Portugal 3-3 Hungary

Portugal are still alive at Euro 2016... just.

Three times the Seleção fell behind, as Zoltan Gera and Dzudzsak (twice) scored for Hungary, and three times Portugal came back through Nani and captain Cristiano Ronaldo (twice).

The Seleção finish third in Group F and now travel to Lens in north France to play Croatia in the last-16 match.



On-the-whistle audio report from Lyon:


Portugal 3-3 Hungary

There have been plenty of surprise packages in Euro 2016 thus far and Portugal's Group F had two of them in Iceland and Hungary. Surely though, Portugal could get back on track against Hungary?

The media focus was, of course, on Crstiano Ronaldo. His throwing of Correio da Manhã's microhpone had been his best effort of the competition thus far. A lot of the focus was also on Fernando Santos' team selection. Santos reverted his team back to 4-4-2 for this one with André Gomes, William Carvalho, João Moutinho and João Mário. Nani and Cristiano Ronaldo started with Ricardo Quaresma returning to the bench. Ronaldo now jumps ahead of Lillian Thuram and Edwin Van Der Sar as the player with the most appearances in the European Championships. A goal for him, as we all know by now, would be a record for him by becoming the first man to score in 4 different European Championships.

Hungary take the lead

Portugal started the game looking nervous and failed to settle with the Hungarians not content to give up first place in the group. Indeed, the Hungarians took a shock lead through the veteran Zoltán Gera. A Hungary corner was cleared out to the midfielder whose precision shot snuck through a crowd of players and Rui Patrício to open the scoring.

Portugal had to attack Hungary now, with 3rd place qualification only guaranteed if they managed to get a point. They left themselves open to Hungarian counter attacks with Bernd Storck's team looking to exploit the flanks.

It looked like Portugal were going to go into the break 1-0 down but Cristiano Ronaldo found a sharp through ball to Nani. The winger's quick shot went under Gábor Király to lift Portuguese heads.

At half-time both managers made alterations. Fernando Santos brought on Renato Sanches for the ineffective Moutinho whereas Hungary brought on Barnabás Bese for goalscorer Gera who was on a yellow card.

Portugal were immediately pegged back after the first half when Balázs Dzsudzsák's freekick took a wicked deflection that Patrício could do nothing about.

Cristiano Ronaldo finally gets off the mark

The Hungarians had another great chance minutes later and Portugal looked in danger of falling apart. Instead, the moment Portugal had been waiting for so long in this tournament arrived when Cristiano Ronaldo got his goal in the 50th minute.

João Mário found space on the right-hand side, the kind of space he has thrived in this season, and his low cross was magically flicked in by Ronaldo, marking his record-breaking appearance with a record-breaking goal at last.

Just 5 minutes later it was déjà vu for Portugal when it was another Dzsudzsák deflected goal that once put Hungary in the lead for a third time. This time, the Portugal defence was at fault as they failed to get close to the Hungarian on the edge of the area.

Ricardo Quaresma makes an instant impact

The goal forced Fernando Santos into a change with Ricardo Quaresma coming on for André Gomes. The Portugal coach's change was immediately validated when Quaresma's cross from a short corner found the head of Cristiano Ronaldo to make it 3-3.

It was almost another quick response from Hungary when they broke free on the left wing and Ákos Elek hit the post. Another warning for Portugal that for all their possession, Hungary were still very dangerous on the break if they felt like it.

With Iceland vs. Austria level in Paris, Portugal were set to qualify in second place. At this point, Hungary no longer put any intent into attacking and were understandably happy with a draw and achieve an amazing shock first place in the group. Fernando Santos helped Hungary by taking off goalscorer Nani and bringing on Danilo.

With the scores as they were in both games it looked like Portugal would be playing England yet again. Until Iceland, the true shock team of the tournament, grabbed a late, late winner against Austria putting them second in the group.

