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Thursday, 03 January 2013 15:42

"We need a Nani," says Ferguson

Man United boss wants winger to stay


Given Nani's indifferent form for much of this season, you could be forgiven for thinking there was a typo in the title and Sir Alex Ferguson was looking for an au pair. However, recent reports suggest that Manchester United's manager is keen to retain the services of his mercurial winger.


Tepid performances this season

After an injury-ravaged season last term, much was expected from Nani this campaign. However, a series of tepid performances saw him targeted by sections of the Old Trafford faithful and squeezed out of United's line-up as Ferguson experimented with playing no wingers.

The 26-year-old then picked up a hamstring injury in United's 3-1 Champions League win at Braga in early November and has been sidelined since.

This week, however,  Ferguson reiterated his commitment to keeping Nani at United, who currently top the English Premier League.

"We need a Nani. He offers something different from the other players. He's an incredible talent, the boy's a great talent," Ferguson told manutd.com.

The Cape Verdean is set to make his comeback within the next few weeks, and Ferguson is keen to agree a new contract with the winger - who only has a year and a half remaining on his current deal.

"Why would I want to let him go? Obviously his people have been negotiating with [chief executive] David [Gill] about a new contract but I don't know what stage we are at with that. But we won't be letting him go," Ferguson added.

By Stephen Gillett

Comments (14)
14 Sunday, 06 January 2013 20:53
I don't know why nobody realized this except me. SAF is just pumping him up so they can draw better or more lucrative offers for him. Man U would like to keep him probably but to much bad blood has happen so it is over. SAF wants other teams to hear his words and praise over nani being a special talent etc etc. I personally like Nani, sometimes he is frustrating and sometimes he is unbelieveable and honestly looks like one of the best wingers in the world. If he leaves manchester I hope he goes to a place where he can play every week in one of the best leagues. Not Russia, not turkey. I would like a move to liverpool or arsenal if he stays in englad or maybe tottenham depending on other transfers that may take place. If he goes to spain he should only go to Atletico madrid because neither barca or real will want him. If he goes to italy it has to be roma, ac or inter or maybe napoli. If he goes to france it is has to be lyon or psg. If he goes to portugal I am pulling for porto just because they are in the champions league the most which will benefit him more once world cup qualifying time goes.
13 Friday, 04 January 2013 20:09
Yah we all remember that selfish brain fart by Nani v Spain in that friendly. A good team mate would of let that ball sail in for what could of been, the greatest goal ever scored, but Nani the genius/selfish jerk decides to try and steal the glory by heading in his team mates brilliance...

Ronaldo should of channeled Joao Pinto, Jorge Costa or Eric Cantona and pummeled the self inportant rat.

(Former Pro Player/USA) = we (as Portuguese fans) have been waiting for 7 years man, not sure we have any patience for this guy left, nor do many Man U supporters.
Nani needs to become a professional
12 Friday, 04 January 2013 14:17
Enough with catering to player’s emotional stature. Nani is a talented player but is caught up in the hype. What happened to a footballer just playing, stop whining just do your best when given the opportunity. Yes SAF maybe unreasonable coach at times but look at his history and record. I believe if Nani will just do the very best he can the fruit of his effort will grow. Fight for your spot; give it your best, your talents are a privilege it is up to you to not waste them. The gift you process is not to be wasted, stay at MANU work hard. A move to another club will become the same issue after your first season my friend been there done that. You can be a legend at Old Trafford if you just play football, follow your skills and heart.
11 Friday, 04 January 2013 14:08
I try to ignore obvious ludicrous comments but the SAF is a loser had me cracking up.
That was precious.

I know that Nani has flair and could pull something brilliant now and then. But what we mostl; get is guy that now, loses the ball, holds up play, no vision of teammates, doesn't track back, not mentally strong, etc...
When I watched him jump in and head a ball into goal, from an offsides position, when Cristiano's shot was clearly going in it was a oh oh moment. He's continued to regress. Sad but true.
Change of scenery will do him good, but his attitude needs to change as well.
10 Friday, 04 January 2013 11:14
Agree with most, it's already well past the time for Nani to leave and join a team where his way of playing is more appreciated. Of course Valencia and even Young get more playing time because they suit Man United's philosophy much more...whip in crosses at all opportunities!

