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Saturday, 19 November 2011 22:17

Porto humbled by Academica

Academica 3-0 FC Porto

FC PortoCoimbra badgeIn a huge Portuguese Cup shock, Academica beat FC Porto for the first time in 41 years tonight. Three second-half goals by Marinho, Adrien Silva and Diogo Valente sent the Dragons crashing out of the competition they had won in the three previous seasons.

Make no mistake about it - FC Porto are in crisis. Save a brief period at the start of the second half, this was another wretched performance from the Portuguese champions, following on from two equally poor showings against APOEL and Olhanense in the Champions League and Liga respectively. Such has been Porto's dominance of Portuguese football over the past two decades, failing to win any of three matches in succession is almost unheard of. It has now happened twice this season.

All the more worrying for Vitor Pereira is the fact that tonight's collapse happened with near to a full-strength team. Bracalli was between the sticks instead of Helton, and Maicon deputised at right-back as Fucile and Sapunaru are unavailable. However, star men Moutinho and Hulk were in the starting line-up, and James Rodriguez came on as a second-half substitute, but the team simply could not get going and looked out of ideas almost from the first whistle. 

No excuses from Pereira

Vitor Pereira, under increasing pressure, made no attempts to excuse the shocking performance. "There is no justification for this defeat. We had no aggressiveness, either defending or going forward. To win titles you have to put more pressure on your opponents. Our team did not exist and it was a just defeat." Asked whether he felt his job was under threat, Pereira refused to directly answer the question: "The only thing that is worrying me right now is this level of performance." 

The visitors did not muster a single shot on target in the first half. Whatever Pereira said during the interval seemed to have had the desired effect. Fernando forced Ricardo into a superb save, Maicon hit the side-netting, and both Walter and Hulk came close to making the breakthrough. But it proved only a brief interruption to the all-encompassing torpor that had descended on Porto's players, and Academica, who had been largely content to defend, began to venture upfield with increasing menace.

Adrien and Eder both tried their luck, and the deadlock was broken shortly after the hour mark as Sissoko showed Maicon a clean pair of heels to set up Marinho for an easy finish. The second Academica goal was almost a carbon copy, this time Helder Cabral and Adrien the beneficiaries of more woeful defending by Maicon. Diogo Valente's late strike poured salt into a gaping Porto wound.

The Dragons now face two crucial games in the coming week, travelling to Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League on Wednesday before hosting Braga in the Liga next Sunday. Without a significant improvement, Pereira's position could become untennable.

"We can reach final" - Emanuel

One of the favourites to take over at the Estadio do Dragao should the head coaching position become vacant is, ironically, Academica boss and long-time FC Porto captain Pedro Emanuel.

"The victory was obtained thanks to the merit of our squad. The game did not have much of a story. We showed great team spirit and we believed we could win. We believe we can reach the final, as I said in the pre-match press conference," said Emanuel.

Ricardo, Joao Dias, Berger, Joao Real, Helder Cabral, Pape Sow, Adrien, Diogo Melo (Julio César, 76'), Marinho (Diogo Valente, 73'), Eder, Sissoko (Fabio Luis, 90')

FC Porto:
Bracalli, Maicon, Rolando, Otamendi, Alvaro Pereira, Fernando, Moutinho (Defour, 67'), Belluschi (James Rodriguez, 60'), Hulk, Walter, Varela (Kleber, 68')

[1-0] Marinho, 64'
[2-0] Adrien, 82'
[3-0] Diogo Valente, 89'

