
26 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 16:59
I know the game was awful. I watched it from start to finish and was disappointed at the end just like everyone else. However, if they play like crap now and work out all of their problems before the world cup, I'm ok with that.
Here are the positives and negatives:

+ Coentrao looked much better than I anticipated.
+ Nani looked decent on the ball, despite creating few chances
+ The ball rarely went over the midfield line towards Eduardo, and when it did, the defense was on hand to clean up nicely
+ Don't jump on Ronaldo too hard, he was obviously not going all out and that is as it should be. We don't need anymore injuries. Also, he had only worked with them for 2 days before the game.
+ Danny looked good, in my opinion
+ They parked the bus, the plane, whatever you want to say, they played defense the entire game and in the world cup the only team that might do that is N. Korea and even they will have to try to score at some point. (it will be their 2nd game and they'll need points after losing to Brazil)

- The "team" is far from being one cohesive unit, only a bunch of talented individuals.
- Tiago was injured
- We still can't score
- M. Veloso was poor, as was Deco and Liedson
- Quieroz appears to lack a sense of urgency. He just seems to lack the fire that will weld this team into one resilient entity that will be capable of beating the best, let alone Cape Verde.

All things considered, I think the team will improve between now and Monday and we'll see what happens against Cameroon, who so far don't look too good against lowly Georgia.
national football team
25 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 16:49
I am appalled by the result with Cabo Verde . We should sack the coach he is rubbish. If we keep this guy we will definitely lose the World cup.
E Pa
24 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 16:35
This was no training match...Q said that to save his ass.
They may have worked hard all week, but this was a real game.

A little peeved, but this is not any different than the China friendly. We slightly played better in the qualifiers and playoffs, but the friendlies have been very disjointed and boring.

Liedson barely saw the ball, and I think Deco has to end his Portugal career as a sub. Coentrao was excellent, but his final balls and crosses need to be better. I'd like to see him up against Kalou or Drogba though. Too bad Bosingwa is injured, would make us a more complete attacking side.

Nevertheless, next week should be an eye-opener. Hopefully Eto'o can cause us some problems and we can be sharper. I'm now expecting us to beat Mozambique 3-0 at least, even if they are better than Cape Verde (that game is like 2 or3 days before the WC starts).

I'm slowly starting to become like my Avo...I've been a diehard Portugal fan since I was small, but now I'm turning into a complete skeptic that realizes the better days have gone past us.
23 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 16:26
i agree with all your comments heree. i understand that the players may not want to get hurt. but least pass and cross accuratly. their shooting targets are still off target. they should have two forwards at all times and pass to them alot. they can use the practice for long cross passing. should have least scored a goal vs 117th fifa ranking team.
lets c what happens vs cameroon. hopefully better results. i dont think cameroon wants a tie, portugal better be careful.
22 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 15:49
Yes, Tony from CA, too early to be critical. In the past, I have been very critical, but we all need to be stick together as fans and support whenever team shows up in SA. Us Portuguese are always quick to judge and talk bad about the national team. Lets support the team, CQ is the coach, he decides who starts and we should support him.
makukula is needed!
21 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 15:34
How do you guys expect Ronaldo to shoot on target when the forward in front of him won't clear the way for him? We need a big forward who is able to power over defenders and clear the space for nani and ronaldo to cut inside. Liedson is too small and almeida is a lost cause.

Too Early Too Panic!
20 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 14:50
I've been critical of the NT in the past few years as I think the biggest problem is a lack of quality more than CQ. Very few of the NT are in form for their clubs and many of these players if sold on the market despite some recent analysis would not be worth much. The total transfer market price of Portugal is skewed by a couple of players who would demand a high transfer price but after a few quality players there is a big drop in performance.

We are seeing what life may look like without Pepe and Boswinga who are qaulity players. Pepe in particular is a huge miss for all of those who fell in love in Pedro Mendes (nice role player at mid-club). Paulo F is in American sports what we call soft, he allows himself to be pushed around and is a liability.

