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Thursday, 20 January 2011 23:16

Crisis? What crisis?

Sporting 4-0 Penafiel

Sporting celebrationsSporting bounced back from a traumatic week to hammer Penafiel 4-0 and all but book their place in the semi-finals of the Bwin Cup. Goals from Joao Pereira, Jaime Valdes (penalty) and a brace from Zapater put the smile back on the faces of the Lisbon club’s fans.
In the wake of Saturday’s home defeat by Pacos de Ferreira, followed by the dramatic resignation of President Jose Eduardo Bettencourt and growing contestation of coach Paulo Sergio, Sporting showed their mettle by doing a thoroughly professional job on Liga Orangina side Penafiel at the Alvalade tonight.
The second-tier side began well, trying to take advantage of nerves among the home players and the sparse crowd, but suffered a setback early on as goalkeeper Willian injured himself taking a goal kick.
His replacement between the sticks Marcio Ramos ended up having a big influence on the match. As the interval approached the keeper was careless in trying to pass to a team-mate and Liedson was onto the ball in flash, squaring for Joao Pereira to knock into the empty net.
Liedson was also at the heart of Sporting’s second in the 71st minute, winning a penalty. Chilean midfielder Valdes stepped up and did the honours.

Zapater stunner

With ten minutes remaining Zapater entered the fray. Although it was a match against weak opposition in Portugal’s least important competition, the game will live long in the memory of the Spaniard.

A fizzing shot that rocketed into the net off the underside of the bar on 83 minutes made it 3-0, and Zapater grabbed a fine second just before the final whistle, bursting through a sea of defenders, rounding the goalkeeper and knocking the ball into the net – his first goals for the club.

Watch Zapater's stunning first goal in a Sporting shirt:

The victory means that only a Sporting defeat (away at Estoril) and a Penafiel win (at home to Naval) in the final round of Group D matches, coupled with a goal difference swing of 10 goals, will prevent the Lions from progressing to the last four.
[1-0] Joao Pereira, 8
[2-0] Valdes, 71 (pen)
[3-0] Zapater, 83
[4-0] Zapater, 90
by Tom Kundert
Comments (13)
lets not forget
13 Friday, 21 January 2011 20:25
Benfica have benficatv which is a great way to make money I know plent of people in bermuda who have thee channel I'm hoping to get it soon and I heard we are doing it on another tv station I'm not sure but that is great. Plus all the porkchops in america and all the money we are making from MEO like I said it will take many years but we will get out of it. Look at manchester who at one point had a billion dollars debt they said it on skysports news and all
12 Friday, 21 January 2011 20:19
Bryan/scb really can't stop talking about Benfica yes we are in a finacial crisis but if we make champions league next year then that will help and benficas attendances aren't horrible most of them reach over 30 thousand every home game porto may have surpassed us but we are not as bad as sporting when it comes to our stadium not to mention all the players we will sell and now we are getting replacements for next season for free so I am worried about Benfica why are u?
the usual nonsense
11 Friday, 21 January 2011 19:14
More of the usual hypocrites coming to a non benfica article. Do you guys just always have something to say about everything? Next you'll say oh we were just giving positive feedback etc...People are stupid we see the backhanded compliments just cut the shit already and if you don't want people constantly criticizing and commenting on your teams articles than maybe you should do the same.
Great Job by Diogo Matos
10 Friday, 21 January 2011 16:53
I don't know if there's going to be a mention of it on this site, but I would like to congratulate Sporting in starting an Academy in China. It's always great to be the first in an untapped market, and it could become a financial boom for Sporting.
I don't know if Bettencourt had his hands on this, but it might be the only good thing he did for the club.
I saw that Diogo Matos, director of the Academy Projects (?) might have been the driving force behind it.

As for Benfica's financial crisis, it's a mute point. We tried to sell Cardozo over teh summer because we thought we would have been able to cash in on him and replacements were in place.
We will cash in on Luis, Coentrao and even maybe Aimar (to Brazil).
As for Salvio, he's been just ok. Maybe it's because Martin's still starts, but we haven't seen him that much. There isn't a need to overpay, especially if Porto is interested. I really don't care, but if we think he's a starter, lets get him and sit Martins.
It's the Portuguese way of surviving, just take a look at Porto.

