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Wednesday, 20 April 2011 13:40

Benfica have no answer to Porto brilliance

Benfica 1-3 FC Porto

A brilliant second-half performance from FC Porto at the Estadio da Luz saw the Dragons book their place in the final of the Portuguese Cup at Benfica's expense.

Goals from Joao Moutinho, Hulk and Falcao overturned the 2-0 deficit from the 1st leg of the semi-final, and despite Oscar Cardozo's penalty Porto booked their place at Jamor on away goals

Julio Cesar, Maxi Pereira, Luisao, Jardel, Fabio Coentrao, Javi Garcia (Kardec, 85), Jara (Aimar, 78), Carlos Martins, Cesar Peixoto (Weldon, 88), Saviola, Cardozo
FC Porto:
Beto, Sapunaru (Sereno, 86), Rolando, Otamendi, Alvaro Pereira, Fernando, Moutinho, Ruben Micael (James Rodriguez, 62), Hulk, Falcao, Cristian Rodriguez (Varela, 75)
[0-1] Joao Moutinho, 64
[0-2] Hulk, 72
[0-3] Falcao, 74
[1-3] Cardozo, 80 (pen)

As it happened:

Comments (47)
Some info for Bryan
47 Saturday, 23 April 2011 20:16
Nuno Gomes is NOT better than Saviola, at this point in his career. He's just not.
Jara has also proven his worth, in my opinion.
I will admit that Kardec hasn't done anything, but he also hasn't gotten on the field.

In getting back to Makukula, even after he did so well for Kayserispor, his 21 goals led the league (2 penalties) they didn't purchase him.
Manisaspor, who finished 14th did. He only has 4 goals so far this season. They currently sit 13th.
I also think that people forget that Benfica scored 78 goals in league play last season. The last thing they needed was another scorer to come in.
Out of the 26 league goals, Cardozo only 6 of them came from penalties last season, He had a total of 38 goals in all competitions with a total of 10 penalties.
This season he only has 9 goals in league play, with only one of them being a penalty.
He has a total of 19 goals in all competitions, with 4 of them being penalties.
Clearly he just doesn't score on penalties.
46 Friday, 22 April 2011 19:58
As you were taking potshots at my comments in the guise of insulting Bryan, "Nuno Gomes is still better than Saviola & Kardec ALBEIT INJURED" was my quote that started the conversation.

JJ has won more with a oner year budget Braga would take a few years to spend.. Paciencia has done more with less.. how would you like to explain that one?

As for Mak he has had a few good seasons including the one at Maritimo and was never given a chance by Kinky Flowers or JJ both of whom are useless managers.

As for Jara he was better from the beginning and only in the late season was given an opportunity, JJ is swift on the uptake it takes a few hammer blows to the head before he realizes talent, meanwhile Saviola was a sack of crap for most of this season bar a mini streak he went on at one point.

It is sad that a 35 year old was the better option throughout the year, but JJ instead of trying to captilize on the form.. actually tried to devalue Nuno by bringing him in constantly with only a few minutes to play to dampen his stats but it backfired on him and Nuno kept on finding the net.

Maybe benching Saviola for more games would've resulted in his improved play, but JJ likes to ride his dead ponies.

JJ's genius was rewarded on multiple occasions this year, with failure.

Now you might be happy being 2nd place in a one horse league where all the other teams were having off years but for me it was a failure to be so far behind Porto when the other teams were bad, as we only played Porto twice. What were the other excuses?

Mark my words we might end up with no titles.. as the way this squad is playing Pacos & Braga are licking their lips.

Fortunately for JJ he has one of the highest paid squads and he still has some world talents to pull from Coentrao, Maxi, Luisao, & Cardozo won't go down easy and each one alone can win a game for you.

Just remember that JJ has only won 3 trophies in over a decade one with an awesome Braga team and two were with last years Benfica Monster Squad.. that should've won 4.

So his epic failures in big games on big stages still looms heavily over the Aguias.

I still think they will win the Bwin Trophy (Porta-Pottie) so I am sure you will be delighted, the Europa is definitely out of the question.

Although JJ could prove me completely wrong by masterminding a win against Porto in the Final as that Trophy is worth more to me than the Liga but that is highly unlikely.

