Like most Portuguese strikers, André Silva is agile, has good technique and is comfortable playing anywhere across the frontline.

Unlike most Portuguese strikers, the Porto centre-forward is blessed with the one skill that sets good hitmen apart from great ones – a poacher’s instinct.

A total of 11 goals in 16 matches in 2016/17 for club and country is ample evidence of his ability in front of goal, coming on the back of a history of prolific scoring through the various youth teams of Portugal and Porto.

After a long search since the international retirement of Pauleta, the Seleção at last seems to have found a reliable goalscorer.

Tom Kundert profiles the 20-year-old for FourFourTwo. To read the André Silva scouting report click here.


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    I really hope he stays in Portugal at least 2 more years were he will get a lot of playing time . Going to a team like Atletico , Arsenal or Juventus means he will probably be on the bench a lot and have to fight for a spot. One or two years lost can be career ending. Some many talented players chased the money and ended up destroying their career.

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