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Tuesday, 01 January 2013 10:27

Reading sign Daniel Carriço


Sporting captain joins English Premier League side

The 24-year-old former Portugal Under-21 defender has put pen to paper on an initial two-and-a-half year contract, with the option of a further year after that. The fee is believed to have been £609,000.

Out of contract in June, the versatile Carriço has not played much part in Sporting's travails this season, but is likely to feature heavily at the Madejski Stadium - with Reading fighting for survival in the English top tier. In a press release, the Berkshire club stated: "Carriço is a versatile player who can play in the centre of defence as well as in midfield."

After sealing the move, Carriço wrote an open letter to Sporting's fans on the Lisbon club's official website saying he was at a stage in his career when he had 'to take chances'.

"It is with mixed emotions that I write this farewell message," it read. "I'm leaving the club of my heart, where I had the privilege of graduating through the youth ranks and serving for several years.

"I'm leaving because I understand that I am at a stage in my career when I have to take chances. Moreover, the proposed project is extremely exciting to me and I know I can succeed."

Reading currently lie second-bottom of the Premier League, five points adrift of safety. They take on Spurs at White Hart Lane this afternoon - without Carriço - before facing West Brom.

By Stephen Gillett

Comments (19)
19 Friday, 04 January 2013 13:55
Thanks for clearing that up, Eddie.
I can only assume that Carrico turned the move down due to Sevilla not offering higher wages.
I know you say loyalty, when the Maca Podres clearly have no confidence in him. I say he stuck it to Sporting for moving with only 750,000 going back.
Either way, bad business.

Now word of ancient Liedson, who can't get first team play in Brazil, might be back.
It just keeps getting better.
18 Friday, 04 January 2013 00:42
Word didn't just come out about that bro. Thats old news about Sevilla's bid since last summer. Sporting accepted the bid, but Carrico turned it down. Everybody who's real Sporting fans and particularly Carrico fans new about that. Carrico personally turned it down, because of his loyalty to the club.
I believe it
17 Thursday, 03 January 2013 23:03
Now word comes that Sporting turned down 3 mil for Carrico before the campaign. Apparently Sevilha made the offer.
It could be made up and just people stirring the pot even more. But based on recent events, I believe it.
That's what happens when you churn and burn through managers, which may differ in wants and tactics.
16 Thursday, 03 January 2013 22:04
Firstly mate, if the English League is so strong as you make out, then why did only 2 of the 4 English teams get past the CL group stages this season? And there is a real chance that there could be none in the quarters at all...I would consider Bayern the favourites to beat Arsenal, and Real Madrid the favourites to beat Man United.

Yes Chelsea won the cup last year, but most would agree they won it by playing the sort of anti-football that was almost embarassing at times, and even some Chelsea-fan friends of mine were admitting this fact at the time. There's no way anyone could say Chelsea was really the best team in Europe last season, and confirmation of this is the fact that they became the first CL holders to exit at the group stage. What the Premier League has is the biggest PR and global coverage...because of the BBC, Sky Sports etc etc...so many assume that it must be the best league around...but to me at least, in terms of quality and strength on the pitch, it's way behind the Spanish Liga, and not much stronger than the Bundesliga (if at all)!

But to go back to the original subject, I re-emphasise: Spurs simply cannot compare to FC Porto, in any sense, I'm afraid. Porto are in the CL every single season, and fight to win it too...while for Spurs just qualifying for it once every so often, is considered a huge success. Yes your point is true that the Premier League is stronger than the Portuguese Liga, but the real point is that Porto is stronger than Spurs...and furthermore Moutinho has grown used to winning regular silverware at Porto, and he could wave that goodbye if he left to join Spurs. That's the real point for me anyway.
Happy For Carrico
15 Thursday, 03 January 2013 14:54
He's a quality player one of the most solid defenders/defensive midfielders and he will shine whereever he goes. He was just unfortunate to suffer long injuries for a while, so he's not been able to show his worth. But in terms of his ability and his mentality Daniel Carrico is a big player. Sporting has lost one of their stars but at this age and with Godinho's instability, Carrico deserves faith and opportunity. Once he stays fit I'm sure he will shine and establish a good solid reputation in England. And if he plays regularly which is what he's missed recently then Bento will be able to call him up to the senior squad too. Reading isn't a good team, but at this point its good for him to at least be able to break into the squad and gain a starting spot to showcase himself. He'll do well I believe. Forca Carrico!
14 Thursday, 03 January 2013 13:16
RE: "How could anyone believe that Moutinho joining Tottenham would be a step-up or progression?"