The players will wonder why Portugal didn't go for the win in the last 10-15 minutes. After the match it looked like Cristiano Ronaldo especially was unhappy with Santos' conservatism.

Third place puts Portugal against the impressive Croatian team. They will still need to improve dramatically but there are signs that they are improving, even it is only in the attacking end of the pitch

by Richard Cole

Hungary XI: Gábor Király; Ádám Lang, Richárd Guzmics, Roland Juhász, Mihály Korhut; Gergő Lovrencsics (Zoltán Stieber, 82'), Ádám Pintér, Ákos Elek, Zoltán Gera (Barnabás Bese, 46'), Balázs Dzsudzsák; Ádám Szalai (Krisztián Németh, 70')

Portugal XI: Rui Patrício; Vieirinha, Ricardo Carvalho, Pepe, Eliseu; André Gomes (Ricardo Quaresma, 61'), William Carvalho, João Moutinho (Renato Sanches, 46'), João Mário; Nani (Danilo Pereira, 80'), Cristiano Ronaldo


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  • Guest - Julian

    Where to even start... Although coming out of the group stage without securing a win, I'm more confident in this team than in past years. We had to press to score and were exposed. Have to credit Pepe and Carvalho with what they've been able to do, albeit not their best game today. Lady luck wasn't on our side, until the match was over at least with the Iceland goal. Hard to fault Rui Patricio on those 2 goals, though he doesn't instill much confidence personally.

    Eliseu had a tough game today, we clearly missed Raphael. I was actually please with Veirinha's play today. Thought he moved the ball well and showed urgency at times. Though I would of liked to see Cedric at least once in the group stage. I think once the games open up more in the knockout round, our D will have to be on their A game.

    I don't understand all the praise for Andre Gomes. I find him extremely sluggish and uninspiring. Fails to fight for lost balls and doesn't have the agility to escape many tackles. I've been extremely disappointed with his performance this tournament thus far and am extremely surprised at some of the comments I'm seeing on here. I thought Joao Mario was average today but he's starting to show signs of comfort in his play over the course of the 3 games. Sad to see Mountinho start to deplete, hoping its fitness and not loss of ability because he's been so good for us for a long time. Being a Benfiquista, love Renato but have to agree he's not ready to start. Although bringing energy like he always does, he failed to take due care of the ball and made some timely turnovers. Do like him coming off the bench at half to spark the troops. Felt William Carvalho had a fairly strong game as well.

    Don't know about anyone else on here, but seeing Cristiano come out of the tunnel gave me goosebumps. He was ready, determined, and focus. He was not going to be denied today and thats the Cristiano that takes over games and rally's the rest of the team. The seall is broken, let the goals flow Cristiano!! Very impressed with Nani's play this entire tournament. After an extremely poor performance in 2014, I was skeptical as he's so hit or miss. But at times he's given what this team needs when Ronaldo was struggling. Although I can't stand Queresma, I have to say he deserves to start. He controlled the game since coming on and took some of the pressure off of Ronaldo. Extremely impressive!

    Fernando Santos really disappointed me today. The last 10 minutes was embarrassing. Accepting a tie to an inferior squad while we were dominating is laughable. The best teams put teams like this away, especially when outplaying them. I understand at that point a tie would of been suffice to qualify and Santos didn't want to risk the possibility of not qualifying but in the words of Ronny "that's a small mentality". I would of liked to see them go for the win and win the group with conviction. We're LUCKY to not be playing England in the knockout round, because a path of England, France, Germany/Spain I'm sorry to say, I'm not liking our chances. I couldn't believe when he subbed Danilo for Nani, you could feel a goal coming!

    I'll end my rant here or I'll write all night, but I'm still a firm believer in this team and what we can do (the favourable draw doesn't hurt). I hope we go head to head against Croatia and not play on our heals because we have a solid team and the best player in the world. We'll see on Saturday. Forca Portugal!!

    from Vancouver, BC, Canada
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  • Hi Guys YES Portugal!! Verry, very happy regardless of placing third think our players were extremly unlucky to find themselves in that position in the end we under estimated the way hungry was going to play and didnt show them enough respect tactically.

