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Monday, 13 February 2012 15:41

Sporting: Domingos out, Sa Pinto in

Lions plunged into turmoil

After just under nine months and 35 official matches in charge, Domingos Paciencia has left Sporting, to be replaced by Ricardo Sa Pinto. A club statement to the CMVM confirmed the change on Monday afternoon, stated that Domingos had rescinded his contract, and Sa Pinto had signed one valid until June 2013. 

Domingos was appointed following his widely-anticipated departure from Braga, and after a rocky start, appeared to have an expensively-assembled new squad on the right track. However, recent weeks have seen a pronounced slump in form, with the Lions having picked up just two victories from their last ten games. 

The last week contained an embarassing home defeat at the hands of Gil Vicente, a rousing 3-1 victory at Nacional to secure a spot in this season's Taca de Portugal final, and another listless loss at Maritimo. The players and coaching staff were greeted by disgruntled supporters at Lisbon airport in the early hours of Sunday morning, but President Godinho Lopes dismissed the significance of that when questioned by the media.

However, it seems that behind the scenes the Sporting hierarchy was concerned about the club's direction, and they have acted decisively. Domingos leaves having overseen nineteen victories, nine draws and seven defeats.

His replacement, Ricardo Sa Pinto, rejoined the club over the summer after spending time as Pedro Caixinha's assistant at Uniao de Leiria. Sa Pinto, who spent two spells (1994-97 and 2000-06) at the Alvalade during his playing days, was previously the director of football under Jose Eduardo Bettencourt's administration, but departed in early 2010, allegedly after a physical altercation with Liedson and Rui Patricio. He has overseen the club's Under-19 squad since returning, and leaves them having secured top spot in the regional phase of the Juniores A championship. This is his first full head coaching position.

Sa Pinto becomes the fifth full-time coach Sporting have had since the departure of Paulo Bento in 2009, following Carlos Carvalhal, Paulo Sergio, Jose Couceiro and Domingos. 

Ben Shave 
Comments (25)
sporting fc
25 Friday, 24 February 2012 16:06
I thought the Sporting President and Directors had learned from previous mistakes but once again I was wrong.
Once again the president and Directors have proved they have no vision about the future about the club.

How could they let a Manager like Domingos Paciencia go! how stupid is that.

I have been a Sporting fun for as long as I can remember and that's a lot more years than I care to mention and It hurts me to say this but Sporting don't deserve a Manager like Domingos Paciencia. I wish Domingos Paciencia all the very best for the future.

SA PINTO is the wrong person to manage Sporting!!!!!
24 Tuesday, 14 February 2012 12:24
Decision by the Sporting board. After just a month of poor results they decide to end the project completely? Orlando Mac was spot on, no patience shown in Pacienca! he had actually done well at the start of the season with a total new squad of players. Granted the last month has seen terrible results for them, and the Champions League next season is looking unlikely for them now. But they are in the Taca De Portugal final...and still in the Europa League, let's not forget Domingos took a much less talented Braga squad all the way to the final last year. I firmly believed Sporting could win the Europa League this year with the squad they have and with Domingos at the helm. Not any more though after this desicion, they've thrown that in the garbage can as well! That club will never learn will they?

Everyone's saying Domingos to Porto now, a strong possiblity for sure. But another one, that nobody has mentioned...is the seleccao. I am fully behind Bento for the Euros and I think he's done great so far. But we all know how our Federation functions...should we fail in the Euros, Bento could be out of a job this summer...and Domingos would be a strong candidate (as indeed could Villas-Boas if he doesn't survive at Chelsea). This is just speculation of course, and I believe we can do something big at the Euros with Bento in charge...Let's see what happens!
Bem vindo porto
23 Tuesday, 14 February 2012 10:35
However, the latest reports suggest that the defeat was not the only reason why he was unceremoniously kicked out and sources close to the whole situation have revealed that the former SC Braga boss was in talks with FC Porto to take over Estadio do Dragao.

"We are aware that Domingos had contact with Porto officials in the last few weeks and that a potential appointment at the club always interested him.”

"He was no longer focussed on Sporting's interests. After we learned about these contacts with Porto, it caused a huge discomfort and a poor atmosphere at the club,” the source said.