Nani is a technical player who likes to showcase his skill, and why shouldn't he, by all means? Flair and technique is an ever more rare commodity in players these days....and if that's not appreciated at Old Trafford, then he must go somewhere else. I personally think another League would be best, a fresh challenge.

Regarding the interest from Arsenal, funnily enough even though I doubt they could afford him, I still think Nani would suit Arsenal's more European style of play, than Man United's more British style. But either way, he's way too talented a player to be on the bench at any club!
Nani has to be careful
9 Thursday, 03 January 2013 23:15
Easy Eddie. Nani has faltered badly on the field, well before injury and benching.
SAF is trying to bring the price back up to, frankly, anything. Man United is not going to meet his salary demands (nobody else will either), and Nani wants out. Nani has to get his head back into the game. He was benched for holding the ball too long, not crossing it and not tracking back. Sadly for SAF Young has been as putrid and Giggs is old. Man United's only reliable winger is Valencia.

I think he's gone, but should he somehow stay, he can really stick it to SAF. He just might get his shot and be able to shine and then leave.

Nani's career is coming to a crossroads. He needs to be careful or he'll disappear quickly. He's not a "youngster" anymore. A lot of wear and tear on those legs.
Please just go
8 Thursday, 03 January 2013 21:30
Unfortunately for Nani, Man U's been doing pretty damn well this season without him. I'm sure Fergusson would love to have him around, I mean why not? He's a very talented player SAF can call upon in the event on an injury or for a rare substitution. Unfortunately for Nani. that's pretty much all the PT he's going to get if he stays at Man U. Time to get the hell of Dodge Nani.
Please just go
7 Thursday, 03 January 2013 21:29
Unfortunately for Nani, Man U's been doing pretty damn well this season without him. I'm sure Fergusson would love to have him around, I mean why not? He's a very talented player SAF can call upon in the event on an injury or for a rare substitution. Unfortunately for Nani. that's pretty much all the PT he's going to get if he stays at Man U. Time to get the hell of Dodge Nani.
Not Sure What to Make of SAF
6 Thursday, 03 January 2013 19:45
The SAF/ManU and Nani saga continues .... I like many don't know what to make of this, Drive up the transfer price, an olive branch, etc.

I still do not think given the history it will work. Nani is a bit of a head case and SAF likes to have whipping boys to take his wrath out on. Nani is a better player than Valencia's average skills (never uses left foot -- hard to find a player who does not use a left foot once in a while), but Valencia fits better in ManU system.

Bottom line, NT needs Nani to regain form ASAP! Not sure if he will regain form at ManU, time to move on.
Bad manager
5 Thursday, 03 January 2013 19:22
SAF is a loser. After publicly trashing Nani and pretty much letting it be known to everyone that he was going to try to sell him, he's now praising him and saying he won't sell him because of how pathetic Valencia and Young have been since Nani's injury.
4 Thursday, 03 January 2013 19:10
I think Nani has regressed as a player. He now has a tendency to slow down the game by holding up the ball when a quick pass is what is needed.

I do think its time for him to have a change of scenery, away from England, perhaps his game will benefit from the move.
Nani Deserves More
3 Thursday, 03 January 2013 17:41
He should still move to another club where he can start regularly again with a manager that properly supports him. He's absolutely one of the most talented technically gifted players in the world! He's a big player and if he has the chance to move to another good team in a good league (La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga) I would say he should take it! If Fergie really wants him at Man U start supporting Nani properly giving him confidence and starting him regularly again.
Is this genuine or cheap price manipulation?
2 Thursday, 03 January 2013 17:23
Not sure this is so much an olive branch to Nani then Sir Alex (as well as many Man U faithful) are not seeing what they want/expect from Valencia, so they are going back to Nani.

Or this is all a ploy to raise the price on Nani, not sure what it is to be honest.

Either way if given the change to play as a starter somewhere else, Nani should take it.
Is Alex Ferguson....
1 Thursday, 03 January 2013 16:39
From Scotland or does he hail from Dawson's Creek?

Seriously, this guy has a long history of being a bully but he's obviously bipolar now as well. I know Nani is a bit of a prima Donna but maybe you should just stop sending mixed messages.

Man U is now known to play in Dawson's Creek, they've moved out of Old Trafford.

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