Tom Kundert

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Comments (22)
Dont forget that evidence, Bryan
22 Thursday, 24 November 2011 16:24
Please provide proof, besides that Danilo article, of a time when i posted seconds after the "other" NJ, since "everyone knows" I do this... and since it happens "all the time"... Come with it, or stop the silly, unfounded accusations. Let me know when you want to exchange actual names, addresses, IP info, etc. I have nothing to hide, how about you? Silly rabbit, we are waiting for you to embarrass yourself "one more time"...
Actually Bryan, you would make a great defense lawyer...
21 Thursday, 24 November 2011 16:21
All you do is spin nonsense and change the subject, so you dont have to directly respond to what a person is actually saying. Either that, or you accuse them of the same thing you do so that blame and attention are deflected away from you. Not very clever and not very original either; bad and desperate defense lawyers have been doing this, with various degrees of success, for years. You attack me and NJ/usa/slb because we both call you out and respond to the substance of the drivel you speak, instead of stooping to your level of name-calling and changing the subject so you dont have to actually respond to a comment. So how is Meyong doing? Still a better striker than Cardozo? Benfica wouldnt make it to the CL group stages??? Where are they now? WITH JJ at the helm, BTW. Tell me when you want me to stop...
20 Thursday, 24 November 2011 16:08
Just one example of many? That happened, coincidentally, ONE time. So if it happened more than once, please provide proof, and I mean links, and actual proof, not innuendo. All you do is try to accuse me of doing what you do, so you dont have to actually respond to the substance of my comments. And many other people have accused you of the same thing, not just me. I will give you my name, adress, NJ bar #, facebook page, anything and everything to prove to you who I am and who I am not! Are you willing to do the same? And dont forget about that proof, Bryan. Please provide links to other times that the comments have been posted in quick succession, I am waiting... The fact that you even post these links screams of desperation. You are a silly troll, and no one takes you seriously, except your alter-egos, that is!
stop responding to 10 year old bryan
19 Tuesday, 22 November 2011 19:07
the guyis a child or has autism either one stop responding he will never learn
LOL fake you are a serious joke
18 Tuesday, 22 November 2011 18:20
You claim I make fake accounts to write " seconds" after right? Tell me something then? please show me proof of this. As we all know, I actually have caught you speaking seconds after NJ tons of times. I can easily bring up articles that prove this. Unlike you though, when I mean seconds I'm not exaggerating. Im actually talking seconds not hours. I have to commend you though for stating that I do this and that without any proof of what your talking about.


Just one example of many (comment 45 comes literally 3 minutes after comment 44). If you take into consideration the time an admin needs to approve them they should be seconds after. Again, this is one example of many.

The admins of this site aren't morons like you probably assume they are though. Every comment by every person carries an ip address that shows the location of of that person's computer. Why don't you ask the admins (Tom or Ben) if I am those people you claim I'm supposed to be? Instead of looking like a complete tool and making false accusations without "any" proof. And your a lawyer? LOL. Hopefully your not a defense lawyer or your clients are all screwed.
17 Tuesday, 22 November 2011 14:55
What is your point? "NJ" makes a comment, and I make a comment EIGHT HOURS later that happens to be the next one posted, as we both were offended by Nicks characterization of the Benfica midfield. This is completely and totally different from what you do; which is post a comment, and then log in under a different name, and post a reply seconds or minutes later. This is actually how I realized that you, Bryan/SCB, were posting under multiple names. You would make a post, and then it would be followed up (sometimes only seconds later) with another post referring to the first one and/or defending it. And as comments on this website are not always posted instantly, as they must be approved by the site administrators, I knew something was fishy, as the first comment would likely not have even been posted before your reply. You got caught, plain and simple, Bryan SCB. I "outed" you on this website, and even took the time to list most of your "aliases", so others would know not to take you or your comments too seriously. Ever since that time, almost a year ago, you have attempted to discredit me, and, coincidentally, accuse me of doing exactly what you do. What a joke.
Also, I have said this numerous times as well, myself and the "other" NJ, (NJ/usa/slb) can easily be distinguished by the words we use, our tone, the subjects we discuss, etc. Just because we both call you out and argue with you, you attempt to discredit us by accusing us of the exact thing you do. I have only ever posted under matt/nj/slb, and I always keep it real. I have not ever used an alias, and never will. If you want, you can have my name, address, email, etc. I have nothing to hide, and want to clear the air on this. I know that few take you seriously at all to begin with, but cmon bro, this is getting really old, isn't it?
As far as the Naval game, it war pouring rain, not exactly the best atmosphere for scoring goals. Also, several starters were rested, as Benfica has CL games to worry about, including one at OT today. And what exactly was "lucky" about the draw at Braga? You are the lucky ones, as we all know that penalty call on Emerson was BS...
You call me a "laughing stock" ? You, who maintain that Meyong is a better striker than Cardozo, You, who maintain Ramires and David Luiz (who admittedly is not playing very well) are "flops", You, who call Coentrao and DiMaria "overrated" , You, who said Benfica had no one on their roster with experience in a UEFA final (that one is not even an opinion, just a fact I easily disproved for you), You, who said Benfica would not even qualify for the CL proper, You, who said Joao Perreira was the best right back in the LZS and that Maxi was over-rated (less than a week after he helps lead Uruguay to the Gold Cup playing every minute of every game for them) Remember any of those? But I am a laughing stock, right? Sorry for the long winded response, but as a lawyer, its habit to respond to such utter BS and set the record straight.
BTW -@Nick. I actually commend you for a civil reply, instead of foaming at the mouth and hurling more insults at Benfica. Looking forward to a great game this weekend. Good luck at the derby...
16 Tuesday, 22 November 2011 02:13
3 penalty shots against guimaraes...offside goal in a 1-1 draw against gil vicente...a gift against olhanense from the keeper to cardozo...this all makes fito rinaudo, stijn schaars,andre carrillo joao perreira, rodriguez...well im not going to name any other players but you should feel very happy where your slb is in the standings because i think with all that help and luck and 1-0 scrape by wins benfica has had even braga could top the table. as far as sporting players everyone of them were loved and hailed in their previous teams as either great players or up and coming big names. do some research instead of doing the old all hail eusebio days benfica fans do. the results speak for themselves and you may come to regret your words 5 days from now.
lol what a surprise
15 Monday, 21 November 2011 23:45
NJ writes and all of a sudden matt/nj comes in after... like we haven't seen this before.