The exact details have not been revealed but it is believed that the Portistas were keen to hire the 43-year-old after Andre Villas-Boas departed for Chelsea last year. However as Paciencia had already committed his future to the Sportinguistas, the deal did not go through.

Although it is uncertain whether he chooses to sign for Porto or not now, Sporting have been outraged by the situation and will not even compensate Paciencia for his dismissal due to his alleged negotiations with their arch-rivals.
Typical rash descision
22 Tuesday, 14 February 2012 10:25
Typical knee jerk reaction by impatient and irrational portuguese club presidents. This is a big mistake by Lopes, and ridiculously short sighted. Domingos Paciencia is a brilliant coach with massive potential and anyoe with the smallest amount of intelligence and commo sense would have given him at least two seasons to get the squad into shape and despite some poor results recently, Paciencia had made huge strides with Sporting, lets face it they have been attrocious for a long time now.

Paciencia was the man to get the job done, a consummate professional with a keen footballing mind and a good character for the job, there aren't too many in his mould in Portugal and I guarantee Sa Pinto will make Lopes regret his rash decision. As a Portista i would welcome Paciencia at the dragao, it would be a perfect combination
Sorry Sporting
21 Tuesday, 14 February 2012 04:50
Sorry guys I haven't replied for a while as i was on my honeymoon :)

Now, if Godinho Lopes really cared about Sporting then he would sack himself. I guess we will never know what is really happening behind the scenes at Sporting but it does not look good from an outside perspective. 6 Coaches, currupt elections and corrupt incompetant management. If I was a Sporting supporter then I would not be happy and be demanding answers. One has to ask would this have happened if De Carvalho was president. I think not new face, new ideas, new outlook and without the old corruption. It was clear to me that pacienca was under other pressures at Sporting as he did not display the calmness that he had at Braga and to me showed alot of stress whilst siting on the sidelines
Whilst at Braga, I was certain that Pacienca was being groomed to be the replacement for Vilas-Boas but when he left suddenly to go to Chelsea (usually these decisions are announced at the end of the season) Pinto da costa had no choice but to go with VP because Pacienca had already gone to Sporting and Jardim had gone to Braga (decisions announced at the end of the seasons). I guess that is why Pinto da costa was really angry with Vilas Boas because he left at the time he did and did not give him time to find the right quality replacement.
VP is not bad as a manager but he’s a better coach or assistant. He is only achieving decent results because Porto have such a wonderful squad. Every time Porto play in the champions league they have made at least the second round so finishing 3rd this year was a big shock and the coach really has to take the blame when so much was expected from them.
I think Porto have two options;
1. Wait for Villas Boas to get sacked then hire him (probably very soon as Mourinho will go back to Chelsea sooner rather than later. He really wants to win the league In Spain Real but 100% if he wins the Champions league with real)
2. Go with Pacienca when they sack VP (probably when he loses in the Europa league)
I think if Man City cannot win the league this year then they will buy Hulk all in all Porto will be very tough next season
What does everyone else think?
infuriating, short-sighted, and ironic.
20 Tuesday, 14 February 2012 00:37
Absolutely insane and unjustifiable to sack such a brilliant coach, with a proven track record, after half a season. And after handing him an entirely new squad of players that have never played together. The idiot fans that were booing him at the airport don't have a clue. Any fan with a brain knows that this had to be a multi-year project. I honestly think there was enough talent on the team to challenge for the title - but only after they'd had some time to gel (and that's assuming there are no key injuries, of which there were many).