As for the poster Nuno Gomes.. he is right I doubt very much JJ will be fired.. but I am praying on this holy weekend for a second coaching miracle.. first Queiroz now JJ to be fired.

45 Friday, 22 April 2011 18:02
The comment I made regarding AVB's quad was not a dig against Benfica or anything remotely close to that, so I'm not sure why you took issue with it. I made the comment that AVB didn't/couldn't field his top squad for various reasons, and I thought for Porto to win this tie, we would need our strongest squad to even have the chance. Guess I was wrong.
Jorge Jesus
44 Friday, 22 April 2011 12:56
There is some bad news if you want Jorge Jesus fired or good if you want him to stay. The reason for this would be because when Benfica President visited the acores he had stated that even if Benfica won nothing this season Jorge Jesus would go on and stay at least until the end of his contract in 2013( he said this when Brnfica were still in the Taca de Portugal).
You know what?
43 Friday, 22 April 2011 12:12
Makukula couldn't go to Braga simply because he was too expensive for Braga. 4 million euros. If he was a free agent I'm sure Salvador won't pass up on the opportunity. Watch what will happen with N. Gomes.

It's fair to say Benfica messed up completely with Makukula. Big time too. I can compare Maku with Almeida because they are in the same league. Almeida has failed to score consistently and Makukula was lethal last year. How do Benfica fans know Makukula wouldn't perform? They never gave him a proper chance. Yet they have Kardec, and Weldon instead... WELDON... *Epic Face palm*. Weldon is not better than Maku! Only Jorge Jesus would keep Weldon and ditch Maku. Only Jorge Jesus would let Quim go and pick up a 9 million euro frango from spain... *Epic Face palm*

You know what? I really should forget about Miguel Vitor. If Benfica screws up I know Braga will pick him up like they did with Joao Perreira and Silvio. Who are now on the national team? No thanks to Benfica though. I'm just going to wait till the boy's contract ends.

Nuno Gomes is the best striker Benfica have. No I'm not kidding. Anybody who scores 5 goals in 90 minutes clearly knows his way to the back of the net. Cardozo scores alright... he scores penalties. Many penalties. Besides that Cardozo lacks the pace and positioning of Gomes. If you want my opinion, Cardozo is a disaster and personally, I wouldn't see him playing on a Braga 11 if he was on the Braga team. I'm actually serious.

Benfica is taking a nose dive, Sporting and Braga must capatilize next year. That's all that's needed to be said.

This is the only name I have. This is the only name I post comments with.
42 Friday, 22 April 2011 11:09
Well said buddy. I always laugh at Bryans comments (Braga this, JJ is the worst, bla bla bla) Last time I checked we're second in the league and we've won more titles with JJ then Braga has won in its history. So yes Porto is the better team this year but Benfica was still better then everyone else.

I love the Makukula comment. Guy has one good season in Turkey and he's now supposed to be our top priority. How we has he done this year? I think the season is almost over and he only has 4 goals. So I'm glad we didn't bid up his contract and sign him.

As for Nuno, he's a great player but some of the comments on here goes to show how little people know about Portuguese soccer. Nuno hasn't played recently because he's injured. He had an operation a few weeks back and there is no chance he will play any more games this season. He's 35 soon and has fitness issues. Maybe he should have come on more as a sub but at the same time we would have never played Jara then. Because we've played Jara as the sub we have found an amazing player that looks ready to replace one of our strikers for the long term.

Overall good season by Porto and Benfica has to settle being the second best team this year. On a side note its funny how Benfica fans are freaking out that we may only get 1-2titles this year. It just goes to show what high expectations this club has every season, something our troll Byran doesn't seem to understand. If Braga had a season like ours it would be their best season ever LOL.
its really sad
41 Friday, 22 April 2011 01:54
i see that bryan STILL has nothing better to do that make up new aliases to hide behind while he continues to disparage Benfica. You must be really bored. So very sad...
A Lot Of Whining About Nothing
40 Friday, 22 April 2011 01:36
"the shredder SLB machine and stupid staff"???

By shredder I guess you mean we bring in players and sell them as soon as we can make money.
I guess I should welcome you to Portuguese Football. All the clubs are selling clubs. It's what Portoand Benfica have done in order to compete. You take a look at Sporting who kept the house in order and actually brought old players, and you see the mess.