    Well don't get me wrong I'm a massive ronaldo fan followed him since before he joined Manchester United just like most Portuguese but just don't think this is the way he should play for Portugal. Two reasons his age (time to lead by example) and selfishness. He should inspire and guide our very talented young group of players. Give them the opportunity but he wants to do it all himself. He is 31 time to build a team outside of Cristiano ronaldo, allot of the time I hear Ronaldo vs England or Ronaldo vs Spain... If he doesnt perform in front of goal nether does Portugal and now at 31 if he really loved his national team he should play as a leader, one to follow. Trust this team it is pretty damn good and help build one for when ronaldo days are over like Luis Figo done for him.

    All in all think there is much to work on against croatia but think today's result was largely due to the way we approached the game tactically we expected hungry to play like iceland/Austria instead it ended up being much more open the best game of group stage (expect for us portuguese). FORCA PORTUGAL

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  • Guest - John/ Australia

    Firstly, Thanks Portugoal team for bringing us with the updates and anything on Portuguese Football...Great Job Guys!

    My heart probably stopped a few times...but enjoyed how we came back...but reality we should not have been in this position in the first games. Yes, sure, we should done better in our other games but I hope Santos can see where we are failing put it right against the game against the Croatia. Good to see Ronaldo set up...no doubting his ability...world class goals and assist.

    Now, as the break is short, it is imperative that Santos adds fresh legs...especially the older legs in order to be competitive against Croatia and if we progress....man management and fitness levels need to be managed.

    I thought - Joao Mario came into the game and should get the nod,
    William although has played well in the last two games..mainly because of his passing range...he needs to be quicker with ball as did get caught a couple of times.
    Andre Gomes- will be a fine player - I would like to see him be more inventive and drive those runs like he does at Valencia. Nani, I thought did well, miss blocked shot aside he did provide some forward runs on of which resulted in a goal. Quaresma, coming on made the opposition lo nervous....who do you start?? Moutinho needs to rest.... Renato gives us direct play and more dynamic - he should start.

    Defence - Rest Ricardo and bring Fonte and eliseu i'm afraid offers little - Gurreiro is the best option. I would like to see Cedric...fresh legs better going forward and defensively.

    Cedric Pepe Fonte Guerreiro
    Joao Mario Renato Gomes
    Nani/ Quaresema Ronaldo

    We can beat Croatia......must believe. FORCA PORTUGALLO

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  • Guest - George

    Wow. Just wow. I think watching Portugal games are more stressful than being President. It's getting ridiculous now.

    I actually thought Portugal played great defensively considering they only had 10 men on the field for the entire game. Eliseu... Why was he even there? Was a PASSENGER the ENTIRE GAME! By far the laziest player on the field and that laziness made our entire defense look like pure and utter garbage. Add to that the fact that Vieirinha has been a horror show at RB the whole tournament, we were playing a high line to force play and try and score as many goals as possible, and, the Carvalhos aren't the quickest players on the pitch and it's no wonder we looked so shaky without the ball.

    Dear God I hope Rapha is healthy enough to play the next game - Eliseu is pure and utter trash. And I don't know what it's going to take to see Cedric in there, but he has to be. We need a DEFENDER at RB against Croatia for pete's sake! I fear for Ricardo Carvalho should a game go to extra time. Given the fact he's played in every game thus far, I don't think his legs will be able to hold up. I hope Santos gives Fonte a start here. He deserves it and I know he'd serve us well.

    Also, what a difference to the game Renato made. Please Santos... no more Moutinho. I thought Renato linked up well with Joao Mario and helped bring the best out of him as well. Andre Gomes has been great and deserves to start again, but ONLY if he's FIT. He didn't appear to be at his best today. We don't need any Paulo Bento-esque decisions on this team. Rafa deserves to start ahead of Gomes if he looks off. Wouldn't be a step down in quality at all. Arguably would be a step up.

