The latest PortuGOAL podcast is dedicated to the first Portuguese clássico of the season, which saw FC Porto beat Benfica thanks to a late winner from André André.

Portuguese football coach and journalist Vasco Mota Pereira pulls no punches as we analyse the job Julen Lopetegui and Rui Vitória are doing at Porto and Benfica respectively.

We also reflect on some individual displays: Is Imbula a €20m player? Are Porto really "going Portuguese"? Is Nélson Semedo a potential Portugal right-back? your social media marketing partner

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  • Guest - Chris

    Always enjoy a good podcast and exchange between Tom and Vasco. I agree with the evaluation of the Classico and Lopetegui. I also agree about Nelson Semedo and Vasco's cautioning against hyping anyone youngster after a single great game.

    There are some things I disagree about though:

    1. On Rui V's defense- "Unlike Jorge Jesus, Rui Vitoria's defence is awful". I'd like to take a stroll down memory lane to the names of Malgarejo, Emerson and Bruno Cortez. Awful Left-backs that made Benfica's defence shockingly leaky and easy to break down on that left flank. Jesus' insistence on using Jardel, despite the fact that he was awful his first season (especially in Europe) especially when he decided to single-handedly murder the career of Steven Vitoria, a guy who had shown he was one of the 5 best CB's of the league over 3 years AND a top scorer. Sorry, I can't see Rui V held to a standard after such a short period of time and JJ somehow elevated to defensive master when it was only in his last season (after LFV forced his hand and got Siqueira) that JJ's squad had a solid defense.

    2. On Porto's success under Vitor Pereira- "I don't think Vitor Pereira would have seemed so successful if not for Kelvin". If we are to review Porto under Vitor Pereira, we should really look at the numbers.

    Vitor Pereira
    - Porto Manager: 2 seasons
    - 60 Superliga games
    - 1 loss
    - 2 Championship titles
    - Porto 2nd in all of Europe in average ball possession per game (1st Barcelona)
    - 4 years as Manager of Top Division clubs, 3 National Championship titles (FC Porto, Olympiacos)

    I know it's popular to have love-ins for JJ, but I think after this season, everyone will see how overrated he's always been and how much he needed Benfica and LFV more than they needed him. That said, Forca Porto! Ugly, ugly game, but the 3 points are what matter.

    Thanks again for the great discussion fellas!

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