Ref's always stink. I do agree with most that it's silly when teh ref tries to get control of a match by giving early yellows. In most cases they back themselves into a corner.
Let me add that the MLS refs are worse than in Portugal. Guys are killing each other with no cards in sight.

I do agree that Ramires is the most missed player in Benfica's squad.
Cardozo scores. As a Benfiquista, I don't care how it happens as long as it happens.

For all of JJ's faults he is much better than Quique. A guy that looks the part but is awful.
JJ's lineup selections and tactics baffle the mind at times. Orlando, like I mentioned previously, I too expected the worse when I saw the lineup and formation.
He will pay the price and get canned.

I can't believe that people are still screaming for Makukula. Really? Being a top scorer has a lot to do with squad make up, squad quality and tactics. Comparing Makukula to Almeida is silly.
If he was so great why didn't Braga go and pick him up? Braga could have used the scoring last year. Why not Sporting that also needed scoring?

I understand that Nuno Gomes is the face of the franchise, but to say that he is NOW overall better than Saviola, Cardozo and others, is also very silly. Nuno deserves plenty of praise, but lets be realistic.

People, or I should say Bryan, is still calling for Miguel Vitor. He is playing for a midtable Championship League (2nd Div.) in England. That's the guy that's the best that Benfica can go get. Why don't we go nab Miguel's teamate Bamba who is more experienced and better?
Remember that we have already brought in defenders, and even some that are coming on free transfers.

Porto deserves all the accolades for teh wonderful season they are having.
But, I would love to meet them once again in the Europa League final. A final is a final and I would always prefer another shot.
Let me also add that if Benfica beat Porto in that final, it would enhance our season much more than deminish Porto's.
That a praise, Tripeiro's. And no, Tripeiro's is not a slur.

I was so angry after this match, so the first thing I did was NOT go and post on a site. I collected my thoughts and tried not to go too crazy.
39 Thursday, 21 April 2011 21:09
He scored a tap in last game.. Quaresma with the assist and Simao scored a pk but Turkish league is such a joke. You cant call it competitive. Simao doesnt care cause he retired but Almeida will continue to flop for nt. Both Quaresma and Almeida need to move to a better league if they want to keep pace with the standards of professional football.
38 Thursday, 21 April 2011 19:59
Sorry it is hard to understand you.. you are either typing in French or Portuguese and using Google translator to translate it for you. It doesn't make any sense.

I don't mean to be insulting but it makes it very hard to understand what you are saying especially the rhetorical parts to offer a decent reply.

In your quotation of me you forgot the words "MOST Benfica fans on HERE have been giving props rightfully all year to AVB & your squad."

On PortuGoal which clearly you haven't read too often besides the few odd balls all the loyal Benfiquistas have been praising Porto especially after the 5 goal first game.

If you are throwing rocks at a glass house you have to build yours a little stronger and in this post alone you can see Classless lives on both sides of the fence in the red & blue houses.

Just because you can give a valid opinion without team tinted glasses does not make you a "Turncoat" it makes you realistic.

Also scouring and only remembering a couple of negative posts instead of the majority good makes you as good as the same loonies you are complaining about.

As for the comments on the Ref complaining.. as I stated earlier both teams ham it up.. and have gotten away with murder on multiple occasions. That is why there are always complaints.. it isn't prejudice it is fact that there have been many bad decisions on both sides of the fence every game that is played between the two sides. If you don't understand that then you might not be altogether there.

Take yesterdays offside and the non-penalty on Saviola.. take those two away.. as a Portista said earlier would've resulted in extra time and not a win for Porto.

But as a few Benfiquistas posted that wouldn't have made a difference and they conceded Porto would've won anyways.

Now I hate Hulk with a passion but I don't blow up the team bus because of one player, and you shouldn't carry in a machine gun to do the job of one hand gun shot to the head or else you end up shooting a lot of innocent bystanders.

Now I appreciate some people might have pissed in your bowl.. but there is no reason to spritz everyone's bowl is there.

Take the license plate of the car that hit you then rent a Monster Dump truck from Alaska and run over his house when only he is at home.
humble opinion
37 Thursday, 21 April 2011 17:22
I agree with all portugoal bench coaches, we should sack JJ, by the far the best SLB coach on last 10 years (almost better than Mourinho).

