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Thursday, 04 October 2012 20:58

Official - Sá Pinto relieved of his duties; Oceano appointed caretaker coach

Sporting coach leaves post after disastrous run of results

Sá PintoOn Friday afternoon Sporting confirmed that Sá Pinto had been sacked as first-team coach. Oceano Cruz takes over on a caretaker basis.

Media reports in Portugal had been rampant that Pinto would be on his way out from the moment the final whistle went  after the 3-0 Europa League defeat in Hungary against Videoton on Thursday evening.

"It's tough inviting someone to leave who you think has reached the end of the line, but who himself believes there is still a line in front of him," commented Sporting president Godinho Lopes.

"Now we are all focused on the game against FC Porto (Sunday). We proposed this difficult task to Oceano, who accepted. It's recognition of his quality as a coach."

OceanoThe 50-year-old Oceano is, like Sá Pinto, an ex Sporting stalwart as a player, having racked up over 200 appearances for the Lions.

He has coached the Portugal U21 team and this season was enjoying a successful stint as the head coach of Sporting B.

Tom Kundert 

Comments (22)
Shocking reults
22 Thursday, 18 October 2012 11:42
Its quite disspointing that a team that the reached semi -finals of Europa league last season are languishing at the bottom of the table in their own country . Dont players have any pride.

The players are just as much too blame as the coach.
Agree w/ Steve, Charles, Nelson, more
21 Monday, 08 October 2012 18:13
I don't believe the primary issue with the team is the coach. It was stupid to hire Paciencia with a squad of all new pieces and sack him after the team didn't get instant results.

Sa Pinto obviously lost them team in the past 3 or 4 weeks, but the squad imnproved last year and had a good Europa run.

The team, and team, needs continuity and Lopes isn't allowing it.

The problem is either Lopes or THE PLAYERS.

My issue with the players is that they didn't seem to try in a few of the last 3 or 4 games. They have to put forth effort too.

(But someone needs to evaluate the players over time and sell the ones who don't fit - which no one can do b/c of the constant turnover of coaches and styles)
No surprises here
20 Sunday, 07 October 2012 18:00
I know that most feel that managers need to be given time, but...
Defensive lapses, lackadaisical performances and offensive ineptness.
Sa Pinto had to go.
People are forgetting that he had half of last season with the squad. If anything they should have been building on last year, yet they regressed. Pinto was out of his depth.

I thought that what Paciencia did to Braga (announcing his move to Sporting with a match vs Sporting left), was horrible and inexcusable. But if Sporting needed to stick with a manager it should have been him.
Sporting B is the better team
19 Sunday, 07 October 2012 17:36
it is all about their academy and their place in the second division. They would be able to beat the A Team.
Give De Carvalho a go
18 Sunday, 07 October 2012 10:18
Look sorry if i offend any sporting fans but I think Sporting has gone from worse to worse since this guy (Godinho Lopes) took over. Two coaches already, fourth place finish last year in the league (year before 3rd) lack of squad co-hesion and spiralling financial debt. Sa Pinto is not the problem it's the leadership of the club i.e. there is none. There does not seem to be any logic in the decisions management makes. i mean why hire Paciencia, allow him to assemble a squad of players (with money the club didn't have) he wants to play his style of football, then just as they are starting to gel sack him and replace him with someone new who has no funds to buy players to fit his system. To be honest i think Sa Pinto has done extremely well (ie 4th place in Europa, beating Man city, Benfica) with the Sporting team he inhertited and the pressure he must of been under at the club.

Rome wasn't built in a day, but it was built on a solid foundation with a team of people who had a dream, structure and plan. Godinho Lopes has none of this. Gondinho Lopes needs to take responsibility as this mess is totally his fault. If he cared about the club (and not his ego) then he would walk away, resign and allow someone else like De Carvalho to run the club.
Neverending saga that is sporting
17 Saturday, 06 October 2012 22:32
I understand the decision after the terrible videoton match, but but sporting simply have bigger issues than coaching to contend with. The players simply haven't been scoring and there are too many defensive lapses. They have horrible chemistry. I would have let sa pinto continue into the end of the season as I doubt they will find anyone of decent enough quality to right this sinking ship. The dark days continue for sporting.
16 Saturday, 06 October 2012 20:04
I hope this is a turning point for the club. Benfica and Porto fans shouldn't see this as poetic justice because it affects them too. Sporting has several high paid players and need to go deep in Europe for the extra revenue.

