Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo added to his endless list of incredible achievements by winning the Ballon d'Or - the award attributed to the world's best football player - for the second consecutive year and the third time in his career.

The Real Madrid man beat Barcelona's Lionel Messi and Bayern Munich's Manuel Neuer into second and third place respectively in the ceremony held in Zurich tonight. 

Even by his own remarkable standards 2014 was a special year for Ronaldo, who himself admitted it was probably his best ever.

He scored a total of 61 goals in 60 matches in the calendar year, and set a new record for Champions League goals in a single season, netting 17 as he helped Real Madrid finally end their quest to become champions of Europe for a tenth time.

It was therefore little surprise when Thierry Henry announced the name of the winner at the expansive FIFA Gala. Ronaldo obtained 36.77% of the votes, more than Messi (15.76%) and Neuer (15.72%) combined. 


Hunger to be the best driving Ronaldo to ever greater heights



Ronaldo was overcome with emotion when he won the Ballon d'Or 12 months ago, but this time round the 29-year-old was confident and relaxed as he collected the award. 

"I'm very happy. This gives me motivation to keep working hard, as I've done up to now, and to win more of these awards. I hope to equal Messi next year," he said before ending his victory speech in a curious manner with what he subsequently explained was the battle cry used by he and his team-mates at Real Madrid. 

Portugal coach Fernando Santos was one of the first to give his reaction. "Naturally I'm very happy with the news, as I'm sure all the Portuguese people are. It was an entirely just victory for someone who in my opinion is currently the best player in the world without a shadow of doubt."

by Tom Kundert 

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  • Guest - hareesh,kerala/india

    He is the complete player in the planet and and the award goes to the right person...viva Ronaldo...hope you will win 2015 ballon d'or also...proud to be a fan of you....

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  • Guest - Andre/UK

    Fully deserved and in my humble opinion there simply wasn't any competition this year. The year Ronaldo had was simply sensational and no other player could even come close. Messi is the only player who can rival CR7 for being considered the best player in the world at this moment in time, but this was not Messi's best year so there's no way he deserved it. Neuer? Give me break! It's amusing to see all the public whining the Germans are making that their player didn't win it. Yes yes we know they have to be the best at everything (lol!), but are you kidding me? I'm not even fully convinced that Neuer is the best keeper in the world (let alone player) and the Germans' WC win was all about teamwork, on an individual basis none of their players come even close to the level of CR7 or Messi, or even a few other players i can think of. Ronaldo was simply way above the rest in this last year, and simply had to win the award. Now just win a title for the Selecao, dammit! LOL!

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  • Guest - antonio

    a little disappointing to see only 2 comments about this incredible achievement for what is now without a doubt best Portuguese player of all times, period!! if u read Portuguese newspapers online it is discussing that benfica fans were pulling for messi and even saying that he didn't deserve it. I love Portugal n love to visit my family but I am so glad I got the hell out. there is a new king in Portugal and is not eusebio (alldo I love what he did for us) but new kings name is Cristiano Ronaldo, deal with it n get over it lol!!

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  • Guest - Jose?Can

    The only surprising thing about Ronaldo winning the Ballon d'Or, is that George Costa, former Portuguese international did not VOTE for Ronaldo. I was stunned to read that..He voted for Messi instead. How is that Possible. Messi won next to nothing....His stats were not close to Ronny. Ive lost all Respect for George Costa!!!!

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  • Guest - SupremoGino

    Congratulations to Cristiano Ronaldo on his 3rd ballon d'Or.. puts him in an elite class of players with Zidane, Ronaldo, (Fenomeno) and Messi who've won it three or more times. I surely hope he can win a 4th/5th to tie or pass Messi because as we know Messi did not deserve to win it over a couple of years especially in 2010 (Sneijder) being the obvious snub.

    Cristiano said (in regard to his body shape) he feels like 25. So to answer the latest poll.. I think he can surely remain among the worlds best for years to come but he will face a stiff challenge to retain the Ballon D'or with Bale, James Rodriguez, Di Maria, Neymar.. having yet to peak.

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