Again I commend you for being a laughing stock matt or NJ or whoever you decide to be next. Calling teams overrated when your team plays Naval and barely gets a win and is lucky enough to come up with a point a Braga. Thats not funny. It's hysterical.
@ Nick
14 Monday, 21 November 2011 16:08
What are you 12? or 14? Benfica's Rif Raf midfield? (BTW it's spelled "riff-raff") If you want to look at "riff-raff", shoddy, suspect, etc, how about Sporting's back line? You Lagarto's make me laugh... You string together a couple of wins against sub-par competition and all of the sudden Sporting are contenders for the league title... Dont fool yourself-that team, collectively and the players, individually, are both extremely overrated... Jeffren, Capel, Wolfswinkel and especially Bojinov are all overrated.
Thoughts on comments
13 Monday, 21 November 2011 08:43
It's laughable. Just because Porto is out of the Taca, please don't diminish the title. The Taca still carries weight and is significant Silverware. If this was the "coffee cup" (bwin), I would agree, but the Taca has a ton of tradition and value.

I can't believe that I'm even responding to such nonsense, but nick, Benficas rif raf midfield? You obviously haven't watched any of their matches, so please refrain from making idiotic statements

VP will be gone if he doesn't advance in the Champions League.
As for a replacement AVB just might be available. Things aren't going so great for him either at Chelsea. Hr just might be looking for work soon.
12 Sunday, 20 November 2011 22:47
I agree with Aus. Other than Falcao leaving, ( Who is unquestionably replaceable ) Vp is the only new factor in Porto's game. He has been playing way too much with the line-up and needs to stick with a solid one already. When AVP was there he truly setup the midfeild and defense in such a way that even Varela and C.Rodriguez could have easily done what Falcao did last year, something needs to be done before Porto loose the season.

But def. GG to Aca, they have a strong squad this year
Too soon to talk of a crisis, but...
11 Sunday, 20 November 2011 13:26
Still Porto are in shocking form at the moment, and not even the international break seems to have benefited them. I know it was only the Taca de Portugal, but it's still a match Porto would've desperately wanted to win given their poor recent form, and they had a strong team on the pitch.