It pains me that a team I support so much would do something as ridiculously short-sighted as this. Did the executives in the front office really think they would instantly be top of the table this season, despite the realities I've (and everyone else here) has mentioned? Did they really think there was someone out there that could do better? Sadly ironic they hired someone named Paciencia, but could not afford him any of it. Let's see how much they have with Sa Pinto. I'm a fan of him as a player, but he's not a proven coach at this level - and I really don't see him succeeding in a situation as difficult as this one.
Bem vindo porto
19 Tuesday, 14 February 2012 00:22
He deserved it!
18 Monday, 13 February 2012 23:54
I never thought it was a good idea to bring him in. If you watched some of sportings last games you could clearly see in his face that he just didn't care. When it comes to the players he had he didn't know what to do with them. Sporting finally made a good move even though it was 9 months to late but it is what it is. All we can do as fans is continue to support the team and hope we at least take the taca de Portugal home this year.
17 Monday, 13 February 2012 23:14
It is getting really hard for me to deal with this unrest at Sporting. It is sad that the club is falling apart. I think this was not a smart move at all. Personaly I like Sa Pinto, but will Sporting run out of patience with him as well. I mean, this club was plagued by injuries and this was not Domingos's fault. It is also a brand new squad. They should have let him stay the full season and see out the project. Just pathetic and Im sick of this.
Tom Kundert
16 Monday, 13 February 2012 22:45
You going to cry on a pod over this like you did about Liedson?
this sporting
15 Monday, 13 February 2012 22:17
This sporting reminds me of Benfica before the JJ era coaches every year whole pile of overpriced players who were garbage bad coaches and if the coach was good benfica wouldn't care before JJ i cant remember benfica having a coach for more then one season.
Better luck next season to sporting and yes i would be shocked if domingos doesnt go porto
Bad Move - What is Wrong With Sporting?
14 Monday, 13 February 2012 20:59
I was just thinking this morning what a bad move it would be to fire AVB and Domingos. The teams and rosters are in flux and both coaches need time to find the players who fit their styles. It takes more than 1 season.

What is wrong with Sporting? What changed fromthe decent start and the quality play in Europa. Listless (like Chelsea) is correct.
I love Domingos but
13 Monday, 13 February 2012 20:25
but seriously he ignored practically every element of Sportings youth and sent them all on loan to buy shitty over priced players who are aging. Anyone with a brain can understand that Sporting moved backwards instead of forward with these high profile transfers. I think someone already mentioned but Sporting desperately need to get their academy back in the game. There's no better person to help then Sa Pinto.
Bad news
12 Monday, 13 February 2012 20:24
They should have at least given him till the end of the season. It was unrealistic to think that this team was going to start killing it right away.

Hell even some of the guys on this site were talking about a storm about Sporting having a push at the title. This guy needed time to rebuild a team that was in ruins when he joined, now management has ensured that this will continue for sometime and wasted all of their resources in the process.
goodbye domingos = hello porto
11 Monday, 13 February 2012 17:53
thats what will happen in a few weeks.
10 Monday, 13 February 2012 17:44
Ronaldo's third goal was a beauty and it was great to see him look like he was enjoying himself on the pitch and the crowd getting behind the team. Everyone seemed to be buoyed by the team's performance and the realization that a double digit gap was about to open up between the Galacticos and Barca. This could be Ronaldo's year, with Real looking poised to make a deep run in the in the CL and looking increasingly likely to win La Liga. If he can shine in the Euro like he did against Bosnia in the qualifiers, Portugal will have a fantastic chance of making it out of the group of death and deep into the torunament. Well done.
Saw this coming
9 Monday, 13 February 2012 17:43
Domingos is not a bad coach but tbh I'm kinda surprised people here think he's not to be blamed....That's definitely not the case.

Half the season passed yet Sporting still can't play fluid attacks.... Their goals are mostly rely on either the sparks of individuals(Capel etc) or thru set pieces....

Imo his major problem is the inability to judge a player's potential/ability.... He constantly searches for 2nd/3rd tier players in transfer market while overlooking the talents already in the squad. Can you imagine anyone else would put Carrico, one of the most promising central defenders in the league on bench all the time, while have endless faith in flukes like Oneyew and Carillo.....He doesn't have any long term plans in mind. When the squad is facing difficulty, his solution is buy more players.

Prior to this season. sporting already has a decent young squad that's still improving...He could've used the money wasted on a few real talents that can actually bring differences to the team. But instead, he bought so many players and most of them are not slightly better(if not worse) than the players Sporting already had...Now that the financial damage is permanently done, I doubt sporting really has any money to spent on(heard they borrowed a lot to spend on transfers)...A golden opportunity is wasted to shorten their gaps between Porto and Benfica.