Also in my humble opinion, I think Makukula, Nuno Gomes, Joao Tomas and me, Julien, should be the deadly SLB strikers.

Apart from the 20 penalties for Cardozo and playing most part of the games against 10, 9 or 8 last season, would like to say that the loss of Ramires and the terrific duo Ramires-Javi Garcia was the key apart from the loss of Di Maria that did all the "food" for Cardozo goals or penalties last season. Of course apart from the shredder stupid SLB "machine" that is able to destroy the career of any one and their handler and dirty staff.
Orlando Mac was always right about JJ
36 Thursday, 21 April 2011 16:53
Benfica fans were complaining that Orlando was a traitor and that he shouldn't be supporting Benfica but the sad thing is that Orlando Mac was just being realistic.

Nuno Gomes is better than Cardozo and Saviola. Whether or not Maku could have been a top striker at Benfica was unknown but JJ didn't want to take that chance. Makukula was in the form of his life and was the top striker in Portuguese football last year and was overlooked by Queiroz and Jorge Jesus. People said, ohhhh he's in a weak league but now Almeida is in the same league and can't score like Makukula.

I don't know if Miguel Vitor is better than Jardel but he's certainly better than Sidnei and he has more experience than Sidnei... at least in the CL he does.

Right now, Braga is trying to get Joao Pedro. A young, 23 year old, portuguese defender from Aves. I'm guessing to replace Rodriguez when Rodriguez heads to Sporting. So I'm guessing Braga won't be getting Miguel Vitor.

I'm hoping Nuno Gomes goes to Braga... and proves his value against Benfica next year.
Jorge Jesus
35 Thursday, 21 April 2011 16:31
I think he should be fired regardless of what happens in Europa. This team has crumbled too many times to the point where they're flat out nose diving. Alot of changes need to be made regarding management and players. I hope it gets cleaned out this summer but Hulk was offside and the referring was atrocious. Benfica earned a deserved penalty. Theres clear contact with the legs of Saviola. No denying it.
Porto cheats
34 Thursday, 21 April 2011 16:27
Everything is permitted!

What about Carlos Martins aggression? Nonexistent yellow cards? Hulk penalty? Saviola diving? Constant slb divings on first half?
Nop! Most important, second goal on offside. Porto cheats!!!!
gentleman turncoat
33 Thursday, 21 April 2011 16:12
31 Thursday, 21 April 2011 15:26
Orlando Mac said:
"Most Benfica fans on here have been giving props rightfully all year to AVB & your squad"

I thought they were giving props all year how Porto cheated the refs. After two humiliations in your own stadium on about two weeks they are dressing now the gentleman turncoat. Last year (and this currently year) called us porkos, hooligans, cheatears and the worst possible and imaginary (probably not Orlandomac case). So now they're the gentlemans that have praised AVB and Porto team? Give me a break!

eg. AVB and PdC frequent praisings to JJ this season, what about LVF and JJ on Porto? I would like to find on youtube what Vieira said in Brasil about this Porto season and the "apagao" to paste it in the face of all benfiquistas about the type of person who runs your club!

A good sportsman and club knows how to learn of defeats and to be on victories. I fear the red team not even know one thing nor the other (not all, obviously).
Thanks for reading!
Bryan/ SCB
32 Thursday, 21 April 2011 15:30
What probably will happen is JJ gets fired, it is almost certain if they don't win the Europa, and I think Coentrao might not leave, because I don't see any European teams with the money that really need Coentrao.
Could Forsee the tragedy...
31 Thursday, 21 April 2011 15:26
As soon as I saw the line-up I could forsee the future.. called it.. then watched it happen.

It all comes down to management, formations, player selections, and timely control. That is what makes a great Manager. He can take an average team and make them exceptional or a better team greater.. as is the case across the street for both Braga & Porto.

JJ can take a great team and make them win narrowly, and take a good team as he has this year and make them look pathetic.

His biggest mistakes are player selection. Moreira is better than the two Frangos but he is 3rd choice, Airton for me is better than Javi & Peixoto, Nuno Gomes is still better than Saviola & Kardec albeit injured so is Weldon for that matter and he has rarely if ever played.