Despite these weaknesses and a flawed team in certain positions (midfield CM, striker) the most alarming thing is the lack of cohesion on this team. This is the worse cohesion I've seen in 20 years of the Portuguese NT --- maybe that is where QC is failing mixed in with the questionable quality.

Despite all of this, no time to panic ... there are a few more games to fix this and try to form a cohesive team. Pepe will be the key, if we get him back at least we have cover in the back while we work out the lack of cohesiveness in the attack and midfield. Lets assess things in about 2 weeks and then we will have some indication of what we may see in the WC.
19 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 14:10
they need some help fast, liedson played good in the end of qualifying, but Makukula is the one that should be in there!
How embarrassing!
18 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 13:51
I don't care if this was a training match we should have won this game 6.0 at least.
Cape Verde are ranked something like 137th in the world, a team that have never qaulified for a World Cup and not even the African Nations. This certainly is not the best squad we've had in last 10 years but it still has the potention to reach the qauter finals...but with Queiroz in charge I seriously have my doubts about our chances in the WC next month.
17 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 13:50
Everyone has the right comment and concerns are natural. But in reality, I think this coach doesn't get it. Our formation is complete wrong. We don't have the talent of Spain or Argentina upfront, but we have the talent in the midfield. We are using Ronaldo in the wrong spot. We should play a 4-4-2.
Look at all the games we have played in the last year/half, how many times has Ronaldo, Nani, Simao, etc have beaten there man and crossed the ball to one forward, one forward in the middle of three defenders. It happens all the time. It should be Nani, Ronaldo or Simao on the outside, and crossing the ball to either Almeida and Liedson in the middle. If not Liedson, than our choice should have been Eliseu or Makukula. Deco is too old, if we need him it's only for half the game, let Dany start. IF Tiago is out the choice is between Fernandes or Quaresma. Did anyone notice Paulo got out muscled again by a forward, what is this guy doing on the team.
If this was a training, why didn't change his formation in the 2nd half. Let's suppose we are playing Brasil and we are losing 2-0 at half. What does he do at half? Play the same system?
wrong formation
16 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 13:41
You cant read to much into this game, because the fact is cape verde played with 10 central defenders, which will not be the same case for the ivory coast or brazil at the world cup. But I've said it again and again in the past Ronaldo is not a winger, he is a center foward or attacking midfielder. Again queroiz should use a 4-2-3-1 formation:


If he uses this formation I can guarantee that the goals will come
15 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 13:41
performance by the NT. Veloso played like he didn't want to get off the bench during the WC. Every pass to him he just passed it back. Mendes played ok in his DM role, but he was just another guy back there. Not as strong and fast as Pepe. Deco CAN NOT be Portugal's #10 come the WC. He's just too slow and doesn't support our wingers/strikers. He just sits deep to get the ball from the CB's and makes a short pass. That's not what Portugal need. The #10 needs to run up and actually attack to open up space for everyone. Danny wasn't great but at least he was moving forward. Ronaldo was just going thru the motions. Nani was playing hard. I didnt even notice Liedson, but i blame that more on Deco (or CQ's tactics.) Even on their worst day, Portugal need to win 2-0 against a team like Cape Verde. This team just doesn't score enough to be considered one of the best in the world.
14 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 13:17
Yes it's a training session, so I don't try to get to worked up about it.
Cristiano is obviously taking it easy, so he doesn't risk injury. I can live with that.
What I can't live with is the lack of cohesion. I know that they've only been together a few training sessions, but a few tendencies should have been talked over already.
Liedson seem unsure, and Almeida wasn't much better. I also have to ask, why was Almeida out wide?
Deco didn't do toomuch either, but Danny also failed to impress. Veloso equaled nothing. I thought that Tiago's injury wouldn't matter, but our other midfielders didn't show much.
Our defense seemed fine, but Cape Verde never threatened. Ferreira was ok along the right, and when Miguel came in he seemed hectic. He did attack more than Ferreira, though.
The good news is that Nani seemed fine, and for me the biggest surprise was Coentrao. He defered to Cristiano at times, when he could have taken it and crossed, but otherwise he looked fine. He still is a big worry for me, when we face a quality opponent.
They still need to get their act together, and these matches scores don't mean much, but you would expect us to score vs Cape verde.

