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Wednesday, 31 August 2011 14:31

Sporting sell Postiga and Yannick

Portugal forwards moved on by Lisbon club

Yannick DjaloHelder PostigaEven by hectic transfer deadline day standards, Sporting have pulled off a huge surprise by selling what has been their first-choice strikeforce this season, in a matter of hours. Yannick Djalo has gone to Nice in France for €4.5m while Portugal number nine Helder Postiga has swapped the Alvalade for Zaragoza in a deal worth €2.5m.

Usain Bolt is not the only sportsman left counting the cost of making a false start this August. Postiga and Yannick, both Portugal internationals, started and played the vast majority of the Lisbon club’s first five official matches of 2011/12. The forwards convinced Domingos to give them first dibs at cementing a place in the side after some impressive pre-season performances, despite a plethora of new arrivals at the club. But when it got serious, the five matches yielded a total of zero goals from the pair, and Yannick has had to deal with the added unpleasantness of becoming a favourite target for the boo-boys at the Alvalade.
And although Domingos gave a stout public defence of Yannick after Sunday’s defeat against Maritimo, accepting an offer of 4.5 million euros from Nice would appear a good move for both player and club.

Club/country contrast

Postiga’s sale was even more surprising. An ever willing worker, Postiga has been a regular for Sporting for most of his three years at the club, since signing from FC Porto, yet he was unable to marry his skilful approach play and never-say-die attitude with anything resembling a killer instinct, as betrayed by an unenviable record of just 18 goals in 104 games for Sporting. Despite his struggles at club level, Postiga continues to enjoy success for the Seleccao. He has netted a respectable 16 goals in 41 matches for Portugal, and he is likely to start Friday’s Euro 2012 qualifier against Cyprus.
Postiga’s move to La Liga will be perhaps the 29-year-old’s final opportunity to shine abroad. He has spent largely unsuccessful spells at Tottenham Hotspur, Saint-Etienne and Panathinaikos in the past. He will have the company of two compatriots at Zaragoza: international team-mate Ruben Micael and veteran centre-back Fernando Meira.
Finally, Beira-Mar are expected to officially announce the loan signing of French left-back Turan shortly. The 19-year-old has been put on the back burner for the future by the Sporting hierarchy following the signing last week of Emiliano Insua.
Tom Kundert

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Comments (26)
26 Tuesday, 06 September 2011 12:25
Sporting actually stuck it to Porto, by taking less money. LOL.
Granted, Porto could care less at this time. Anything is a bonus.
@ Karl/Braga
25 Thursday, 01 September 2011 22:20
Yes, Sporting got 1 million, of which 50% went to Porto which still owned half of his rights and as part of the deal, Sporting can get another 1 million for Postiga based on performance. It's a bit undervalued, but still, the deal was wrapped up on the last day of the transfer window, so he went at sale price.
what the hell
24 Thursday, 01 September 2011 21:21
Of course, I am ecstatic they are gone. But why would you start them for 4 matches and sell them both? Is Domingos fannying about because he's so confident of winning the league or something? I doubt it. Bojinov's legs always falls off and Rubio is still using a nappy. Typical sporting.
23 Thursday, 01 September 2011 20:45
I read in Journal do noticias today that the deal for Postiga was a mere 1m with 50% going to Porto...
Jogadores nacionais
22 Thursday, 01 September 2011 17:02
Is there some kind of conspiricy to rid the Portuguese league of all Portuguese players? My interest in following Portuguese football is at an all time low.

I know Helder Postiga isn't a prolific scorer, but he's one of my favorite players and I hope he does well.

As for Djalo, he'g got talent, but he still has to keep working to find consistancy. He may do that yet. Boa sorte!
Yannick / Postiga
21 Thursday, 01 September 2011 01:32
I wish both of them the best of luck. But when your job is to score and your not its time to good. Yannick now will grow as a player, and will see how good he had it @ Sporting. As for Postiga, he as played in the EPL and knows how hard it is. He will do well @ Zaragoza.
Rubio looks promising, young, fast and hungry to make his mark.
Ricky VanWolfswinkel is young and its his first spell away and he wants to play on the NT.
I think Sporting will do fine. They went years not spending and it didn't work. Now its time to spent and the same time develop players for them academy like they have been.
Godd luck and VIVA SPORTING
transfer update
20 Thursday, 01 September 2011 00:12
Just giving you guys more of a transfer update on some not so named players Grimi has also left Sporting on loan to Genk and while i would rather he be sold atleast Sporting dont need to pay his wages anymore.

Also Orlando Sa has signed for Fulham on a free transfer, i doubt he will see much playing time but if he does then i'll be happy.