Quim is better than his two Frangos put together.. yet he dispatched him as well as Big Mak.. he also prefers Sidnei to Jardel & Vitor.. that clearly is not the case either.

How many losses is it going to take on the big nights before they realize this guy craps his pants on the biggest stages with his genius moves.

Anyways as for the game Porto as has done all season deserved the victory. Congratulations to all the decent Porto fans and to AVB and his squad they deserve all the applause.

As for the Reffing it is always a sad state.. even Hulk who is normally the Portuguese diving champ was given a poor yellow... for a dive.. never thought I would ever say that...lol

There was questionable goals as is usually the case especially betweens these two teams.. as both teams were hamming it up and fouling hard and in grevious fashions.

Responsibility for their conduct has to fall upon the Ref.. as usual they start brandishing cards for nothing and more play acting comes and frustrations build until it is an all out frenzy.
Both teams are too blame some of the bs posts on here make me laugh. This game was dirty on both sides.

The Ref should pull the captains at the start and tell them straight up we are going to have a clean game. Good hard clean tackles will be awarded, first dirty tackle I see will result in a RED. Anyone similuating will be given a yellow, and if anyone comes up and touches my shirt or your team surrounds me I will definitely red card someone. I only speak to captains.. do I make myself clear.

Then I would walk in and call fouls fouls.. and Ref normally.. it is like these Refs like being the center of attention.. so that they can feel important.

Also the projectile crap again I saw a few things chucked on the field from the Reds side.. this has to end.. CCTV & club card them all.. NOW!

Last but not least.. to a few of the Portistas that posted on here with the classless posts commenting on what others said last season or all out taunting.. What makes you any better than those you are complaining about. You just look like little classless babies.

Most Benfica fans on here have been giving props rightfully all year to AVB & your squad, celebrating is one thing and it should be promoted.. but some of the comments were CLASSLESS.

Anyways again I would like to congratulate Porto for their great comeback victory Falcao, Moutinho, etc.. impressed and were full marks for the victory.

I just wish we could've saw last years Benfica with Paciencia as boss vs this years Porto with AVB at the helm.. that would've been a magical game of Portuguese football.
Porto's management is overall better
30 Thursday, 21 April 2011 13:06
I believe Benfica will be in more serious problems then Porto next year. The truth is, I can't wait to see what happens to Benfica when Coentrao leaves and Aimar retires. Porto can survive without Hulk because they have Ukra, Varela, James, and Rodriguez. Can Benfica survive without Coentrao? They have Carole and Peixoto. Can Benfica even afford Salvio's 15 million clause? What will happen to Roberto? It's all very interesting.
29 Thursday, 21 April 2011 12:58
It was another bad ref controlling the game and imputebecause of this is why no one watches portuguese soccer anymore. Winning this title is of little importance but getting a european birth is vital. The ref should have given rodriguez his orders and they missed a big offside for the second goal but for benfica if cordozo had his nose ahead of a defender, he was offside. If anyone wants to a great video, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqtkX2BlkRk . Its about the entire portuguese season. Real good memories. And this will happen every year.
Offsides goal
28 Thursday, 21 April 2011 12:38
Lets face it that offsides goal was a decisive goal for us but that "pk" would have put benfica through if we didnt get the offisdes goal. But after that 2nd goal was scored alot more bad calls followed.. A pk that never exists, and an offsides call on Alvaro that leads to a 2v1 in the benfica penalty box that is perfectly onsides. So you can say that our offsides goal really wouldnt have made a difference if all the calls were correct.. Refs have to make calls split 2nd and by watching the replays the sideline ref on the offsides call clearly isnt standing with the last man and for that pk well its hard to judge it when you have players covering most your view. In the end everyone can agree the better team won.

Azul e Branco
Benfica is a disgrace
27 Thursday, 21 April 2011 12:08
It's so embarissing to lose against Porto at the luz not just the game but the overall tie. We have been clearly second best this season, we sold some our big names last summer and in Januaury and we have become a weaker team. Where as Porto have improved a lot this season but it will be interesting to see how they will do next season if they lose some key players in the transfer market??
Superiority and humiliation
26 Thursday, 21 April 2011 11:52
Enough now? Justice and revenge could be delayed, but they are served cold, very cold.