I agree with you that Porto is more succesful club than Tottenham in terms of European achievements, but one advantage playing for Spurs can give is possibility to play against strong opposition more often. When you are Tottenham player you have about 10 fixtures a year with rivals on your level or better than you and many other with rivals on comparable level. Playing for Porto against the likes of Pacos Ferreira, Rio Ave or Moreirense, with whole respect, doesn't give the same test in terms of quality.

So it's not only money, it's also competition level what can lure you to EPL out of Liga Sagres. What can't be said about Russian league, for example.

Having said that I am not a big fan of NBA-isation of Premier League, process of bringing all best players to one league. I like situation in which top players play in many leagues.
my add on's
13 Thursday, 03 January 2013 13:13
Reading has come out and said that Carrico will most likely be fighting for a midfield spot. We'll have to wait and see.

Neto has been a nice surprise, too me at least. I hope he continues his progress.

As for Moutinho, everyone knows I've never been a fan. In my eyes, a good player but not a difference maker. More of a Carrick, of Man United, type player. He'll have a tough go in the but BPL.
I also want to point out that the Spurs wage structure isn't that high either. I'm sure Moutinho is one of the higher paid players in Portugal so not all moves will provide a huge jump in wages. As for team and exposure, he's better off at Porto than Spurs. At Porto he has CL play and competes for Silverware. The Spurs could do something special this season and earn CL spot, but they don't have sustainability.
12 Thursday, 03 January 2013 09:27
I'm with you on those points mate, how could anyone believe that Moutinho joining Tottenham would be a step-up or progression? Porto are consistently one of the leading clubs in European football, and are bigger, much more succesful and far more likely to win trophies than Spurs. The only thing Spurs can offer more is money obviously. Just like we've said already about Hulk and Witsel, if Moutinho does want to leave, he should rather wait until a bigger club than Spurs comes knocking.

I also disagree that it's always a good thing to leave the Portuguese Liga. Our league is under-estimated but our top clubs can take on the best of Europe. I have always thought that should a player leave one of our top 3 clubs, they should only join a truely bigger club or a better team (on the pitch), not simply a club that offers more money (i.e Zenit), otherwise it's not a step forward (on the pitch at least) in my view!
Luis Neto
11 Thursday, 03 January 2013 01:08
Tony, I also hope that Carrico doesn't share the same fate as Manuel Da Costa. Reading may not be the strongest club in England, but he will at least get more exposure in one of Europe's top leagues. It will be interesting to see if he'll be utilized as a defender or midfielder.

As for defenders in the 20-25 age range, Luis Neto has been a revelation in the Serie A this year. In fact, he actually leads of all Europe in interceptions per game! The latest news is that Napoli, Juventus, Milan, and Inter are all attempting to sign him this month.

I've watched a lot of him since his Nacional days, and he really has what it takes to be the Seleccao's star defender after Pepe retires. He may not be as dangerous as Bruno Alves with set pieces, but he's the better overall defender . Hopefully Bento continues to call him up.
I Don't Get It But Best Wishes
10 Wednesday, 02 January 2013 19:28
I don't understand what happened to Carrico's career. I saw him play on youth teams. He was a stand out player and natural leader. He looked like a no miss player who is athletic and seems to be a leader.

I am sure the media in Portugal may know more than me on this player but a mystery how the overrated and washed up Bouhlarouz gets more playing time. Maybe Carrico is a better def mid than a CB -- don't know.