Lastly also a transfer that obviously has not happened Alvaro has not signed with Chelsea.
19 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 23:15
I honestly believe more of this article should have been directed at the Beira Mar loan signing. Beira Mar is more relevent and will finish above Sporting this year lol
18 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 22:15
Given their poor scoring record, it's not really all that surprising that Sporting would want to send them both on their way. What is surprising is the time they chose to send them both packing. Other than a very young, unseasoned Diego Rubio, who is going to score the goals? I hope Sporting have thought long and hard about that because with the defense they have right now they'll be in need of goals.

I feel a little sorry for Postiga, who is really an admirable player in many respects. He tries so hard and gives so much and just lacks that cutting edge, or else he would be a world class striker. I really believe that. Even so, he has continued to contribute for the Seleccao and he deserves some measure of respect for that.

I think the national team picture won't change all that much. Postiga and Almeida are still the go-to guys at the moment, with Postiga being the frontrunner for the starting position. For Yannick, it's a chance to move on and hopefully develop a little bit as a player. I think it will be good for him, especially since the fans at Sporting have turned on him the way they have.

I wish all the best to Postiga and Yannick.
Good riddance
17 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 22:06
Its about time. SCP did the right thing and got good value for them. Its time for the big money transfers to show their worth.

Where is Salomao?
My thoughts exactly
16 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 21:16
"My surprise may also have something to do with the fact that transfer fees have escalated into slightly insane territory in recent years, so that anything under 10 million seems like small change, which is sad really."

Nailed it.
15 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 20:54
Strange getting rid of two players who have taken part in all games. It goes to show that recision clauses dont mean anything these days. Probably had recision clauses of 50 million between the two of them... "Two of the best strikers in the world".. i think that was put in for a laugh... There's somethign wrong inthe house of Sporting. This is far too radical on the last day of the transfer market. Maybe they are trying to cover the output if the season doesn't go as planned. Two players on decent wages making room to pay the bills. The investment this season makes third place obligatory. I've no doubt they'll be up there pretty quickly.. Just takes one good result to turn things around...
Djalo Value
14 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 19:40
Djalo was offloaded to Nice for 4.5 mil, but that was for 75% of his ownership. If you add in the other 1.125 mil, you get a fair representation of Djalo's actual market transfer value. I like the deal. Postiga could have netted more a month ago, but this was the deadline and I think Paciencia had seen enough, and just wanted a clean start.
Good point IVO
13 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 19:39
IVO, you pretty much covered my thoughts.

I saw a fire sale happening just thought it would of been in January. If Guimaraes or Braga picked up Yannick it would of bolstered those lineups for sure. The best to those two, unfortunately neither will see European Ball with their new teams.

Yannick, Postiga, Veloso and Moutinho were main stays now a new-generation begins without the academy.
@Michael USA
12 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 18:55
Are you serious? That may have been the stupidest comment I have ever heard in my life. Who in there right mind would say that Yannick and Postiga are 2 of the best strikers in the world? They shouldn't have been getting much time at sporting nevermind if they went to a bigger club they wouldn't ever see the field.
11 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 18:39
Wow.... Domingos needs to go ASAP cuz once u sell two of the best strikers in the world for 2 and 4 million dollars ur dumb D.P. Yannick was sold cuz he scored against braga last year I want the old Paulo bento sporting back this sporting is insanely ridiculously fallen no young Portuguese tallent like P.B.s sporting was
striker needed
10 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 18:29
If Sporting don't pick up a replacement striker by the end of the day I think they might live to regret these sales.

I don't they can rely on ricky van, bodgejob and the 2 young south americans to get them goals this season.

Maybe they have something in the pipeline at the eleventh hour.

I heard Pavlyuchenko could be heading to Porto, but seems like maybe that was a false rumour. Sporting could do with someone like that too.
9 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 17:26
I think it's good that Sporting sold these two under performing players. It will give more space on the squad to play some of their young new signings. In my opinion this will help Sporting and I personally think they will go up from here.

Hope they start to play well, compete for the title and go deep in the Europa League.
8 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 17:07
It makes sense given the Sporting's huge amount of recent acquisitions, but it doesn't make sense given the fact that Paciencia has opted to play them "the vast majority of the Lisbon club’s first five official matches of 2011/12." The team has put itself into the position it is currently in with only 2 points from the first three games, and it really is Paciencia's fault, as he ultimately decides who plays.

It's kind of mind boggling actually. I would have never thought that Paciencia would have made the decision to field mostly players from last season. The whole point of picking up new players was to make a clean break and I've really lost some of the admiration I had for him because its quite obviously a terrible decision. The players from last season proved they were ineffective, so why continue with that when you have a large continent of very promising new talent?