I personally think that the JJ approach to this game wasn't correct and did not correspond to what he said last week. SLB's game on first half was very clear, passing time, throw themselves into the ground at the slightest touch and ensure Porto will lose patience.

Once again we should praise our players and staff. They're amazing! They've controlled the nerves and the game with a great class. Looks easy but it's not. No more brilliant words to describe this team.
Now let's focus the final against Guimaraes, the final that others would gain LOL.

By the way, this ref' will also have an evaluation of "very good" like the other one? In part he was synchronized with the home team game in several times!

What is the excuse now? The ref? New corruption case? Porto "barbarians" fans? Hulk and Falcao dives? The magnetic field of the earth? I'm waiting Viera sincere, honest and moralist explanations or a tour on Angola or Brazil to escape the pressure from non-benficatv journalists. Ah wait! The show must go on! It seems that there is already a new truck for players coming to liven up the nation after the frustration.

p.s - I've heard FCP will buy da Luz stadium to promote parties, is it true?
p.s1 - Remember last year by this point, the exaggeration and excitement around the red team even when they were not still champions. JJ was better than Mourinho, SLB the best team in the world ready to win CL, the whole country drunk of their own stupidity giving themselves the luxury of joking with rivals face. And now????
Great result for a Great Coach
25 Thursday, 21 April 2011 11:50
Port have out played Benfica evertime they have met this season, including the 2-0 loss at Dragao!! We have AVB to thank for his great player rotation and excellent management. AVB is going to be a giant in World football, cant wait to see what is going to happen when he meets Mourinho!! Sparks are going to fly!!! FORCA PORTO, good luck against Valencia next week...
Red Cards
24 Thursday, 21 April 2011 11:36
To Jasen/USA: yes Carlos Martins should have recieved the second yellow card for the foul on Sapubaru, but did you miss the foul C. Rodriguez had committed to recieve his second yellow and how Sapubaru made three fouls each deserving of a yellow. Before you start mentioning who should get sent off for one team you should look at the other team as well. If just one of those two Porto players get the red they deserve then there is no comeback for Porto.
Weak league
23 Thursday, 21 April 2011 11:12
The refs were a complete joke. I'm not going to take anything away from Porto, they are the better team this year and all we've been is second best, we can school anyone in the league but Porto and that's why we don't deserve to be champions this season. The refs in this league just keep getting worse each season and its no wonder why for over 15yrs league attendance keeps dropping. Even the MLS has better refs then Portugal.
22 Thursday, 21 April 2011 11:03
I want the same exact thing... if nothing else but for the simple fact that they can't blame the referees if that final does take place! But of course, Pinto da Costa is SO powerful in their eyes that he can pay off all of UEFA!
let's do it 1 more time...
21 Thursday, 21 April 2011 10:40
I really hope it's a Benfica-Porto Europa League final now so Porto can humiliate Benfica once again, this time with the whole of Europe watching.
20 Thursday, 21 April 2011 09:20
We still got BWIN CUP...... so eat it

Yes it is the same fairytale...
19 Thursday, 21 April 2011 09:07
... Porto outclassed Benfica... does this surprise anyone by now?

5 games, 4 Porto wins, and a combined scoreline of 12-4... seriously, is there any doubt anymore?

2011 is shaping up to be one of the more unforgettable years in Porto's history!

E quem nao salta é lampiao, allez, allez!
Holding up hands cupped behind my ears...
18 Thursday, 21 April 2011 05:03
Gr8 win 4 porto, totally deserved based on their performance. Extremely poor refereeing in this game. Hulks goal offside (not an easy call for linesman), and saviolas penalty non existant. But, those aren't my concerns...my concern with the refereeing was the yellow cards! Each team probably deserved, at most, 2 yellow cards. The refs think that by brandishing cards they will calm down the players,make them apprehensive so on and so forth. Portuguese refs hav to do away with this perception that every touch is a foul, we hav players going to ground for minimal contact. Well, back to the game...a two legged game is exactly that, 2 games...you're never in the next round until the final whistle goes in the second match. After game one (more so as it was at the dragao), benficistas walked away with lots to say...we killed u in your back yard, we've got an almost guaranteed place in the final, we have one foot in the estadio do jamor, we might have lost a game to porto (the 5-0) we've won the second and will show u in the guaranteed remainig games we are better and that 5 was a fluke...so, i stand holding my hands cupped behind my ears...silence is deafening...
The Unstopabble Dragon
17 Thursday, 21 April 2011 02:34
Let's go for treble winner Porto,,After Winning the Liga,Portuguese cup will be their next trophy,,and Europe league will be their third..just make it all a piece of cake!!
I'm sorry for Benfica,,their only hope is Europa league now,,if they get zero titles this season,,JJ must be sacked
Porto brilliance really?
16 Thursday, 21 April 2011 01:47
Now I'm a Benfiquista and may a little bias but I didn't think there was anything brilliant about this game. Both teams played subpar. Porto just seemed to just get lucky at the right times.