Sporting cannot become like Glasgow Rangers or Fiorentina. Not in this economic climate and not with their expensive stadium. Benfica, Porto, Braga and the other teams all rely on revenue from one another for success.

I'm not going to blame foreign players for this because that would be unfair. But, they have a great academy, I don't understand why they have gone away from that over the last two years.

Benfica and Porto have had alot of success buying cheap foreign players and then selling them at huge profits. But the fact is that these teams did not start with the debt that Sporting has right now.

A much more logical model is Barcelona. They developed many players through their academy and then spent money in some key areas. That's the model for Sporting. Foreign coach or no foreign coach, Sporting needs a saviour.

Let's not forget that this team has several players that could be the stars of the future for the seleccao. Esgaio, Joao Mario, Wilson Eduardo, Bruma and Betinho could be corner stones for the next golden generation of Portuguese Futebol.
very disappointed
15 Saturday, 06 October 2012 16:05
I'm saddened to see a once great club so obviously beaten down by one failure after the next. I think I may agree with kronic, Sporting really went away from their famous youth academy over the last two seasons by buying up all this foreign talent. They have acquired some decent players, but none of them are up for the Portuguese game. Many people don't appreciate it, but Portuguese football is on the rise and it takes more a lot more talent and heart to play in the Liga now than in years gone by. Braga are going to relegate Sporting outside the top three permanently at this rate. Drastic times at the Jose Alvalade.
Should of just stuck with the youth
14 Saturday, 06 October 2012 13:27
Sporting was well established with their academy of players. Then they think they can compete financially and that just pile up the foreign talent for what? They should of sticked with the perierinhas, martins, perieras but NO! out goes the academy of players that know what it means to play for Sporting.

Instead lets bring in fresh blood from abroad. Look these guys could be great players but they don't know the first thing about having Sporting in their hearts or the portuguese game. I'm not a sporting fan but this was by far the worst mistake this Franchise has made. Hope they can steer the ship away from the Tsunami that's heading their way.

I'm not a sporting fan but I will pull for them internationally. Bring up the next CR7s, Nani, Figos...etc this franchise deservers better. Now with Braga in full stride Sporting will be lucky to catch a break.
Bad timing!
13 Saturday, 06 October 2012 12:38
Clearly Sporting's results so far this season have been poor and they seriously need to improve, the manner of the defeat in Hungary was particularly unacceptable. But I don't know what they expect to get out of such a rash decision, a total deja-vu of last season, when Domingos was so foolishly sacked.

And particularly with a such huge match at Porto tomorrow, a match that if they lose would already put them firmly out of the Liga title race already. Surely it would've made more sense to give Sa Pinto one more opportunity tomorrow, and if they failed again then let him go. Instead they will go into such a huge match in turmoil and with a new coach given just 2 days to prepare. Really bad timing, when is the Sporting board going to learn to show a little more patience? Their fans deserve a lot more stability and continuity...I feel for them.
Dont ask me why?
12 Saturday, 06 October 2012 09:19
every manger go to sporting become mud.every manager go to Barga become gold.
Sa Pinto
11 Saturday, 06 October 2012 00:57
I definitely don't question his passion for Sporting. But I do question his abilities as a motivator, coach and tactician.

I feel for Sa Pinto though. He really gave everything to this job. I hope he stays with the club and comes back some day with more experience.

I hope we do sign another Portuguese manager. Would it be realistic to hope we're able to lure Leonardo Jardim?
I told u so!!
10 Friday, 05 October 2012 21:38
he should have never started
9 Friday, 05 October 2012 17:27
First, I think Sa Pinto will be dismissed, as I don't think he will want to be seen by Sporting fans as a quitter.

Second, I don't think he should have even started. Nothing against him, he may very well turn into a great coach. Domingos should have been given more time though.

I feel for all the Sporting fans, especially the majority who never supported Godinho Lopes. He is a very weak President as anyone can see by the way he hired anyone and everyone to "help out".