I would also like to mention the rumor in England that Luis would go to Chelsea and we would get back money and Kalou. Although that would negate the need to sign Salvio, I'm afraid of Kalou sulking. That would mean injury and him sitting.

Let me also add that one of the reasons Braga has profited this season is because they didn't upgrade their squad eventhough they had Champions League money available. If anything they sold players and cashed in even more.
I know that they're still not in the position to spend like the big teams, but it would have been nice to see some drive to improve. We just didn't get that.

As for the number of spectators, the site I check has slightly diferent numbers.
Benfica still leads in attendance with 306,208 and Porto only has 297,622. Interesting.
The site I go to is a German site that logs all sort of stats on European leagues.
Braga crisis financially?
9 Friday, 21 January 2011 16:22
They have made over 14 million euros this year. That's absolutely ridiculous Mdot. You should be more concerned with Benfica's attendance especially when Porto has surpassed Benfica in espectators.


Like I said previously, Braga needs to go through an adjustment but they will stabilize. When they stabilize we'll see.

Benfica has a financial crisis and Jorge Jesus even admitted that they can't buy Salvio. 400 million euros in debt and growing each month due to high salaries and decreasing home attendances.

I want to see what will happen to Benfica when they sell Luiz, Coentrao, and Cardozo. They will have to because of the "financial crisis". Moreover, you can bet Benfica will have to readjust like Braga did this year. Problem is when Benfica is adjusting Braga will be stable. Cheers.

Money doesn't grow on trees like some Benfica fans think it does.
8 Friday, 21 January 2011 16:10
No crisis at Benfica. They continue to have cash to buy players and pay salaries. In addition over the past few years they have done a great job at signing players at great prices and selling them for more. Their TV revenue is likely to increase over the next bit with Benfica TV getting more game rights. Overall they are moving in the right direction.

I would be more interested in Braga’s financial worries. It seems they just recently gutted their squad because of the salary demands. It also seems all the bandwagon fans are jumping off since they can’t seem to sell many tickets when compared to last year. Given their table standings, I’m guessing Braga is going back to being another average club. Kind of sad since I was hoping we would get a few more contenders for titles in this league.
It was vs Penafiel, right?
7 Friday, 21 January 2011 16:03
This win doesn't releve any of the pressure or do away with the crisis.
The Quote of the Day on the site by Joan Perreira is ridiculous. If I was a Sporting fan, I would very much hope that the resignation of the president would effect the players.
Let's face it, poor decisions have been made on and off the field, but the players themselves haven't helped themselves either. "This Group" as he put it, better get in gear, or it won't matter who comes in.
For all their failures, the "Maca Podres" should find themselves lucky that Braga's foray into European football has hampered their domestic campaign. Guimaraes has also disapointed so far.
I may hate the "Maca Podres", but I also realize their importance to Portuguese football, so I forever wish 3rd place for them. Ok, 4th would be ok as well.
Is Benfica not in a financial crisis?
6 Friday, 21 January 2011 15:02
Look who's talking?
Okay then
5 Friday, 21 January 2011 11:56
Just don't get all excited that's what happened last time and now your president quit your coach is garbage and sporting need all new managment these are defniatley some of the darker years of sporting
The lion will never die.
4 Friday, 21 January 2011 10:08
Sporting doesn’t need the compassion of the benfiquista. Thanks
Sporting will come back we are only 8 point behind
3 Friday, 21 January 2011 04:31
as a Benfica fan, I get joy in sayin this to Sportingista's, ..too little too late..haha...who knows though.
2 Thursday, 20 January 2011 23:36
sporting deserved the win, they hit off the post a lot of times and zapaters crossbar goal.. that was amazing!

i wouldn't say their out of a crisis though..2 goals were practically given, 2nd division team.

Sporting deserved the win, but the crisis continues!
1 Thursday, 20 January 2011 23:33
okay sporting deserve the win ill say that but that doesnt mean they are not in a crisis.Yea they beat penafiel nothing special plus 2 penalties i havent seen the highlights so i cant say if it was or wasnt penalties but i hope sporting doesnt get overexcited.Every game they win they say that things will turn around sporting has been saying that since last season.Not much has changed.Dont get me wrong im a benfiquista but i want sporting to get better so we can have a more competitive league so i hope sporting keep pushing and get their acts toghether congrats on the win

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