The officiating was just bad all around. Rodriguez should have been sent off and there was absolutely should not have been a penalty against Porto. This is football though and I accept that. Other than the lose, it was a fun experience at the local Portuguese pub. Unfortunately, I think this may have a negative effect on team moral going into the Braga ties. We'll see.
proud and incompetent
15 Thursday, 21 April 2011 01:41
Absolutely fabulous day for Porto.

Hulk was offside but the penalty on Sapunaru was baloney, so those cancel out. Believe it or not, it is probably a positive thing for slb; their equilibrium is restored and their quality(or lack thereof) is showing. They are proud and well supported, but that only helps when thinking of the past. They can stop dreaming and get back to reality now.

Did anyone see Sapunaru at the end of the match? It appeared he charged at a steward? Was it the steward the the tunnel fiasco in 2009?
Congrats to the Tripeiros
14 Thursday, 21 April 2011 01:18
Boy, I've been avoiding the this like the plague.
This is embarrassing in so many levels. Porto has a tremendous squad and deserves all the accolades it's been receiving.
But, how do we come home with a 2-0 away goal lead and not advance?

Nice ball movement by Porto in the first goal, but we had six, SIX, players behind the ball, yet no pressure on the shooter. Moutinho received it, settled it, made a cake, and then shot.

Hulk was offside for the second, but once again beautiful ball movement. Jardel was coming back fast on the back end of the play, which could have affected the line judge.

The third goal is inexcusable. I know that Falcao was in the box, but he had so much space to receive the ball. Again, plenty of defenders back, but nobody closing. Tough deflection.

Yes it was a penalty. Saviola was impeded. If he wasn't hit, there would have been no ball to arm.

Regardless, this is a pathetic display. Can we please shelve Peixoto. I can only assume that he is playing now, so it won't be a shock when he replaces Coentrao. That's not good.

Our midfield set up was awful. This was not the game to go with a 4-3-3. I know our 4-diamond 4-2 hasn't worked against Porto, but even I know that a 4-3-3 isn't going to either. Martins never gets back well, and isn't any good defending wide. Porto had acres of space.
I would have prefered a 4-2-3-1 type lineup. Put Airton and Javi as the two holding mids. It still allows for some creativity up top. We needed to clog up play at midfield.

And Joao, now you are going to tell us all, how AVB put out a lesser squad? Why, Varela didn't start?
Hulk, Falcao, Moutinho, Micael (who will prove to be much better than Belushi). Fucile is injured.
If anything I got really nervous once our lineup was announced.

Can we also stop killing Roberto. The season is done and dusted, and let's see how he fares in the upcoming Europa games. He's here to stay and hopefully he'll settle down and be able to give up the easy ones.
He has made some tremendous saves to go along the "frangos"
13 Thursday, 21 April 2011 01:02
TO carlos SLB/SCB same fairytale? Its always the same fairytale n story with majority of you Benfiquistas! Refs Refs Refs,! Hulk was in an offside position no doubt but for you to say that only Porto players get away from yellow and Red Cards, Today... fernando, Beto, Moutinho, Rodriguez, Alvaro, Hulk, falcao, got yellows n Sapunaru got red carded at the end. Crsitian Rodriguez and Carlos Martins should of both been red carded in my opinion but for you to say benfica gets yellow carded on good tackles thats a JOKE. Reality Check bro, Porto Have OUTCLASSED Benfica in all aspects Lame excuses everytime you guys lose wether its in good or bad.! VIVA O PORTO RUMO A LIGA EUROPA! Don't Forget That Braga is on a tear n if i wer befica Porto n Villareal i'd be worried n this is coming from a PORTISTA!
Hey Carlos/SLB
12 Thursday, 21 April 2011 00:19
Poor Baby! Somebody call a WHAAAAMBULANCE. For him to mention a questionable offside and not also mention a dubious penalty just proves he's drinking too much of the Benfica Kool aid. My hats off to the other Benfica fans who manned up and said that Porto is so clearly the best team in Portugal
The Dragons
11 Thursday, 21 April 2011 00:13
The done to FC Porto
Now the next big step Europa League!!