As per example, a vilified and messed up Argentina put 5 past Canada. How much did that help in unifying them? A lot.
13 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 12:40
Okay if this was a training game...Please don't let them wear our national shirt on the pitch. If I was Carlos they would have gone on for the secound half with their traing shirts. Take some pride when you put on that red and green shirt... I think our local school team would have beat you yesterday.

I will attending all your games in SA and am gettig very nervous...

On a positive note well done Fabio...
12 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 12:38
I hear ya, mate..
No need slag off Liedson's origins. Uncalled for. The rest is spot on. Scolari isn't the greatest tactician who ever lived but at least the team played with some passion, at least that.
What was that???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 12:22
Well I'm trying to be over optimistic by what Nani and Fabio coentrao brought individually on the pitch!

But was that football? did we have a team playing yesterday?What the hell did pedro Mendes and Paulo Ferreira do? I can't believe that a team Like portugal can have such slow and unconfident players!

and RONALDO!!!!! I can't believe that he can be worse!
Guys! Come one! It seems that Queiroz is not the only one to blame! but the players on the pitch don't want to get injured, not for the sake of the world cuo and portugal...they don't even care what Portugal is!They just want to earn more and more money with their clubs!Especially the arrogant Ronaldo who will never give Portugal half of what he did with his clubs!!

I didnt sleep yesterday! I will never forget that match!
Guys we were playing against CAPE VERDE!they don't even show in the african cups!:S:S:S

Again so disappointed and this time: NO EXCUSE!
its not that bad
10 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 12:17
I went to watch the game and I knew before the kick-off it would be a training ground exercise of formation and tactics so that players begin to gel together and also test some new players in different positions, so, in that case, I didnt expect WC intensity or blood and guts to be spilled in order to win. However, I was sad at the lack of finishing and the fact we didnt score one goal! preparation is fine, I understand, but so is confidence, routine, and progress, which I saw very little of, a part from great displays via coentrao and nani (irregardless of competition). Almeida/liedson for me were the most disappointing as they were out of the entire game mostly and didnt not seem to work with the unit and game plan as CQ set out to do.
If Tiago is hurt, bring in Fernandes, when he plays, he can be super creative, strong, and has that killer strike, all of which we need as Deco/Danny failed to pull any real creative strings.
Anyways, lets see how the cameroon qualifier goes before hanging ourselves.
9 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 12:08
should you Boo the team. I agree with many here they played like sh*t etc. However, I never agree booing the team is the right thing to do. Suport the team when they are doing great and support them more when they are doing bad.
What a dissapointment!
8 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 11:41
Queiroz needs to be slapped in the face with some reality. Seriously, if this was just a training game then why on earth make it a full international match? Surely he would have learnt just as much in a training match behind closed doors where the watching world wouldn't criticize the team and affect our already low moral? Besides, Brazil & Ivory Coast must be rubbing their hands!

What hurts even more is the fact that we actually started most of our so called superstars who just looked like they had never played together and to be honest... didn't care that much! Let's face it, the only player who showed any desire and passion was Fabio and hence he stood out from the rest in a full blooded performance, which not only showed individual skill but most importantly a desire to play with those around him... yes, football is a team game!

Tiago's injury may be a blessing in disguise, as I truly believe he has been over rated for many years now. He is slow, one dimensional and not creative enough to be in our starting 11. Hopefully this will open the way up for Moutinho who I believe has the drive and ability to help this mess of a Portuguese team that we currently have. And let's not forget that he actually plays for his team not for himself as so many of our players demonstrated yesterday!