As a Benfiquista, I would love to see Bruno Carvalho challenge the presidency and actually win. I want to see Sporting put out that young talent and actually compete again.
8 Friday, 05 October 2012 15:01
There's such a disconnect in the sporting philosophy the last few years. The sporting academy is one of the best in the world in developing football talent yet two years ago the team decided to buy an entire lineup in one year of talent from every country on earth and expected them to gel over night. It's impossible to do. There are too many different styles of play, language barriers and cultural difference that take time to overcome. Meanwhile a very strong crop of young talent is being forgotten about or sold dirt cheap before they ever play for the senior team and can command serious transfer fees that can actually help with sportings financial problems. If you look at this team as a business their greatest asset is their academy, but to get true value for that asset you need those players to be promoted to the first team and develop completely before selling them.

My biggest fear is that the academy will one day go to hell like the senior team but thankfully that hasn't happened yet as sporting probably has one of their best batch of young players in the academy at this time from everything I've read. Just give them a chance to shine before trying to cash in on them.
Not a good move on Pintos part if he did...
7 Friday, 05 October 2012 14:43
This is the typical Portuguese Liga coaching life, if you dont win the first 3-4 games, your out of a job faster than your grandmother can seam your pants. They need to give this guy some time!.The front office needs to lay off him, hes a decent coach, why not give him the year?
If these press reports are true that Sa Pinto quit on Sporting, then I think it would have been a bad idea on his part. You have one of the most important rivarly matches coming up this weekend vs Porto, why go for broke or success and stick for that game, show them your worth or worthlessness in coaching the Lions.. If Sporting win, then that could possibly light a fire with the team, management, and especially him. If this guy says he bleeds Sporting, which he obivously did as a player, then why not stick it out a little more. This of course if Sporting managament "suggested" it would be wise of him to quit, but we wont know the real facts,
Hope this isn't true
6 Friday, 05 October 2012 05:29
What do you do in a crisis? Well if this is true, then it seems as though the answer is to get rid of the glue trying to hold the pieces together. Although I did not see this game, the fact is that the final score speaks louder than the importance of the game. It is only the second group match, and with a draw between the other two teams, the group hasn't quite got out of reach for Sporting. There is certainly enough of an opportunity, given the opponents, to top the group and make it through.

As others have said, it would be wise to give him until the end of the season to sort things out. If a new coach is to be brought in then, then so be it...but to bring in someone new now would create a total disaster. The slope is slippery, but it certainly isn;t free fall.

Tough times yes, but a knee jerk reaction is not what is necessary, nor helpful.
No surprise!
5 Friday, 05 October 2012 03:25
I am not surprised Sa Pinto left at all, the team has been failing for a couple of seasons now.

With respect to Videoton who played brilliantly last night, Sporting should have disposed of them with relative ease.

The thing with Sporting is that you never know what you're going to get! They are very, very inconsistent - more so this season, and we're only what? Five games in...

Let's hope the next manager can make the club more stable, because now, they're failing even more every week, and soon, they will find themselves finishing the season in mid table if they don't sort things out.
Sa pinto
4 Thursday, 04 October 2012 21:52
What took so long? He should have been fired. Team is not listening to him. Lopes should go to!
Sporing is a mess
3 Thursday, 04 October 2012 21:50
gGmore chances to their youngsters, especially after the stellar performance in the next gen competition....It's not like the kids are not ready. Their B team currently sits at 2nd place in liga de Honra(that is ,after losing some key members at cheap during summer transfer), yet the 1st team couldn't pull a win against a newly promoted side.....

They really lack a long term plan and most of their transfers seem to me like panic buys.....Instead of wasting money signing guys towards the end of their career maybe they can spend all the money on one or two really talented youngsters??

About Sa Pinto, what I don't understand is his constantly changes and inconsistency in player selections. Xandao was pretty good last season, and yet he has to give way to guys like Boulahrouz who couldn't find a job in the Bundesliga..Similar thing goes with Schaars... And the most ridiculous thing of all, name Carrico as one of the captains and never gives him any chance. It's really WTF level man managements
Yikes Sportinguistas
2 Thursday, 04 October 2012 21:43
Sporting firing a coach, Established since 2009. Paulo Bento, Carlos Carvalhal , Paulo Sérgio, José Couceiro, Domingos Paciência, and now Ricardo Sá Pinto. As a famous WCW wrestler, Goldberg once said, "WHO'S NEXT!!!?"

I'm hearing Luiz Felipe Scolari is rumored for the job. I wouldn't mind seeing one of the best Portuguese National Team Managers back in Portugal.
It aint easy being green
1 Thursday, 04 October 2012 21:19
Here we go again

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