10 Thursday, 21 April 2011 00:05
im a porto fan but hulk was offsides for his goal. but to balance things out benfica got such a soft penalty...sapunaru put his leg up to kick the ball but barely touched the guy.

carlos martins needs to be sent to boavista or something. he dove to the ground almost every time someone came near him not to mention he should have gotten a second yellow for kicking the back of alvaro's leg.
9 Wednesday, 20 April 2011 23:14
How the f^*k do you let your biggest rivals clinch the League title in your own home and now let them overturn a two goal lead to reach the Portuguese Cup Final? I don't understand how we go from playing a ok first half to absolute shit in the second. I know questions of Hulk's goal will come up because it was offside, but Porto were going to come back no matter what. Lets face it, Porto kicked Benfica's ass in every game they played against them this season. Even when we beat them 2-0 they still played well and really deserved the win more then us. If we make the EL Final with Porto then theres a good possibility we will lose that game too. Embarrassing how Porto owned us this season. Also whats even more embarrassing is the referee's we have in the league. So much bullshit calls each and every week. I mean just because a player goes to ground doesn't mean you have to whistle it for a foul 75% of the time. I lost count on how many times Benfica and Porto players dove or made the most out of being slightly touched. Anyways deserve victory for Porto. They are without a doubt the best team in Portugal and shame they couldn't showcase their play in Europe's greater competition, UCL, but I'm guessing the EL title would do them good.
Is there a doubt now?
8 Wednesday, 20 April 2011 23:01
Which is the best team in Portugal JJ? I'm a Portista, but I thought Benfica had the final coming, especially with the squad AVB had for this match. Unbelievable result!
its always the same fairytale
7 Wednesday, 20 April 2011 22:42
Isn't it? I mean does one goal make a difference? in this case, that one "offside" goal would have, but hey im used to this story all the time lol.

I know ill get a lot of hate for this but we all know how it is. I think Benfica should change their kit to yellow however, it seems we always get booked for the right tackles, while other walk away with warnings instead of yellow/reds.

As of now i don't look forward to these games anymore, only to the true classic of portugal Benfica x Sporting. Thats a game which neither side ever gets favoured and the best team wins.

Can't wait for Braga x Benfica now. I'll b cheering for both!

P.S: I cant believe Roberto didnt play LOL, i hope to god he wont anymore anytime soon, next on he list to sack: JJ.
Doo DOo
6 Wednesday, 20 April 2011 22:21
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT
Porto Porto Porto
5 Wednesday, 20 April 2011 21:46
I had a feeling this would be the scoreline. Porto have now beaten Benfica 4 out of 5 times and it hasn't even een remotely close. 12-4 benfica have been outscored. Porto are just playing out of this world and Benfica for the talent they have don't even belong being compared to Porto. This game could of ended 5-1 with the way Porto were counter attacking at the end. I really hope we get a Braga and Porto Europa final because as I have said time and time again Benfica don't match up well and with the blond bomber leading them in JJ their awful in big games. Parabens to all the portistas and it's always nice to see the eagles knocked off their perch and brought back to reality
terrible game by Benfica
4 Wednesday, 20 April 2011 21:35
congrats to the Portistas for a job well done. Hope to see you again in Dublin but doubt it playing like this. Hulk clearly offsides on second goal but it didnt matter anyway. Porto were the better team today.
can't believe
3 Wednesday, 20 April 2011 21:27
just can't believe. this couldn't happen! just couldn't
Embarrassing for Benfica
2 Wednesday, 20 April 2011 21:26
haha. I knew this would happen.
cardozo penalty
1 Wednesday, 20 April 2011 21:10
Possibly the worst penalty decision i've seen in my life.

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