One subject dominates the latest PortuGOAL podcast - the Portuguese title race. It’s heading for a thrilling finale with just two points separating Lisbon giants Benfica and Sporting with two matches remaining.

How can you explain Benfica’s shaky form? Is Jorge Jesus right when he says Sporting are the best team in Portugal? Who are the main players who have sustained the incredible run of results by both sides?

We attempt to answer these questions and discuss the transfer rumours surrounding Renato Sanches, João Mário and Islam Slimani, before tackling the biggest question of them all: Who will be the 2015/16 champions of Portugal?
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    Really good podcast again! This season has been super exciting and its still not over! As everybody knows I'm a Sportinguista and I gotta say I have been very proud of Sporting this season. Its true like what was said in the pod that its vs the small teams on a couple occasions Sporting let some points slip but vs the big teams Sporting has been dominant this season and thats something that could not be said for manyy seasons past. This Sporting team truly are special and breaking their all time points total is proof of that. Sporting has been awesome this whole season except for the little poor patch in the first part of the second half of the season, but first half of the season we were definitely in great form and the top team, and in the closing of the second half of the season we definitely have been awesome as well and are finishing strong. I'm hopeful that we can do it this whole team has deserved it from the manager to the players to the president.

    That being said respect to Benfica as well they've been having a good season as well and its the points on the table at the end of the day that count and they're where they are because of the work they've done as well.

    Its so close right now that I feel like both sets of supporters on the site don't even really wanna say anything haha cause we're both thinking it really can go either way. But you know what thats a great testament to how exciting and captivating this season has been! Its gonna be a heck of a finish may the best team win it!

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"More reinforcements will arrive at no cost, but I don't want to talk much about them."

Jorge Jesus
(Sporting coach says the club will be making more January additions (free transfers) to the squad)


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