In a special Euro 2016 dedicated podcast, we discuss all the issues that could dictate how well or poorly Portugal do in the tournament starting in France next week.

We hear from Seleção players José Fonte, João Mário, William Carvalho and Danilo and analyse whether the confidence and ambition shown by Fernando Santos and his charges is merited or misplaced.

The show looks into Portugal’s midfield options, whether an ageing defence may be a problem, the Ronaldo factor, and how the team stacks up against different opponents at Euro 2016, before we wind up by giving our predictions on where the Seleção will finish in the tournament.



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  • Guest - James Hogg

    First time listener to the podcast and I found it very informative and enjoyable, have now subscribed! Looking forward to watching the Selecao on TV in the coming weeks with the Antena 1 radio commentary from Nuno Matos synchronised :)

    James (Tiago)

    from Aylesbury, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK
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  • Guest - Mario

    A couple of surprising comments made by your interviewees. Grouping Pepe in the same category as Alves and Ricardo Carvalho, as players who barely have the legs to complete ninety minutes, was quite surprising. It appears that they haven't watched Pepe's performances for Real Madrid this year. Pepe is an extremely fit player, a horse who is playing some of his best football. In my opinion he is one of the best central defenders in the world, if not the best. Ricardo Carvalho is still a good defender, however if Portugal plays a team that has quick forwards, Ricardo Carvalho will be exposed; it will be up to Pepe to cover for him. Alves shouldn't even have been invited.

    The other surprising comment was that England has had a pessimistic attitude going into these tournaments. In the past haven't we heard comments coming out of England that they were a strong contender for the title, that they expected to at least reach the semifinals, that they had the best midfield in the world etc? Perhaps these comments were made by the so called football experts in England and not the coaches and players.

    from Canada
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  • Guest - Larry USA

    I don't understand why we are playing Estonia in a day from now, while about half of the other countries are already in France for training. I really thinks this hinders the preparation of the players. I'm just bringing that up because teams like Germany and Spain are already there and training, getting comfortable with their surroundings. There's one thing I think Portugal don't do well is preparation, everything seems forced or rushed. Just a thought, sorry for the rant. Hoping for the best for the seleccao and hoping for a first major title!!

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  • Guest - Chris

    @Larry. Portugal are in the last group and have the last game of the opening fixtures, that is why they are not there yet because they do not play until next Tuesday and Germany plays 2 days earlier.

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  • Guest - Nathan

    Mario, it's probably more fair to say that England's psychology is dichotomous. Some pundits, players, etc, do tout them as world beaters before every tournament. But I hear much more concern about not over-burdening the players with unreasonable expectations. In fact, they seem to be so worried about setting unreasonable expectations that they forget to set any expectations at all. They aren't sure of themselves as a result. Confidence is a major deficiency for England in my opinion, and you can see that in some of their rhetoric prior to a major tournament.

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  • Guest - David Silva

    Why all the speculation? We all know he's going to start with Pereira, Meireles, Veloso, Hugo Almeida... oops, sorry, never mind. Wrong coach.

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