Portugal are European Champions and we are in celebratory mood in a very special extended podcast.

The PortuGOAL team look back at the greatest month in Portuguese football history, discussing all aspects of the Seleção winning Euro 2016.

From Fernando Santos’ majestic coaching, to Ronaldo’s equally brilliant leadership, we analyse what factors led to Portugal’s win, put the widespread negative media criticism surrounding Portugal in its place, assess individual performances and pick out our favourite moments from the tournament in France.




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  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Great pod guys!

    Wow, how long have we waited for this moment? No matter how far apart we live, the Selecao is our link to each-other and our beloved Portuguese heritage.

    To carry on the theme of Ronaldo's leadership, i have some videos.

    Ronaldo right after Eder Scored

    Fantastic Video of the emotions of the final and how special the relationship was with Fernando Santos and CR7

    from Burlington, ON, Canada
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  • Thanks Val. Fantastic videos. I think Ronaldo earned more respect and love from Portuguese people/fans for what he did in that final than if he'd scord a double hat-trick!

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  • What a podcast fellas. Usually everyone is super composed and factual on these but it was great to hear you guys essentially recreate a table side discussion over Super Bock's, chourico and peanuts at a local tasca.

    Great to see you guys overlap and politely interrupt each other as well to make points real passion and knowledge. Superb.

    Everyone is obviously very passionate about this historic moment. It was spectacular. I'm going to savour this summer for some time.

    I did not know the FPF pulled that little military tactic with the claques! Brilliant! Good to see these guys come together for a positive reason.

    Also, I just want to say, I actually enjoy all the hate poured on us. It really makes you realize you are one of the greats, because the old saying is wrong "everyone loves you when you're on top", it's when you generate that level of hate that you realize your team is a world power.

    Also, despite the appalling bitterness of the French fans, who talked more smack than Ric Flair, my deep sympathies go out to a nation that is continually being targeted by a bunch of fanatics and people with serious mental issues. I hope this past week is the last time this craziness happens anywhere.

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  • Thanks Chris. Always love doing the podcasts but I don't think it will surprise you to know I never enjoyed recording more than no. 108.

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  • Guest - Rosario

    Finally have time to listen to the podcast now! Only 23 minutes in but I love how you guys sweep aside all the critique with good counter arguments! I was about to post here (or on Twitter) that I still disagreed with the "Groupstage third place" argument being "valid", only for Tom to say what I was thinking about Portugal definitely deploying a different playing style had the stakes been different... Great stuff so far, let me unpause this and enjoy the remaining 40 minutes!

    Also Val, those videos really put a huge smile on my face this morning, as well as a lump in my throat! Thanks for the great share!

    God, is it really a week ago already?!

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  • Thanks Rosario. We all know the Portugal criticism is rubbish but the way Nathan explained why was quite something, wasn't it? It may surprise you to learn he is neither a lawyer nor a politician! (but he is quite a philosopher)

    Hope you enjoyed the 2nd half.

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  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Just finished listening in. Very much enjoyed this podcast. I would mostly just like to say thank you for everyone's articles, and thank you for forming this website about a huge team from a small nation. Very much enjoyed sharing all of these moments with everyone. Also in the process finding a new home away from home, so to speak. Cheers everyone

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  • Guest - Rui

    Thank You! for all your hard work for this podcast and everything you do.

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  • Guest - Rosario

    Tom, I found myself opening a note pad and typing his arguments, just like in my school/uni days haha! Very intelligent guy alright, not over the top either just straight-up honest, loved it. I really enjoyed the rest of the podcast too, your breakdown of each players' performances, the effects on the national team thanks to the B-squads in the Primeira Liga and of course everyone's favorite moments of Portugal's tournament! Also loved those intermezzo's you implemented. Great stuff!

    And as Paulinho said, thanks so much for this site, the articles and the great comments! I discovered this site two years ago and it has been a RELIEF to find a place about all things regarding Portuguese Football written in English, it's because of all your efforts that I started following the U-23 squads as well and as more time passes, I get genuinly more excited about them, the potential future stars of the senior squad. I can finally read match reports on everything Portugal plays, and even though "friendlies count for nothing" according to some, when you support a team you want to see them in action, always. Portugoal.net is without doubt one of my fave bookmarks in recent years. Keep it up guys!

    I've seen a few comments come by about people looking forward to 2018 (obviously). I am curious though, thoughts on the Confederations Cup? It doesn't have to mean anything (Brazil win 2013 edition with a dominant 3-0 performance but collapse terribly in that 1-7 horror semi a year later) but personally I am excited at the prospect of being able to follow adult Portugal for two summers straight (and three if they make it to Russia)!

    Ps. Guess who the junior Portugal will be facing three days from now: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_UEFA_European_Under-19_Championship#Bracket Let's hope they repeat history post 2016-07-10 ;)

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  • Guest - Francisco

    I had the great privilege of being able to buy follow Portugal tickets and went to all seven games with my wife and young son whose name is Cristiano. I was born in South Africa, live in London, don't speak Portuguese but ever since I was a young boy my heart and passion have always been with Portugal and Benfica. Who can say why the heart loves what it loves. Euro 2016 was the greatest experience of my life. To be there every step of the way, to live, die and sing for the boys, to let them know we were there, dreaming, supporting, stressing, sweating, crying... ill never forget it. I'm a banker so everyone at work thinks im mental but i still get emotional when I think about it.

    Its good to know there are others out there like me. A big thank you to the national team. For give us the reward for every water cooler argument where others sought to bring you down and write you off. For the 40 years of believing that one day you would achieve the potential that we could all see you had.

    And to the big man - Cristiano Ronaldo, for showing the world what a young boy can achieve this world with some will power and ambition. For showing the Portuguese nation that it has no need to feel inferior to anyone. What you've done for all of us goes beyond football

    Dreams do come true. Thanks to all involved and forca Portugal!

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