It's all change in the Seleção. The appointment of Fernando Santos heralds a new era for Portugal's national football team.

Nathan Motz, Simon de Sousa and Tom Kundert start by looking at Paulo Bento's legacy, before discussing Fernando Santos' player selections and the future for the Seleção.

We end by previewing the Denmark match and predicting the result of the crucial Euro 2016 qualifier. your social media marketing partner

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  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Excellent podcast guys. I especially love the 3 different Eliseu name pronunciations, LOL!! I do it all the time as well.

    Anyhow great point on Antunes guys, no idea why he is so often overlooked when all he does is play solid game in and game out.

    I am also hoping for the following formation. I expect Antunes in for Eliseu but I think the coach wont change out Bruno Alves unfortunately.

    Anyhow my squad; Portugal need a win and are past due for some good news, so I am going 2-1 Portugal win.

    Cedric - R Carvalho - Pepe - Antunes
    W Carvalho
    Tiago - Moutinho
    Nani - Danny - Ronaldo

    from Burlington, ON, Canada
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  • Guest - jordan

    Great podcast. I'll go Patricio; Cedric, R Carvalho, Pepe, Antunes; W Carvalho, Tiago, Joao Mario; Ronaldo, Danny, Nani

    Antunes is a great player. Should start. Quality backup to Coentrao. Moutinho needs to find form before being given starts. Great player but not in the past year or so. Hope he recovers his A game as he's been the best on the pitch several times (even in Ronaldo's presence). Play Danny in the middle. Ronaldo is not only the best player in the world, but the best winger in the world. Play him on the wing always. It's his strength so why wouldn't you want to get the best out of him

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  • Guest - jon/usa

    Superb analysis!

    I completely agree with Nathan's overall assessment with the Bento era: the man deserves a great deal of credit for steadying the ship and leading Portugal to a hugely successful showing at the Euro 2012, but his stubbornness and tactical ineptitude ultimately prevented the Seleccao from reaching its potential. Portugal's abysmal performance in Brazil was certainly hindered by several injuries, but in my opinion, Bento's questionable player selection and lack of tactical flexibility were the main causes of our disastrous world cup.

    Portugal has more than enough quality to leave Denmark with 3 points, but a draw is probably a more realistic prediction, especially considering that the team is still trying to adjust to Santos' preferred tactical set-up. The 4-4-2 diamond that was implemented against France is probably best suited for this particular group of players, but it takes time to learn the various tactical and positional nuances of this relatively unfamiliar system - most notably the fluid, mobile striker-less front 3 which has yielded fantastic results for the U-21's.

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  • Guest - Jon

    Hey mate is this available on iTunes?

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  • Guest - jerrold

    Still not sure whether I'd start Nani or Quersma on the right flank, who's the better sub?

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  • Guest - Matthew

    Yeah - I haven't listened to the podcast yet because it's not being picked up on iTunes . . .

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