At this point playing for Reading in the EPL will give Carrico an opportunity to test his abilities. Defenders tend to mature later in their careers and there is always hope he excels.

This is not a good development for the NT as now Carrico's career is at risk along with another noted young defender Manuel da Costa who has not lived up to billing.

Portugal is too small a country with little depth to afford having two young defenders not live up to potential. I have lamented quite often on this forum about the lack of Portuguese talent in the 20-25 year range and sadly another example of a players under delivering. I still hold out hope for Carrico with this change.
@ MarcoA, @ NJ, @ Marcin
9 Wednesday, 02 January 2013 16:15
Hi all,

So many interesting comments.

First and foremost MarcoA, if Moutinho is to "take a step in the right direction" it is not going to be at Tottenham. Are they a good club? Yes.

Will he win a league title, FA cup, Champions or Europa League? Not likely. So in actuality, there must be some recognition that he currently plays for one of the best teams in Europe, as proven by the consistent placement in the Champions league knockout stage (barring last season).

I am a bit tired of the assumption that moving out of the Portuguese league is always great. This is not the case. We have one of the best leagues in the world, and the only major problem is attendance.

NJ, I agree that it is sad that SCP fails to see their own diamonds in the rough and insist upon purchasing foreigners, but you must understand why this is. Agents like Jorge Mendes are continually growing in power, and their influence on the SAD's in Portugal is apparent.

They need a reason to get paid, and signing players from other regions pays them a lot more than bringing up youth academy graduates. It is sad and should be stamped out, but that is how business is done these days.

Marcin, I agree fully. Leaving Sporting as Captain for Reading and possible relegation is pretty sad and a step down. However, as NJ mentioned, this is more of a knock on the disgusting incompetence of Godinho Lopes and company. Either way, I wish Carrico the best as I think he is quality and has the potential to be as good as Costinha was for Portugal a few years back.

Cheers, and happy new year to my fellow Portugoalers.
Sporting star going to weaker club
8 Wednesday, 02 January 2013 14:44
Unfortunatelly I don't watch Portuguese league as often as I would like to, but even if I have just seen Daniel Carrico playing for couple of times, it wasn't hard to remember him, you don't often see such a promising, cultured centre back, who plays good and wisely on the ground.

Of course even if you are Sporting CP you don't produce a Cristiano Ronaldo or a Luis Figo or a Joao Moutinho through your ranks every other year, but among those players who were at the club, they were Rui Patricio and Daniel Carrico who looked like perfect prospects to achieve big success, natural heirs to Joao Moutinho and Miquel Veloso.

Even if a bit less gifted than those mentioned above, Carrico was one of big Sporting products, so it is somehow strange to see him moving to such a mediocre club, with all respect to Reading who are brave team and have their tradition and so on.

It simply looks he moved to weaker club. Of course it is hard to compare Sporting - as mediocre as it is in this season - to club fighting against relegation in English Premier League, they are in two different environments. But no one can say Reading is bigger club than SCP.

Of course he moved to bigger league, but it is very big risk that only for few months. Maybe I am wrong but I am afraid that Reading can go down before Carrico will acommodate well in Premier League football.
I am confused
7 Wednesday, 02 January 2013 00:33
Maybe someone can help me out.

1. Why was he not playing for Sporting exactly? Their defense is terrible.

2. Carrico's selling price is very low, why?? Is he not one of the most highly touted young Portuguese defenders in Portugal?

So another Portuguese player has to go abroad to get playing time. This time the "money" excuse cant be used, since he left for nothing.

Andre and MDOT, excellent points, its good news for Carrico to go to England, but this is all very confusing as well...
Astonished, but why?
6 Wednesday, 02 January 2013 00:10
Should we continue to be surprised by Sporting's bad business practices.

First the player;
I've said it before, how Carrico was put in a no win situation. He was named one of the captains a few years ago, with no real first team experience. This underlines how bad Sporting has been in need of leadership on the field.
This team is also lacking defensively and has been searching and buying players non stop. It is a concern that Carrico hasn't been able to distinguish himself enough to get regular first team play. Yes the team is in shambles and huge turnover in managers, but he should have come good, no?
Maybe not as "good" as people perceive or hope.

