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Saturday, 27 April 2013 19:42
Those are two great options for Sporting as well. Fair to say since how well St. Etienne is doing and they already have a Champions League spot, there's no way Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a possibility anymore for Sporting, he's simply blown up way too big now. Mauro Zarate cause of his current situation of his career, however could be a real once in a lifetime steal of a deal, but his wages may be the problem, may be way over what Sporting might be willing to pay now with their new financial goals. But there are still great affordable gems out there, and Dieumerci Mbokani from Anderlecht is a really good option as well, with great arial ability and strength and decent pace and skill as well! Would be a great fit with Sporting. A real presence leading the line with individual quality to score some classy goals as well! There's a reason Lukaku hasn't been missed and its Dieumerci Mbokani. And he would be within Sporting's wage capabilities. Moestafa El Kabir is another one, I always wanted Hugo Vieira before he blanked us, but we still need a player with that blistering pace and ability to dribble passed players one v one and create goals out of nothing. El Kabir has great pace and skill, can turn defenders inside out, and decent finishing with his feet and head. He'd be another great affordable signing. Facundo Ferreyra would be awesome the guy is a great young striker, got everything in his game classy striker! If Sporting can get him that would be a major coup as well, cause this guys got great potential to become a top top striker! Quick lethal aggressive brave Facundo Ferreyra is a player with great ability! He would actually be the best signing with potential for the most growth and value financially for future sale. But he's absolutely ready right now as well. Basically everything Valentin Viola wish he was Facundo Ferreyra already is! A true quality 9! If anything I'd even offer cash plus Viola for him, cause Viola's father has been saying he'd like to return to Argentina. The point is Facundo Ferreyra right now is showing his ability as a number 9 proven he can play the role and score goals. He'd be a great signing! Point is I hope Sporting's scouts are doing their homework overtime to bring in a quality striker for us in the right mold that we need! We don't need another immobile, slow, unskillful, weak, useless in one v one situations type of striker. This team has way too much quality and great years ahead of them, to be hampered by practically playing most of the game with one less man cause the so called striker doesn't contribute nothing else to the game except tap ins. We don't need that! Jesualdo Bruno and co. hope you all make us proud!
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