    We've had horrible luck so far this tournament. Hopefully that post by Hungary and Iceland's late goal, helping us avoid the bracket of death, are signs that things are changing at the right time. I truly believe that Portugal are good enough to beat Croatia BUT Santos has to pick the RIGHT team for that to happen. Here's hoping this was the game where the answers to some of his questions became crystal clear. Those answers are certainly crystal clear to the rest of us...

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  • The defense was so shaky - terrible. Croatia will boss the midfield, with Modric and Rakitic they have the strongest engine-room of the Euro. Only weakness: Phisically not so strong. I hope, Guerreiro will be fit again. Eliseu was such a desaster. His position play is absolutely pathetic. Carvalho is tired.
    I hope Santos brings a more defensive lineup against Croatia. Croatia is extremely dangerous and under the current conditions favourite against Portugal. Therefore I'd opt for more power in defensive midfield by starting William AND Danilo. Joao Mario distributed the ball well - from a central position. He's wasted on the wings, so bring him in Moutinho's position, not Renato Sanches. All in all, the tendencie might be a 4231. Even thoug I like Santos' 442, butagainst coratioa it might be better to play a bit "queiroz-ish".

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  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Some points from the game:

    - We were defensively terrible this game; that's the hard truth.
    - Pepe had a good 45 mins then lost his head. What was he doing at the start of the 2nd half...?
    - Two silly tackles gave away 2 FK's = 2 goals. Those tackles were NOT needed.
    - Eliseu had his chance. He didn't take it. Praying that Rapha is fit.
    - Carvalho or Fonte, I don't mind who starts.

    - William played well vs Austria then has an off game v Hungary. Caught in possession too many times + didn't track back hard enough. Don't mind whether he or Danilo starts.
    - Moutinho once again tidy in possession. Offers very little in attack. Does he start vs Croatia?
    - Joao Mario was immense in the 2nd half. Him and Renato are the future CM's for POR.
    - Andre Gomes needs to get back to 100%. Key player when fully fit.

    - Quaresma is perfect super sub. Should he be starting? I don't know. He started vs Austria and was average; comes on as a sub and makes big impact. 433 with Nani, CR7 and RQ vs Croatia?
    - Nani with another good goal at a vital time; we needed that goal before half time for confidence. He is the perfect decoy for CR7 and releases 'goal pressure' off him. Having a great tournament so far; was arguably our best player from group stage. We rely on CR7 a lot, but also Nani too. Don't let us down now, Nani.
    - Ronaldo is our hero. Saved us from elimination. 2 goals + 1 assist: what more can he do? He stepped up when we needed him most.

    We qualified, that's all that matters. Iceland did us a favour; we now have the 'easier' side of the draw. Croatia are a quality team and if we defend like that again, might as well head home early. I believe in the team. CR7, as our captain, we lead us to victory. FORCA PORTUGAL! :)

    from Melbourne VIC, Australia
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  • We need to take a deep breath and calm down after that game!. Think about it, two of their goals were off deflections, we had pure shots on goal that weren't flukes. IF those deflections did not happen we would of won easy 3-1. I actually liked how we played, very attacking minded, the defense was so so. Nani needs to step it up with his defensive duties, he cant let people blow by him. Their first goal on us was his fault, he should of stepped up front of their shot, make a defensive effort. I do like the adding on Sanches for Mouritno, gave us some energy and speed, which we need. I think the next game vs Croatia we need to load that midfield up and make it miserable for Ractivic and Modric. Put in Danilo and William Carvalho. I am hopeful against Croatia, however they can be dangerous on the counter attacks, see the game vs italy. We can go far in this tournament, we just got to remain focused, CALMA, and play fast. Forca!