As a Benfica fan this result gives me a lot of confidence that Porto can actually drop points to the likes of Academica (with all due respect) in the Liga matches ahead. Despite Porto's poor early season form, particularly in the Champions League, I had still considered them favourites for the Liga title because of their consistent ability to always manage to get 3 points against the smaller Liga clubs, even when they were not playing at their best. Well Academica's victory last night will give such clubs the confidence that they can take on Porto this season...and Benfica and Sporting will take a lot of heart from this result. Perhaps it really is a 3-horse race after-all, and this can only benefit the league at large.
10 Sunday, 20 November 2011 12:10
I'm happy for Academica but even without watching the game sorry John i dissagree as it is clear it was more about Porto playing bad than Academica playing good. Porto should not be loosing to teams like Apoel and Academica yet they are and they are falling big time.

VP is making bad calls and upsetting his players and hes not a coach worthy of coaching Porto. In fact i've said it before that if Villas Boas had of anouced that he was going to Chelsea earlier then Pacienca would have gone to Porto and not Sporting as he is a Portista and it way better than VP

VP it's time to go now you have turned a team which was ranked as a champions league outsider to a travelling circus act. Even as a Benfica supporter i don't want to see Porto doing this bad as we need them to be strong to raise our game and the leagues.

Gus Hiddink would be a good choice for Porto i guess but what are the other options? Any Brasilian coaches? I prefer someone who speak either Spanish or Portuguese so they can communicate with the players better but maybe i'm wrong.

Any suggestions guys?
VP will be sacked by the end of the year!
9 Sunday, 20 November 2011 10:35
Porto were terrible.
They dont have any idea going forward.
and VP doesn't seem to know how to get this teams creative spark back.

maybe Iturbe needs to get a start
Lol I still...
8 Sunday, 20 November 2011 07:18
don't think Porto are in a crisis. Ok, criticize VP all you want vs APOEL without getting a win in both meetings but this is the Taça de Portugal. This is minor objective to win I know it carries alot of history but the league is the biggest objective to win and as far as I see it Porto is still 1st place they just share it with Benfica.
7 Sunday, 20 November 2011 05:44
Wow, this one I did not expect.
I hate to say it, but I told you so. Pereira came in and did absolutely nothing to integrate himself into the club. Now when things have gone bad, it just might be too late.
Should Porto get bounced out of the Champions League, he'll be gone. PdC will have no choice.

I read how the fans were waiting for the team and let Pereira have it. The ugliness will escalate.

Hiddink would actually be a good choice, but will Porto pay. Hiddink could also go back to Chelsea as a consultant, especially with AVB struggling.
This is Academica's triumph
6 Sunday, 20 November 2011 02:49
The focus should be about Academica winning, not Porto losing. Besides, looks like the economic crisis in Portugal is preventing Porto from buying referees. True colors coming out?
5 Sunday, 20 November 2011 01:03
due to this not being a european cup game i can laugh without criticism. if i were on a team in the portuguese league i would want to play porto right now. This has been sportings best chance to win the league since luisao knocked down ricardo in the 6 yard box to score a league winning goal that could easily have been disallowed if it were quim. porto are weak as are benfica in very important areas...the first and final third of the pitch with braga exploiting benficas rif raf midfield. if andre santos can do half of what rinaudo does which is a feat in itself christmas break is going to come all to fast.
= /
4 Sunday, 20 November 2011 00:53
What a disaster. VP days are numbered.

3 Saturday, 19 November 2011 22:55
Good for Coimbra. A 41 year wait and then a 3-0 victory. Brilliant.
Ha Ha Ha
2 Saturday, 19 November 2011 22:47
I song to console all the Portistas...

1 Saturday, 19 November 2011 22:35
An absolute dusgrace. All to blame on Vitor Periera. He is definitely another Carlos Queiroz, a born assistant, not a head coach. Showed no tactical savvy or knmowledge. Killed teh midfield creativity in teh 2nd half and left on the atrotious Maicon who literally killed off vital build-ups which could have led to goals. Gus Hiddink?

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