Benfica-Sporting preview and Champions League appraisal

Today’s PortuGOAL podcast is number 100 and to mark the occasion we are joined by Andy Brassell, European football expert extraordinaire and the original host of the show, as special guest.

The team discuss Porto and Benfica’s showing so far in the Champions League as the competition reaches the halfway stage of the group phase, before moving on to analyse the massively anticipated Benfica-Sporting derby in the Portuguese capital on Sunday. 




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  • Guest - jon/usa

    Yet another outstanding podcast, guys!

    Sporting have certainly looked a much better side this season under JJ, but they're still very shaky at the back. My prediction: A hugely entertaining 3-1 victory for Benfica.

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  • Guest - Chris

    I always have ideas floating in my head after each podcast which means one thing; they are always entertaining and informative. However, at some point some recognition is due; 67% winning percentage in the Champions league (regardless of perceived level of competition), is incredible.

    Especially when there is just one loss. Lopetegui deserves credit. He has done much better this season. I think, as Vasco says, some of that is down to Porto's pedigree, but at some point, we have to acknowledge that he's a very good "knockout tournament" manager. And has been very good in the league this season as well. I have never been a fan of Lopestegui but the results speak for themselves. He's also been more humble which has bought him some goodwill with fans.

    I really enjoyed having Ben on the podcast, especially when (all respect to T & V), the dialogue is always; Lopetegui sucks, Rui V is a glorified babysitter, and Jorge Jesus is the second coming of Christ. Ok fellas, I'm exaggerating, but at some point the love for the mulleted one has to be looked at objectively. It was refreshing to hear Ben say that Benfica's success over the past 2 seasons was down to the players and club as much as the manager.

    As for Jon's point; Sporting look busier on the pitch, no doubt, but 2nd place now vs 3rd place at the same point last season isn't much difference. What is HUGE is the $14 million in guaranteed Champions League $$ that JJ has cost that Marco Silva secured last season. Also, I didn't realize this, but Sporting lost 2 league games under Marco last season. That is incredible. Sad to see him leave Portugal.

    I'm sure we'll have some great discussions after tomorrow. Congrats to Podcast 100 fellas, always a pleasure (even if we disagree on things). This is the first sports site I check every day and has the smartest journalists and fans that I have come across. The only thing that would be even better would be another of Vasco's masterclass tactical breakdowns after tomorrow's game. Those are always top notch.


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  • Guest - SupremoGino

    I remember hearing you Tom team up with Andy Brassell on the PortuGoal podcast... back then when I first discovered the site. Very fitting this reunion on the 100th episode. Thank you for this fabulous site and the good work you've done throughout the years.

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  • Guest - Tom Kundert

    Thank you for your kind words Jon, Chris, Supremo. Love doing the pod but knowing it's appreciated always a nice little boost. Thanks for all the fantastic feedback over the years. Keep those comments coming!

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