Seleção, Benfica and Braga in Europe, Porto's problems discussed

We kick off our latest podcast by looking at the Portugal national team ahead of Euro 2016 in the wake of the recent friendlies. How should Fernando Santos solve the problems caused by the lack of quality strikers available and the abundance of talent in midfield?

Club football then takes centre stage as we discuss Benfica and Braga’s performances in Europe this week and weigh up their chances of making progress. We wrap up by analysing FC Porto’s ongoing troubles. What does club president Pinto da Costa have to do to get the Dragons back on track?





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  • Guest - Mario

    We can either play a 4-4-2 or 4-3-1-2 with an attacking midfielder just behind Ronaldo and Nani. We don't need to play with a natural striker. Playing a mediocre player just because of the notion that there has to be natural striker on the pitch is plain dumb. We have an abundance of talent in the midfield so it's imperative that we have a 4 man midfield. What I also hope we don't do is play Ronaldo in a central position as a striker. This was started by Ancelotti at Real Madrid in order to accommodate Bale; It transformed Ronaldo into an Inzaghi type player. Although he continues to score many goals, I believe this tactic has been detrimental to his career. In the most recent El Classico he played on the wing and was effective, against Wolfsburg he returned to a central position, a target man, and he was ineffective.

    With regard to Porto. I haven't watched many of their games this season so I can't pinpoint any specifics, however, when a team under performs it is one of two things or both: there is not enough talent on the team or and the players aren't motivated.

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  • Guest - jon/usa

    I agree with you guys regarding the narrow, yet fluid 4-4-2 formation that Santos utilized in both of our recent friendlies. We don't necessarily need an out-an-out center-forward to score goals. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that we shouldn't have at least one proper center-forward on the squad. If Portugal are in desperate need for a goal late in the second half of a knockout game this summer, we will want to have an extra target man to get on the end of crosses. Eder's recent form for Lille is certainly promising, but every time he has represented the Seleccao, he's looked completely out of his depth. I'd definitely be in favor of giving Hugo Vieira and Bruno Moreira a look in one of our next friendlies.

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