I'm also somewhat surprised by the limited amount of cash Sporting received for Postiga and Yannick, they aren't phenomenal but they do have international experience and have performed relatively well at that level. My surprise may also have something to do with the fact that transfer fees have escalated into slightly insane territory in recent years, so that anything under 10 million seems like small change, which is sad really.
7 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 17:01
Wow, well that has from complete left field. As you say they'd been starting, their performance regardless they were the ones in the first eleven and now they find themselves on their way out, I wonder whether they were being played to be "showcased" to potential interested parties.
Makes Sense
6 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 16:15
This one took me completely by surprise. On one hand I feel sad for Postiga's departure because as I said in a previous post, I really respect Postiga. He just doesn't stop, he is one of the harder workers I've seen, he is always moving, trying to get into space and trying to take shots. However, he is maddening to watch at Sporting because he literally never scores. I can't remember his last goal, and I watch all their games. So, we are losing a great, hard working professional, but we are opening up an opportunity for someone new.

There is nothing else to say rearding Djalo. NJ said it all, horrible first touch and no ability to do anything once he gets into a space. He has had some very good assists and has created chances, but his greatest contribution to Sporting has been the creation of tremendous frustration and anger for supporters.

When I tuned in to watch the Sporting-Maritimo match this past weekend, I saw Postiga and Djalo take the pitch, I became angry and said, "Oh man, these two guys again, they will do absolutely nothing". Outside of Djalo setting up Izmailov for a goal, the pair did nothing else.

I am glad that Paciencia gave these two a chance, and after a few games of not producing anything, I am happy he has decided to move on. I applaud Sporting's decisive manner in handling this. They probably could have got more money for them if it was earlier in the transfer window, but I beleive that when pre-season started, Sporting's powers that be truly wanted to give them a chance. After not netting any results, today was the cut off day and it was time to make a decision. I'm happy, take the money and run, create a new identity for the team, and give the new forwards and mids a chance to play and hopefully shine.
Thank god
5 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 16:01
I'm am glad that they have sold these 2 players. I feel that Yannick was always overhyped by many people and has usually frustrated almost everytime I watch him play.

Postiga was a good player for Porto when Mourinho was coaching there but hasn't really played well since. He works really hard but the fact that he can't score goals for sporting was probably the reason for him leaving. How can you justify keeping a forward that only scores about once every 6 games.

Overall this will give some of the new signings more chances to play and hopefully be able to gel with each other.
Wait and see
4 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 15:36
I have been very critical of both players, especially Djalo.
For me Djalo is a player with pace that has a horrible first touch and has no skills to bypass defense if he can't beat them by pace.
Postiga has shown to be more frustrating than anything else. Too many chances go wayward.

That being said, both players were sold on the cheap.
Djalo brough 4.5 mil from Nice when incredibly his value stood at around 5.2 mil.
Postiga was offloaded for 2.5 mil when his value stood at around 6.5. Granted age and being in the last year of his deal affects that in a negative way for Sporting.

It will be interesting to see how this effects Sportings lineup and formations. A 4-3-3 could be in order with a lot of movement up top.

I really don't see how this hurts the Seleccao.
Djalo was never going to find a place on the team. People treat him as an up and coming kid, but he's already 25 years old. He will probably see more playing time at Nice anyway.
Postiga is going to a club with a desperate need of a striker. Looking at their squad, he should see plenty of playing time.
Let me add that I get people complaining about Almeida wasting opportunities for the Seleccao, but Postiga does the same for Sporting. Granted he's a bit more efficient for the Seleccao.

All in all, we'll have to wait and see if these moves will pan out. What we do know for sure is that attitude and philosiphy is a changing in Sproting land.
Cirious to see if another striker will be brought in now.
3 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 15:23
I’m shocked since these were starting players. I think Sporting should have better talent upfront but man these two guys went very cheap. Djalo is still young and has shown some promise and at least Postiga has experience, I would have thought each of these guys would have gotten 10million. Hell guys like Pizzi are being quoted between 10-15million.

Well at least now Sporting is forced to start some of their new talent. I guess they can only go up from here.
2 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 15:14
I agree this deal seemed to come out of nowhere. Seems management felt with jeffren/capel on wings djalo wasn't needed. Also with arrival of elias there definately wasn't any room for him in the midfield. Also, with postiga gone who the f*** is going to score goals for us?!?! Diego Rubio and van wolfswinkel better step it up!
1 Wednesday, 31 August 2011 14:51
This is quite a shocker.. the last people I thought I'd see leaving. Even worse these teams are bottom table fighting relegation. Who knows if Postiga makes the starting 11?

This really sucks. It hurts the national team.

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