Now the team;
It is truly amazing how badly run this club is. You have a player that you've brought up the ranks. Spent money along the way in getting him to the main squad. Then you let his contract dwindle down to 6 months remaining and sell him at bargain price. I will admit that Carrico's market value has been dropping, but he's still rated around 6 million euros. They let him go for 750,000 euros. What?
I know that his deal was coming to an end, but how did they let that happen and take so much less. For me 6 million is high for such an unproven player, but he could have fetched 2 to 3 mil.
"Maca Podres" indeed.

As for Reading, we're going to see what kind of, or lack of there of, impact Carrico will have. Reading is slated to get relegated. They have a horrible goal differential and give up goals in bunches. Will he be able to crack such a bad defensive squad at the back or as defensive mid?
Even if Reading gets relegated as expected, we will find out about Carrico as a player, sooner than later.
The portuguese population in the premiere league
5 Tuesday, 01 January 2013 21:31
......is growing, thankfully. Good move by Carrico. Even if Reading can not avoid the drop, he will have a chance to really stand out in the championship.
As I thought this summer, and seems more obvious now, Arsenal and Rui Patricio would be the perfect marriage. He is the biggest chip SCP can cash in on to reinvest in the squad and has outgrown the liga. The national team would benefit greatly from Patricio seeing better competition week in and week out. And Arsenal desperately need a shake up in the back and have lacked a top international keeper for far too long. Incidentally, Jose Fonte looked real good against the gunners. His reputation has been growing despite being part of a side that shipped so many goals early in the season. Seems like he is destined to move up the food chain in England. Good luck and happy new year to all the Portuguese in football and in every day life. Russia, Israel and North Ireland don't stand a chance against the seleccao in 2013
Not a great team, but he'll get some good experience...
4 Tuesday, 01 January 2013 18:21
So, he's supposed to be one of Portugal's up-and-coming players, and yet he joins a mediocre team, for an absolute pittance.

The only player likely to make a worthwhile step in the right direction is Moutinho. That's if he makes the much rumored transfer to Tottenham.
Expect more movement but bad business
3 Tuesday, 01 January 2013 17:47
I think everyone expected transfer movements this winter transfer window. However Sporting continues have zero business skills in the transfer market. Selling another player for next to no cash is horrible business which will ensure that Sporting will have a hard time getting proper replacements to help rebuild the club. Another example was last year they sold Pereira for a tiny 3-4 million.

There are no excuses for this. It's gotten to the point where Sporting cannot be compared to Benfica or Porto which are able to sell duds like Roberto for just under 9million. However when you look at Sportings biggest competitor (Braga) they are falling behind very quickly. Braga have been buying players for less money, paying less in salary, and selling them in the transfer market for greater sums.

This all comes down to the main issue of their president driving each part of the club down.
They had to sell him overseas but I can't believe they couldn't
2 Tuesday, 01 January 2013 16:44
They had to sell him overseas but I can't believe they couldn't have gotten more from him and sent him to a midtable team. For his part I hope he has an easy out if Reading gets relegated. If he plays well it's his chance to shine in a big league in front of top teams. If Reading goes down he could end up on a bigger team for more money next season.Regardless, it's his chance to advance his career on a bigger stage.Lets hope he does well.
Some thoughts
1 Tuesday, 01 January 2013 13:42
Firstly I wish him the best in his new adventure in England. But I must say the move is slightly disappointing in some senses. Carrico is too good a player to be fighting relegation with Reading, a team that from what I've seen so far in the Premier League, looks one of the most likely to go down this season. There was talk of Valencia and even Benfica (!)...and he ends up at Reading?

Secondly how would Sporting have wanted to sell him in the first place..with their woeful defensive record this season...how Bouhlarouz or Rojo could be considered better options for centre back at the Alvalade is beyond me really. Anyway best of luck to him and hopefully his stay in the Premier League lasts more than just the one season!

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