So... who would I play? Well Queiroz, if you're reading this then let me help you...

First, start and stick with a 4-3-3 formation. If you're unsure what this formation should look like then call Mourinho and he'll explain!

As for the team.. the defense was fine but the midfield needs an engine so please please play Moutinho but most of all we need Ronaldo back out on the right wing with Simao on the left and Nani coming on from the bench!

Finally... let's start with Almeida up front and stop playing that Brazilian (Portuguese Imposter) who just looks wrong!

Ok... that's it... my rant is over!

Good luck Portugal... although I can't see us getting more than a draw against Korea in the group stages! :(
7 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 11:31
Everytime Portugal is about to play a game I always say to myself today is going to be the day where our National Team turns it's ugly performances around and starts playing some good Futebol...However, time and time again they let us down...It's always the same bull after every single game...Embarrassing, uninspiring, unmotivated players, and Carlos Failroz...I thought things couldn't get much worse after the China game, but boy was I wrong...I mean drawing Cape Verde 0-0 at home?...What the f^*k is Cape Verde? lol...Once again our own fans were booing the team and some of the players have the nerve to say don't come to the game if your going to boo...Well maybe you should work your ass off and play better so the fans won't boo...But I don't blame the players as much as I blame Queiroz...I mean the team is playing like sh*t and his just standing there like nothing is wrong...What the hell does he tell the players before, during, and after games?...You would think he would motivate the players to do a better job, but they always come out flat footed and dead every single time...With the way things are going we are going to finish last in our group with a 0-1-2 record...The sooner Queiroz is out the better!
Not to worry we'll be just fine
6 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 10:53
portugal played very well, nani and coentrao were the best players on the pitch,nani definitetly was the man of the match, ronaldo played like crap cause he dont wanna get hurt and risk not playing in the WC but i gotta a feeling he's gonna dominate in the world cup, if he dosen't the only player portugal can count on is nani, he may very well overshadow cristiano and become portugal's go to man, all in all i just hope portugal do better and score goals in their next game, the whole team has to play well togeather and not just look to ronaldo and nani for answers and it also looks like coentrao is another weapon to use, he can be very dangerous to opposing teams and thats great news for us FORCA PORTUGAL!!
Are you kidding me
5 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 10:05
"Nevertheless, Carlos Queiroz can take a few positives from the match. Fabio Coentrao looked comfortable defending and attacking at left-back in only his second full appearance for the national side, while the defence was again unbeaten, extending Eduardo’s run to seven matches without conceding a goal in a Portugal shirt"

This is Cape Verde national team we're talking about. That's hardly an achievement. Come on, most of these guys play on 2nd Division B. The whole team was abysmal, no desire, no creativity, no passion, no discipline. Nadinha de nada. The only logical explanation I can come up with is that they didn't take this game seriously at all, which's not really what you'd be expecting from a team that's only 3 weeks away from the world cup.
CQ is clearly looking for media pressure so he can then have a scapegoat. Pathetic.
4 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 09:54
OK, we did not score, but we dominated the game, even with 10 men for the last 15 minutes. Coentrao played very well in left back and should be the starter in that position. The main issue in the game was the lack of a play maker.... DECO did not play well. The next friendly will be a good test.
So sad
3 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 09:49
So so sad to see
Que desgraça
2 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 09:34
Nem vale a pena participar ...
1 Tuesday, 25 May 2010 09:13
If Carlos Queiroz thinks that saying that everything went according to plan in this match, he must be deluded.

Yes it was a nothing, friendly match. But when you can't create chances or score against a team over 130 places behind you in the FIFA world rankings, when you start with Nani, Ronaldo & Liedson, then he should be sitting up and taking notice as you can guarantee Brazil, Ivory Coast and N Korea will have done.

Queiroz, sort this mess out or we'll all be home in time to watch the quarter finals on TV!!!

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