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  • Guest - Igor

    A few things for the Hungary game:

    1) It was the worst defensive display I have ever seen from the Portuguese National Team, they made the Hungarians look like the Germans with rash tackles and stupid decisions in terms of tackles. Lazy defending by Nani on the first and third goal should make us all hope he just isn't back there defending at all, those headed back flicks....just no. The second goal was poor decision making by those in the wall as well

    2) Joao Mario had a decent game, Eliseu was a disaster and the team need Rafael Guerriero back big time.

    3) The team can still do some damage in the tournament as the draw was favorable, the Croatians will be tough but won't play the park the bus system which should free up some chances.

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  • Guest - Marcus

    @Justin. Hey Justin I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

    "First of all Quaresma was a more talented player than Ronaldo at youth and was signed and played for Barcelona and only left because he disliked the coach. He may have wasted his career but lets not make ridiculous comments. Ive watched both through the years and on his day i still think Quaresma is a bigger threat individually than Ronaldo when he decides to show up."

    Not sure what to say to this other than mercy. If you honestly think this, well ok. 1st, even IF Quaresma had more talent which I think is in itself nuts, what matters is what is done on the pitch...period.

    "... but for you say he has no talent around him when during this generation Nani had great years at United Quaresma talent was so great that top teams like Inter,Chelsea kept taking chances on him aswell as Pepe and Contrao at Madrid. Plus Moutihno chose the money in Monaco when there were many top suiters including PSG at the time of his transfer."

    Nani is an ok player, nothing special. He did what at ManU? Why isn't he still there? Why are both of them in a crappy league? And Moutinho, please. He is done. These are avg maybe slightly above avg players.

    It doesn't have to be like that. Santos could have injected more youth, at the very least start players like Sanches. Surround Ronaldo with hungry, younger players that have some talent.

    "Plus watching the game today he made a great finish on two outstanding balls that he wouldn't of even had the chance had the players assisting those goals been sub par players. I don't remember many heroic solo effort goals by Ronaldo in a Portugal jersey. He needs his teammates and they need him."

    The 1st goal was a pass behind him that few players in the world would have finished. Don't make light of that or call that a great pass. The 2nd was a nice cross finished by HIM. And who is going to finish other than him? Nani was 2, could have 10 if he wasn't so bloody wasteful.
    Sure it is a team game but if you had to choose one national team where one player stood out the most in terms of disparity of talent it would have to be Portugal-Ronaldo and perhaps Wales-Bale.

    I am amazed at your response. I think you are a tad delusional. Some have even called for Ronaldo to sit for the TEAM to play better together. Lol. Some people do not know what they have until it's gone.

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  • Guest - Justin

    @Marcus we will have to agree to disagree my friend. I was referring to this team and teams of the past. No Nani and Moutihno are not what they were however there was a handful of years in this generation when they were very useful players. I agree Nani may be useless now especially when defending but for you to say it is delusional to say Quaresma may have been more talented is disrespectful to some of the greatest talent scouts aswell as arguably the best youth soccer school in the world who all agreed for the most part Quaresma was the better talent at youth. I respect your opinion but mine were based on general consensus not mine alone. He was the bigger name at that point in time and the most likely to succeed based on the opinion of the men at Sporting who coached them. Ronaldo's will to succeed ended up separating them aswell as Quaresmas cancerous attitude but you can't predict those things and the talent level can never be questioned. And again my statements on the level of the Portuguese team not named Ronaldo is that of the majority. I respect your opinion but worldwide Portugal is well known as a team that posses plenty of talent and that is very well documented by almost any soccer guru. We may have underperformed as a team during Ronaldo's generation but it wasn't due to a lack of talent in the roster. Your entitled to your own critique but it should be noted that you are in the minority with your belief we are not a talented team without Ronaldo and that is always stated clearly by every opposition and analyst every time these major tournaments begin.

    from Toronto, ON, Canada
    Short URL:



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