Sa Pinto's tenure at Sporting's U19 side is excellent....Hopefully he can turn the team around, and if possible, give chances to several from the academy...That U19 team must be one of the most talented groups of young players Portugal has got in recent years...I'm actually glad cause they will not have a single change at 1st team football if Domingos is still there(Joao Carlos alrady went to Liverpool)
8 Monday, 13 February 2012 17:37
And they replace one of the most talented Portuguese coaches with a guy who may have had a physical altercation with Liedson and Rui Patricio...The Sporting oligarchy never cease to amaze me with their stupidity and I hate that good coaches these days aren't given a chance to grow along with a team, especially one that underwent a massive top to bottom overhaul within the span of a year. Foolish decision-making by the club and I've lost even more respect for them.
7 Monday, 13 February 2012 17:24
This is the biggest problem at fc sporting, they have no pateince. This team has bin awful for so many year! There is no coach that can turn this team around in 1 season. When Jose took over Porto in his first season they also didn't win, but Pinto the Costa didn't fire him, and look what happened the following season. Domingos is a very good coach, who has provin himself at Braga with very little money! He is trying to turn sporting into a winner with an almost hole knew team. Last I loved Ricardo Sapinto as a player, but I'm not sure he is cut out to be a manger with his short temper. Today's players are not easy to manager, and Recardo is not long on pateince. Him and Sporting are perfect for each other...they both have no pateince .
same old Sporting
6 Monday, 13 February 2012 17:23
There is no doubting Domingos is a talented young coach, so it's a real shame to see Sporting dispose of him so soon.

Sporting's 'project' has involved a complete overhaul of the squad, and it was always going to be a transitional season for them. But patience has never been a word understood in the Sporting boardroom.

Many years ago I seem to remember Sporting sacking Bobby Robson after a poor result in the UEFA Cup in Salzburg, despite being top of the league. Porto snapped him up and the rest was history.

PDC knows a good coach when he sees one. I expect to see him at Porto one day, but how soon, is anyones guess. It could be months or years but I expect to see him at FCP again one day.

As for Sa Pinto, I think he suits Sporting well. A man who disgraced his country by punching Artur Jorge in the face, and then another physical confrontation with Liedson more recently. What a classy guy. And Sporting welcomed him back with open arms. I think the two are a perfect match. A joke manager for a rapidly becoming joke club!
i think...
5 Monday, 13 February 2012 17:13
... we just found Porto's new coach for next season...
Sporting Academy
4 Monday, 13 February 2012 17:10
Don't agree with the decision. My problem with sporting is that they still have probably the best academy in Portugal but they're trying to build a team by buying a bunch of foreign players who just haven't gelled together. Given the financial problems the team is facing why not try to build from the youth teams. Here's hoping that Sa Pinto promotes some of the next gen players.
Terrible decision making
3 Monday, 13 February 2012 16:49
This is terrible decision making of the highest order. The club needs stability and patience, (no pun intended) not uncertainty and change.

This musical chairs of coaches is a perfect recipe for the continuing disaster of SCP's last few seasons.

Massive mistake on the part of a front office which has gained no trust from this fan over the past decade.

He is a good coach, and whatever team picks him up will be lucky to have him. Hopefully they will give him the chance the Sporting never did.

Forca Sporting
Bad choice
2 Monday, 13 February 2012 16:32
Domingos Paciencia is one of the best coaches in Portugal, so Sporting should have at least let him stay until the end of the season. The only thing that could save Vitor Pereira from being fired is a great run in the Europa League and that's unlikely. Andre Villas Boas may also be fired if Chelsea fail to defeat Napoli in the Champions League. I wouldn't be too surprised to see Domingos or AVB return to Porto.
1 Monday, 13 February 2012 16:27
Unfortunate for Domingos and Sportinguistas as another coach either resigns or is pushed out for what seems like the umpteenth time in the last handful of years for Sporting. Like others before Domingos I'm sure he was frustrated with the disaray within the front office of the club. Sporting is a club with poor leadership and has been for some time and Godinho Lopes hasnt shed that thought. Amazing to think at one time Sporting were about 6 points out of 1st about to play Porto; did get beat by Benfica but werent outclassed and seemed to maybe gaining some confidence within the squad. You would of thought maybe in 2nd half of season Sporting could continue to grow and really be playing at high level.

Since start of the new yr they have fallen off a cliff; results havent been there Domingos himself had been more tense in his interview with media. A shame really such a good coach. Well Im sure Sporting;s loss will be Portos gain.

I expect Domingos to be replacing VP and Im sure Poristas would welcome him with open arms so best of luck to him with Porto next season. As for Sporting who knows when this on going nightmare of yr after yr disappointment will end

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